The Landes de Gascogne : the fee for the foresters set fire to the powder

Status quo. Since June, the dialogue is broken between foresters and hunters. At the heart of the controversy, the establishment of an annual fee of 450 euros for the forest owners, devised by the departmental Federation of hunters. It applies to all foresters of the Great Landes – zone from Casteljaloux to the limit of the Landes and the Gers – holders of hunting rights.

“The commission départementale de la chasse et de la faune sauvage, where I am the representative of the private forest, met on 21 June. To my surprise, it has been decided the implementation of this measure without consultation with the forest owners, ” laments Alain Navails, sylviculteur and chair of the Group of forest productivity of Batch-and-Garonne.

For the benefit of farmers

Not only Alain Navails regrets that this tax affects only the foresters, but it gets red with anger when he knows that it will benefit only farmers. “It should help to compensate the damage caused by wild boar on agricultural land. The forest, it does not receive any financial compensation, while the damage caused by game animals, especially deer, are also important. “

“This tax, for us it is a double punishment”

And the sylviculteur to push his argument : “Since the storm, the herd of large game proliferates before our eyes in the forest… hunters spend a lot of time to regulate the wild boar on agricultural land. And leave the deer populations in wooded areas. We would hope that they respect the hunting plan. “

According to Alain Navails, these people are destroying the forest plantations, as they need to be replanted. All without compensation. “Unlike agricultural land, he insists. This fee, for us it is a double punishment. “

128 000 hectares of private forest are identified in the Lot-et-Garonne, or 98 % of the massif held by 36 778 owners. “For the time being, it is impossible for me to know how many might be affected by this tax. The Federation of hunting did not want to provide me with the list… “

(1) The departmental Federation of the hunters contacted by our care, did not want to respond.

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