There&#39s a brand new No. one in the very best American Go swimming Metropolitan areas list

There’s a brand new No. 1 metro area in USA Swimming’s annual list of the greatest American Go swimming Metropolitan areas, and San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif. may be the 2016 champion.

The relaxation from the national top ten swimming metropolitan areas: Ann Arbor, Mi., the prior champion Bridgeport-Stamford, Norwalk, Conn. Austin-Round Rock, Texas Madison, Wisc. Washington, D.C.-Arlington-Alexandria, Veterans administration. Raleigh-Cary, N.C. Fort Collins-Loveland, Colo. Indiana-Carmel, Ind. Bay Area-Oakland-Fremont, Calif.

“You have both supply and also the demand,” stated DiRado, a 2014 Stanford graduate. “There are numerous pools, and also the weather helps. It’s not very cold, so people wish to go outdoors and relish the weather. Californians possess a great, healthy outside lifestyle.

“It likewise helps to possess Stanford and Cal so near by. They’ve great programs which help cultivate interest. It results in kids attempting to go swimming.”

USA Swimming annual compiles data and constitutes a record ranking according to several factors, included in this: number of active bathers and go swimming clubs, quantity of accessible pools and amount of top-level bathers in the area. For the reason that latter category, it had been an excellent year for San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara. Additionally to numerous competitors around the junior-national level, the location was well-symbolized around the national and Olympic level too. Actually, the Santa Rosa Neptunes club team had a set of U.S. Olympians in four-time medalist Maya DiRado and breastroker Molly Hannis.

Best American Swim Cities

DiRado, who won two gold medals, one silver and something bronze in Rio de Janeiro, described what made Santa Rosa and also the area this type of hotbed for swimming.

The entire listing of the very best 50 swimming metropolitan areas are available at USA

A criminal offense prevention company made the decision Ryan Lochte would be a worthy sponsor

Charged like a “sound grenade,” the hand held device triggers an “SOS alarm” whenever a pin is drawn, allegedly sending would-be burglars running scared and alerting anyone within shrieking distance, similar to panic sensors before it. The concept is the same as remaking “RoboCop” like a movie.

The U.S. Olympic swimmer certainly exaggerated his form of events during a late-night relaxation stop, departing out parts about urinating on and tearing a poster in the side of the service station. Still, armed security pads did demand money from him and his buddies. The entire debate was absurd.

The recording received greater than 350,000 sights in its first 20 hrs, so Robocopp effectively capitalized on Lochte’s every-four-many years of fame, and that he composed for that cash he lost at this Rio service station.

However it wasn’t enough to prevent a business dedicated to crime prevention from signing Lochte, even when every major corporation connected using the three-time silver medalist dropped him like a sponsor.

Excited to partner with @robocopp

A relevant video published by Ryanlochte (@ryanlochte) on August 30, 2016 at 1:13pm PDT

Consequently, Robocopp pr director Jill Turner said Lochte “remains among the finest athletes in our generation,” although she opted to not comment when Time Magazine requested when the device might have assisted the swimmer in Rio. Exaggeration appears to follow along with Lochte at each turn.

I’m still unsure if Ryan Lochte was really swindled in Rio de Janeiro.

Really, because Speedo, Rob Lauren yet others canned Lochte as a direct consequence of his disgraceful behavior in the Summer time Olympic games, the soon-to-be “Dancing Using the Stars” contestant and Robocopp really are a corporate fit. Whenever you boil it lower, they’re both desperate enough to take advantage of the other.



“I’ve been traveling a great deal recently,” Lochte stated inside a backed Instagram video, searching as though he’s still being held at gunpoint “We all enjoy having fun, but it’s smart to stay safe. I don’t go anywhere without Robocopp. It’s this small device. Whatever you do is pull the pin, also it releases a startling alarm that you can get from a poor situation.”

Trio of Chinese gold medalists among 15 weightlifters suspended for doping

• Men’s 85 kg: Two-time silver medalist and world record-holder Andrei Rybakou of Belarus
• Men’s 94 kg: Bronze medalist Khadzhimurat Akkayev of Russia (also silver medalist in 2004)
• Men’s 105 kg: Bronze medalist Dmitry Lapikov of Russia

All 11 might be removed of the medals, pending an Worldwide Olympic Committee ruling. All of them remain suspended because the IWF reviews each situation, along with four others whose 2008 retests emerged positive, including 2012 Olympic medalists Iryna Kulesha of Belarus and Maiya Maneza of Kazakhstan.

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The IWF suspended ten more weightlifters from the 2008 Beijing Games, five who were medalists, during earlier retests, and Turkey’s Sibel Ozkan continues to be removed of her 48-kilogram silver medal, per the AP. None of Team USA’s six weightlifters carried out in the very best five associated with a weight class in 2008.

Liu, who also won the 69-kilogram weight class at the 2004 Athens Olympic games, tested positive for that stimulant sibutramine too. She set three world records during her Olympic performance in 2008.

Kyrgyzstan’s Izzat Artykov was the very first athlete to be removed of the medal in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic games, losing his bronze in men’s weightlifting after testing positive for strychnine a week ago.

Eight other medalists in the 2008 Summer time Olympic games retested positive for anabolic anabolic steroids:

• Women’s 53 kg: Bronze medalist Anastasia Novikova of Belarus
• Women’s 63 kg: Silver medalist Irina Nekrasova of Kazakhstan
• Women’s 69 kg: Bronze medalist Natalya Davydova of Ukraine
• Women’s 75 kg: Bronze medalist Mariya Grabovetskaya of Kazakhstan
• Women’s +75 kg: Silver medalist Olha Korobka of Ukraine

China again brought the medal count in weightlifting only at that summer’s Olympics, recording five golds and 7 overall. Kazakhstan and Belarus combined for seven weightlifting medals in Rio de Janeiro. Russian weightlifters were banned in the Rio Olympic games because of condition-backed doping charges.

China centered female weightlifting in the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, recording four from the sport’s seven gold medals, but three of individuals champions — Cao Lei, Chen Xiexia and Liu Chunhong — all examined positive for hormone growth stimulant GHRP-2, based on the IWF, via the Connected Press.

Carrying out a retest of samples in the 2008 Summer Games, the Worldwide Weightlifting Federation published the names of 15 competitors who examined positive for banned substances, including three Olympic champions and eight other people who might be removed of the medals.

Appeal refused: Russian athletes formally banned from Paralympics

Following a McLaren report’s exposure of a state-backed Russian doping program, the Worldwide Olympic Committee still removed 278 Soviets for that Rio de Janeiro Olympic games, however the Worldwide Paralympic Committee wasn’t so kind, completely banning the country’s competitors.

The IPC, however, banned all 267 potential Russian Paralympians from next month’s occasions in Rio, and also the CAS came to the conclusion Russian authorities offered no factual argument to dispute the IPC’s ruling, per BBC.

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“It is really a sad day for that Paralympic movement,” IPC president Philip Craven told BBC. “But hopefully additionally a new beginning. Hopefully this decision functions like a catalyst for alternation in Russia so we can welcome the Russian Paralympic Committee back like a member safe within the understanding that it’s fulfilling its obligations to make sure fair competition for those.”

Restrictions are formally much more severe for Russia’s Paralympians than the country’s Olympians.

Upon the Russian Paralympic Committee’s appeal, the Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld the IPC’s decision Tuesday, according to BBC. Russia will be excluded once the Paralympics begin September 7.

The Europe-based CAS also ruled on Russian appeals of rulings for individual sports in the Olympic games, upholding complete bans of weightlifters and track and field competitors, for instance. However, the CAS did overturn the ban of Russian swimmer Yulia Efimovia upon appeal.

The IOC received fire after generating the fate of Russian Olympians towards the federations for everybody sport, instead of follow the World Anti-Doping Agency’s recommendation of the full ban. The Soviets stated 56 medals in the Olympic games, including 19 gold, to finish fourth within the medal count.

Likewise, Russian parliamentary sports committee chair Dmitry Svishchev told the country’s condition-backed Tass news outlet, “Whatever this court is known as, it’s an brutal court. It’s possible to punish authorities, coaches, but in no way should athletes be punished: when searching at the things they’re doing regardless of struggles and strain, one really wants to accomplish their hat. They must only be respected.”

Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev went to date regarding describe the ruling to BBC in an attempt to “squeeze out strong competitors” and “a blow to any or all individuals with disabilities, not only Soviets.”

Indian marathoner who ran without water in Rio heat thought she’d die

Questioning the Athletics Federation of India’s efforts to supply liquids, O.P. Jaisha told the Press Trust asia, via BBC, she only received water from Rio organizers every eight kilometers, while others got water and drinks from authorities within their countries’ sports federations every two kilometers.

Valson put into the PTI, “We might have provided water and drinks to the athletes but neither they nor their coaches informed us they would want water and drinks individually.”

An Indian woman thought she would die after not provided enough fluids while running the marathon in “the scorching heat” at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic games a week ago, based on reviews.

Consequently, India sport minister Vijay Goel vowed to research the federation’s alleged negligence.

“We should be given drinks by our technical authorities, it’s the rule,” Jaisha told the PTI. “We cannot take water from the other team. I saw the Indian board there but there is nothing. I had lots of problem, I fainted following the race. I had been given glucose, I figured I’d die.”

For his or her part, the Athletics Federation asia is denying any responsibility for Jaisha’s insufficient liquids.

“It is down to the organizers to supply water and drinks,” AFI official CK Valson told the Press Trust asia. “For there are water and stations through the course.”

Jaisha finished the race in 89th place with a time period of 2:47.19. On your day the women’s marathon occured in Rio, temps arrived at 86 levels. The 33-year-old’s national record-setting duration of 2:34.43 in the 2015 World Titles in Beijing might have placed her 33rd in the Rio Games.

Latest on Ryan Lochte: Rio police chief exaggerated his form of occasions, too

Inside a press conference known as to debunk Lochte’s claims of the robbery at gunpoint, Rio police chief Fernando Veloso colored the restroom like a crime scene, declaring American bathers Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen, together with Lochte, broke a cleaning soap dispenser and mirror. Meanwhile, media outlets reported police force authorities who accused them of also breaking a bathroom door.

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However, there’s no such damage, and none of individuals products have been changed, per the report. Likewise, the newspaper reviewed extensive security footage in the Covering station, together with a camera targeted in the rest room entrance, and also the bathers never joined the doorway.

There’s no evidence Ryan Lochte or his three U.S. swimming teammates ever joined — not to mention broken — a bathroom at the gas station where a late-night relaxation stop exploded into an international incident in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic games a week ago, based on a set of Monday night.

Rather, the bathers urinated around the backside from the service station, as well as an intoxicated Lochte tore a “loosely attached” from an exterior wall, based on a police statement from Bentz as well as an eyewitness account to by Fernando Deluz — a dj who translated the heated discussion between your American bathers and also the Portuguese-speaking security pads.

Quite simply, simply because Lochte exaggerated states the “Today” show for impact on television doesn’t mean the bathers voluntarily falsified a police report. Conger and Bentz weren’t billed having a crime for his or her roles within the incident, but Feigen donated $11,000 to charitable organization to prevent charges and Lochte — home securely within the U.S. — still faces charges and also the court of public opinion.

In addition, the armed security pads indeed required payment in the People in america, per Deluz.

“If I hadn’t involved myself,” Deluz told the newspaper, adding that one guard had attracted his gun, “I thought — law enforcement chief explained, ‘Man, should you hadn’t gone there for the reason that moment, an emergency might have happened.”

This latest report boosts questions regarding the Rio police chief’s public portrayal from the U.S. bathers weight loss vandals than victims, along with the police’s readiness to excuse actions taken by security pads, who have been off-duty law enforcement officials. While it does not excuse Lochte & Co. for public peeing and tearing a poster off a wall, it’s possible to understand — thinking about the word what barrier and degree of intoxication — the way the swimmers may have thought these were swindled by police at gunpoint.

Obtain the story on Aly Raisman&#39s mystery National football league date

@Colt3FIVE just sweet video…. searching toward meeting you

— Alexandra Raisman (@Aly_Raisman) August 21, 2016

When you’re a global-famous gold medal-winning gymnast, dating’s a little tough. Who’s thinking about you, and who’s thinking about the medal? Raisman includes a very specific group of criteria for any date that may hang together with her, and Yahoo Sports’ gymnastics analyst Shawn Manley set Raisman track of somebody that could suit you perfectly: the Oakland Raiders’ Colton Underwood.

Closing Ceremony ratings off 45 percent from London

Live from Rio: Ryan Lochte, worldwide fugitive the strange side from the Games:

Jay Busbee is really a author for Yahoo Sports and also the author of EARNHARDT NATION, on purchase now at Amazon . com or wherever books are offered. Contact him at [email protected] or find him on Twitter or on Facebook.

Nielsen overnight ratings indicate the Closing Ceremony averaged an 11.7 rating throughout the period between 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. ET, lower 31 percent in the same event working in london. Nielsen’s FastAffiliate metric established that 16.9 million viewers viewed the Closing Ceremony, a 45 percent drop from London.

NBC introduced that it is Olympic games averaged 27.5 million viewers through its Total Audience Delivery statistic, which makes up about both television and streaming figures. The London Olympic games, by comparison, averaged 31.a million viewers for competition and Frequent lowering and raising events combined.

The issue of whether NBC will have the ability to satisfy promises designed to advertisers is a few inside baseball that doesn’t really concern the typical viewer. What could be more fascinating to determine is whether or not NBC changes its TV-first strategy moving forward. NBC supports the contract to broadcast every Olympic games through 2032, and Rio provided a stark indicator that reaching a sizable segment of the fragmented, demographically diverse American audience is much more challenging than ever before.

The Rio Olympic games Frequent lowering and raising events were a conscious downgrade in the epic spectacle of events past, as well as on Sunday night, the Olympic games closed not in an instant, however a ratings whimper.

There are many potential targets for blame, from millennials’ insufficient curiosity about the Olympic games to NBC’s decision to time-shift and delay live broadcasts of numerous key occasions and moments. Even though the sides can spin the Rio ratings to suit whatever narrative they want (for example, even just in an “off” ratings year the Olympic games destroyed all competition), what’s unavoidable would be that the broadcast and viewing problems that vaulted the Olympic games to unparalleled ratings levels in past years no more always apply in age streaming and Snapchat.

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Video: Rio by 50 percent:00

Although it was not even close to perfect, the Rio Games demonstrated us most importantly, the Olympic spirit, and also the graciousness and generosity of those of Rio, persist regardless of everything the negativity and debate.

Katie Ledecky came back on her second appearance within the Games, winning four gold medals and staking her claim because the finest female athlete within the pool. Hungary’s “Iron Lady” and Team USA’s Maya DiRado also made lasting impressions within the water, as did American Simone Manuel.

However it would be a different Simone who’d stake her claim that they can possibly to be the finest gymnast of-time.

The ultimate curtain is going to fall around the 2016 Rio Olympic games. No Olympic games Games in modern history were as affected by negative advance publicity because these Games were, yet regardless of all of the talk of Zika mosquitos, sewage-infested water, and security problems, the Rio Games were successful.

While Simone Biles and also the “Final Five” defied everyone’s anticipations in regards to what could be carried out in a gymnastics competition, Team USA basketball simply resided as much as anticipations if you take gold both in the men’s and women’s competition.

The finest dive from the Rio Olympic games perhaps occurred not inside a pool, but on the running track, where Shaunae Burns from the Bahamas dove over the line and won Olympic gold within the women’s 400-meters.

In Rio, we had high highs, spectacular competition along with a couple of of course inglorious lows.

American swimmer Michael Phelps cemented his legacy among the all-time greats from the Games, as did appropriately named Jamaican sprinter Usain Secure. Both also chipped along with a few of the determining pictures of the Rio Games, Phelps smoldering under his hood in a rival swimmer, and Secure locating a moment to show and flash a grin towards the camera in the middle of departing his rivals behind.

Around the soccer field, the U.S. women fell lacking expectancy as well as their goalie fell even shorter of excellent sportsmanship. However for Neymar and South america, well, let’s just say everything glitters is definitely gold even though the Games might be ending, the celebrations in South america within the country’s first Olympic gold medal in soccer may continue for a while.

Why Rio may be the best Olympic games ever

There have been disappointments too. The women’s team fell lacking what it really was likely to deliver. It’s goalie perhaps did worse .

Or possibly different things. Maybe the start of a totally new trend.

With athletes like Phelps, Allyson Felix and Secure taking their final Olympic bows, and behind-the-moments greats like Marta Karolyi and Coach K also walking lower after Rio, the issue we’re playing is, were the Rio Games the finish of the era?

Kerri Walsh Jennings may be the finest female beach volleyball player of-time. Regrettably the Rio Olympic games, apt to be her last, were the very first Games where the USA unsuccessful to put a team within the sport’s gold medal match.

Greater than 11,000 athletes been competing in greater than 40 sports with probably the most legendary figures within the good reputation for the Games reaching new levels when it comes to sports accomplishment and Olympic success.

Yahoo Sports’ experts provide a few of their own ideas on these Games which switched to be historic with techniques we might possibly not have imagined within the several weeks and days prior to them.

Even when the Games began, the troubles ongoing with ugly occurrences and ugly American (bathers) at occasions threatening to overshadow the spectacle from the competition.

However the inglorious moments will not function as the ones we’ll remember.

From Phelps and Secure competing within their final Games to Katie Ledeckie transitioning from teen sensation to Olympic great, to Simone Biles emerging from relative obscurity to put the best claim that they can the title from the finest gymnast of-time, Rio stored us captivated.

In the electrifying existence of Usain Secure getting a packed stadium to some hush to Michael Phelps further staking his claim that they can the title of finest Olympian of-time.

Or possibly only the best Olympic games ever.

However, there was another side towards the Rio Games with individuals displaced and compelled using their homes, their lives forever altered, since they were within the wrong place in the wrong some time and something big was coming plus they were in the way.

Rather, we will remember a number of historic firsts An initial-time Olympian winning four gold medals, an initial-ever Olympic team made up of refugee athletes, the very first Black athlete to consider home a person medal in Olympic swimming, along with a first gold medal for that host nation within the one sport it values most importantly others.

The Rio Olympic games are formally finished.

Despite all of the negative advanced publicity, it’s fair to state these were an unqualified success.