Thφze, doctor of cycling

Its fine silhouette said nothing of a lump which has rolled to do much more laps than any rider. “To have him with us was a big plus,” emphasizes Christopher Lagane. Unobtrusive but attentive throughout the Tour, Michel Thφze, immediately took a large share in this new selection quadricolore, which has received the input of a bank of mauritius to hang up the car to head to the continent in mauritius. Appointed to the position of DTN in march alongside the nonremovable coach José Achilles, he has decided to take up to 77 years, a last challenge. “I was headed for a sweet retirement, but this project with young people seemed to me to be interesting,” he explains.

He has collected throughout a career that took him from the Region to the selections of the France team young and amateur in the mid 80’s to finish the national technical director, as deputy.

trainer froome

After 20 years of good and loyal service to the service of the French Federation, he flies to the nearby switzerland and the new world cycling Centre, in 2005. He sees in particular, a certain Christopher Froome uncouth. It will be seven years later, to take the leadership of Algeria before arriving in the beginning of the year in Mauritius. For already a success of another Christopher, he had established the road map, applied almost to the letter. “He ran very well for his age, said Michel Thφze. It has big opportunities that may take him very far, but it shouldn’t be that it burns the steps.” The words of a wise man, which will accompany the cycling of mauritius is a small stretch of the road in his new challenge, with the Tropical Amissa Bongo or the Tour of Rwanda in the beginning of the year and the ambition to “reach the top ten african teams”. Before, perhaps, to think of a retirement well-deserved.

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