These workshops give you tips on how to holiday “zero waste”

A deco and Christmas gifts “zero waste” ? This is the challenge launched to the families villeneuvoises by Univalom1 in partnership with Casa and the association of the Life Environment Initiative.

Last September, a fifty families villeneuvoises and biotoises had responded to the call of the Casa and the company to participate in an operation “zero waste” in all of the gestures that punctuate the daily life at home, like composting, reducing bags race, household products or cosmetics house, cooking recipes…

To accompany these families, workshops and coffee-tips regular have been put in place and the festive season requires, the latter focused on the decorations and gifts of Christmas “zero waste”.

Installed in the Butcher Boy in the village, the participants have discovered simple techniques to create their own decorations for the holidays or some gifts.

A gift paper “Nice-Matin”

For gift packages, Nice-Matin had the score from the facilitator : “It is very beautiful packages with paper and they can even push the detail up to choose the article based on the title or subject that may also be a personal message!”.

Side deco, fimo clay house (review the recipe below) has taken effect, with families attracted to its simplicity both in the preparation as in the making of small objects. ” These are activities that we can do as a family because it is not necessary to forget that entering into a process of reduction of its consumption is also a source of shared happiness and well-being “ had identified unanimously the families present. Pleasure to create together, but also to be fully actor of his consumption, particularly in the kitchen where the parents were thrilled to ” know what they put in the plate of their children.”

The workshops make us aware that this is not that hard to reduce our waste, and more, this is done in a beautiful user-friendliness where we exchange our tips and tricks. Without being a purist, it will take quickly to the game discounts, “said Michèle, included in the programme.

Simplicity, fun, exchange remain the key words related to this trend for a return to a consumption reasonable and reasoned, and in which each of the families already seems to be a ambassador for the environment eco-responsible.

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