Kailyn Lowry: Chris Lopez Will not Perform Teen Mother 2 Due to “Other Hoes”

Pointless to state, we do not think you will be hearing a great deal about Mr. Lopez this year.

“He doesn’t want his name on the program.”

She apparently thought the connection was serious and it was stunned by his response to being pregnant.

Chris Lopez and Kailyn Lowry

When Lowry’s first baby father, Jo Rivera, asks concerning the situation with Chris, Kailyn responds:

Inside a new preview for that show’s approaching season premiere, we see Kailyn open about Lopez the very first time on camera.

And today it appears his dedication to the only existence is really he does not want MTV (and also the sizable paychecks it’s really no doubt offering) cramping his style.

“He doesn’t wish to be on the program,” Lowry states Lopez within the clip.

Kailyn Lowry: Timeline of the Turbulent Teen Mother Existence

Whenever a friend of Kailyn’s describes Lopez like a “player,” Lowry reveals that he isn’t appearing on Teen Mother 2 while he fears it could hinder his other relationships. 

Kailyn Lowry &quotBump Day&quot Photo

Eventually, we learned it had become another Delaware Condition College student named Chris Lopez who got Kailyn pregnant, however the man remains shrouded in mystery.

Actually, that’s precisely how Lopez prefers it.

Watch Teen Mother 2 online to understand more about Chris Lopez from individuals who aren’t Chris Lopez.

Lopez has apparently decided to help with the finances, but wants no part within the child’s existence.

And Kailyn wasn’t done complaining about Lopez, who apparently will have hardly any part within the existence of his child with Kailyn.

For that first several several weeks of being pregnant, Kailyn Lowry wouldn’t reveal the identity of her baby father.

Chris Lopez Picture

Clearly, Chris does not exactly seem just like a stand-up guy, however, you almost need to admire that commitment level towards the player lifestyle.

“He doesn’t want his other hoes to understand about me!”

Once the friend asks whether it’s because he’s camera shy, Kailyn clarifies:

Start Gallery

As it happens, she’s not loving his behavior as recently, and her buddies aren’t fans either.

Kailyn lowry jo rivera photo

“It’s this type of not solid situation I don’t wish to discuss any one of it on television.Inch

Sources near to the situation say Lopez left Lowry following a brief fling this past year.

Farrah Abraham SLAMS Simon Saran: He’s an obsessed person!

But he’s certainly hell-bent on getting the final word.

“Thanks 2 me you have your personal ‘Being Simon’ special. Simon wants to be TV a lot! F–king joke! Be grateful not hateful.”

We are speaking, obviously, about Farrah herself.

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran Photo

Farrah Abraham: A Absurd, Sometimes X-Rated Existence in GIFs

“Why are you currently looking to get attention, you’re pathetic &amp I’m an excellent mother, professional, friend &amp women. Go STOP using me for the money.”

Yesterday, Farrah Abraham’s smarmy ex, Simon Saran confirmed that he’s completed with Farrah and quitting the reveal that made him famous.

“What money?” Simon responded, prompting Farrah to him “jealous” and accuse him of “stalking” her dates.

Demonstrating the dearth of wit that he’s become semi-famous, Saran shot back:

It appears as if Simon’s beef with Might Face originates for an finish, however these days, he’s switched his focus on an infinitely more deserving target. 

“Get a existence – nobody wants your nasty low existence style. Your hateful, user, fame whore.”

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran on Vacation

As you can tell, this really is some very high-minded Lincoln subsequently-Douglas debate stuff.

Like a parting shot, she retweeted an admirer who authored:

However that does not mean you will not have the ability to continue enjoying his always-amusing social networking feuds.

Unlike all his other feuds, it does not seem like Simon began that one.

Start Gallery

“Free ride has ended! Stop speaking about me if you’re over me lmao,” she added.

Farrah Abraham Texts

Yes, fans of Teen Mother: OG, we regret to are convinced that the approaching Being Simon special that’s in some way a factor may be the last you will see of Mr. Saran on the watch’s screen.

Watch Teen Mother: OG online for additional of Farrah and Simon’s totes healthy relationship.

“@F1abraham you and also simon were in danger when his tits got bigger then yours.”

Yes, since his time on the program has arrived at it’s conclusion, Simon is squaring off from the Teen Mother finish boss.

“FYI Simon isn’t within my existence and extremely is hurt I’ve managed to move on,” Farrah tweeted, possibly as a result of yesterday’s interviews.

She added:

Farrah abraham is so real

Farrah offered the above mentioned screen shot as proof that Simon continues to be texting her:

“Worst free ride ever!”

As online comebacks go, it comes down to something like a schoolyard “I understand you’re, what shall we be held?Inch however it was enough to obtain Farrah’s goat.

“Simon you wanna lie this really is you simply texting me,” she captioned the look.

Ensure that it stays classy, the two of you!

Teen Mother OG Reunion Recap: A Fiery Showdown

The producers will not have let Ryan within the vehicle. … They discovered only afterwards, much like average folks.”

Dr. Came was genuinely shocked through the footage of Ryan dropping off to sleep while driving. 

Dr. Came then requested the 2 women to create things right because, well, it isn’t a food situation for either party to stay in. Whether or not they can achieve this, we do not know. 

Maci Bookout on MTV

“Where’s $60,000 dollars? Where’s $30,000? … Where’s 90 grand?”

“It’s relaxing in my backpack.”

Seem off below!

“You had been aware of his problems since November. … He might have died, but still, you stated nothing.” She then accused Maci of “exploiting Ryan and the addiction on the program.”

As a direct consequence of the chilling, confusing and dramatic season finale, yesterday marked the very first part of MTV’s Teen Mother: OG reunion.

Maci Bookout Cries

Once season concludes, the great four sit lower with Dr. Came, and frequently their significant others, to rehash the occasions of latest several weeks.

Maci was quick to indicate that Bentley felt “concerned” and “confused” about Ryan’s addiction and just what it might mean for future years. 

Teen Mother Couples: Rated From Worst to First!

The producers love drama, and when Maci helps take it, it’ll make sense that they would exploit Ryan’s dependence on keep her storyline fresh. 

Things appeared like these were ending on the more happy note, with Amber saying “That’s the person I fell deeply in love with.”

While Matt denied all of the allegations, Amber responded, “

Mackenzie Standifer Wedding Pic

You realize the routine: 

Matt made the decision to worsen, saying:

“We have were built with a rough handful of [expletive] years. I’ve! And I have was with you! … You’ve gotta change.”

Amber Portwood Reacts

What have you consider part one from the reunion?

Dr. Came then known as up Matt to discover more on the financial entanglements on their behalf. Should you watch Teen Mother OG online, you’ll recall that Amber accused her man of stealing money from her. 

Start Gallery

Mackenzie noticed that things were searching great for Ryan’s recovery, and subsequently read out instructions she’d written to Maci. 

Mackenzie ended up being introduced on stage to get it by helping cover their Maci for everything she’d been saying about Ryan’s addiction and treatment. 

Baier and Portwood

“When someone nodding off within the vehicle like this, I believe opiates,” he stated to Maci. As though it wasn’t bad enough the producers demonstrated Ryan within this condition, Dr. Came hopped for their defense. 

When Maci’s turn was up, Amber required to the level to spread out up about her Matt Baier woes. Once the episode was filmed, these were living within the same house, however their relationship is at doubt. 

Something informs us they might have shut it lower faster. It had been downright bizarre, however it did prove Maci’s accusations. 

Once the episode got going ahead, Dr. Came known as Maci to the level to go over Ryan Edwards appearing they are driving while drunk. 

Courtland and jenelle

From time to time, there’s an exciting-out melee. More generally, the barbs exchanged are just verbal, though that may be explosive enough.

However Matt stated they’d a tough couple of several weeks, and Amber went pork.

Briana DeJesus Gives Birth to Baby #2!!!

Through the finish from the latest preview for Teen Mother 2, Briana is viewed breaking lower in tears, explaining that “[Luis] been having an affair this complete time, and so i don’t understand what I’m gonna do.”


Briana DeJesus Photograph

“Looks like Nova won’t be an only child any longer. Super excited for This summer,” DeJesus captioned photos on her behalf Story when she chose to make this announcement.

Will Luis lead to his child’s existence?

Nova’s father is DeJesus’ ex-boyfriend, some dude named Devoin Austin.

An insider informs MTV that mother and baby are generally “healthy” which Nova, the 5-years old daughter with whom Briana gave birth during her stint on 16 &amp Pregnant, is “excited to become a big sister.”

it's stella

DeJesus made headlines in 2016 when she went through a self-described “mommy makeover,” receiving butt implants, breast enlargements along with a labiaplasty.

She was created before 2 p.m. today, coming in at time six pounds, 11 ounces and calculating 19.5 inches long.

As fans from the franchise will also be knowledgeable, Kailyn Lowry is a result of give birth to her third child nearly every day now… and 16 and Pregnant’s Ashley Salazar also welcomed her second child in The month of january.

DeJesus confirmed the presence of daughter number-two with an adorable Instagram photo that featured these key figures, together with little Stella’s first footprints.

The Teenager 3 alum, who’s set to go back to the MTV franchise this summer time on Teen Mother 2, has welcomed her second child in to the world.

“Exactly what a blessing,” Briana authored like a caption towards the image.

And she or he has company within the new mother/Teen Mother world, as Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans both welcomed babies the 2009 (a boy along with a girl, correspondingly).

Briana DeJesus Baby Shower

At some point, she even published a 3D sonogram from the impending child, penning like a caption towards the awesome image:

Based on MTV News, which broke this exciting story, DeJesus has become mom to some young girl named Stella.

Briana DeJesus: See Her First Footage from Teen Mother 2!

That’s lots of unprotected sex!

Seem below and send your very best desires to the brand new parent now!

Congratulations have been in order for Briana DeJesus.

DeJesus shared being pregnant using the world on The month of january, keeping fans apprised of being pregnant progress because the days and several weeks travelled by.

Around the paternity side:

Discover for yourself:

She sounds virtually ideal for the drama set to ensue on Teen Mother 2, does not she?

Teen Mother 2: 19 Things You Do Not Know Concerning The Moms!

On Briana’s 23rd birthday recently, her buddies and family people located an infant shower for Briana, who’d already alerted her family members the baby could be named Stella.

Her second daughter, meanwhile, is caused by relationship she’d with a brand new boyfriend, a man named Luis, also it was “the last factor which i likely to happen,” she told People Magazine this spring.

Are you currently happy for DeJesus? Or would you just have a pity party for little Stella?

Chelsea hates her 16 and pregnant appearance

Teen Mother 2 returns on This summer 17 with new episodes, a few of which will concentrate on Briana’s pregnancy journey.

Start Gallery

“My lil Dominican bae is 6lbs, healthy &amp hairy (lol) couple of more days well really she will come every day now.”

It does not seem this way.

Briana DeJesus: See Her First Footage from Teen Mother 2!

Which new sneak look of her footage in the show is not doing much to convince us otherwise.

We have had a lot time to get at be aware of women, to throw a family member stranger inside does not seem great.

Kailyn, Chelsea and Jenelle Pic

She’s 5 years old now.

Teen Mother 2 will return for any completely new season!

It’s exciting for several reasons, the first because existence just is not exactly the same without some weekly Teen Mother drama.

We’ll observe how it is going — there is no chance we are missing the show, so we’ll see her in either case — but she’s gonna need to fare better than this.

Briana states that despite the fact that she’s nervous to obtain “during the spotlight,” she’s excited to exhibit people how she has been doing since Teen Mother 3 ended.

Within the clip, Briana talks having a couple of MTV producers about the choice to bring her to the franchise in the end this time around — as she highlights, the final time she filmed was when her daughter was a baby.

Briana DeJesus Baby Shower

She’s also excited to create something totally new to fans from the show.

In a couple of short days, something amazing may happen for trashy reality show enthusiasts everywhere …

Plus there is even the completely new excitement of the fifth cast member!

She’s also not very friendly using the father of her daughter, Nova, and there is additionally that whole factor where her whole family is a touch bit insane.

But Briana has a lot drama to create towards the show — she’s pregnant together with her second child at this time, and also the baby’s father has apparently been cheating on her behalf throughout being pregnant.

Briana DeJesus Photograph

Briana DeJesus from Teen Mother 3 is joining the cast this year, that is … interesting.

Watch Briana doing her Teen Mother 2 factor within the video below:

Many people were not too happy to hear this news that she’d be included to the show, and even for good reason.

Teen Mother 2 continues to be about Jenelle, Chelsea, Kailyn and Leah because of its whole, to cause a brand new girl from nowhere feels weird.

Still, despite the fact that Briana offers to bring the thunder, we have still got doubts.

And we’ll see Kailyn Lowry break this news to individuals round her that she’s pregnant together with her third child, though most likely we will not begin to see the baby’s father, Chris Lopez.

We are also pretty pumped to determine both Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska give birth for their babies — they’ll both be pregnant for that season premiere.

Ryan Edwards Drug Abuse Shocker: Was He Caught Shooting Up?

Should you watch Teen Mother: OG online, then right now you are likely acquainted with the continuing drama surrounding Ryan Edwards’ drug abuse issues.

On social networking, there is an outrageous uproar from fans over the choice to let Edwards drive drunk.

Ryan Edwards Image

Fortunately, Edwards conpleted strategy to his addictions earlier this year.

Now, bald eagle-eyed viewers have observed that further reason to be concerned was taken on camera within the questionable episode.

Start Gallery

Throughout the questionable scene within the vehicle, Standifer accuses Edwards of taking Xanax before his marriage ceremony, however it appears as if even individuals whom he’s nearest to didn’t realize the seriousness of Ryan’s drug problem.

He am high he frequently nodded her head off driving, and Standifer turned off the dash camera, in order to prevent viewers from seeing precisely how inebriated Edwards actually was.

Mackenzie Standifer, Ryan Edwards

In a number of screen grabs in the finale it seems as if Edwards might have lately used intravenous drugs.

(Both Standifer and MTV took considerable flak for that scene.)

“Which is really a tell-tale manifestation of chronic intravenous drug abuse.”

We’ll have further updates about this story as increasing numbers of information opens up.

“Based on Edwards’ history with addiction issues on the program, the pictures are in line with track marks,” states Dr. Grover.

Ryan Edwards Track Mark Photos

Many fans take that being an indication that Ryan has yet to deal with all his demons.

Dr. Pawan Grover, a dependancy specialist that has not treated Edwards informs Radar Online that footage in the show appears to point that Ryan have been injecting some kind of substance, probably from the opioid variety.

Edwards checked into rehab recently, although not before creating probably the most appalling scenes within the franchise’s history because of his addictions.

Much more surprising compared to sullen nature from the occasion, obviously, was the way Edwards and Mackenzie showed up in the chapel.

Maci Bookout Photos: Over time

Regrettably, he continued to be in in-patient take care of a scant four days and announced his release having a brutal social networking attack on his son’s mother, Maci Bookout.

Maci bookout and bentley

The newest TM:OG season finale offered viewers a glimpse at Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer’s wedding – a harsh, rushed affair which was attended only by Edwards’ parents.

A visibly intoxicated Ryan drove themself and the fiancee towards the church.

Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer: Sad Wedding Details Revealed

“The most significant people aren’t here,” she protested through tears at some point.

Start Gallery

The marriage was attended only by Ryan’s parents, Jen and Ray.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Pic

On the top of this, Edwards immediately started taking shots at Maci Bookout after departing treatment.

Heartbreaking stuff.

Ryan attempted to place his mother’s mind comfortable, but he appeared pretty upset through the situation themself:

Yes, it appears when Edwards checked into rehab, his boy did not know he’d a brand new stepmom.

Yes, Ryan’s beloved boy, Bentley, wasn’t on hands for that occasion.

No encouraging sign for somebody who’s said to be departing yesteryear and it is associated negative feelings behind him.

Ryan Edwards Proposes

Also it appears this simply broke Ryan’s mother’s heart.

Fans have pointed to a number of troubling signs that could indicate Edwards continues to be battling:

Clearly, we are wishing to find the best for Ryan, there is however no denying the causes for concern are legitimate.

Measuring only four days.

“As lengthy once we love one another.”

Soon after saying “I actually do,Inch Edwards checked into rehab to become treated for drug abuse issues so severe they apparently threatened his existence.

Ryan Edwards, Mackenzie Standifer

Talking with his father, Ryan appeared considerable less positive.

Fortunately, nowadays, Edwards has run out of rehab and seems to become n the upswing. We believe …

Ryan and Mackenzie’s wedding is going to be featured about this week’s Teen Mother: OG, and it appears the quickie wedding was not a wondrous occasion.

For just one factor, he wasn’t in rehab for very lengthy.

“How are you currently gonna tell Bentley?” Ray requested at some point.

Treatment programs generally suggest that because the bare minimum for in-patient care.

Ryan Edwards on the Teen Mom Reunion

Recently, Ryan Edwards married Mackenzie Standifer, but there wasn’t enough time for any honeymoon.

“Mom, it don’t matter if there’s 100 people or more people here,” Edwards was adamant to his mother.

And today it appears as if that wasn’t the only real dark cloud hanging within the ceremony.

Watch Teen Mother online to get up to date prior to what’s sure to become a drama-packed season finale.

So far as we are able to tell, he checked soon after his wedding, and that he left on June 19.

Maci bookout and bentley

Maci Bookout Photos: Over time

“I don’t think we’re likely to, Father,” Ryan responded.

Adam Lind Boasts About Hard Drug Abuse on Social Networking

Adam Lind: 9 Occasions He Demonstrated He’s The Earth’s Worst Baby Father

“Bon fire my place I acquired little girl so gunna be nice chill night close buddies and cold beer.”

Acquired by Radar Online, the posts appear to escalate when it comes to absurdity, starting with a comparatively innocent photo of the bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

Adam Lind's Car Selfie

Each time another baby daddies and boyfriends from the Teen Mother franchise begin to think they are the worst people in the world, they most likely just cue up a Lind-heavy episode of TM2 and breathe a sigh of relief.

After that, things escalated rapidly:

Yesteryear week has witnessed off-the-charts amounts of awfulness from Lind, even by their own incredibly high standards.

Shortly after that, Lind was charged with using steroids and murdering young puppies, because he’s truly arrived at cartoonish amounts of supervillainy.

Ah, Adam Lind.

Adam Lind Shows Off His Tattoos

First we found that Lind was lately at the top of meth while taking care of his youngest daughter.

“We is going to be for too drunk a few days ago for those that noise,” he commented on Facebook.

Watch Teen Mother 2 online to help remind yourself of precisely how lengthy Lind’s good reputation for terrible behavior is.

He added:

To paint a precise picture from the World’s Worst Father, she’s compiled a lot of Lind’s most absurd social networking posts, many of which relate to his passion of heavy consuming and difficult drugs.

Yes, Lind freely announced intends to get drunk while taking care of his daughter on social networking.

Adam Lind Steroids Photo

Start Gallery

And when you thought he’d hold on there, you do not know Adam:

“My vision gets weak from old age… and that i got the shakes from withdrawals all hard drugs I do… so sorry.”

Halbur also provided a legal court having a meme that Lind published concerning the joys of utilizing cocaine.

“Late nights and consuming at a shop,Inch Lind captioned the look.

Unsurprisingly, Lind is near losing child custody of each of his kids because of his rampant douchebaggery, and the second baby mama, Taylor Halbur, is essentially going nuclear in her own effort to make certain the judge sees things her way.

Adam lind tattoos

Yeah, we are no legal experts, but we believe we know how dude’s next child custody hearing is gonna engage in.

“Well by the quantity of dope I actually do I’ll be up for several days,” Lind authored within an apparent answer a mystery comment.

Chelsea Houska: Tossing Shade at Adam Lind on Instagram?!

Whatever ends up happening, Houska is beyond the purpose of pretending she’s any respect or lingering affection for Lind.

Start Gallery

Adam Lind Muscles

It’s really a harmful factor to consult a meth user’s child as the own.

Watch Teen Mother 2 online to help remind yourself of precisely how big a D-bag Lind truly is.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer: 19 Occasions They Gave Us #RelationshipGoals

Despite some stiff competition, Lind reigns supreme because the worst baby father within the Teen Mother franchise.

Earlier today, we reported that Adam Lind lately tested potitive for methamphetamines, an improvement that may cost him future child custody and visitation rights legal rights.

Cole DeBoer Father's Day Photo

“I hope Aubree finds a guy like you…and I really hope our boy happens to be Exactly like you.”

Houska married Cole DeBoer back in October, despite the fact that he isn’t Aubree’s biological father, the whole family makes it quite obvious they consider Cole to become Aubree’s “real” father.

Cole published a Father’s Day photo of their own, along with a caption that we are guessing Lind wasn’t thrilled with.

But clearly DeBoer is unconcerned.

The timing from the publish is shady enough, but it is Chelsea’s caption that actually drives the content home:

Combined with the above photo of his homemade presents, DeBoer authored:

Cole DeBoer Father's Day Gifts

Now, the truth that he’s been caught using could offer both moms the opportunity to remove Lind using their lives entirely, or at best ensure their daughters’ safety by securing supervised visitations.

Within the photo above, Cole posed with Aubree and the boy, Watson Cole De Boer.

He’s been a thorn within the side of both Houska and Taylor Halbur since they provided their particular decisions to obtain romantically associated with him regardless of the douche vibes he emits whatsoever occasions.

Basically we doubt that either of his baby mamas are extremely pleased by the concept that the youngster have been getting together with a tough drug user, Chelsea Houska may be inclined to determine a silver lining at nighttime cloud of Lind’s drug abuse.

Chelsea and Cole both reinforced that message with separate Instagram posts on Father’s Day.

When they showed off their patriotic side

“I’m a spoiled father. How much of an amazing Father’s Day surprise using these superbly crafted gifts from my outstanding wife @chelseahouska and my beautiful kiddos #Aubree/Watson I’m very fortunate and incredibly happy.”

And today she’s come to broadcasting her distaste on her baby father on social networking.

Maci Bookout Reveals Tragic New Information on Ryan Edwards’ Drug Abuse

Rumors happen to be circulating for several weeks since Ryan was using — there are not many other explanations for his bugged-out eyes and spacy behavior — but Maci Bookout lately confirmed things with an episode of teenybopper Mother OG.

“I am wishing it does not reach that time,Inch she states, “but that might be the ultimatum.”

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Photo

“I am not necessarily sure exactly just what he’s using,” she admits, “but may he’ll go to sleep while you are trying to possess a conversation with him.”

Each time we hear something totally new about Ryan Edwards and the recently revealed drug abuse, things just get even worse.

But, she acknowledges, “Another facet of this too is if I am restricting use of him, then I am also going to need to do this together with his parents, because they are virtually the only caregivers in our boy when he’s together with his father.”

The counselor states it seems like Ryan’s parents enable his inappropriate behavior, and Maci readily concurs.

Maci informs the counselor that they has not talked to Ryan directly about things, however that she does would like to get him help.

Ryan Edwards Pic

Also, he states it seems like she gets a constant fight in front of her, and again, everybody concurs.

Guess that’s among the disadvantages in being high constantly, huh?

Possibly we’ll receive another update after Monday night’s episode, because Maci gets real concerning the matter once more.

Inside a new sneak look for that approaching episode, Maci calls a therapist to obtain some tips about how to cope with Ryan.

Poor Maci …

Ryan on Teen Mom OG

Start Gallery

And thus does everybody who’s ever viewed a chapter of teenybopper Mother.

The counselor then asks her if she’d be prepared to issue some kind of ultimatum to him — the suggestion he makes is law suit concerning the child custody of the boy, Bentley.

She cried, stating that she’s alone in Ryan’s existence so what about getting him clean — his parents and the then-fiancee, Mackenzie Standifer, were not pushing him to obtain help.

Maci Bookout, Ryan Edwards and Bentley

Teen Mother &amp Teen Mother 2: The Entire Babies and kids Guide!

Maci’s always attempted to push Ryan to become a more active father to Bentley, therefore if she’s prepared to follow this path, it’s obvious that they believes situations are very, horrible.

Soon after the episode aired, Ryan did look at rehab, and so far as we all know, he’s there.

Within the episode, Maci broke lower to Might Face and Catelynn Lowell during visit to Puerto Rico.

She also states that other occasions he’s “very wide-eyed, and that he does not look right.”

Farrah abraham and sophia in makeup

Therefore we still have no idea precisely what Ryan’s in rehab for now, though his ex-girlfriend, Dalis Connell, claimed he visited rehab this year for mistreating prescription discomfort killers.

She also expressed anxiety that Ryan would die from his drug abuse, which means you know everything is dire.