Farrah Abraham: Might Face Should Lose Child custody of Her Daughter!

And we are guessing she’ll knock this one inch the park.

“Both seem to be to not be reliable with children, obviously so.”

She did not explain the reasoning behind this inflammatory comment, as Farrah is really a student from the Jesse Trump School of claiming Some Wild Sh-t after which Offering No Explanation.

(Really, unhealthy bloodstream pre-dated that incident, but before the reunion show throwdown, it had been mainly the boys in Farrah and Amber’s lives who have been stuck inside a constant clap back loop.)

“They lie and they have to stop using me to obtain attention for his or her wedding and book.”

She added:

That one might get interesting.

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The continuing feud between Farrah Abraham and Might Face appears to become getting worse through the minute, and Farrah just dished out her most brutal burn yet.

Amber has yet to fireplace back, however, you can bet that the fact is coming.

Shots fired! (Again!)

Just hrs later, Farrah’s boyfriend, Simon Saran, slammed Amber and her fiance, Matt Baier, telling Radar Online that attending their wedding could be like seeing a “circus.”

“Gary must have full child custody of Leah,” Abraham told the website.

Within an interview with individuals magazine a week ago, Amber discussed her approaching wedding and says she planned to ask all her Teen Mother co-stars.

Moments ago, she issued another statement to Radar, this time around revealing that they believes Amber must have her daughter removed:

Farrah Abraham: A Absurd, Sometimes X-Rated Existence in GIFs

For whatever reason, Farrah required major offense only at that.

In the end, it should not be difficult to protect herself against charges of unfit parenting from the lady who regularly discusses her daughter’s future sex tape.

You might want to sign in to Twitter and obtain your popcorn out.

The meat began in October, when Farrah and Amber fought against in the Teen Mother: OG reunion show.

Within the several weeks that adopted, Farrah and Amber both kept away from any serious public jokes, also it appears Amber might have believed the entire factor was water underneath the bridge.

She was wrong.

“I want nothing related to their criminal behavior or laying evil categories of people they affiliate with.”

As it happens Farrah wasn’t quite finished ragging on Portwood and Baier (most likely because her initial comments earned her a large amount of attention of social networking).

Today, Farrah took her very own shot at Amber and Matt, telling Radar:

Simon Saran SLAMS Might Face & Matt Baier Over Wedding Invite!

Simon might really function as the thirstiest from the franchise’s deeply parched stars, therefore it was just dependent on time before he sounded off on Amber’s comments.

Whether it’s over fifty percent, he surrenders his to take shots at Matt’s joblessness.

Farrah Abraham: A Absurd, Sometimes X-Rated Existence in GIFs

Watch Teen Mother online to savor the view of Simon and Farrah pretending that they like one another.


Should you follow him on Twitter, you will know Simon is continually attempting to choose a grapple with Amber and Matt.

We suppose should you think about the quantity of shade tossed, he’s posting GOAT-level figures, but his humor is on componen with roast night in a college frat house.

Now, you actually could not request an simpler target than Baier.

Saran has had shots at Baier on several occasions, however they never quite land how they should.

The person is really a middle-aged Teen Mother obsessive and deadbeat father who’s marrying Amber after unsuccessfully cyber-stalking a number of her co-stars.

It had been an unexpected announcement, because the before we had all cast members in the same location was when Amber and Farrah fought against finally season’s Teen Mother: OG reunion show.

“I haven’t visited a circus shortly, it may be fun,” Saran told Radar Online.

So that as expected, his smack talk was as lame as Farrah’s claims that her porn debut was really a novice sex tape:

Saran’s insults are often uninspired, however this latest is corny even by his standards.

Sorry, Simon.

“All of the sudden everybody is purchasing a house,” he joked when Portwood and Baier were searching at homes this year.

“Each and every Teen Mother [star] is going to be asked,” Amber told People.

Towards the surprise of numerous Portwood revealed that they intends to invite all her Teen Mother co-stars – including Simon and Farrah Abraham – to look at her say “I actually do.Inch

Nowadays, the primary target of his weak-sauce disses is Might Face and her fiance, Matt Baier.

You bothered to create a statement, however, you could not develop anything much better than evaluating their wedding to some circus?

“Every one from Teen Mother 2 and Teen Mother OG.”

This is a bit more enjoy it, before we are able to co-sign that burn, we want to be aware what number of Simon’s earnings is Teen Mother-related.

For somebody who appears to become attempting to make a job from as being a douche, Simon Saran simply isn’t excellent at jokes.

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His latest attempt for insult comedy was inspired by Amber’s recent comments about her approaching wedding.

Simon’s not delivering anybody running towards the burn unit, is exactly what we are saying.

“Everyone got their MTV bonuses and also got no jobs! You really require a job and make a move together with your existence with an office Matt!”

Them’s the arbitrary rules we simply composed.

Javi Marroquin Defends Madison Channing Walls: She’s Not really a Drug Abuser!

“Someone’s past isn’t who they really are today if they’ve learned and be better,” Javi tweeted today in defense of Walls.

Walls’ buddies and family state that she’s fully dedicated to to be the best mother that they could be and it has no aim of letting anything prevent her from achieveing that goal.

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In Madison’s situation, producers did not need to delve very deep into her past to discover some deeply troubling trauma.

Marroquin’s words were met with support and additional derision from TM2 fans.

The 2009 week, the planet found that Kailyn Lowry’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin is dating Madison Channing Walls.

Walls battled with heroin addiction not lengthy prior to being cast on Skeletons.

Javi was already heavily belittled for his behavior on the newest season of teenybopper Mother 2 (most particularly as he joined Lowry’s house without permission), so you will find that fans took him to job for his decision to find yourself in Walls.

But Javi is waiting his lady and inspiring fans to look at their very own pasts before you take shots at others.

“I’m a recovering heroin addict. I’m damaged for existence from this. I simply feel grateful to become alive.”

MTV fans did not need to do much digging regarding Walls’ past, because the 26-year-old appeared on MTV’s Real Life: Skeletons, an iteration from the lengthy-running reality series that found its cast past secrets for drama.

Her addiction brought her lower a dark path toward to petty crime, leading to an arrest for larceny in 2013.

Clearly there is no method of understanding what the long run holds for Javi and Chelsea, but individuals nearest towards the 26-year-old mother of 1 say other product need to fear a relapse.

Nowadays, Walls is clean, sober, along with a mother to some 1-year-old daughter, but you can observe how her recent struggles may well be a few concern for Lowry, who shares a 3-year-old boy with Marroquin.

Talking about her addiction around the Real Life, Walls remarked:

The remark might have been partly motivated by reports that Lowry is upset with Marroquin for dating Walls.

Madison Channing Walls: Who’s Javi Marroquin’s New Squeeze?

She’s mentioned that they views the entire process of getting clean a transformative one, which she believes she’s someone different from the time she first got associated with heroin.

Madison Channing Walls: Who’s Javi’s New Squeeze?

Her name is Harper and Madison produced her with ex-boyfriend Tony Raines, who also made an appearance around the Real Life.

Who is Madison Channing Walls?!?

Well, well, well, look the following! It sure appears like Javi Marroquin finds a brand new lover in Madison Channing Walls, does not it?

… Walls continues to be neat and sober for more than 2 yrs now. Great for her!

Become familiar with her below…

1. The Photo That Motivated the Rumor

Javi Marroquin has allegedly managed to move on from Kailyn Lowry.

2. She’s a Daughter

Not entirely, obviously, as he’s writing a hate-filled tell-about his ex-lover and also the mother of his child.

3. She Made an appearance on the Season from the Real Life

Within the bed room, however, insiders tell In Contact Weekly that Javi has become dating Madison Channing Walls, raising an essential question for fans of the Teen Mother star:

4. She Got Began Youthful

When Walls was initially introduced around the Real Life, she was billed like a “recovering heroin addict searching for any new beginning.Inch

5. She Was Totally hooked on Heroin

The Real Life: Skeletons, to become exact, which obviously really did air on MTV.

6. But…

Walls would be a child actress, just before appearing around the Real Life: Skeletons. You would not know about her credits.

Wait! There’s more Madison Channing Walls: Who’s Javi Marroquin’s New Squeeze?! Simply click “Next” below:


Leah Messer Reunites With Daughter, Announces YouTube Funnel

Or idea just sprang into Leah’s mind and she’s about to become total trend-setter.

It appears that Leah had the 3 of her kids stick with their dads while she was on vacation.

Following a extended and sometimes ugly court fight, Messer obtained partial child custody, but her two earliest kids still split time between her home and also the home shared by Simms and the wife, Miranda.

A few folks expressed surprise by using their recognition on social networking, the women of TM2 don’t have the ability to YouTube channels already.

Because of the itinerant nature of Calvert’s job, Adalynn spends additional time coping with Leah than various other kids do, but according to her latest Instagram publish, it appears she was lately reunited together with her youngest:

For instance, it may be no coincidence that Leah is announced her channel just after filming for Season 8 ended.

Leah Messer Announces YouTube Funnel

Although the season has not premiered yet, the women of teenybopper Mother 2 lately put together in New You are able to to film the show’s annual reunion special.

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The premiere of Teen Mother 2 Season 8 is closer than you think after a tumultuous two years, this year could help as kind of redemption tour for Leah.

This is an exciting amount of time in the existence of Leah Messer.

Now, she’s home, also it appears that’s only some of the exciting news for Ms. Messer now:

In either case, watch Teen Mother 2 online to carry you until her first upload.

Leah Messer Bad Parenting Excuse Hall of Fame

Leah also shares child custody of her youngest daughter, Adalynn, together with her second husband, Jeremy Calvert.

Yes, it appears as if Leah is beginning a YouTube funnel.

Your comments ought to around the above opening video happen to be overwhelmingly supportive, and the most typical suggestion continues to be for Leah to merely vlog about her day-to-day existence.

Among the low points this past year came when Leah lost child custody of her two kids with Corey Simms.

It is possible there is a reason behind the ladies aren’t discussing around.

“I’ve missed alll my babies!” Leah captioned the above mentioned collage.

She and all of those other cast might be contractually avoided from posting too much video content online throughout the several weeks when they are making the show.

“I can not wait to determine the twins!” she added.

Farrah Abraham Watches Sophia Scream at Her Grandfather in Depressing Teen Mother Clip

It’s like watching a 7-year-old hostage negotiator at the office.

Just like Trump, Farrah’s behavior may be amusing if she held zero influence over other people, and when there have been nothing on the line.

This seems like a great time to help remind you that Sophia is seven years of age!

Sophia Abraham Beeps on her behalf Grandfather!

“Sophia I want some assistance, are you going to assist me to?” Michael asks, even going to date regarding offer to pay the 7-year-old for any couple of minuted of her time.

You may be on the watch list only for studying that sentence, and you will have only Farrah responsible.

Farrah eventually intervenes, only because Sophia’s yelling is stopping her from focusing on her “work.”

She’s most likely trying to puzzle out how Facebook always knows her name like this.

Should you watch Teen Mother: OG online, you realize that Farrah Abraham is really a rude, loud-mouthed, ignorant bully.

Anyway, the problem is eventually settled positioned on Sophia’s terms, as she concurs to assist her grandfather only when the adults offer her precisely what she would like.

We’ll allow you to definitely imagine what task Farrah might be associated with that needs 100% percent of her mental ability.

Quite simply, it did not be an enormous shock whenever we found that Farrah will be voting for Jesse Trump.

Clearly, this really is not even close to the very first time that Farrah’s been belittled for allowing her daughter to find a way with murder.

Recall the time she signed Farrah up for Snapchat and she or he was immediately booted for messaging other people whatsoever hrs from the night?

If you are soon to become parent yourself, take notes on each and every scene, by the finish, you will have a comprehensive listing of precisely what not to complete.

The clip shows Farrah’s lengthy-suffering father, Michael Abraham, asking Sophia to assist him carry several things in in the vehicle.

Regrettably, Farrah includes a daughter, and as you can tell within the above preview with this week’s episode, that daughter takes a lot of her behavior cues from her profoundly disturbed mother.

The episode has not even aired yet, and fans happen to be slamming Farrah’s parenting – or lack thereof.

“No, I’m busy texting my pal,Inch Sophia replies.

Or what about time Farrah spoken about Sophia’s future porn career?

Farrah Abraham Parenting Fails: A History of WTF?!
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Watch Teen Mother: OG online at TV Fanatic to relive all Farrah’s many parenting pratfalls.

“You don’t need assistance,” she adds.

Adam Lind: Calling Off Engagement Due to Chelsea Houska?!

But regardless of the mountain of evidence, earlier today, Lind was adamant that we have first got it incorrectly (then he most likely muttered something under his breath about many of us being friggin’ idiots):

Lind and Stasia got involved in This summer, also it looked as if Adam was taking another step from Houska and toward living their own miserable, douche-tacular existence.

Balance-maligned TM2 star apparently altered his Facebook status to “single” the 2009 week, and sources have confirmed towards the site that Lind kicked Huber towards the curb:

As fans from the show are too aware, Chelsea’s road has not been an even one, as she’s frequently been forced to handle the idiocy of her short-tempered, frequently-negligent baby father, Adam Lind.

Even when they’d, we assume he would’ve just punched a wall or something like that.

Oh wait, that is the situation.

For some time, it looked as if Chelsea might finally escape from underneath the dark cloud that’s Lind.

Seems like a fairly cut-and-dried breakup to all of us.

In the end, she’s still exposed to his many forms of abuse, and she or he must receive fed up with trying to explain to her daughter why father was absent for another milestone in her own existence, right?

Watch Teen Mother 2 online to help remind yourself simply how much of the dickbag this person is really.

Clearly, his neglect for his daughter and inclination to skip important occasions like kids birthday parties is amazingly sad, but the truth that he’s around less and shortly may not be on the program whatsoever can simply be a great factor viewers – and even perhaps for Chelsea.

Anyway, one friend from the couple’s states he believes Lind’s declare that he and Huber have returned together, however that does not he thinks it’ll last:

“They have damaged up and become together again multiple occasions previously,” states the origin.

“Adam just can’t stay faithful to anybody,” one insider informs Radar.

Earlier this year, Chelsea Houska married Cole De Boer after 2 yrs of dating.

Sure, there is a kid together, and they’re going to continually be bound with that, but they are not associated with one another as carefully because they was once.

The marriage offered like a much-deserved happy ending for among the Teen Mother franchise’s most beloved castmembers.

“It’s not anyone’s f–king business.”

Nobody has requested Lind concerning the rumors he and Huber split up carrying out a fight motivated by attention of Chelsea’s wedding.

Regrettably, Radar On the internet is now reporting that Lind is finished his engagement to Huber just several weeks prior to the couple was scheduled just to walk lower the aisle.

To be fair, it isn’t such as the guy is compensated much more money he could ever earn otherwise in return for living his existence on camera.

Obviously, the very best hope Chelsea had for living a nearly a Lind-free existence demonstrated up within the summer time by means of Stasia Huber.

“I didn’t publish anything on social networking,” he told Radar inside a statement issued today.

Adam Lind: 9 Occasions He Demonstrated He’s The Earth’s Worst Baby Father
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Yes, Lind was his usual, classy self as a result of questions regarding his relationship.

Lind appears to become playing a smaller sized role than ever before in the daughter’s existence nowadays, as he’s even spoken about quitting Teen Mother 2.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer: MARRIED!

Among individuals attending was Houska’s seven-year daughter, Aubrey, whose father may be the bride’s ex-boyfriend Adam Lind.

Houska added that DeBoer requested Aubreyl “whether it was OK if he married her mother” and she or he immediately stated yes, was very excited, and gave him a large hug.”

“Cole introduced me to some personal place within the forest where he’d photos lining the tree,” she told MTV of his sweet proposal, including detail:

“Big sister Aubree can also be very excited, and it is not a secret that she’s wishing for a woman haha.”

“I’m not sure things i did to deserve this man, however i am grateful each day. @coledeboer beyond proud so that you can phone you my hubby soon!”

“He’s stuck now!” she captioned a picture that demonstrated her flashing her diamond engagement ring alongside her new fiancé.

Following rumors that Chelsea Houska would exchange vows a few days ago with longtime boyfriend Cole DeBoer, the teenager Mother 2 star went ahead and done exactly that:

Houska stored the announcement of her marriage relatively quiet and straightforward, discussing an image on Instagram today that portrayed the newlyweds with Aubree.

She authored at that time:


There went the bride to be!

Sounds virtually perfect to all of us.

2 days before the wedding, the 25-years old MTV personality published a pic on Instagram of two large bunches of her favorite flowers, sunflowers and proteas.

“Mr and Mrs DeBoer,” she captioned the romantic photo.

The pair, who’s expecting its initial child together, tied the knot before buddies and family on Saturday mid-day.

Individuals who watch Teen Mother 2 online witnessed the couple’s engagement and wedding ceremony planning, because it was carefully upon the newest season from the hit reality show.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer: Most adorable (Most Stable) Teen Mother Couple Ever!
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Chelsea continued to announce in This summer the couple was expecting its first child she or he due in Feb 2017.

“We’re beyond excited with this journey and should not wait to talk about it along with you all!” she authored like a caption to a Instagram photo from the growing family.

Houska met DeBoer in a service station and also the two began dating back to in August 2014.

The 2 got involved in November 2015, using the reality star confirming the wondrous news within an Instagram publish.

“The images hanging were of him and that i and also the three people like a family.”

We send Chelsea and Cole our best wishes!

Here’s to some duration of happiness!

Teen Mother Cast: Before These Were Stars …
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It had been this publish which message that motivated wedding chatter online.

Yup, they have been together for more than 2 yrs, that is a lifetime for many couples featured on Teen Mother, Teen Mother 2 or Teen Mother OG.

Here you go:

Tyler Baltierra Redeems Themself For Fat-Shaming Catelynn Lowell: Watch!

Many fans begin to see the letter like a redemptive moment for Tyler, who earlier within the season was charged with fat-shaming Lowell inside a scene that demonstrated an uglier side from the usually doting husband:

I’m so beyond pleased for doing all of the effort you have carried out this month.

Anybody who had been still undecided will probably be swayed in Baltierra’s favor having seen him surprise the recently-came back Lowell with flowers along with a sincere note.

Catelynn Lowell Homecoming

Viewers generally don’t demand perfection using their reality show stars.

Should you watch Teen Mother online, you realize this year is a difficult one for which may be the show’s most beloved couple.

We like that crap.

Kind words, with no doubt precisely the kind of factor Lowell must hear as she struggles to deal with her condition.

Obviously, it has been a time period of considerable change for that youthful bride and groom, and all sorts of stress of motherhood along with a new marriage has taken a psychological toll on Lowell.

Clearly, everybody on Teen Mother is way from perfect (much like everybody else in the world), but what’s satisfying about watching Tyler and Catelynn is they continually strive to higher themselves and be the greatest possible partners to each other.

In, Catelynn checked into rehab to become treated for depression and anxiety.

We simply hope this scene is adopted up by Farrah assaulting another producer or something like that.

Tyler Baltierra: Fat-Shaming Catelynn Lowell in New Teen Mother Preview?

But to be able to continue caring, everyone every now and then amongst all of the tantrums and bad behavior, we have to see a warm, human moment loved by a couple who genuinely want the very best for each other.

“You’re the most powerful, most courageous and delightful person I’ve ever met. I’m honored to you my spouse and adore you beyond words.

Within the above preview clip with this week’s episode, Tyler reads his wife instructions he authored on her during her time abroad.

Actually, it’s usually Farrah Abraham-esque villains that provide the greatest ratings.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra: Over time
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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra got married in August of this past year, just eight several weeks after Lowell gave birth to daughter Novalee.

The letter, that has been moving fans to tears on social networking, reads:

You’re amazing and you’re strong, you’re gorgeous and brave, caring and nurturing, you’re angelic and elegant and much more importantly… Worth love, dedication and devotion. I really like you babe, don’t ever no way. – Your husband”

Nothing too terrible, although not the kind of factor viewers are familiar with talking with the affable Baltierra.

But without doubt many fans who’d written him off are giving Tyler another chance due nowadays because of the admirable means by which he’s assisted his wife to heal and risen towards the challenge of taking care of their daughter by themself in Catelynn’s absence.

Teen Mother OG Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Simon States An Excessive Amount Of

TB was advised by his mother to consider proper care of themself, so he is able to take proper care of Cate, who cries “nearly every time I speak with her,” he revealed.

Watch Teen Mother OG Season 3 Episode 6 Online

Should you watch Teen Mother OG online, guess what happens to anticipate from Farrah’s sex life at this time – expect the unpredicted, whatsoever occasions. 

For whether or not they required her sage words to heart and still together?

Well, on Teen Mother OG Season 3 Episode 6, the tumultuous twosome sitting lower for therapy with Dr. Jenn Mann of VH1’s Couples Therapy.

Not just that, he’s in a great place personally.

Hey, any little factor that can help keep Matt Baier lined up?

That can be a romance is headed downhill fast, Might Face is upgrading on the planet. Literally, to a different house inside a fancy neighborhood! 

He stated, “I am never gonna make you.Inch

Maci Bookout’s wedding ceremony planning required on the existence of their own in Tennessee, where she and Taylor McKinney recognized $20,000 quite a bit of money.

Obviously. Believe to get at the main of your issues.

“I am totally different from these folks,Inch she continued, observing with irony, “particularly when you are living next door from the district attorney.”

“Irrrve never resided such as this after i was little … I had been poor. We did not have warm water,” she described. “Personally i think kinda weird finding yourself in this neighborhood.”

A real possibility TV physician with cameras moving might be detrimental, no? In almost any situation, Dr. Jenn came to the conclusion that Farrah is pushing Simon away.

Meanwhile, Gary Shirley and Kristina Anderson restored their vows around the beach, with Leah declaring that, “you mean something to me.”

She also said excitedly to prevent talking about their relationship before Sophia, and told Simon to prevent leading Farrah up with the lure of family.

Finally, Tyler Baltierra visited Catelynn Lowell in rehab in Arizona, and despite cameras not permitted for the reason, it had been so emotional.

Shirley has had a back seat to Amber’s drama with Matt, but deserves lots of credit to take such good proper care of Leah many years.

No, seriously, he’s getting a party invitation.

As Taylor place it, “I believe it is important for Bentley.” McKinney, of course, continues to be the type of level-headed rock Maci depends on.

Best. Couple. Ever.

Maci Bookout: Overcome By Wedding Plans?!

“The footage that I’ve come across of how you speak with him, no man in the right mind will hang in there,” Dr. Jenn told Abraham, who cried.


Tyler assured Catelynn – in no uncertain terms – he would not leave her, despite her apparent, deep-sitting down fears that he’d achieve this.

Monday on Teen Mother OG Season 3 Episode 6, Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran’s effed up relationship was a focus once more.

Tyler Baltierra Will get Emotional Speaking About Catelynn, Breaks Lower

“Whenever you dangle that carrot and do not follow-through, it is hurtful to her,” Jenn stated, and extremely, there is no argument to make.

So cute, and thus nice that Gare Bear is satisfied nowadays.

Outlook not too good. Simon defended Farrah’s parenting, but that won’t be sufficient. Requested in conclusion later, Abraham stated:

Fortunately, the venue built them into an offer, therefore the wedding take presctiption, and the one and only her ex Ryan Edwards is going to be there with bells on!

“It’s to date where I must be, really, inside a relationship.”

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra: Over time
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