Might Face & Catelynn Lowell: Partying Despite Addiction Issues

Teen Mother: Just How Much Perform The Stars Make?!

Nowadays it’s adopted much more of a soapy docu-drama feel, however the ladies still reside in far-flung regions of the nation, generally not even close to any metropolitan cultural centers.

A couple of occasions annually, however, the whole cast of teenybopper Mother: OG descends upon New You are able to or LA to record supplemental material or attend a celebration backed by MTV.

“Happy 420 everybody,” Lowell tweeted at some point.

It’s certainly one of a couple of fuzzy photos from that night, but more telling compared to images they published on social networking would be the words:

For Portwoord, she’s addressed fans’ concerns about her consuming previously by explaining that she’s sober from prescription discomfort pills, and it has no difficulties with booze.

Guess she’s not very worried about that “mental addiction” nowadays.


“Remember NO smoking and driving! Remember park and spark!”

Three-fourths from the cast (Farrah remains around the outs using the other ladies) hit the city for a kind of mobile after-party after things rapped up, and predictably, things had a wild crazy.

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A week ago, all from the series’ leads travelled to La for any premiere party celebrating the debut of teenybopper Mother: OG

The above mentioned image from Tyler Baltierra’s Snapchat is a touch difficult to write out, however it seems to exhibit Amber’s fiance, Matt Baier, brandishing a container of booze at the back of a limousine.

Lowell lately accepted on Lowell that she’s frequented dispensaries in states where weed is legal (like California).

The show was created as a way of chronicling the varying experiences of various teenage expectant moms in various regions of america.

So it is a bit surprising the ladies were made the decision to chronicle their booze- and weed-fueled night around town for his or her social networking supporters.

Should you watch Teen Mother online, you are most likely aware that Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell have both battled with emotional and drug abuse issues within the not-so-distant past.

We guess whether it works for Amber and Catelynn, then who’re we to evaluate?

Portwood visited prison, selecting incarceration over rehab after a number of brushes using the law.

Here’s wishing each of the women stay safe.

Lowell checked into rehab for several emotional issues, and made the decision that they is affected with a “mental addiction” to marijuana.

Teen Mother and Teen Mother 2 are unique among reality shows, for the reason that the central cast people rarely spend whenever together.

Clearly, there is nothing wrong having a couple of twenty-somethings hitting the city and ingesting some substances occasionally, but fans really are a bit concerned because of the troubled pasts of two girls that got went raging that night.

Jenelle Evans: Is David Eason REALLY Her Baby’s Father?!

13 Shocking Jenelle Evans Details Even We Did not Know!

Another added:

Remarkably, the teenager Mother 2 star fittingly dubbed the Carolina Hurricane appears to possess settled lower a little for the reason that time, also it appears to be though she’s finally found the contentment that eluded her together with her first couple of baby daddies.

Yes, it appears lots of fans think that Ensley’s father is the one and only Kieffer Delp, whom lengthy-time Teen Mother 2 fans will remember among the most loser-y of Jenelle’s many loser boyfriends.

“That’s absurd,” Evans told The Dirty, adding that you have a perfectly good reason why Ensley seems to become of the more dark complexion:

However that Jenelle is denying it, we are unsure things to think.

There have been different opinions around the matter, only one name stored approaching greater than every other:

Jenelle spoke out concerning the Kieffer speculation inside a recent interview, and never surprisingly, she claims it’s all regulated BS:

“The filter made her look dark,” she told the website.

Ya know, we began served by setup the Kieffer clients are most likely nonsense.

Evans and Delp broke up way in 2012, but there has been rumors about the subject linking around the sly within the years since.

The most recent soap opera-worthy development requires the question of little Ensley’s paternity.

“She’s not David’s anybody can easily see she’s mixed,” authored another.

Watch Teen Mother 2 online to help remind yourself of precisely how loose Jenelle’s relationship with the simple truth is.

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We will not believe something that arrives of her mouth.

Jenelle is engaged to David Eason nowadays, there is however an increasing contingent of TM2 obsessives who believe Eason is not Ensley’s father, as he’s been brought to think.

Obviously, this really is still Jenelle Evans we are speaking about, meaning almost always there is some earth-shattering drama lurking closer than you think.

Jenelle published the above mentioned photo to her Instagram page a week ago, and also the comments section erupted with speculation regarding who the actual baby father may be.

“She appears like Jace and Kieffer,” one fan commented.

“Everyday she looks a lot more like Kieffer. Told him he should request a DNA test.”

It has been almost three several weeks since Jenelle Evans welcomed her third child, a woman named Enlsey Jolie.

Might Face Charged with Mistreating Matt Baier: Begin to see the Photos

To begin with, there’s are doubts concerning the authenticity from the photos.

Meanwhile, watch Teen Mother online to help remind yourself of methods profoundly messed-up Amber and Matt’s relationship is really.

Many fans have speculated that Matt faked the pics in to gain sympathy in one of his side chicks.

However, it does not appear that everything is as similar as initially thought, also it now appears that Matt might not be entirely blameless.

Since the planet found that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are engaged, Teen Mother: OG obsessives happen to be encouraging Amber to chop bait and run in the relationship before time runs out.

Naturally, fans initially reacted towards the pics with disdain for Amber.

Pointless to state, something profoundly fishy is happening here.

He began by claiming these were many years old and from the previous relationship.

Johnson also tweeted a note to Amber encouraging her to check on Baier’s phone.

Online sleuths rapidly debunked claiming everything about the the photo without anyone’s knowledge is equivalent to one which Amber published online just this past year.

On the other hand, the storyline all around the sketchy conditions all around the pics might leave frustrated TMOG viewers with the fact that Amber and Matt are generally way too all messed up to stay in rapport.


It isn’t obvious who Baier is corresponding within the messages below, but he does appear to become talking about the photos that surfaced today:

Fans see Baier like a deadbeat father as well as an opportunist, who examines Amber and sees only meals ticket along with a coattail to ride.

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Might Face Photos: Through Good Occasions &amp Bad

Regardless of the situation, it appears as if Baier is presently in the middle of a mad scramble to bury the pics.

Several fans also have noticed that the glasses Matt is putting on within the first image are the same ones he wears nowadays, and not the smaller sized frames he sported in early stages in the relationship wit Amber.

It isn’t definitive proof that he’s laying (Maybe Matt introduced the Lana Turner poster with him from the prior relationship?), however it certainly does not help Matt’s situation.

The pics were initially tweeted by Smarty Johnson, a gossip blogger and podcast host with past digging deep to unearth the reality regarding sketchy reality stars.

We’ll help you stay updated about this developing story as increasing numbers of information opens up.

This is a theory that appears to become based on Jones’ recent tweets about them:

However, new photos that seem to show physical damage backed up by Baier during a battle might turn the tide of public opinion against Amber.

“Only a regular Tuesday, taking pills and beating one another. Quit for @mattbEPT @amberlportwood #ShesAFighter @mtv #TeenMomOG,” she captioned among the photos.

Who’s Kailyn Lowry’s Baby Father? Satisfy the Contenders, Rated!

It has really been good at occasions.

Tyler Hill, also referred to as Ty Jennings, is really a classmate of Kailyn Lowry’s at Delaware Condition College, and also the same guy who caused a battle between Kailyn and Javi Marroquin when these were still married because Javi was concered about their relationship. No question he become a number one candidate once the baby father sweepstakes started to warm up.

Every single day, in corners from the Internet far and near, fans of Lowry are parsing every tweet and word she utters, while hunting for clues.

JC Cueva, a producer on Teen Mother 2 who creates Kailyn’s MTV segments, was among the first people associated with Lowry romantically after she became pregnant. That relationship, or lack thereof, continues to be shot lower by practically all parties involved, although even when it were correct that she got her pregnant, he’d have an excellent need to lie – keeping his job and all sorts of. Since the format of teenybopper Mother entails producers getting together with the cast, and frequently appearing on camera themselves, JC is the most visible of Kailyn’s (rumored) suitors … but does which make him the father?

Now we are beginning to achieve a bit. An admirer lately contacted Lowry to inquire about if some dude named “Cabrell” accounts for the boy or daughter growing in her own womb. Research signifies that Cabrell is yet another student at Delaware Condition College, exactly the same school that Lowry is slated to graduate next May. It isn’t obvious what Cabrell appears like, or maybe that’s his name or his surname, however this time, Kailyn wasted virtually no time in setting this record straight, replying the following: “no wtf.” Okay then.

To begin with, sources near to the 25-year-old reality star have identified the infant father as “a friend Kail was briefly dating,” which may appear to put him in front of other candidates, that she just had flings, in the event that (see persons #2 and #3 below). Plus there is this tweet, published by Lopez in The month of january: “To my miracle child, I’m so sorry.” Alone to love the tweet (that has since been deleted)? Lowry. She also called “Chris” holding their hypothetical baby Holden, whenever a fan recommended that just as one name, and, at another point, she known as the unborn baby “Baby Lo.” Altogether, it’s not hard to understand why he’s the consensus pick in lots of fans’ eyes.

1. Chris Lopez

Since we found that the most popular, combative Teen Mother 2 star is pregnant for that third time, we have been asking exactly the same question:

2. Tyler Hill

It’s understandable that the truth that she will not reveal this – while living a really public existence on the internet and on reality TV – has fueled speculation.

3. JC Cueva

Below, we break lower all of the men associated with Kailyn within the days since she revealed she’s expecting, rated by probability of impending fatherhood.

4. Cabrell

Who’s Kailyn Lowry’s baby father exactly?!

5. Jordan Wenner

Jordan Wenner, whom Kailyn met and dated years back, might be familiar to fans of teenybopper Mother 2, because he made an appearance frequently at the begining of seasons after Kail and Jo Rivera separate. Unsurprisingly, as he’s a man who had a genuine relationship with Lowry, even he’s been pointed out like a speculative baby father in 2017.

6. Jo Rivera

Although this will make for among the all-time scandals, and they’ve been getting along a lot better recently when compared with years past (as well as when compared with Kailyn and her ex-husband, below), it isn’t happening. Chances that Jo Rivera – the daddy of Kailyn’s first-born boy Isaac – walked on his fiancee Vee Torres, had cheating with Kailyn and also got Lowry again could be only a little more believable compared to father being …

Wait! There’s more Who’s Kailyn Lowry’s Baby Father? Satisfy the Contenders, Rated!! Simply click “Next” below:


Kailyn Lowry: Threesome With Becky Hayter Caught on Tape?

Therefore it appears that Becky shot the recording on her behalf phone feelings steamed over one night, there was some concern the offended party would publish the tape online.

Based on the original Crazy Nights and days blind item that began all of the rumors, Lowry and 2 very close buddies filmed the house movie on the smartphone.

All this has brought the teenager Mother 2 fans who place the most thought into this type of factor to summarize the tape features Kailyn getting lower together with her longtime friend Becky Hayter.

Kailyn and Becky are rumored to possess connected previously, and according to their social networking interactions, it’s reliable advice they are not only casual acquaintances who from time to time get physical.

You need to observe that the tape has yet to create a look and feel online, meaning its existence remains greatly doubtful.

Apparently, the footage features Lowry, a guy, along with a female friend getting lower with a three-way action.

“So far she’s not attempted to market it because she thinks the teenager Mother still prefers her within the Mom’s newest boyfriend,” CDAN claims.

We might never have any confirmation on any one of this, try not to worry – we’ll still over-analyze this possibly non-existent footage like it is the freakin’ Zapruder Film.

Kailyn, her then-boyfriend, along with a female friend all made the decision to obtain a little freaky one evening plus they filmed it, because celebrities never learn.

Like, “puts Farrah Abraham’s porn to shame” racy.

Because Kailyn and also the female friend are a lot more than just buddies, there is some confusion regarding the nature of the relationship within the wake of Kailyn’s breakup, and possibly throughout an argument, there is some reference to going public using the tape.

This is a confusing sentence (at that time, Lowry was not recognized as the tape’s star, and it was thus being known as “the Mother”), however it here’s our theory on exactly what it means:

Kailyn Lowry: Timeline of the Turbulent Teen Mother Existence

Shortly after that, Kailyn and also the boyfriend separate.

The other female active in the the threesome apparently threatened to produce the tape openly but made the decision to not to have an interesting reason:

(We all know that Kailyn is presently single after getting damaged track of her newest baby father, which means this most likely happened previously couple several weeks.)

That stated, in line with the descriptions we have heard, whether it’s available, it’s pretty racy.

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Earlier today, we reported around the prevalent rumors in regards to a possible Kailyn Lowry sex tape.

Kailyn Lowry Shows Baby Father Identity: He’s Super Hot!

And also you most likely realize that the identity of Kailyn’s baby father remains a mysterious.

According to what we should learn about Kailyn’s deadline, she had been pregnant in November. 

Kailyn Lowry: Timeline of the Turbulent Teen Mother Existence

The job interview was filmed in November.

Requested about her love existence, Kailyn had this to state:

Yes, the web sleuths who’ve committed themselves to sorting the facts of Lowry’s love existence think that Chris Lopez got Kailyn pregnant.

“I’m kinda seeing someone. He’s super nice, he’s super hot. He’s just like a 12 (from 10). I don’t want anybody finding him since i don’t require the women pursuing him.”

Now, most are interpreting Kailyn’s cryptic comments on last night’s Ask The Mom’s theory as further evidence that Lopez may be the guy.

For Cueva, he’s still Kailyn’s producer on Teen Mother 2, therefore it appears unlikely that they are ever involved with a genuine relationship.

We are putting Maury to shame right here!

Therefore if she’s speaking in glowing terms concerning the guy she was dating at that time, it’s probably the daddy of her child.

Watch Teen Mother 2 online to collect your personal evidence, and tell us if you discover anything compelling.

Kailyn may have experienced flings using the other two prime suspects (Tyler Hill and J.C. Cueva), but she probably never dated them.

Aaaaaand you’ve most likely also caught wind to the fact that obsessive fans from the show are fairly certain they have already become to the foot of stated mystery.

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(Unless of course some really weird drama continued around that point that people havenrrrt heard of.)

There isn’t a ton of proof there, but he is doing appear is the probably candidate, cheap Kailyn has not denied that Lopez may be the guy is further bolstering the idea the situation is solved.

By most accounts, she connected with Hill while Javi Marroquin was still being overseas using the Air Pressure.

So, according to everything, we are gonna take Kailyn’s one, vague remark as further proof that Lopez may be the baby’s father.

If you are a teenager Mother 2 fan, then you are most likely conscious that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant together with her third child.

It might not appear like a great deal was revealed there, but this is what Teen Mother 2 Twitter has unearthed:

Mackenzie McKee: Instagram Just Explained I am Pregnant!

Regrettably, her one-lady social networking soap opera has yet to mean another chance at MTV stardom.

“O goodness sakes no. This girl is spade [sic] completely.”

Mackenzie &amp Josh McKee: Teen Mother 3 &lt3 Over time

She required to Twitter to sarcastically set the record straight, writing:

“Thanks Instagram for informing me I am pregnant with baby # 4… we’re so excited!”

Obviously, she most likely breathed a sigh of relief after understanding that diagnosis came not from the physician, but from the couple of dozen nosy Instagram commenters.

Soon after the appearance of little Broncs (Yes, she named her child Broncs.), Mackenzie announced that they was closing up shop and “getting these tubes tied.”

So that you can imagine her shock when she learned yesterday that she’s pregnant together with her 4th child.

Even though her show got canceled, McKee’s existence has continued to be a continuing supply of entertainment for drama-loving fans.

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In Feb, a rumor that they was knocked up for that 4th time spread across social networking.

In August, former Teen Mother 3 star Mackenzie McKee welcomed her third child.

In The month of january, Mackenzie split from her husband after you have openly known as out for cheating.

This is not the very first pregnancy rumor that Mackenzie has faced in recent several weeks.

In Feb, video of McKee’s boy kissing a defunct dog (the household pet had lately died) produced an uproar online.

Whenever a fan requested her about this directly, McKee responded:

Mackenzie was pissed when Briana DeJesus was selected to star on Teen Mother 2 after both stars moms were interviewed through the network.

Maybe producers figured Mackenzie would not be a draw, as she’s available offering the drama free of charge every day.

Like we stated, she’s certainly found a method to keep her group of followers engaged online.

(They have since were able to work things out.)

After posting the above mentioned photo, Mackenzie was flooded with comments informing her that she’s several several weeks along and wondering if she’s selected a reputation yet.

“I’ve been in line with supporters. She deleted her social networking after i helped her get her following back. And here she’s on Teen Mother!” McKee griped on social networking.

Teen Mother 2: 19 Things You Do Not Know Concerning The Moms!

But while we have been following a lives of Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, and Jenelle Evans for quite some time now, you may still find lots of things we havenrrrt heard of them.

All moms have horror tales of fans accosting them in public places bathrooms. Do not do it, buddies. There’s poop inside.

Let us be genuine: Teen Mother 2 is among the best reality shows ever.

“My eyebrows were really like, nonexistant,” she explains, “and my tan was very orange.”

1. Chelsea Hates Her 16 and Pregnant Appearance

When requested which Teen Mother 2 kid they’d trade for their own for any day, both Chelsea and Leah stated they’d want Isaac, because he’s so sweet. Agreed!

2. Kailyn and Jenelle Was once Besties

Kailyn states that whenever the show first started, the women paired off: Chelsea and Leah were really close, and thus were she and Jenelle.

3. Jenelle Has Ties to Jenna Jameson

So why wouldn’t you take this chance to sit down back, relax, and discover all we are able to about the most popular teen moms?

4. Everyone Loves Isaac!

Jenelle once glued with famous porn star Jenna Jameson on Twitter within the awfulness of cheating partners.

5. Chelsea is Essentially Snooki 2.

It’s endless drama. It’s love, heartbreak, drugs, crime, and thus much pregnancy — what’s to not love?!

6. While in your bathroom, They would like to Remain Alone

When requested which celebrity would play Chelsea inside a movie, almost every other Teen Mother agreed that Snooki will be the apparent choice. It is the hair!

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Kailyn Lowry: Will She EVER Reveal Her Baby Daddy’s Identity?!

We are guessing someone will determine the identity of her third baby father prior to she bakes an official announcement.

Regrettably for MTV, it may be difficult to accomplish the logistics of this reveal.

There are many theories, obviously, and Kailyn’s friend Chris Lopez appears to possess become the first front-runner.

Well, there’s numerous reasons she might have made the decision to stay silent.

“This news will probably emerge sooner or later, since the cameras will most likely be moving again soon,” the insider.

It has been five days because we first learned that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant together with her third child, and through that point, one question has loomed large within the minds of teenybopper Mother 2 diehards, and also the less she reveals the greater curious they get.

Why is Kailyn so reluctant to spill the tea?

Fans anxiously need to know the identity of Kailyn’s baby father, and therefore far, Kailyn ain’t speaking.

Obviously, there’s another (and albeit, much more likely) possibility, too:

Yes, maybe Kailyn is just protective of her privacy before the cost is appropriate.

“However, she just isn’t prepared to share that information.”

It is extremely entirely possible that Kailyn continues to be offered an added bonus to make the reveal throughout an episode of teenybopper Mother.

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Her private existence may be the product which she’s selling, and because the show approaches ten years on air, the lady’s gotta be sensible and begin considering her future.

Kailyn Lowry: Timeline of the Turbulent Teen Mother Existence

The first is that Kailyn has simply grown fed up with fans who believe that they are titled to details about her personal existence.

“Kailyn might or might not reveal the data when she gets it’s about time,” states a resource, with what generally is the vaguest possible statement that anybody might make about any situation.

Kailyn likes to publish on social networking, and her every publish is scrutinized by Internet sleuths.

TM2 is really popular nowadays it’s difficult to suppose fans is ever going to weary, but at one time whenever we may have stated exactly the same about Jersey Shore.

But Kailyn still has not stated a thing around the subject, and today it’s starting to seem like she won’t.

And who could blame her?

“People are asking her daily — dying to discover the specific father and also the gender of the people,” the origin explains.

Farrah Abraham: Might Face Should Lose Child custody of Her Daughter!

And we are guessing she’ll knock this one inch the park.

“Both seem to be to not be reliable with children, obviously so.”

She did not explain the reasoning behind this inflammatory comment, as Farrah is really a student from the Jesse Trump School of claiming Some Wild Sh-t after which Offering No Explanation.

(Really, unhealthy bloodstream pre-dated that incident, but before the reunion show throwdown, it had been mainly the boys in Farrah and Amber’s lives who have been stuck inside a constant clap back loop.)

“They lie and they have to stop using me to obtain attention for his or her wedding and book.”

She added:

That one might get interesting.

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The continuing feud between Farrah Abraham and Might Face appears to become getting worse through the minute, and Farrah just dished out her most brutal burn yet.

Amber has yet to fireplace back, however, you can bet that the fact is coming.

Shots fired! (Again!)

Just hrs later, Farrah’s boyfriend, Simon Saran, slammed Amber and her fiance, Matt Baier, telling Radar Online that attending their wedding could be like seeing a “circus.”

“Gary must have full child custody of Leah,” Abraham told the website.

Within an interview with individuals magazine a week ago, Amber discussed her approaching wedding and says she planned to ask all her Teen Mother co-stars.

Moments ago, she issued another statement to Radar, this time around revealing that they believes Amber must have her daughter removed:

Farrah Abraham: A Absurd, Sometimes X-Rated Existence in GIFs

For whatever reason, Farrah required major offense only at that.

In the end, it should not be difficult to protect herself against charges of unfit parenting from the lady who regularly discusses her daughter’s future sex tape.

You might want to sign in to Twitter and obtain your popcorn out.

The meat began in October, when Farrah and Amber fought against in the Teen Mother: OG reunion show.

Within the several weeks that adopted, Farrah and Amber both kept away from any serious public jokes, also it appears Amber might have believed the entire factor was water underneath the bridge.

She was wrong.

“I want nothing related to their criminal behavior or laying evil categories of people they affiliate with.”

As it happens Farrah wasn’t quite finished ragging on Portwood and Baier (most likely because her initial comments earned her a large amount of attention of social networking).

Today, Farrah took her very own shot at Amber and Matt, telling Radar: