VIDEO. “The roof fell in the living room” : a family recounts the passage of hurricane Irma in her house, today ravaged

They lived four hours and a half refugees in the bathroom of their house during the passage of hurricane Irma on the island of St. Martin. The roofs of parts flying off or collapsed, the water was in their room of survival… But they are in life. And that is all that counts for them… Extract from the magazine “13: 15 on Saturday” of September 16.

Reporters Lose It Over Penis-Formed Weather Pattern

And who could your investment storm that came about following a co-worker requested this reporter to hide while she relayed this news?

Here. Discover for yourself:

There is the British meteorologist who labored numerous The Exorcist references into her report this past year.


Oh, no. The meteorologist stops and makes certain that his co-workers recognize the similarity between your waterspout along with a man’s most precious part of the body.

So we possess the situation of your penis-formed waterspout and also the understandable result of individuals attempting to pay for it inside a serious manner.

For that record, a waterspout is definitely an intense columnar vortex that always seems like a funnel-formed cloud.

Within the clip below, a waterspout is featured around the giant screen behind a weatherman in England. And there isn’t any denying it: the elements pattern looks As being a penis.

And since British television is not the same as American television, the reporters create listen to it awesome.

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Brett favre

Who understood that the field of weather forecasting would give you a celebrity gossip website with the much material?

But enough scientific mumbo jumbo, right?

9 Stars Who’ve Sent Photos of the Penis

It happens on the lake and it is linked to a towering cumuliform cloud or perhaps a cumulonimbus cloud.