Tony Stewart&#39s phone got stolen in a circus in Miami

“We returned to yesterday on the long ago to here so we were just on the point of leave and that i recognized it was not within my pocket,” Stewart stated. “I had her phone, my phone, a few other activities I had been holding on her so when I had been checking to determine where it had been at it wasn’t there any longer.

“It was type of fun simply because they obtain that “Find my iPhone” application,” Stewart stated. “And we went chasing people forever looking for it. Until we recognized these were within the parking area plus they got within the vehicle plus they were gone. And So I hit block onto it, deleted it and today I must customize the phone.

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Since Cup Series is presently backed with a mobile phone provider, it’s a little bit curious that the three-time series champion delays on the substitute phone. Certainly one of NASCAR’s marquee names needs to wait to obtain a new phone?

“We noticed many people before might I’m fairly certain that’s if this made the decision it went another direction.”

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Stewart stated Friday that his phone was stolen Thurs .. He and the girlfriend stopped in a circus Wednesday night within the Miami area and made the decision to come back Thursday evening before you go to Homestead-Miami Speedway. Because they were on the point of leave, Stewart recognized he didn’t have his phone.

Stewart stated he recognized they might make use of the “Find my Phone” feature on his iPhone and try to track the perps.

HOMESTEAD, Florida — Tony Stewart’s final weekend like a Sprint Cup Series driver has become off and away to an inauspicious start.

“Which is devastating. I actually do everything off my mobile phone. My existence is with that mobile phone. I start my existence once again tomorrow.”

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