To the senate : The union of the right to the forced march

To the senate. The platform of the right and centre will stand on a joint list in the upcoming senatorial elections. The political pragmatism has finally won.

For once, they have a little past of the eternal decency to be served at length to the press conference. “I will not make of wooden language”, has even promised Nassimah Dindar, yesterday, on the occasion of the presentation of the list of the platform of the right and center view of the senate of 24 September.

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“I have said for several months : I am a candidate and I want to be top of the list. I don’t need to lift a finger to ask permission. Me, I advance, luckily”, assumed the chair of the Department before handing in to have met André Thien-Ah-Koon and Thierry Robert, but also the mayors of Salazie or Bras Panon. “I did what I had to do. What is there more natural than to negotiate ? Everything in life is negotiation.” This is the language of truth. It will not go any further. No question of recognizing that a project list with Michel Dennemont, supported by Thierry Robert, and André Thien-Ah-Koon was on the point of success.

Sénatoriales : L’union de la droite à marche forcée

Her fierce determination to be top of the list has convinced the other leaders of the platform.

Michel Fontaine in 4th Position

Monday night, during a rendezvous at the hotel Saint-Michel to enter into this union, it did not take long to conclude the agreement. Jean-Louis Lagourgue, current mayor of Saint-Marie and the 1st vice president of the Region, is simply the second place. “I was afraid, at one time to have been forgotten, he confided yesterday afternoon in direct reference to the draft list created by Nassimah Dindar and Michel Fountain. That is why I sent a letter to the mayors (editor’s note, where he expressed his candidacy). I wanted a list of union and defend the platform before the whole. I am fully satisfied to be on this list, behind Nassimah Dindar”.

Then follow Viviane Malet, and Michel Fontaine. The mayor of Saint-Pierre that had threatened to lead a list, is desired to be included in the 4th position as the president of The Republicans”. Some informed observers believe that it is especially important to provide an exit door. : “The law on the moralization of political life could prevent it from represent in 2020 because it has been 3 mandates of mayor in a row. If Viviane Malet is elected, he will be able to ask him to resign, to recover a term of office of a senator”, review.

“a union of a hypocrite”

If everyone has finished by finding his interest in this union, Didier Robert is also something. “The realism and consistency have won”, said the president of the Region, recognizing in passing that “the choice of the Union is a difficult choice”. Most importantly, it has highlighted the coherence of the political vision with the development of Pierrefonds or an industry cluster to Red Wood. Between the lines, it is important to understand that a list is dissenting, as the Nassimah Dindar and Michel Fontaine, would have threatened the Region’s commitment to fund these projects. The stakes were too important to refuse the union.
“Everyone had an interest in being on a common list, shows a close of the last negotiations. But it is a union of a hypocrite”.
The distrust is still in different clans. Until the filing of the lists, at the beginning of September, the twists and turns are always possible.

Jean-Philippe Lutton

  • Defend the communities

All of the negotiations to lead to this list of union would almost forget that the senators play a role in the development of legislation. “75 % of our amendments are accepted by the national Assembly,” recalled yesterday, the former senator Jean-Paul Virapoullé. The next senators from the platform to defend, if they are elected, “the solidarity of the poor”, but also the communities. “I will be their defender,” promised Jean-Louis Lagourgue in a national context where their allocations will be revised downward. Nassimah Dindar also wants to “simplify the law on solidarity” in order to facilitate the process of disabled people.

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