VIDEO. “The roof fell in the living room” : a family recounts the passage of hurricane Irma in her house, today ravaged

The house a couple of restorers of Saint-Martin was, like thousands of others, totally devastated by the passage of thehurricane Irma. Stephane and Myriam have lived hours of hell with their five-year old daughter and used Margaux. Like every day since the disaster weather, they return to try to recover what may be even, that is to say, almost nothing.

“This was the bedroom of my parents who were on holiday”, said the father of the family. And the mother added : “And there, it was the bedroom of my daughter…” The two parts have been flooded. The toys of the child, and everyday objects strewn over the soggy soil. “There’s no more roof at all… There’s nothing there”, do they realize while everyone continues to assess the damage.

“I thought I was going to die”

The whole family took refuge in the bathroom : “We stayed four and a half hours in there…” The roof is notably collapsed in the living room of the house. They stood three the door of their room of survival, so that the water does not go through. It was also necessary to support the ceiling at the end of arm to not end up crushed…

“There was a time when I believed that I was going to die, “recalls Margaux. When they were holding up the ceiling, I protégeais the small. I paniquais. She looks at me and asks me if it’s going to. I answer him that I am afraid to leave. She looked at me and said to me : ‘But we will not leave !’ It made me laugh. Fortunately she was there and that I’m not alone.” And stephen console of the absolute tragedy that his family and his employee have finally escaped : “It is not injured, it is alive and is expected to evacuate…”

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