Malia Obama: Mocking Pot Debate in Latest Photos?!

Politics aside, when it comes to presidential coolness, Obama’s in the very best five alongside Teddy Roosevelt (the man were built with a pet bear), Franklin Pierce (unappreciated BAMF), and George W. Plant.

Malia Obama Pot Smoking Video

Some have attempted to show this into “a factor” by tossing it to the times when her father would be a smoker, declaring the Obamas are members of some “making smoking awesome again” conspiracy.

Some stated Malia was using tobacco, not really a joint.

Look, everyone knows that simply because something from time to time looks awesome, that does not always mean that it’s.

Anyway, there are numerous individuals who’re super pissed off about Malia taking pleasure in her gap year between senior high school and Harvard, but they are not quite sure why they are so outraged.

Recently, photos and video surfaced online that made an appearance to exhibit Malia Obama smoking pot at the Lollapalooza music festival.

Also, within the interest of covering our asses legally, we ought to help remind you that people say point about this in jest, which is not really awesome to obtain a Drunk driving in Texas within the ’70s.

Barack Obama Smoking Photo

Others noticed that so far as her health is worried, the thought that she’s totally hooked on Marbs like her father was once could be much more troubling than the thought of her puffing the periodic doobie.

Jumping over ten flaming school buses on the motorcycle looks awesome, but it is still something you should not even contemplate doing in tangible existence.

For individuals pics of President Barack Obama gunnin’ cigs in the Chicago badass days, well, so what, right?

Does which means that smoking is awesome? Hell no.

The pics show Malia wearing what seems to become a homemade shirt that reads, “Smoking kills.”

Having said that, we are sure Obama has impressed upon his kids that taking on smoking in 2016, with everything else now that we know about its many harmful effects on a person’s health is among the least awesome things it’s possible to do.

If you get hold of a period traveling Delorean and a situation of Billy Beer and things go wrong, don’t go pointing the finger at us.

(We all know. However the guy had a Drunk driving in Texas within the ’70s. Very difficult task.)

Malia and sasha obama
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For reasons that remain unclear, the thought of an 18-year-old recent senior high school grad getting stoned sparked (no pun intended) some intense debates on social networking.

(We love to to throw around slang sometimes to demonstrate how “lower” we’re using the kids. Do kids still say “lower”?)

It’s unclear if the was meant like a joke or perhaps an make an effort to provide a great example on her youthful fans within the wake of her recent small-scandal, but it is certainly a mind-itching fashion statement.

Will the youthful future prez look awesome. Kinda.

Clearly, that’s idiotic, but new photos of Malia have some itching their heads whether the 18-year-old is delivering a truthful message, or going for a sarcastic jab at her haters.

Malia Obama Pot Debate: Was She Smoking Another Thing?!

It’s awesome that you are going for a gap year, but grow it with THC, not growths!

The totes united nations-chill narc who blew Malia was an 18-year-old fellow festival-goer with the George R.R. Martin-esque name of Jerrdin Selwyn.

Malia Obama Pot Smoking Video

These were frequently available on conservative websites that searched for to tarnish Obama’s image, but in some way, they merely made the best commander-in-chief since Franklin Pierce (Trust us, which was a lower-ass dude.) look even cooler.

This complete molehill situation required a fascinating twist today when folks who spent way a lot of time analyzing the footage stated it made an appearance that Malia is really smoking plain, store-bought tobacco.

“I saw exactly the same guy relaxing in a seat with Malia crouched lower before him close to the fencing area,” she revealed.

Whether it would be a regular old Marlboro (“Harmless tobacco,” within the words of Mr. Burns), then Malia is not the very first Obama to build up an idea for that cancer sticks.

So stay with weed, Malia!

Her father smoked for quite some time and numerous photos from the Prez taking pleasure in a cigarette (most of them photoshopped) surfaced throughout his early years within the White-colored House.

Well, well, well. Someone get Trey Gowdy and Ken Starr on the telephone, because we have had a scandal on the hands that may make Watergate seem like Teapot Dome.

Malia Obama Image

Since you may often hear, Malia Obama was caught smoking pot in the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago recently.

The incident makes news, because apparently teenagers getting high in a concert may be the type of factor we ought to all be worried about in the middle of probably the most crazy election year ever.

Selwyn further blew up Malia’s place (You are totally gonna be the RA’s bestie attending college, Jerrdin.) by revealing that her toke buddy may have been a dude she’s dating around the sly.

“I walked past them going out and that i heard Malia question, “Do you need to go smoke?’

“She was literally merely a couple of ft from me … and she or he was alone who’d any kind of pipe or cigarette that I saw.”

To explain: smoking is not awesome Obama just looked awesome while doing the work.

(Did we effectively convince you that people compensated attention ever class? We did not think so.)

“All during this period, the key Service was without anyone’s knowledge, I’m unsure whether they saw her have a hit on the joint,” 

Barack Obama Smoking Photo

As you can tell, video proof of the toke heard ’round the earth has emerged, and it is already accumulating crazy sights online.

Selwyn gave her full account from the incident to Radar Online, like she observed the freakin’ Kennedy murder or something like that:

“I didn’t hear his response but she got up following a couple of seconds plus they walked off together.”

“I saw some youthful guy hands her a cigarette she required a minumum of one hit onto it. She’d it in her own hands for around about a minute then gave it to him,” Selwyn told the website.

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Jesse Trump Might Have Just Known as For Hillary Clinton Murder

Now, Team Trump is once more scrambling to warrant a surprising off-the-cuff remark about Clinton, which time it’s being broadly construed like a veiled, violent threat.

“Although, the 2nd Amendment people, maybe there’s, I’m not sure.”

On disparaging marks made in the past about women

“It’s known as the strength of unification—2nd Amendment individuals have amazing spirit and therefore are greatly unified, which provides them great political power,” Trump senior aide Jason Burns stated inside a statement sent soon after the rally.

Clinton now leads Trump with a double-digit margin both across the country as well as in key battleground states.

For apparent reasons, many took the comment as Trump’s suggestion that gun proprietors should use pressure – and guns, if required – to avoid Clinton from taking office.

“If she will get to choose her idol judges – nothing that you can do, folks,” Trump told his crowd.

Many think that real estate mogul’s “jokes” have veered into criminal territory in recent days, for example when Trump recommended he hopes Vladimir Putin could hack into Hillary Clinton’s email server.

As you are most likely aware from getting been alive within the last 14 several weeks, Trump’s presidential campaign continues to be plagued from the beginning by gaffes and fallout in the candidate’s frequently bizarre attempts at humor.

Jesse Trump RNC Speech: What Did He Say?

Hes humbled

Right-leaning media outlets have tried to draw attention away from from Trump’s hellish week by raising (so far unproven) concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health, however it does not look as if they have been effective.

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“And this season, they’ll be voting in record figures, also it won’t be for Hillary Clinton, it will likely be for Jesse Trump.”

Not remarkably, the Trump campaign rapidly released an announcement explaining the remark have been misinterpreted through the media:

You will find jokes, after which there is the items that arrives of Jesse Trump’s mouth.

Some happen to be fairly minor (the 70-year-old former reality star started an infant from an offer rally and recognized a Crimson Heart medal provided to him with a wounded war veteran), the outcome on Trump’s recognition continues to be considerable.

After declaring that Clinton seeks to “abolish” the 2nd Amendment (The previous secretary of condition has frequently was adamant that they doesn’t have intention of doing this.), Trump continued to point out that his anti-gun control supporters may have the ability to intentionally “stop” Clinton:

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19 Things Jesse Trump Has Really Stated While Running for President

This latest debate occurs the heels of the week which has been rife with PR debacles for Trump.

Jesse Trump Accepts Crimson Heart, Draws Stunned Outrage

“You had the time. You steered clear of. You dodged the draft ― and you want an ‘easy’ Crimson Heart in your wallet?

Is that this the cheapest he’s sunk yet?

“As somebody that fought against for the country in Iraq, was hurt, and it was granted a Crimson Heart, I will tell you, nobody should ever ‘want’ to obtain a Crimson Heart.”

Donald Trump, Purple Heart

after which proceed to behave a lot more callous it made the entire baby-booting factor appear completely benevolent.

Watch Trump discuss the Crimson Heart within the video below after which decide:

Addressing the Presidential candidate, Khan condemned him the following:

Need we bother explaining why this comment has attracted such ire?

Jesse Trump accomplished something spectacular in Virginia now.

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Sean Barney, a Democrat running for Congress in Delaware who had been shot within the neck with a sniper during patrol using the Marine Corps in Fallujah.

Donald Trump and a Veteran

Khizr Khan, the daddy recently Army Captain Humayun S.M. Khan, also belittled Trump throughout an interview on CNN.

The Republican nominee for President handled to kick an infant from a rally…

He basically did all he could to get away from fighting.

Trump received four draft deferments for school and something for “bone spur in the heels” throughout the Vietnam War, The Brand has reported.

“Today, a Jesse Trump supporter handed him a Crimson Heart. Trump’s flippant and repugnant reply: ‘I always aspired to obtain the Crimson Heart. It was much simpler,’” Barney authored inside a publish on Facebook.

“I stated to him, ‘Is that they like the actual one or perhaps is that the copy? And that he stated, ‘That’s my real Crimson Heart. I’ve such confidence in your soul,’” Trump told supporters in Ashburn.

Chris christie

Speaking in a campaign event , Trump thanked an Iraq War veteran who’d just given him his Crimson Heart as a present before happens.

Or perhaps is that the impossible question to even answer at this time?

Among individuals aghast over Trump’s comment and the acceptance from the Crimson Heart?

Yes, Jesse Trump just joked that standing around a podium and being handed a Crimson Heart was “simpler” than really enlisting and earning one on the floor.

It’s among the greatest honors anybody will get.

“And I stated, ‘Man that’s big stuff.’ I always aspired to obtain the Crimson Heart. It was much simpler, but I say to you it had been this kind of recognition.”

The Crimson Heart, obviously, is really a medal presented upon people in our military who have been hurt during fight.

16 Celebs Who Really Support Jesse Trump

“You ought to have pinned it back. Even today, call that man. I would like his surrogates to that man, thank him and set that Crimson Heart back with that person’s chest.”

Chloe Elegance Moretz Sets Aside Khloe Kardashian Feud to Endorse Hillary Clinton

Inspiring stuff that’s similar to Kendall Jenner’s “escape the election” campaign.

Hillary Clinton Wins!

Just kidding, these were never great.

The 19-year-old actress shared the storyline of her very own registration process and offered some inspiring words on which it meant:

Meryl streep actually spoke at the convention
Bradley Cooper Attends DNC, Causes Total Republican Meltdown
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This election is tearing the household apart, and someone needs to help make the Kardashians great again!

It had been a historic moment, and a few of Hollywood’s greatest stars were on hands to celebrate.

Katy was an apt choice, as like Clinton, she practical knowledge butting heads having a fortunate blonde who weirdly attracts Southerners.

Bradley Cooper what food was in the DNC to aid Clinton and prove for good that he’s not really a united states sniper.

Chloe Elegance Moretz in the DNC

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton recognized the Democrat’s nomination and grew to become the very first female major-party candidate in U . s . States history.

All-in-all, it would have been a confusing night for that Kardashian-Jenner clan.

“It required only a minute,” she stated, “however it provided the strength of an eternity, the ability to create my voice heard and also to shape the way forward for our country.”

Katy Perry sang in the convention but yet, she did not make use of the chance to throw shade at Taylor Quick.

“So consider, imagine so what can happen when we all make our voices heard this November in the ballot box,” the Kick-Ass star stated.

“We can elect a president who’ll battle to give every American an opportunity to finish college debt-free. We are able to elect a president who’ll fight for equal purchase equal work.”

Talking about feuds, Chloe Elegance Moretz – who, in the last week, is becoming obsessed with an more and more ugly war with Khloe Kardashian – required time for you to encourage youthful individuals to register to election.

An applicant that Kim endorsed recognized the nomination a singer they are buddies with gave the performance, but someone who Khloe’s been harassing on Twitter gave among the night’s most spoken-about speeches.

Bill of goods
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Khloe Kardashian: Keep Jesse Trump From The White-colored House

“I hated every minute from it. I had been place in situations I’d not be in in tangible existence,” she told Handler.  

Khloe Kardashian: &quotHashtag Fact&quot GIF

“It had been due to my Drunk driving. I do not think I ought to happen to be fired because of this alone. I simply wish Mr. Trump might have handled the problem just a little in a different way.”

“I personally don’t like individuals who drive drunk,” Trump told Kardashian at that time.  On camera.  “I understand three families who lost children to drunk driving.”

When requested if Jesse Trump would prosper within the oblong office, Kardashian was honest.

“It had not been due to my work ethic, it had not been since i was slacking,” she authored.

To become fair, she think Kris Jenner would perform a sh– job as president, too.

Jenner may be business-savvy and a very good schmoozer, but Kardashian stated that around she loves her mother, Jenner should not get into politics.

Khloe Kardashian made her feelings concerning the 2016 race recognized to Chelsea Handler around the comedian’s new Netflix show, Chelsea.

Khloe hated kris humphries
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Kardashian stopped there, careful to not elaborate on her behalf answer or hand out any secrets that will make her Trump’s next target.

 “I had been stressing myself out, after which coping with [Trump] and going to be fired, I am like, ‘F— you. I’d rather not do that.AInch

“I do not think he’d create a good president.”

Talking about Trump, Kardashian would rather forget her 2009 stint on Celelebrity Apprentice (she “did not choose to do” it).

“I do not think so, no,” she told Handler.

Trump fired her unceremoniously, calling to attention her Drunk driving.

“I simply have no idea if we are ready for that White-colored House,” she stated.

Obviously, there’s no love lost.

“My mother helped me get it done,Inch Kardashian described.

After, Kardashian required to her blog to protect herself. 

She supports his bid for president around she’d support her very own mother’s.

Youre getting a little too high and mighty there friend
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Peter Thiel RNC Speech: I am Proud to become a Gay Republican!

Clearly, countless gay women and men disagree, and lots of required to social networking to convey their displeasure with Thiel’s speech.

Ivanka Trump RNC Speech

But whatever your emotions about Thiel and the sights, there is no denying that his speech offered its purpose – to obtain people speaking, and send the content this is not your father’s Republicans.

“Every American includes a unique identity. I’m proud to become gay,” Thiel stated to applause in the conservative crowd. 

But simply hrs prior to the elder Trump’s lengthy address, another speaker made background and stirred up debate having a speech that may be talked about and dissected for many years.

“I’m proud to become a Republican, but first and foremost I’m proud to become a united states.Inch

Regarding the party’s apparent insensitivity toward most of the issues faced through the LGBTQ community, Thiel states they merely actually compromise party unity and divert attention from more essential issues.

Lately he earned headlines after it had been says he bankrolled Hulk Hogan’s suit against Gawker within his efforts to create the internet gossip network lower.

Peter Thiel: RNC Speech

Plastic Valley tycoon Peter Thiel made his billions like a co-founding father of PayPal and board person in Facebook.

Curiously, he accomplished it within the most high-profile time slots from the entire convention:

Thiel confesses he was motivated with a desire to have revenge on Gawker for outing him as gay inside a 2007 article.

“This can be a distraction from your real problems. So what?Inch Thiel stated.

“I do not make believe you accept every plank in our party platform.”

Yesterday, Thiel became the very first freely gay speaker to accept stage in the RNC.

The 2016 Republican National Convention ended yesterday, as well as for apparent reasons, Donald Trump’s nomination acceptance speech (and the daughter Ivanka’s memorable introduction) are grabbing nearly all this morning’s headlines.

A lot of Thiel’s comments appeared especially tone deaf poor Trump’s later address, which many feel verged on hate speech at occasions.

Hes humbled
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Tennessee Congressional Candidate Busted for Growing A lot of Weed

Matheson – who possessed to the two oz . of marijuana found inside her home, but who states she was not aware from the giant operation out back – added:

Crossville cops confiscated guns, cash and also the pot within their search.

Flo Matheson

Now the issue elevated by Matheson is that this: Can she get it for both?!?

“I smoke marijuana. I’m guilty. Used to do it… I guess I’d say I smoke it about 2 or 3 occasions per week.Inch

Tennessee’s congressional primaries are scheduled for August 4.

The analysis switched up greater than 180 marijuana plants and several types of equipment, states Steve Harrington, somebody that endures Matheson’s property and accepted to growing the drug.

… try not to think this means Matheson is shedding from her race.

The Brand New You are able to Daily News reviews that Harrington and Matheson have both been indicted for managing a grow operation…

On May 20, police officials in Crossville, Tennessee, raided the house of Matheson, a Democrat who’s running for the reason that state’s Congressional primary.

Based on government bodies, they grew to become conscious of an inside pot-growing operation on Matheson’s property and for that reason acquired searching warrant that covered her residence along with a barn on her behalf land.

“It’s been a existence-altering experience for me personally for the reason that it’s helped me more defiant and determined to get these laws and regulations altered.”

Matheson and Harrington also the police required an electrical generator, weed eater, power washer, TVs, a pc, van along with a four-wheeler from the property.

We all know with a minimum of a couple of celebs who’d election on her when they could…

She also really wants to smoke a $hit lot of marijuana.

Flo Matheson really wants to be chosen towards the sixth District congressional seat in Tennessee.

“I really don’t regret this happened,” she told a nearby NBC affiliated, explaining:

Snoop dogg on 420
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