United Kingdom . London on alert after a new attack

“At least 29 people were injured yesterday morning [September 15], in which a young boy of 10 years old, in the explosion of an ied at the subway station Parsons Green to the west of London”, sums up The Telegraph this Saturday, September 16.

In his live devoted to the bombing, the london newspaper shows that the first minister Theresa May took the decision to raise the level of terrorist alert to its highest level, “critical, “meaning another attack is imminent”. A thousand of the military has been deployed in the capital to boost the number of surveillance.

The explosive device was in a pot of plastic hidden in a bag of supermarket, placed next to a row of seats. According to preliminary estimates of the police, it would have exploded “prematurely, and would have been intended to explode in the station Westminster”, explains the newspaper.

It was 8: 20am Friday morning when the explosion partial is triggered during a stop of the train in the station is Parsons Green.

“I heard like a big bang and then someone screamed, and at first I thought to a fight, before we see advancing towards me a ball of fire”, is a witness in The Guardian a passenger who was about to enter the train at this moment.

A woman who was in the car saw “flames gushing up to the ceiling of the train, the air is filled with a chemical smell”, reports The Guardian tells the story of the frantic escape of the passengers, causing a rush of general.

In the evening, the islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack via its press agency Qama.

This new attack hits the british capital after a series of previous bombings in London and Manchester in may and last June.

The London underground was a terrorist attack murderous bombings in 2005, which had caused the death of 56 people and left 700 injured.

The death toll of this attack on the 15 September “could have been much more serious if there had been a malfunction of the explosive device”, adds The Guardian, pointing out that fortunately, this is not the first time that “the incompetence of the terrorists and saves lives.”

Snapping diplomatic

As the investigation progressed, a tweet from Donald Trump on the attack Friday, has greatly annoyed the british authorities. The u.s. president said on Twitter that the attack was the work “people are sick and demented who were in the viewfinder of Scotland Yard”, reports The Guardian, thus leaving room for doubt about the effectiveness of the police in the uk.

The first minister Theresa May has not been slow to replicate with a statement relayed by The Guardian: “I don’t think it would be very constructive for anyone to speculate on an ongoing investigation.”

Sabine Grandadam

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