Why Ronaldo, Ramos & Real don’t like Dani Alves

As they prepare to meet in the Champions League on Wednesday, a look at why it’s no love lost between the Real Madrid pair, and the PSG, the defender Dani Alves says what he thinks. It is that refreshing attitude that has earned Paris Saint-Germain right-back a lot of admirers in the game over the last decade. However, it has also earned himself a few enemies along the way – many of them at Real Madrid.
if things Had been different, Alves could, in fact, met at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. “It would be a huge reward,” he said, having won the Copa del Rey with Madrid-Seville’s stadium, in 2007. And asked about the lodge where he has changed, he said: “’s the largest in the world.”
However, the Madrid dallied and the following summer, Alves moved to Barcelona instead. It was the beginning of a rivalry that is still alive today, even if the Brazilian does not play more in Spain.Related To his first season at the Camp Nou, Alves was part of Pep Guardiola’s great treble winning team and at the moment he had left the Catalan club in the summer of 2016, he had beaten Los Blancos (with Seville and Barcelona), more than any other player in history.
And this is when Jose Mourinho’s time at the Bernabeu, where Alves really got under the nose of Barca’s biggest rivals. The clasico clashes in the past three years have been particularly ill-tempered affairs, and the Brazilian later described the Real as “dirty” and “bad losers” under the coach Portuguese.
However, one incident stands out above all. It was when Alves was fouled by Pepe in the Champions League semi-final first leg at the Bernabeu in 2011 and rolled around in agony, leaving the field on a stretcher. Pepe was sent off, Madrid were reduced to 10 men and Lionel Messi scored twice to settle the tie.
It has prompted an infamous rant by Mourinho after the match. The Portuguese spoke of “shame” and “scandal” as he reeled on a list of conspiracy theories about Barca’s relationship with Unicef, UEFA and more. “I’t said anything to the referee,”, he said. “I just laughed and applauded with two fingers. If I said what I really thought, my career would end today.”
Looking back now, the challenge by Pepe was dangerous, and Alves couldn’t really do anything else. He did exaggerate the contact? Maybe. But a lot of Madrid’s players – including Pepe – would have done exactly the same thing.

However, the incident created bad blood and has also engaged in a war of words between Alves and Mourinho. The Brazilian later commented that the Portuguese has “a great trainer” but he added; “People talk about him as if he invented football. He didn’t.”
Mourinho hit back. “What Dani Alves said? Einstein couldn’t have been better,” he joked. “He was right: I didn’t invent football. But I would like to remind him that it was a Portuguese who discovered his country.”
With Ronaldo, the bad feeling came mostly because of the Ballon d’Or and the Brazilian’s support from his team-mate, Messi, when asked about the prestigious individual award.
“The Golden Ball it is a bit tedious because it has been moved to another field of play, the defender has told Goal in 2014. “It has been moved to the domain of opinions and off the field of play. But if we look at the field of play, I think Leo, for as long as he is around, will do the rest in second place.

“Move away from that, maybe he has less of a chance. The winner will be the one that has had most of the campaign, or the best advertising campaign. We are talking about the Golden Ball, as if we were talking about the policy. The one with the best campaign wins, not the one who plays the best football.”
And in 2015, after Barca had won the treble and Luis Suarez, who was left off the shortlist for the award, he said: “Cristiano Ronaldo does not deserve to be among the finalists of the Ballon d’or. This is not to score goals.”
But Alves, who famously nutmegged Ronaldo in a clasico at the Camp Nou in 2013, later his quarrel with the Madrid forward. “All my fights with Cristiano have been because of the press,”, he said. “If people only knew how much I respect Cristiano Ronaldo. I will repeat to make myself understood: I respect Cristiano Ronaldo.”
With Ramos, however, the rivalry is always intense. When asked about the Madrid skipper to be booed by the fans at former club Sevilla, Alves said last year: “The problem is that, a few days before the trip to Madrid, Ramos has vowed an eternal love, in Seville.”
And he added: “It’t make history, certainly not enough to not celebrate goals or ask for respect. I’ve been there for six years, and I’ve won a lot of titles.”
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Ramos has responded with its own barbarity of the retort. “These comments are coming from Alves, who a year, like Brazil, the next, he decides to love Spain and next Italy,” he said, in reference to the Brazilian’s career choice.
off the field, Alves is a joker and a popular player with his teammates, while even the president of real Madrid Florentino Perez admitted last year that the pair always have a laugh when they bump into each other. For Real’s of players, however, the Brazilian is an acquired taste, that they are never likely to acquire it.
And now, in the last episode, Wednesday will see rivalries renewed as Los Blancos host PSG in the Champions League. There is bound to be entertaining.

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