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ART & ESSAI. Welcome in the new season in the return of programmesd’Ohana Cinema on the screens of the Rex of Saint-Pierre and the Ritz of Saint-Denis.

The recovery is predicted starting from the 30 of this month with Alain Gomis and the presentation of “Happiness”, his film of the year, which is already the almost unanimous view of the critics in her favor and that takes us wander in music on the side of Kinshasa. The director has transposed the myth of Orpheus. “With magic,” says Libération, “infinite beauty,” says The World, “a mastery of the hell and paradise” that will leave you breathless, Les Inrockuptibles, and “a character of the transcendent of an interiority and a wealth of beautiful” according to Télérama.

Interviewed at the satiety Gomis, the director of the franco-senegalese who are said already of the shorts as “Small Light” or “Ahmed” and long as “Andalucia” and “today” (award winning in 2013 at the Festpaco), admits to having been gripped by the desire to show up close to the life of the popular districts in Africa and this kind of “stigma” that show the people to themselves in living, finally, their dreams in the existence of others that show off the television and magazines.

The heroine of his film shows it, that life is beautiful, if hard it. Free and proud, the singer intervenes in the evening in a bar. His life changes radically when his 14 year old son is the victim of a motorcycle accident. œPour to save him, Felicity will begin in a frenzied race through the streets of Kinshasa electric, a world of dreams and music”

Véronique Beya Mputu, Ferdinand Minga, Aziza Kengumbe, José Lusala, and Gaetan Claudia are the interpreters of this shot of the“ur of sharing that has won this year the Grand Prize at the Berlin film Festival.

* To see at the Ritz, Saint-Denis, today and Wednesday at 15h, 18h and 21h and the same hours Saturday and Sunday, knowing that a couple of sessions to 18h and 21h are provided on Thursday, Friday and Monday. The film is to see the Rex as early as tomorrow, Thursday, at 18h, just like Monday at the same time while on Tuesday the performance will be at 21h.

* Next vintages ‘

On 6 September, the “Wedding Doll” Nitzan Gilady, September 13, “I will dance if I want to” Maysaloun Hamoud, September 20, “the Marriage” by Stephan Streker, September 27, “Chanda a indian mother “of Ashwiny I Tiwari and, on 4 October, “Emily Dickinson” by Terence Davies. To follow.

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