The prime minister has chartered a flight Tokyo-Paris 350 000 euros : the Prime minister “assumes”

“I accept fully this decision, I would assume it so much that I want to explain it.” Edouard Philippe is income, Wednesday, December 20, on the cost of the flight Tokyo-Paris, beginning of December, by his delegation, which included 60 people, and : 350 000 euros.

“I understand that the amounts (…) are always impressive”, said the head of the government on RTL. “It is complicated to move the Prime minister, and it is expensive. But I fully understand both the surprise and the questions of the French”, he added.

In the night of 5 to 6 December, the prime minister has chartered, during a technical stopover in Tokyo with an airbus A340 of air force, another A340 for first class seats. “We knew that there was no commercial flight at a time when we would return. And we knew that he had to go back for an item imperative of which is that the president was leaving on the Wednesday morning of our return”, defended Edouard Philippe. “The rule is that, to the extent possible we try to ensure that the Prime minister or the president of the Republic or in the territory”, he also justified.

“I’m trying to sort of minimize these costs”, he insisted, claiming to have made an effort. “For example, the trip in New Caledonia is very expensive, but it cost 30% less expensive than the travel of my predecessor in New Caledonia”, said the Prime minister.

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