Xiaomi Mi 6 Versus OnePlus 5 – Fight of Flagships: What’s best?

This past year, Xiaomi launched the flagship – Mi5. Even though the smartphone sounds good when it comes to specifications, it didn’t obtain the cash counters ticking for Xiaomi. A primary reason for that failure of Mi5 is its poor affiliate marketing strategies as well as their lack of ability to produce high specs variant of Mi5 in India. Now following the launch of OnePlus 5, the only real smartphone that has similar specifications in Xiaomi’s cook book is Mi 6 however, it’s rumored that Mi 6 won’t arrived at India. In my opinion Xiaomi Mi 6 are only able to provide the lots of competition for OnePlus 5 in terms of its design, cost, and specifications. I understand you could think another way, so let’s possess a much deeper insight on Xiaomi Mi 6 versus OnePlus 5 and find out how both flagships vary from one another and the way to pick one one of the both?


The epitome of Xiaomi Mi 6 design originates from the idea of forging the Glass with metal. The sandwich style of glass and stainless apparently required Xiaomi seven years within the making and there isn’t any denying that it is an attractive bit of tech much like its predecessor phone, the Xiaomi Mi 5. Whenever we compare Mi 6 with OnePlus 5, Mi 6 stainless construction requires 50-step manufacturing process and also over 270 individual operations as the Oneplus 5 come with an Anodized aluminum frame. The exclusive edition of Mi 6 consists of ceramic that is tougher and harder than glass. Also, the Mi 6 has the splash proof that is a disadvantage in OnePlus 5.

China Startups – OnePlus &amp Xiaomi had began their companies around four years &amp many years ago correspondingly are ruling the smartphone market now. Both companies have demonstrated wrong the concept premium flagship market only is associated with brands like Samsung, Apple, etc. Description of how the are standing concentrating on the same rankings by their effective product selection. The flagship fight between Xiaomi and OnePlus isn’t a new factor and has been available since their beginning. Now it grew to become more looming than ever before and select one using their products list is nearly impossible.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Versus OnePlus 5 – Fight of Flagships

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1 Design and make:

The Xiaomi Mi 6 has a front positioned fingerprint scanner under glass. It arrives with Qualcomm’s Sense ID ultrasound fingerprint technology that allows the smartphone to become safer. Also, it employs 3D mapping instead of 2D mapping utilized by OnePlus 5 and fewer prone to sweat and moisture damage within the longer run.


Xiaomi Mi 6 Versus OnePlus 5 Fight Champion – Xiaomi Mi 6


Regarding weight, Mi 6 is heavier compared to OnePlus 5, but, it’s certainly more premium and sturdier. However, the honestly for OnePlus 5, because it looks nearly the same as a mashup from the OnePlus 3/3T and also the iPhone 7 Plus.

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