Huawei P8 Lite Android Marshmallow Update Rolling Out Now, Starting In Europe – Tech Times


In the United States, the P8 Lite barely got Lollipop back in October 2015, upgrading its software from the good old KitKat Android flavor. We have no details yet on a Marshmallow rollout stateside, but P8 Lite owners in Europe are in for some good news.

The update weighs in at 1.5 GB and will boost the software to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. As expected, the package will first roll out to the unlocked versions of the handset. The carrier variants have to go through testing and receive approval for the firmware before the update is ready to roll out.

Unlike the more premium P8 and P8 Max, which sport aluminum builds, the P8 Lite is wrapped in a more affordable plastic body.

Microsoft Declined To Possess A Black Lady On Fable 3’s Box – MegaGames

VIA: EuroGamer.

“I had been screaming their way in conference calls. I dropped it at that time, simply because they just were not obtaining the game. Especially because i was the very first ever game which had gay marriage, i was about breaking lower walls. It had been intended to be funny and mature. They simply required none from it and merely did the typical white-colored guy having a sword around the front. Damn it! You skipped the purpose!Inch

EuroGamer has come up with the in-depth good reputation for Lionhead, revealing how Microsoft accepted the studio and gave the initial Fable the hug of existence before it abruptly cancelled Fable: Stories and shutdown the studio permanently.

“They stated, what is the most not successful Disney film? I had been like, I’m not sure. They went, Princess and also the Frog. Settle your differences. I had been like fuck you, man. I hated it.

Lionhead was near personal bankruptcy in the year 2006 when Microsoft taken in and purchased it, chiefly in order to save Fable. And save Fable, they did. It required Lionhead staff some effort to deal with Microsoft’s processes and it is HR limitations on racial slurs and toilet humor pranks, however in the finish all of them agreed the work organization and also the extra sources were vital for Fable 2’s success.

6 key take-aways from Eurogamer’s Lionhead Galleries story – gearburn

“They were going, you cannot possess a black person around the cover, and also you can’t possess a lady. And you’ll need a black lady. And That I was like, yes, I actually do, because sturdy be whatever hero you would like. No. It’s a white-colored guy. That’s just the actual way it is. We all know what sells and that’s fucking it. Steer clear of the quarrelling. I had been like, fuck you! Which was an enormous fight,” McCormack venting.

The Eurogamer article delves into much more detail, including Lionhead’s closure, the infamous acorn comment, the intriguing Milo and Kate demo, the Fable 4 pitch plus much more. 

Eurogamer has printed essential-read feature around the studio now, covering from the studio’s name, towards the Microsoft takeover and also the cancelled Fable Stories game.

The problem of Fable 3’s box-art was another contentious one.

British driving licences could be included to Apple Wallet, turning driver’s iPhone into an ID – Belfast Telegraph

Oliver Morley, the Chief executive officer from the British driving authority, has teased on Twitter a “prototype” of the feature that will let people store their licence within their phone.

The organization has always presented the application as a means of eliminating people’s traditional purses, and contains be helpful using the rollout of Apple Pay, and therefore iPhones may be used rather than a repayment card. However, if the feature proven off in Mr Morley’s tweet holds true then your agency could eliminate the final reason why many people maintain their wallet around.

However the pass could as fast link to some database or any other feature that will verify any press which was presented. Already many venues connect with a database of IDs that permit them to check whether an individual ought to be let in – and also the driving licence tool could presumably operate on an identical service.

The feature isn’t yet launched and it was teased as “something we’re working on”. But when launched it might represent a significant change in the manner that driving licences are utilized and released.

Disaster Ships Worldwide – Gamers Hell


Disaster Ships Worldwide
Gamers Hell
Bethesda Softworks has introduced that Disaster, the most recent game produced by id Software, has gone out now worldwide for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Reasonably limited collector&#39s edition of Disaster can also be available around the world through taking part retailers. The limited&nbsp…
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Ad obstructing ‘will cost marketers £19 billion by 2020’ – IT PRO

Ad obstructing software is another concern for independent application designers, because the report highlights.

Mike Barker, author from the research, stated: “Adoption has been driven by consumer concerns over mobile data usage and privacy. They’re also incentivised to consider we’ve got the technology to be able to reduce page load occasions.”

Ad obstructing software programs are set to cost digital marketers almost £19 billion by 2020, a brand new report from Juniper Research unveils, with global adblock customers rising 41 percent every year.

Most people who block advertisements achieve this on desktop or laptop Computers, but experience smartphones and products can also be rising. Causes of this include ever-more intrusive and irrelevant adverts, in addition to slow load occasions for ad-heavy webpages. By using an advertisement-blocker, customers will also be less inclined to get their data distributed to organizations.

First Drive: 2016 Alfa Romeo – Liverpool Echo

CO2/tax band: 198g/km, 36%

Engine: V6, 2891cc, twin-turbo, gas

The Giulia Quadrifoglio is really a sports saloon within the old Alfa spirit, which is probably the most potent example. Just view it. It’s smaller sized and lighter than a number of its Germanic rivals and also the line is delightfully curvaceous instead of angular. There is a limited quantity of aggression from individuals quad pipes through the rear diffuser, and also the overall effect is of Italian style, with confidence shipped.

OK, I am Completed With Battleborn – TheSixthAxis


Gear box has really done a great job in transfusing the MOBA genre using its own distinct make of shooter. Although chaotic at occasions, there’s a particular approach to its madness. However, despite having the ability to understand the game’s merits, it’s sadly not for me personally. Apart from feeling a little ropey in places and missing polish, there’s this MOBA-formed barrier preventing me from taking pleasure in Battleborn to the full potential. To feel by any means accomplished in the game, there’s way too much homework involved. Turn your attention away for too lengthy and you’ll end up at the outset of the training curve once more.

On approach I felt uncharacteristically annoyed, the game’s co-op experience getting left this type of bad style of my mouth. A minimum of I type of understood things i was stepping into with PvP. Largely affected through the MOBA genre, this really is perhaps Battleborn’s most powerful resource. However, should you believed that it was yet another online shooter, I pity you.

A few hrs into Battleborn and that i really was, really battling. Touted because the next breakout hit from Borderlands developer, Gear box Interactive, the pre-release marketting colored it as one of 2016’s greatest shooters. However, there’ was, drowning within barrage of bullets and getting among the least enjoyable gaming encounters of the season to date. However I didn’t wish to write it off beyond control. I’ve ongoing to persevere and during the last couple of days my primary loathing for Battleborn started to erode.

Another misstep may be the means by which Gear box has locked nearly all its Battleborn behind level caps and potentially grindy objectives. There’s always two methods to unlock them, with a great number of them associated with finishing story missions. However, I’ve been thinking of getting in the shotgun-carrying badass that’s Ghalt and discover myself facing days of grinding hitting rank 40 or getting to accomplish all the tiresome co-op missions on Advanced having a silver rating. Rubbish!