Jenelle Evans Flaunts Weight Reduction, Shills Diet Tea

But we do not think Jenelle is pregnant.

Hey, we guess it’s much better than that waist training BS.

Jenelle Evans: Weight Loss Before and After

Yes, Jenelle credits the main difference backward and forward pics to Flat Tummy Tea, an organization whose entire advertising campaign appears to become dedicated to getting youthful female reality stars to shill their items on Instagram.

Jenelle published individuals side-by-side images to Instagram today, combined with the following caption:

As she told us yesterday (with the aid of a bikini pic, obviously) Jenelle Evans isn’t pregnant.

Actually, she claims her belly is quickly diminishing nowadays, as evidenced within the pics below:

Some people even went full-Oliver Stone and and unleashed some crazy conspiracy ideas:

Jenelle evans bikini photograph
Jenelle Evans Bikini Photos: Teen Mother 2 Tease!
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If you are thinking to yourself it’s greater than a tad absurd that Jenelle states have forfeit that lots of inches in 2 days because of “simple exercisesInch and a few magic tea … well you are not by yourself.

“Place The Main Difference: The first is before my two days around the @flattummytea cleanse, the first is after. 2 glasses of tea each day (one morning, one during the night), some simple exercises, just a little dedication and ta-da, this is actually the result. Happy.Inch

Do not get us wrong, we believe something is a feet here.

Or possibly we are just slaves to unrealistic.

Whoa. You are coming the brain, juliealaine26.

Thinking about Ms. Evans is presently fighting two child custody battles at the same time, we are really, really wishing she’s not pregnant.

Your comments ought to about this pic feature all kinds of speculation as to what’s really happening here, varying from “she’s pushing her stomach out” to “she’s really pregnant.”

“There is a pic on here saying she’s not pregnant yadda yadda, there is however no octopus tattoo, after which this,” creates one follower. “Just admit into it, you are knocked up!”

Jenelle evans pissed
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Javi Marroquin: Connecting Track Of Kailyn Lowry’s BFF??

“You’ll blame someone because of not being there yet you won’t even provide them with the opportunity to prefer to get there,” Peach authored in another tweet.

Javi, particularly, continues to be spectacularly responsible for this.

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin

Should you follow Teen Mother 2 gossip, you likely know that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are getting divorced.

I thankfully social networking wasn’t around after i was coming old and making poor choices.

“You made the decision on their behalf whenever you forgot to let them know all the details to create their very own decision.”

Exactly what a hairy mess.

However, it appears that Javi is flaunting rapport with Kailyn’s former BFF Christina “Peach” Pietrobon.

Kailyn lowry wedding photo
Kailyn Lowry &amplifier Javi Marroquin Divorce: A Period of Destruction
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Like a lot of youths today, they cannot help but air their grievances on social networking, and oftentimes tweet and ‘gram and publish hurtful crap simply to passive strongly get each other peoples goat’s.

But yet, their split continues to be nothing otherwise tumultuous.

“Missing @Javimarroquin9,” Peach tweeted, to which Javi retweeted and responded back with, “So soon! So freaking soon!”

Kail and Peach apparently ended their friendship soon after Kailyn’s divorce was introduced.

Javi Marroquin Tweets Kailyn Lowry's BFF

“Is the sister single tho?!” he tweeted at uncle. Also, he incorporated a heart-eyed emoji – and everyone knows what which means.

Earlier this year, he essentially known as out Kailyn for cheating as he tweeted, “What’s done at night can have within the light.”

There is wide speculation that Kail continues to be visiting a lady named Becky Hayter, mostly since the TM2 star shared (then erased) a pic of the pair of them kissing to Instagram.

During some interactions having a Brooke Wells, he made an appearance to convey curiosity about her sister.

Kailyn neither confirmed nor refused a dalliance with Becky, but Javi took it upon themself to do something like he had been scoping out other women on Twitter.

“Really disappointed in your soul,” Peach tweeted to Lowry.

Kailyn lowry jo rivera photo
Kailyn Lowry: Timeline of the Turbulent Teen Mother Existence
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Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin: Separated Since December!

Why made it happen finish?

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin

“They’ve been unhealthy for some time, and Kail understood divorce was inevitable,” a resource near to the Teen Mother 2 couple told Us Weekly.

Arguments about getting more children coupled with Marroquin’s deployment required its toll around the couple, who’re parents to Lincoln subsequently, 2.

“His day-to-day is identical, we’ve been fighting. At this time Personally i think like it’s time that i can concentrate on myself.”

Ask anybody who’s married or continues to be married, and they’re going to tell you just how it’s difficult.

“They’ve been separated since December, therefore if Javi was with other people overseas it wouldn’t be cheating.”

It may sound similar to their union was condemned from the beginning.

The finish of the relationship has performed on camera, with Lowry suffering a miscarriage and Marroquin being deployed overseas using the Air Pressure.

Marroquin, 23, continues to be charged with cheating on Lowry since his deployment, however the source revealed something fans speculated for some time.

Both sides happen to be posting quotes and cryptic tweets for some time, leading fans to take a position that something was wrong.

Kailyn lowry wedding photo
Kailyn Lowry &amplifier Javi Marroquin Divorce: A Period of Destruction
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“There was always a disconnect.”

On a single episode, Lowry informed her buddies how difficult existence have been since Marroquin went overseas.

Now, Lowry and Marroquin ‘re going their separate ways.

“They clashed,” the origin added.

The growing season finale of teenybopper Mother 2 airs Monday June sixth on MTV.

Kailyn Lowry married Javi Marroquin when she only agreed to be twenty, and already had one child from another man.

She did not elaborate, nor did she make sure the wedding was over, but both she and Marroquin happen to be subtly attempting to prepare fans for that “inevitable,” as Lowry calls it.

“It’s existence. Move forward.”

It’s even harder when you are youthful.  Like, Teen Mother-youthful. 

In April, Lowry tweeted, “Things happen, people grow apart.

“[Deployment is] a great deal harder on him than I figured it might be. He does not feel supported.… We lose things to speak about.

“It’s rough, it’s difficult,Inch Lowry informed her buddies.

“The final point here is these were two strong personalities who both wish to be in charge living together.”

Kailyn lowry jo rivera photo
Kailyn Lowry: Timeline of the Turbulent Teen Mother Existence
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Maci Bookout Welcomes Third Child!

Bookout, 24, already shares her boy Bentley, 7, with ex-lover Ryan Edwards, and her daughter Jayde, who just switched one, with McKinney.

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney Image

“I what food was in the physician, ironically, to obtain my contraception prescription refilled!” she stated, joking that they had the “wrong results” and “mixed them up.”

“Maverick was really our boy name choices whenever we were pregnant with Jayde before we understood it had been a woman,” she revealed.

“There will be some permanent contraception choices made,” Bookout said this winter season, climax not obvious who she means.

Maci Bookout of teenybopper Mother fame has created her third child!

The engaged couple also considered Connor, but ultimately made the decision that Maverick “went better using the names Bentley and Jayde.”

Congratulations towards the family in almost any situation!

For the way they showed up in the child’s unique moniker?

Maci says she discovered about being pregnant in The month of january, just 2 days after McKinney suggested to her at lengthy last.

Absolutely within the literal feeling of the term.

Bookout and McKinney, who intend to get married in October, formerly mentioned that they’re “absolutely” not growing their loved ones of 5.

“Reed is really a family reputation for both our families.”

The Teenager Mother OG star and her fiance, Taylor McKinney, named their choosing – and 2nd child together – Maverick Reed.

Maci shared the happy news via Twitter together with her fans today.

“Mr. Maverick Reed has formally made his debut and completed us,Inch Bookout creates. “A lot love, a lot of benefits!”

Maci bookout and bentley
Maci Bookout Photos: Over time
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Kailyn Lowry: A Turbulent Teen Mother Existence Over time

Javi place a ring onto it only a couple of several weeks after he began dating Kailyn.

She’s still experienced greater than her great amount of good and the bad, particularly in recent several weeks as her marriage has gradually unraveled.

At age 16, Kailyn became pregnant using the child of her then-boyfriend, Jo Rivera. She delivered boy Isaac within the second season of 16 and Pregnant.

Kailyn Lowry might be more stable than a few of her Teen Mother 2 co-stars, however ,, that states much more about Jenelle Evans than Kailyn.

Kailyn and Jo’s tumultuous relationship found an finish not lengthy after Isaac’s birth. Remarkably, Kailyn’s decision to discover together with her baby father had nothing related to his rapping.

1. Kailyn Will get Pregnant By Jo Rivera

Kailyn Gets Pregnant By Jo Rivera

In May 2016, Kailyn Lowry confirmed she’s divorcing Javi Marroquin after 3 years carrying out a string of emotional good and the bad.

Kailyn Breaks Up With Jo

His deployment, her miscarriage, accusations of cheating and apparently endless personality conflicts were ultimately an excessive amount of to consider.

3. Kailyn Starts Dating Jordan Wenner

Kailyn Begins Dating Jordan Wenner

Kailyn did not take lengthy to maneuver on, and her co-worker-switched-boyfriend Jordan Wenner provided support dyring her bitter child custody fight with Rivera.

4. Kailyn and Jo Make Peace

Kailyn and Jo Make Peace

From her beginning with Jo Rivera to the current, heck out a few of the highlights (and occasional-lights) of Kailyn’s personal existence within this gallery…

5. Kailyn Meets Javi Marroquin

Kailyn Meets Javi Marroquin

Following an unpleasant incident by which Rivera was charged with getting drunk as they was said to be taking proper care of his boy, Kailyn and Jo eventually arrived at an friendly child custody agreement. Nowadays, the ex-couple considered to be on good terms.

6. Kailyn and Javi Get Engaged

Kailyn and Javi Get Engaged

Kailyn met Javi during Teen Mother 2 Season 4. The pair moved Extremely fast.

Wait! There’s more Kailyn Lowry: Timeline of the Turbulent Teen Mother Existence! Simply click “Next” below:


Kailyn Lowry: PRETENDING That She’s Still With Javi Marroquin?

Not so long ago it appeared that Kailyn had confirmed her divorce from Javi on Twitter.

Javi Marroquin & Kailyn Lowry: Star Magazine's Annual Hollywood Rocks

Just as it was beginning to look like Lowry and Marroquin were officially dunzo, however, their relationship began to show signs of life.

We’re not sure, but something tells us there’s some not-so-subtle sarcasm behind that tweet.

As far as we can tell, it’s Kailyn’s way of saying Javi is pretending all is well and has successfully convinced himself that his family will still intact once he returns from Qatar.

Or maybe she’s subtly hinting that she’s tired of pretending all is well in her marriage.

Javi even spoke openly about his efforts to win Kailyn back during an online conversation with fans. 

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive all of Kailyn and Javi’s ups and downs.

Now, however, it looks as though the couple’s efforts to make it work never fully got off the ground.

The severing of Twitter ties was somewhat of a big deal, as the couple had stated in the past that social media was their primary means of keeping in contact during Javi’s deployment with the U.S. Air Force.

“Pretend is my favorite game,” the 24-year-old mom wrote.

Kailyn suggested that she was open to a reconciliation ans described herself as “still married” in an interview.

Though she hasn’t responded directly to fans’ questions about whether or not she and Javi are (as he claims) giving it another go, Kailyn posted a cryptic and telling tweet just moments ago:

It’s hard to get a read on just what’s going on between Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin these days.

It’s not a full-blown kiss-off, but it’s certainly not encouraging.

Lowry and Marroquin even stopped following one another on social media following a very public argument over Javi sending explicit photos to another woman. 

Kailyn lowry jo rivera photo
Kailyn Lowry: Timeline of a Turbulent Teen Mom Life
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Chelsea Houska: Partying With Jeremy Calvert?!?!

Clearly, nothing is happening between both of these.

So at Chelsea’s house, a relaxed Sunday mid-day involves some ribs, some brews, the ex-husband of the friend who resides in a totally different area of the country – and perhaps a few needles hard.

Chelsea Houska and Jeremy Calvert

Knowing by their Instagram pages (Jeremy erased his social networking accounts a couple of days ago, however it appears he’s back now.), Chelsea were built with a casual backyard BBQ at her house over the past weekend – and for whatever reason, Calvert was attending.

Yes, it’s difficult to inform just what’s happening here, but Chelsea captioned the photo, “The BBQ just required an odd turn #botoxparty.”

Chelsea Houska: Botox Party

Like we stated, it isn’t a simple situation to determine.

To create things even weirder, the sporadic backyard BBQ incorporated some totes chillaxed Botox sessions, too:

Particularly if Jeremy got lower using the Botox treatment sessions.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to help remind yourself how random it’s these two lives should intersect.

Making this what it appears as though when mobile phone industry’s collide.

We are unsure, but we’d give anything to become a fly on your wall here.

Jeremy travels a great deal for work, so perhaps he was in the region and made the decision to swing by Chelsea’s party?

As she tells her Instagram supporters every chance she will get, Chelsea is engaged to Cole DeBoer.

Yes, that’s Chelsea Houska spending time with Leah Messer’s ex, Jeremy Calvert, with no, we will not what the heck is happening here either.

So that as he angrily stated amongst gossips he and Leah were near a reconciliation, Jeremy continues to be dating Brooke Wehr.

Chelsea houska with cole deboer
Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer: Most adorable (Most Stable) Teen Mother Couple Ever!
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Leah Messer Accuses Corey Simms of Cheating on His Wife in New Teen Mother 2 Clip

It has been rumored that Leah and Corey were caught making love as they was married to Miranda, so possibly she’s not only coming smoke?!

As a result of an accusation that she’s jealous of Corey Simms’ new wife, Miranda, Leah chimes and accuses Simms of cheating.

Leah Messer versus Corey Simms: Teen Mother 2 Reunion Special

As you can tell out of this preview for that approaching second installment from the show’s reunion special, she’s still got lots of issues.

She spent many of the amount of time in denial, but noticeably shown some seriously questionable judgment on greater than a couple of occasions.

By calling her ex on TV, then hiding behind her “safe word” when she’s charged with laying, there’s no dull moment with Messer …

“Never within my existence would I be jealous of Miranda,” Leah states. “Where had you been at throughout the first couple several weeks of marriage?”

Whoa. Say what?!

Given her history, and flair for that dramatic, too, it seems like there’s a minimum of a good chance that Leah is being truthful here.

Well, it isn’t going to have any kinder in the near future.

Adds Leah, “Striking me up!”

Jeremy and leah on teen mom 2

We had Leah’s drug problem – whether she confesses it or otherwise – worsen as her existence spiraled unmanageable around the sixth season from the MTV hit.

One factor we all do no without a doubt:

Should you watch Teen Mother 2 online, you already know this year has not exactly been kind towards the pride from the Mountaineer Condition, Leah Messer.

Things even got so bad that Leah’s ex-husbands became a member of forces in order to determine the easiest method to ensure their children’s safety.

Leah Messer Photos: Over time
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Jenelle Evans: Put in the hospital With Mind Injuries!

Just before the accident, Evans was out around town together with her new boyfriend David Eason, there is however not sure on when they were consuming.

Jenelle evans hospitalized

Jenelle Evans Pic

Jenelle Evans was apparently rushed towards the hospital a few days ago after she fell in her own front yard striking her mind. 

Given Jenelle’s good reputation for drug problems, most question what kind of condition she was at during the time of her fall.

“Jenelle was heading out to dinner together with her boyfriend David and friend Tori, so when she got home, everything was flooded on her behalf street and she or he ended up and fell around the front yard escaping . from the vehicle,” states one insider.

Radar Online has photos of Jenelle’s injuries. Sources the 23-year-old reality star needed several stitches and it was not launched in the hospital before the following morning.

Watch Teen Mother online to experience again a number of Jenelle’s wildest moments.

Jenelle has yet to talk openly around the incident. Obviously, in comparison to a few of the drama she’s suffered, just a little mind injuries is small taters.

The injuries was apparently a direct result flooding that affected Jenelle’s home condition of Sc consequently of Hurricane Joaquin.

25 Jaw-Shedding Jenelle Evans Photos and Clips
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