VIDEO. “Until this morning, I wasn’t sure from,” says Wolf Office upon his arrival at Roissy

Of return in France. The plane carrying Wolf Office, expelled from Turkey after 51 days of detention, has landed at charles de gaulle airport shortly before 9 a.m., Sunday, September 17. “I feel very relieved. until this morning, I was not sure to leave”, said the French journalist. He told in a few sentences his detention, without too much detail.

From the moment the president of the Republic has asked for my release, there has been a change. The guardians have begun to understand that I was not a terrorist, that what I was being blamed was not necessarily true.

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The action of the consulate, he continued, has helped to”improve the conditions of detention”. “I have not been physically abused, but there have been threats and intimidation”, he said, in answer to a question. The hardest time was his “custody for six days”, before going to prison. “In regard to the prison, I was treated well generally.”

Accused of terrorism for a story

The journalist was detained for 51 days in Turkey. He had been arrested on July 26 at the turkey-iraq border, after the discovery in his possession of photos showing it in the company of fighters and syrian kurds of the YPG movement regarded as an offshoot of the PKK, and therefore as a “terrorist” by Ankara). These images date back, according to his defense, a report on the living conditions of the population in syria achieved in 2013 and broadcast on TV5 World.

Turkey occupies the 155th place out of 180 in the ranking of the 2017 of the freedom of the press established by Reporters without borders, a situation which has particularly worsened since the coup attempt of July 2016. Some 170 journalists have been detained in the country, according to the site, specialized P24. Turkish journalists are by far the most affected, but their foreign colleagues are not spared.

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