What makes the Princess Margaret with the Elisabeta Palace. The current law gives it out in 60 days. Salvation comes from Dragnea and Tariceanu

“The family members of the holder enjoy the right of free use, according to article 2, letter a), only during the life of the holder and will release the home within 60 days,” showing the Law regulating the residence of family members of a former head of state in a housing of the Autonomous Administration the Administration of the Patrimony of the Protocol of the State (RA-APPS).

The “truth” has contacted RA-APPS to find out if the institution, subordinated to the Government, would enforce the law and to ask that princess Margareta and prince Duda to leave the Elisabeta Palace. However, the Press Office did not give a point of view, but asked to be submitted an application to the RA-APPS, under Law 544 on free access to information, to be communicated to the institution’s position. Within 10 days, as long as the law requires.

Dragnea and Tariceanu, with princess Margaret

On the other hand, political sources have told “the Truth” that the housing situation of the royal family will be solved by the Government through a Government Decision, especially in the context in which the Parliament is a project of lge which regulates the status of the Royal House.

In November, worsening the health of the King Mihai i made on Liviu Dragnea and prime minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, the presidents of the two governing parties, to submit a draft law on the status of the Royal House, then it will have more benefits from the state, including to live in the next 49 years in the Elisabeta Palace.

According to the project only found out about it in the specialist committees in the Senate, the expenses of the current operation of the House will be borne from public funds, with the adoption of the budget by Government Decision, but with the requirement that the head of the Royal House to present annually to Parliament, in writing, a report of activity. Also, the princess Margaret would be assimilated to the protocol of a head of state.

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Last but not least, by law it is organized and the administrative Service of the Royal House, the maximum number of stations is 20, “including the director of the administrative service of the Royal House of Romania”, being contract staff, funded from the state budget.

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