Xploree Keyboard: An Intent based Mobile Discovery Platform

Xploree learns out of your typing and gradually, within the time helps make the entire Discovery feature more relevant supplying content that is absolutely of the interest. The Uncover feature provides for us the choice to type and check for that interest which reveals within the Xploree’s internal browser. In line with the typing, it continues accumulating cards associated with shopping, travel, services, according to your interest and requirement. Xploree continues making the consumer search experience more integrated through its next-gen AI which will keep on learning with great precision. Xploree sorts the products and services opened up by it’s AI under Intent Driver Icons. It can make their email list sorted and simpler to locate or search for the service that the user may be searching for. While we talk to buddies, see the internet and alter apps, Xploree engagement cards generates and store suggestions on topics of general interests, services and products whilst which makes it shareable.

Xploree promises to cover a bigger base of users by supplying its seamless and innovating multilingual support for a lot of Indian languages. You are able to key in your favourite language for example Hindi, Tamil, Telgu, Marathi, Oriya, etc or use British keyboard to talkOrtwitter update or comment in Hinglish, Tamilish, Banglish, Kanglish, etc. This is among the feature that is preferred among Indian users as they possibly can type faster in British, still posting within their local language.

We’ve used, tested and loved a lot of Smartphone Keyboard previously. We do not need Smartphone Keyboards that are restricted to language conjecture and multilingual support. However we all know Artificial Intelligence and Intent driver technology supports the key for future years. We wish to obtain the search engine results sorted according to our requirement. Xploree will the job well and appears promising. There’s still large amount of scope for improvement when it comes to recommendations. However, it will be improved as time passes.

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Xploree is really a user-initiated search and discovery platform. Xploree did a celebration in Bangalore and that i got an opportunity to take part in their product demo event. I visited their office and made contact with using the VP, to understand much more about it. With the aid of language intelligence collected by typing on keyboard, Xploree Keyboard delivers services, deals while offering to users in hyper-context and intent precision on multiple screens and multiple apps in tangible-time.

As of this moment Xploree supports Symbian S60, Home windows Mobile and Android Operating System platforms. Soon Xploree is going to be readily available for iOS users too. Join their subscriber list right now to get updated.


Xploree Keyboard is definitely an Android based keyboard application with advanced language conjecture, choice to uncover services / information / products while typing, intent based emoji’s, stickers, etc. While chatting on WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger if we have to look for a host to interest, we have to change to google to look for the solution. Quite a few users aren’t comfortable in installing and multitasking between couple of apps to have an information, in the middle of a chat.

Xploree aims for everyone users within their Mobile Moment, supplying hyper-contextual information and services and helping them make smarter decisions in tangible-time.  Xploree Smart Keyboard Application has smart Artificial Intelligence which really thinks and goes past the standard language conjecture feature, quite normal with the Android Keyboard. The majority of the android keyboards within the play store are restricted to language conjecture and couple of of these support local Indian languages. However the primary factor they lack is AI. Xploree’s underlying Artificial Technology (patent pending) learns from your typing, understands our intent and stands out on the best products, services and content during the time of need, making our mobile discovery more relevant and significant. It guarantees to provide the best service at the purpose of USER INTENT unlike other platforms supplying location based or keyword based ads. The information including services and products are supplied by Brand Partners of Xploree. Advertisers, publishers and developers can leverage Xploree’s guaranteed visibility across all apps.

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