United States. The tax cuts passed in the Senate, the victory secured for Trump

United States. The tax cuts passed in the Senate, the victory secured for Trump – World – LeTelegramme.fr

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The reform of the tax system in the us has crossed this Wednesday, the decisive stage in the Senate, paving the way for a major domestic political victory for Donald Trump, although a final vote technique is still necessary in the other house of Congress.
Has a republican majority, the Senate adopted the text of the redesign of the tax system and lower taxes by a vote of 51 to 48. All republicans present voted yes, while the opposition democratic party was unanimously opposed. Elsewhere on the web Articles to the a Europe. A turning point is “dangerous” to the”ethno-nationalism” The entry of the extreme right in the new coalition in power in Austria, is a turning point, ” dangerous “, said, Monday, the High Commissioner for Human rights of the Un, warning…
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Dead leaves. The galley of a goods train on Tuesday morning, the level of Guingamp, a TER was forced to slow his pace, a freight train struggling to climb a hill. The cause : rain, wind, and dead leaves which reduce adhesion of the rails. The phenomenon is common but hard, this year.
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Guingamp. Kerbrat, 150 roaring In Caen, Saturday, Christophe Kerbrat (31 years old, 1,85 m) played his 150th Ligue 1 match. A cape crossed like all the other by the Finistérien, in our sole discretion. But a step that requires permanently as a top-tier player, while Guingamp has the opportunity to end its half-season this Wednesday, against Saint-Étienne.
SN Roux. A year after the recovery is finished One year after the reversal of Roux & Cie by a Czech company, the company of Kervignac (56) has been liquidated on Monday. In the Face of financial difficulties accumulated and the weakness of the book…
Contraception. The pill is celebrating its 50 years On December 19, 1967, after fierce fighting, the law Neuwirth legalised the pill, very quickly became the symbol of sexual liberation and female emancipation. 50 years later, its use declines but is still dominant in France, where contraception is still widely considered a “women’s issue”. WHO ARE WE ? – LEGAL NOTICES – CGU – CGV – PLAN DU SITE – CONTACT

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