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Although it was not even close to perfect, the Rio Games demonstrated us most importantly, the Olympic spirit, and also the graciousness and generosity of those of Rio, persist regardless of everything the negativity and debate.

While Simone Biles and also the “Final Five” defied everyone’s anticipations in regards to what could be carried out in a gymnastics competition, Team USA basketball simply resided as much as anticipations if you take gold both in the men’s and women’s competition.

However it would be a different Simone who’d stake her claim that they can possibly to be the finest gymnast of-time.

Katie Ledecky came back on her second appearance within the Games, winning four gold medals and staking her claim because the finest female athlete within the pool. Hungary’s “Iron Lady” and Team USA’s Maya DiRado also made lasting impressions within the water, as did American Simone Manuel.

The finest dive from the Rio Olympic games perhaps occurred not inside a pool, but on the running track, where Shaunae Burns from the Bahamas dove over the line and won Olympic gold within the women’s 400-meters.

Around the soccer field, the U.S. women fell lacking expectancy as well as their goalie fell even shorter of excellent sportsmanship. However for Neymar and South america, well, let’s just say everything glitters is definitely gold even though the Games might be ending, the celebrations in South america within the country’s first Olympic gold medal in soccer may continue for a while.

In Rio, we had high highs, spectacular competition along with a couple of of course inglorious lows.

American swimmer Michael Phelps cemented his legacy among the all-time greats from the Games, as did appropriately named Jamaican sprinter Usain Secure. Both also chipped along with a few of the determining pictures of the Rio Games, Phelps smoldering under his hood in a rival swimmer, and Secure locating a moment to show and flash a grin towards the camera in the middle of departing his rivals behind.

The ultimate curtain is going to fall around the 2016 Rio Olympic games. No Olympic games Games in modern history were as affected by negative advance publicity because these Games were, yet regardless of all of the talk of Zika mosquitos, sewage-infested water, and security problems, the Rio Games were successful.

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