Wimbledon prize money has fallen nearly $300K because of Brexit

Britain’s election to depart the Eu sent the British pound plummeting nearly 10 % Friday.

Though Wimbledon elevated its prize from £1.89 million to £2 million, the those who win from the 2016 edition presently are in position to collect near to $60,000 under last year’s champions.

Thursday mid-day, the winner’s haul was worth approximately $3 million. Eventually later, the award decreased over $275,000 because of the stock-market panic.

Serena Williams celebrates using the winner’s trophy, the Venus Rosewater Dish, after her women …

2010 Wimbledon champions will get an archive £2 million in prize money, but the need for that award has taken a considerable hit because of the Brexit.

As the total may not matter much to high-earning stars like Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Serena Williams, the drop have a greater impact on the reduced-ranking gamers.

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