VIDEO. For the first time, giraffes are white, have been filmed in Kenya

The noise ran since June. The proof has been made. Udo rare giraffe white and his girafon, while also pâlot, have been filmed in the county of Garissa, Kenya, and the video was posted on September 15, on You Tube. Three months earlier, the un villagers had seen in the first this female and her small, even exceptional white color, as he left shepherd his flock, tells the New York Times. He had narrated the scene.

The defendants, officials of the NGO “Hirola Conservation program”, which tries to protect the antelopes in danger of extinction in this region, they wanted to have the heart net. The founder of the Hirola, Abdullah Ali, has explained to the american daily newspaper : “we spent almost twenty minutes with these beautiful animals and have had the pleasure of being able to do close-up shots and a video of this duo. To our surprise, a giraffe’s usual color was with them. This allows to see the difference”.

A color due to the “leucisme”

The association writes on its website that the giraffes are white were “very close and very quiet, and did not seem disturbed by our presence.” She said that these giraffes are white are not albinos. They have black eyes, like the other giraffes, and not red, like the animals with albinism.

Their color, says the New York Times, is due to the leucisme, a genetic anomaly that gives a white color to the coat. Birds, lions, fish, hippos or snakes, among others, can be achieved leucisme.

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