NCAA Hockey 101: Exactly what does a group desire to make Frozen Four?

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Frankly, what many people might have pegged as “the three best teams within the country” are headed to Chicago. Notre Dame, which aside from a hiccup against UMass Lowell within the Hockey East semifinals continues to be one of the hottest teams within the other half, is joining them.


The issue in collecting this data, just like anything else attending college hockey, is there’s not good place to have it all within an easily functional format. As a result I’m able to only return with the last five teams of Frozen Four fields to obtain a good consider the teams that qualified. There’s also no corsi-for data that’s readily available, however in general I’ve discovered SF% in most situations to become more predictive than 5-on-5 CF% anyway, there ya go.

Whenever you take a look at all this, you begin to see that perhaps offense is much more essential in college than defense, and that getting elite goaltending is essentially the only method you’re will make it.

Let’s place it by doing this, only one in five Frozen Four attendees from 20 had overall teams save percentages that didn’t squeeze into the nation’s top ten within their seasons, and just two were outdoors the very best 19.

However, because you generally just require a top-10 goalkeeper along with a little offensive talent (or luck) to really make it with the first couple of models is self-apparent and makes sense.

Previously four Frozen Fours, the 2 teams using the greatest average number across all eight of those groups made the ultimate, except for Yale, which beat Lowell in overtime within the 2013 semifinals.

Therefore if you’re making bets, Harvard over Denver within the national title game is most likely a high quality one to create with this metric. But on the other hand, another person may go full-on Yale.

But you’ve still got to attain.

College is quite different from the National hockey league, partly because there are many more teams, as well as because individual and team skill differentiates itself to a better extent in the ‘abnormal’ amounts than in the greatest one. To that particular finish, I acquired to wondering: Exactly what do college teams which make the Frozen Four prosper, and just what can that inform us by what can happen in Chicago in under two days?

With all of this in your mind, it appears as though we’ve two very evenly matched games all set to go within the semifinals beginning next Thursday. Statistically speaking, they are most likely the 4 best teams within the tournament overall, and should you be thinking it’ll be considered a Harvard/Denver final, well, that most likely examines.

But when you are towards the national champions, Yale’s make an impression on Quinnipiac in 2013 skews everything a little. To state that’s the worst team to create a Frozen Four recently is much more than fair (their average across all of the stats in the above list was 27th from 59 teams across the country). The only real factor they did very well was generate shots on goal, which helped them overcome among the cheapest shooting percentages in america.

As you can tell, you don’t always need to have been elite all year long to really make it towards the Frozen Four to begin with. Teams like Providence and Yale appeared to obtain hot in the proper time, and even, win national titles.

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(As well as for what it’s worth, across these record groups, Notre Dame was really in front of Lowell in average rating this year. The Forest Hawks required a lot of penalties and didn’t generate enough shots, ranking 36th and 38th in the united states in individuals groups, correspondingly. One imagines the second had something related to the previous.)

Attending college, the 4 or 5 best goalies wake up in to the mid-.930s within the National hockey league, any goalkeeper doing that’s most likely a Hart candidate at the minimum. The main difference between what defines “elite” at individuals levels (.920s versus .930s) saves your team about 10-15 goals against each year. So when you’re only playing 35-40 games all year long, which makes a larger difference than you may otherwise expect.

The typical Frozen Four team had concerning the eleventh-best offense in the united states within their seasons, so when you combine by using good goaltending, you receive the best stat that determines which teams cope with the regionals: goal differential. It makes sense of this should you consistently outscore your attacker, you’re likely to win more games, however in general, teams that depend on a single-goal wins don’t pull through. Just one team to help make the Frozen Four — that super-lucky, peaking-at-the-right-time Yale national champion team — didn’t possess a goal differential within the top 18 in the united states. And when you discount that sub-mediocre Omaha club from 2015, 3 were even outdoors the very best 10.


It had been more essential to create shot attempts than scoring chances — weird, right? — and to become defensively gifted (when it comes to save percentage, allowing scoring chances, conceding goals, and so forth) than offensively.

And as possible further see, the typical team that made the nation’s title game was a bit much better than the typical Frozen Four team overall, slightly better a maintaining your puck out, much better at generating offensive possibilities and drawing penalties.

Goaltending talent is, obviously, the facet of PDO that’s easiest to manage in a team level, therefore it may come as no real surprise.

Obviously, it’s not necessarily the very best teams in the united states making it towards the Frozen Four, because hockey is frequently random. But it is possible to make good guesses in regards to what type of clubs are likely to possess success within the postseason.

Others, like Omaha in 2015 as well as North Dakota in 2014 could be completely mediocre (so far as tournament teams go) overall and obtain some fortunate bounces.

A rather arbitrary ranking of teams that are very good for me only (and merely for at this time but maybe for longer too?)

  1. Harvard (beat Providence and Air Pressure)
  2. Minnesota-Duluth (beat Ohio Condition and BU)
  3. Denver (beat Michigan Tech and Penn Condition)
  4. Notre Dame (beat Minnesota and UMass Lowell)
  5. UMass Lowell (beat Cornell, lost to Notre Dame)
  6. Boston College (beat North Dakota, lost to Minnesota-Duluth)
  7. Penn Condition (beat Union, lost to Denver)
  8. Air Pressure (beat Western Michigan, lost to Harvard)
  9. Minnesota (lost to Notre Dame)
  10. North Dakota (lost to BU)

A couple of days ago, Travis Yost had a fascinating publish at TSN that highlighted the record similarities between all of the Stanley Cup winners from 2007 to this past year, searching at the things they generally did well. The solution, pretty much overall, was “everything,” however, many things were more essential than the others.

The area for that 2017 Frozen Four is made the decision. With one exception, chalk walked within this past weekend’s regionals.

National hockey league Playoff Dying Watch: Lightning attempt to pop East bubble Off-shore showdown



— (@MoneyPuckdotcom) March 28, 2017

Alas, a Boston Bruins’ win can often mean formal elimination for that Red Wings or Sabres when they lose in regulation.

Greg Wyshynski is really a author for Yahoo Sports. Contact him at or find him on Twitter. His book, Bring Your EYE From The PUCK, can be obtained on Amazon . com and wherever books are offered.

Sports Club Stats states the Jackets possess a 58-percent possibility of getting second within the Metro and residential-ice within the first round.

The Eddie Lack situation – probably the most disturbing scenes I’m able to recall, because of the eerie silence in the finish from the game for fifteen minutes – understandably overshadowed the truth that Carolina pulled a place the Red Wings to maneuver within four from the last playoff place, having a game in-hands around the Bruins, Lightning and Islanders (82 points).

Exactly what a win for that Tampa Bay Lightning yesterday: Lower 4-1, Jon Cooper yo-yoing Andrei Vasilevskiy interior and exterior the sport, and they rally for that overtime win to maneuver within an item of the idle Bruins (with similar seven games left) and 2 points in the rear of the Toronto Walnut Leafs (who’ve eight games left).

Since we’re lower towards the final moments of postseason existence for teams in contention, Puck Father solemnly begins a regular countdown to annihilation.

For now (via Sports Cub Stats), the Ducks possess a 44-percent chance in the Off-shore title, as the Oilers possess a 27-percent shot and also the Sharks possess a 25-percent chance. All we actually worry about is Sharks versus. Ducks and Flames versus. Oilers in Round 1, so however you need to suss it is okay by us, Off-shore Division.

Listed here are the present standings. The Dying Watch tracks the ultimate Wild Card place and also the teams which are chasing it. Their “tragic number” is the amount of points acquired through the final wild card team or lost through the team chasing it.

Here’s the Western Conference:

The Blues’ win was matched through the Nashville Predators’ victory within the New You are able to Islanders, therefore the Preds remain some point ahead for third within the Central along with a first-rounder from the Minnesota Wild. The Blues also continued to be two points behind the Calgary Flames for that first wild card, who defeated the Colorado Avalanche, as teams typically do once they take part in the Avalanche.

Towards the top of the conference, the Washington Capitals take presctiption a four-game roadie that begins in the battling Wild as the Columbus Blue Jackets play their game in-hands around the Pittsburgh Penguins by hosting the streaking Zoysia Sabres.

As you can tell, the enormous cluster which are the Off-shore top three have been in action tonight, using the Anaheim Ducks in the Vancouver Canucks, the San Jose Sharks hosting the brand new You are able to Rangers and also the Edmonton Oilers trying to clinch a playoff place inside a game against the la Nobleman.

Here’s the cash Puck take:

Fare thee well, Dallas Stars and Winnipeg Jets, eliminated from playoff contention following the St. Louis Blues’ victory on Monday night. May you discover some semblance of inner peace, as well as consistent goaltending …

KHL coach throws bottle, hits player, will get ejected (Video)

The good thing from the video may be the immediate aftermath from the incident, when his assistant coach is “it me!” and also the referees aren’t buying him falling in the sword for his mind coach.


His Lokomotiv team was lower 2- within their Gagarin Cup series against SKA. Tensions were already at the top of Monday once the teams faced off again.

He chose Option ‘B.’

As you can tell about 40 seconds into this video, Kudashov slams a water bottle around the ice in disgust. Ice getting the qualities of, well, ice, it slid over making connection with an opposing player. So he didn’t technically toss the water bottle in a player, but he hit a person having a water bottle, if we’re quarrelling semantics.


Lokomotiv was handed a 2-minute bench minor and Kudashov was ejected. Before he left, he write lower what we should assume was his Slack username on the piece of paper so his assistants could keep in contact throughout the game.

Alexei Kudashov wasn’t a contented Kontinental Hockey League coach.

Greg Wyshynski is really a author for Yahoo Sports. Contact him at or find him on Twitter. His book, Bring Your EYE From The PUCK, can be obtained on Amazon . com and wherever books are offered.

Within the second period, something – possibly a crushing hit against certainly one of his players within the attacking zone moments earlier – enraged him. Since a coach’s options such the situation is to (a) scream a string of profanities in the on-ice officials or (b) throw something in the bench just like a petulant toddler, Kudashov’s selections for option were limited.

Didn’t matter: Lokomotiv lost, 2-one in overtime, to visit lower 3- within the conference final series.

Jeremy Roenick rips NY Department of motor vehicles after finding yourself in ‘jail cell with cokeheads’

“The stupidity of the items I’m doing is beyond,” he stated, trembling his mind through the clerk’s window. “I’m out $750. Not just time. Plus I acquired arrested. Plus I sitting inside a jail cell with cokeheads. Plus I sitting within the courtroom with real crooks. I’ve never been arrested before within my existence!” he fumed. 

We’ve had our variations with Roenick over time, but let’s stand with him in unity because he declares the Department of motor vehicles sucks.

On Monday, Roenick made an appearance in the court, compensated his ticket along with a $163 feed towards the court clerk, based on the New You are able to Daily News. Which was that.

In true Dept. of Cars fashion, this seems to possess been a huge goof-up. The condition was delivering notices for an address Roenick hadn’t resided at since 1989(!) after which got on him because of not alerting the condition to his new address. He told Manhattan Court Arrest on Monday that there wasn’t any reference to yet another acceptable for suspended privilages as he compensated a speeding ticket in Westchester County last year, for instance.

s/t Puck Father readers Joe


On Jan. 25, Jeremy Roenick made an unlawful turn while headed to a different You are able to Rangers game in New You are able to City. However the traffic stop grew to become some thing than routine once the police discovered his driving rights within the condition have been suspended, plus they arrested him at Sixth Ave. and W. 23rd Street, based on the Daily News.

Greg Wyshynski is really a author for Yahoo Sports. Contact him at or find him on Twitter. His book, Bring Your EYE From The PUCK, can be obtained on Amazon . com and wherever books are offered.

… “I get arrested, it will get placed on my record. Fines. Charges. Occasions. Now I’m here around the taxpayer’s money doing something I shouldn’t need to do since these a–holes don’t understand what the f— they’re doing!”

The NBC Sports analyst then expressed his frustration towards the News concerning the ordeal, including the stunning admission he was stuck inside a room full of cokeheads for possibly the very first time since his retirement in the National hockey league:


“Why will i provide a f— when the Department of motor vehicles knows my home or otherwise. I don’t reside in New You are able to! Must i call almost every other state’s Department of motor vehicles?” Virginia man brings five wheelbarrows filled with pennies to Department of motor vehicles

National hockey league Playoff Dying Watch: East’s ‘in-hand’ night Stars, Jets face abyss

Here’s’s look at things:

The Calgary Flames host the Avalanche, attempting to make that cluster within the Off-shore much more interesting. Consider they’ve two games playing both Ducks and also the Sharks!

When the Blues and Preds both obtain a point, then your Dallas Stars and Winnipeg Jets are formally eliminated.

Ongoing Games In Hands Night, Carolina starts an odd two-night homestand from the Detroit Red Wings, including their makeup game for your ice malfunction the 2009 season.

Here’s the Eastern Conference:

The Lightning come with an 11-percent chance in the last wild card, as the Hurricanes possess a 9-percent chance. Boston (30 %) includes a better shot at third within the division compared to last wild card (28 percent). The Islanders possess a 30-percent possibility of making the playoffs.

National hockey league playoff and draft lottery odds by Monday

— (@MoneyPuckdotcom) March 27, 2017

Listed here are the present standings. The Dying Watch tracks the ultimate Wild Card place and also the teams which are chasing it. Their “tragic number” is the amount of points acquired through the final wild card team or lost through the team chasing it.

Greg Wyshynski is really a author for Yahoo Sports. Contact him at or find him on Twitter. His book, Bring Your EYE From The PUCK, can be obtained on Amazon . com and wherever books are offered.

It’s a large one for that Islanders, as they’ll have recently two home games left within their seven remaining games. The Isles on the highway: 15-16-5. Bad, Bob.

On Monday, you will find the Nashville Predators, presently third within the Central, playing in the New You are able to Islanders. You will find the St. Louis Blues, within the second wild card, hosting the Arizona Coyotes, who’re one Colorado Avalanche from to be the worst team within the National hockey league.



Based on Sports Club Stats, the Blues possess a 58-percent possibility of taking third within the Central to Nashville’s 41 percent.

It’s Games-In-Hands Night!

The Islanders are attempting to knot in the Bruins in points having a win from the Nashville Predators, as the Tampa Bay Lightning are hosting the Blackhawks with an opportunity to cut the Bruins’ result in some point. Along the way, they’d move two points in the rear of the Toronto Walnut Leafs, and that’s why the Bruins and Bolts have been in a much better position compared to Islanders: They need to doorways by which just to walk in to the playoffs.

Here’s the Western Conference:

They’ve two games in-hands around the Bruins, and start a four-game homestand here.

Since we’re lower towards the final moments of postseason existence for teams in contention, Puck Father solemnly begins a regular countdown to annihilation.


National hockey league Playoff Dying Watch: Bruins’ big win, Off-shore Division chaos

Would be the Carolina Hurricanes will make this factor much more interesting? They really have an improved chance (11.9 %) in the last wild card compared to the Lightning.

Money Puck has got the Sharks at 36.3 % to win the Off-shore.

Listed here are the present standings. The Dying Watch tracks the ultimate Wild Card place and also the teams which are chasing it. Their “tragic number” is the amount of points acquired through the final wild card team or lost through the team chasing it.

Would be the Philadelphia Flyers and Tampa Bay Lightning toast? Well, yeah.

Here’s the large colorful playoff wheel:

Based on, the Islanders possess a 23.7-percent possibility of winning the final wild card, as the Tampa Bay Lightning are in 10.5-percent.

When it comes to Islanders, it’s a difficult loss – around the second nights a back-to-back – however they have a game title in-hands on Boston, just like the Leafs. However they possess the Tampa Bay Lightning on their own tails, and also the Bolts get their next three games in your own home.

The San Jose Sharks have forfeit six games consecutively, and therefore are now tied using the Anaheim Ducks and Edmonton Oilers for that top place within the Off-shore with 91 points. The Calgary Flames are three points behind these. Plus they, like, all play one another. This will probably be fun.



Since we’re lower towards the final moments of postseason existence for teams in contention, Puck Father solemnly begins a regular countdown to annihilation.

Once we noted on Saturday night, the Boston Bruins’ make an impression on the brand new You are able to Islanders gave them the final wild card place, for now, and moved these to within some point from the Toronto Walnut Leafs for third within .

Greg Wyshynski is really a author for Yahoo Sports. Contact him at or find him on Twitter. His book, Bring Your EYE From The PUCK, can be obtained on Amazon . com and wherever books are offered.


— (@MoneyPuckdotcom) March 26, 2017

Here’s the Eastern Conference:

#Caps presently Cup favorites. #Canes with greater odds to create playoffs than #LAKings

The Dallas Stars and Winnipeg Jets can both be eliminated if either loses a place on Sunday. That is something we didn’t be prepared to be covering either team on March 24.

NCAA Hockey: Harvard, Minnesota Duluth headed for Frozen Four

When the Big Red succeeded this season, it did so with physicality as a means to an end. It would use its prodigious size to lean on teams, wear them down, and score goals.

It happens.

In fact, Denver actually built its lead to 5-0 before conceding twice in just under six minutes near the end of the second period. But that little life was all the Huskies could muster. Colin Staub scored twice for the Pioneers, and both Liam Finlay and Michael Davies added a pair of assists. Tanner Jaillett stoped 16 of 18 in the win.

“They’re big and we wanted to keep moving. Move the puck, move our feet,” said Lowell freshman Ryan Lohin, who finished the game with a pair of goals. “We were able to do that throughout the game. We created some chances off the forecheck and off turnovers.”

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Cornell got the game it wanted. It wholly failed to get the result.

“They’re a good team,” Weidner said. “They were getting above us and forcing us to dump pucks. They play high-pressure in the D zone and when we were able to get pucks in and move around, we had some chances. But both ways, it was hard to get momentum and generate chances. They were at a premium.”

Predictably, Lowell started to pull away in the second period, scoring a pair of goals and really making the contest resemble more of a classic Lowell game. While Cornell never conceded a lot of zone time and did a better job slowing things down in the neutral zone than most Lowell opponents, it certainly didn’t create much sustained offense for itself except on the sporadic power play.

New York Rangers prospect Tyler Wall stopped all 19 shots he faced, though few were of high quality, to pick up just his second shutout of the season. He’s now .928 in his last 12 games.

1 – Ryan Donato, Harvard

“We couldn’t get anything going, but give credit to the other hockey team. They did exactly to us what they’ve done to other teams.”

2 – Anders Bjork, Notre Dame

Jake Oettinger stood on his head for most of the game, but in the end conceded three on 23. At the other end of the ice, Hunter Miska stopped 22 of 24.

Instead it ended two weeks before the Frozen Four, against one of the two or three best teams in the country. Tough draw, sure, but that’s why you play the rest of the season too.

Then Lowell drew a major for interference from Cornell’s Patrick McCarron on a hit that, if it were any later, it would have happened as you read this. Lowell scored two more goals on that five-minute power play to turn the beating into a blowout. Though, for Cornell, a two-goal deficit against a team like this was academic.

You could have set your watch to this one. Denver has been the best team in the country for a pretty good chunk of the season and arguably had a reason to come out of the corner throwing haymakers after losing in the NCHC semifinals.


Was that the difference? Not really. Lowell’s biggest collective strength is that there’s not a huge gap in quality between its second and fourth line, and its second line is a pretty good trio by NCAA second-line standards.

The problem was that from the outset, this game was a lot like Harvard’s win on Friday: The opponent never really seemed like it had much of a chance. The game was close, but not, like, close-close. A 3-0 lead might as well have been 20-0.

“We saw several things in the pre-scout,” Bazin said. “There were several things we were going to have to alleviate, and one of those was that they have some set breakouts and they have outstanding timing associated with those. We knew on the forecheck that we would need to have the ability to break some of that and we were lucky enough to cause a turnover and create that goal.”

Everything went exactly right for Penn State in attack. Sad but true for Union.

Then they went up 2-0 just 30 seconds into the second period, and the level of control they asserted was near-total. But it was that second goal that seemed to give Notre Dame life.

Minnesota Duluth 3, BU 2 (OT)

“He had what I’d characterize as a solid performance today,” said Bazin. “I’d have to look back at the film to see just how many times he was really tested. At the same time, you’re talking about a young goalie getting a shutout in a crucial game. It’s very important. It’s going to help his confidence.”

Lowell got goals from all four of its lines, and 11 of its 18 skaters had at least a point. So when you can just send group after group of better players over the boards, there’s an erosive effect. At some point most teams just succumb. Cornell, with its relatively small number of offensive contributors, was sunk as soon as it went to 2-0 early in the second.

The Bruins prospect scored the last two goals of the game to push his team to a big upset win over the No. 4 seed Golden Gophers, and more generally he was a force for the entire game. When he’s on, it’s tough for anyone to contain his speed and creativity, and he ran wild in the second half of the game.

The Crimson, like Duluth, are going to the Frozen Four.

Cornell seemed content to throw the body around when the game was still close, another hallmark of their game, while not actually accomplishing anything offensively with all that physicality, another another hallmark of their game. At least when they play high-level teams.

Cornell didn’t come in with a bad game plan, but it came in with personnel clearly inadequate to get anywhere with that plan against an opponent this good.

The Crimson’s first goal, from Viktor Dombrovskiy, ping-ponged in on a shot from fairly high up in the zone, hitting two or three bodies on the way through and beating Shane Starrett (27 saves). That was just about the end of it.

With a little more than eight minutes left in the third, the Bulldogs pulled ahead again through Joey Anderson. But a little more than five minutes later, Patrick Harper scored to force overtime.


There was a little controversy, though, because Cornell appeared to score a goal just 54 seconds into the game on some grade-As of their own. But after a lengthy goal review (officials added 17 minutes to the game’s runtime with reviews of various incidents, and disallowed not one but two goals), it was determined the puck had been played with a high stick before Mitch Vanderlaan banged it home, so none of it counted in the end.

That is, actually, the kind of approach that tends to work against Lowell. Get in there and land a few kidney shots, and they might crumple. But unlike, say UConn or Providence College, both of which have some skill to go with their tough physical games, there’s not a whole lot of firepower in that Big Red lineup. No one on this team has more than 15 goals or 28 points. Lowell has five players who would be the leading scorers on Cornell, and two of them are defensemen.

Penn State 10, Union 3

Notre Dame 3, Minnesota 2

The scoreline really says it all: Union was a mess, and Penn State capitalized on every mistake.

Ryan Lambert is a Puck Daddy columnist. His email is here and his Twitter is here.

Seven Nittany Lions had two points or more. Four of them had three. Union gave up 10 goals on 33 shots. It’s tough to know what else to say here.

— NCAA Ice Hockey (@NCAAIceHockey) March 26, 2017

BU went up early on a Clayton Keller goal, scoring the opening goal for the first time in several weeks, but Duluth went to work soon thereafter. They evened the game late in the first, then the two teams wrestled to a draw in the second period.

Tough for BU to say it didn’t get in a good game here, but the season was going to end in disappointment unless it ended with a national title.

Then, just 1:57 in, Adam Johnson scored on a power play (perhaps not the best time to take a penalty?) to send Duluth to Chicago for the Frozen Four in two weeks’ time.

“First off, I kind of expected it to be taken off the board,” said Jake Weidner, who had the initial shot before the rebound. “I had a pretty good view of it and (linemate Eric Freschi) touched it with a high stick.”

In which we recap the day’s events in the NCAA tournament.

Interestingly, Penn State went up 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, and 4-3 before finally pulling away, but in the second half of the game they flat-out ran the show.

Now, Penn State’s game is best described as “designed to get that guy who yells ‘shoooooooot’ on every half-decent look to shut up for five damn seconds,” so it’s no surprise that they poured it on against even a solid team like Union, but 10 is the most goals scored in a single NCAA tournament game since 1990.

Air Force got two back in quick succession late in the second, scoring on a delayed call and then the ensuing penalty. But being down three goals against this particular Harvard team is a death sentence.

Petersen, in addition to the wonderful, 120-foot assist, made 31 saves to pick up the win.

Then, with a power play midway through the third, Bjork struck again. Notre Dame held on for dear life after that, getting out-attempted 11-2 over the next 11 minutes or so. It wasn’t ideal, but it sure worked.

But it rarely played a team like UMass Lowell this season.

Lohin had Lowell’s all-important second goal to effectively put the game away, and played a strong shutdown role as well.

3 – Ryan Lohin, UMass Lowell

In the third, it was Lowell that threw the game into shutdown mode. But even with Cornell theoretically desperate to score, generating 15 of its 36 attempts at full strength in the final 20 minutes, almost everything was to the outside. Only two of those 15 attempts were from high-percentage areas.

Perhaps as one might have expected in a game with these two teams, there wasn’t a lot of offensive action to be found. Cornell is known for playing lockdown defense, and Lowell’s potent offense didn’t get much to the inside as a result. Meanwhile, Lowell is known for limiting quality chances to begin with, and Cornell is the lowest-scoring team in the tournament. Scoring chances at 5-on-5 in the first period: just 4-3 to Lowell.

This one was coming down the tracks since Air Force won the late game on Friday. Harvard asserted its dominance pretty early and remained in the driver’s seat throughout.

Michigan Tech, meanwhile, is a good team in a far worse conference, and really didn’t face a test of this magnitude all season. That the Pioneers scored four first-period goals on a 17-5 shot advantage is, one supposes, not much of a surprise.

Denver 5, Michigan Tech 2

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The Fighting Irish turned the game around, drew some penalties, and were able to cut the lead late in the second through goals just 54 seconds apart. The first came on a gorgeous breakout pass from… goalie Cal Petersen(!?) to Andrew Ogelvie. Anders Bjork, Notre Dame’s best skater by a mile both in this game and all season, pulled his club even shortly thereafter.

Nor was the final shot count being 34-18.

One of them made a difference, though. Ryan Dmowski’s goal at 6:34 of the first period, off a strong forecheck and nice centering pass from behind the net by Ryan Collins, was the only truly grade-A chance either team generated. Dmowski has a bit more finish than this season’s 8-1-9 stat line in 33 games would indicate, and he’s not going to miss a wide open shot between the hashmarks.

“They’re exactly what you want in a hockey team,” said Cornell coach Mike Schafer. “They can stay above you, they’re good defensively. But they get the puck away from you and they can go the other way. They are a selfless group of players and they play very, very well as a team.

Maybe the best goal I’ve seen all year. It happened right in front of me and it was one of those “Oh he’s gonna…. oh did!” moments you get in sports sometimes. Totally transcendent.

Shots in the game were just 21-19, and there were only 67 attempts in the full 60 minutes, and the game took nearly three hours to play. That’s what Cornell must have wanted, but the River Hawks played through the pain and eased their way to a 5-0 win.

Donato could have done nothing else in this game — though he also had seven shots on goal — and he would still be the No. 1 star OF MY HEART, FOLKS!!!!!

Ryan Donato must not be feeling well because that was sick!@Harvard_Hockey leads 2-0.

Harvard 3, Air Force 2

Lowell is content to play the game along the perimeter (you won’t get good chances out there) but that’s not the aim. The aim is explosive offense through the neutral zone and setting up zone time. The zone time wasn’t always there, but the goals were.

Minnesota scored just over two minutes into the game, and for a while it felt like the rout was on.

Now, to Schaefer’s point about the potential for a momentum swing, maybe that’s true. Maybe putting Lowell on its heels helps them grind things out. But Lowell was 6-5-1 when conceding first this year, so also: Maybe Not. Certainly it’s better to score first than not, but when your gameplan is, “We have to keep one of the best offenses in the country quiet,” that’s a foundational disadvantage from which to operate.

National hockey league Three Stars: Marchessault leads Panthers’ blowout of Chicago

Nash gave the Bruins and goalkeeper Anton Khudobin all of the offense they’d need inside a 2-1 make an impression on the brand new You are able to Islanders. Lucrative has seven goals around the season.

Dishonorable Mention: Freddie Andersen left the sport for that Leafs after 19:38 by having an injuries. … Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and John Campbell were a minus-4. … Corey Crawford was pulled after making 21 will save on 25 shots. … The Islanders were -for-6 around the power play. … Connor Murphy would be a minus-3. … Micheal Haley’s one-punch takeout of Nashville Predators center Calle Jarnkrok was as ugly as Jarnkrok’s hit on him. … The Sharks have forfeit six straight and therefore are tied using the Anaheim Ducks and Edmonton Oilers for to begin with within the Off-shore Division. … Joel Ward and Paul Martin were a minus-4. Brent Burns would be a minus-3. … Erik Karlsson aided on the Montreal goal:

The Jackets goalkeeper made 36 saves against his former team, because the Jackets defeated the Philadelphia Flyers, 1-. Alex Wennberg had the lone goal.



No. 2 Star: Sergei Bobrovsky, Columbus Blue Jackets

Are You Aware? Auston Matthews retook the National hockey league lead in rookie goals with 34 and tied the Walnut Leafs rookie record for goals held by Wendel Clark (1985-86).

No. 1 Star: Jonathan Marchessault, Florida Panthers 


Marchessault were built with a natural hat trick within the Panthers’ huge 7- blowout from the Blackhawks. He switched a couple- lead right into a 5- lead, and today has 28 goals around the season. Jonathan Huberdeau were built with a goal and three assists for that Panthers.

Honorable Mention: Reid Boucher scored two times and Brock Boeser scored this primary National hockey league goal in the first National hockey league game, because the Vancouver Canucks defeated the Minnesota Wild, 4-2. Nature still backed in to the playoffs. … Antti Raanta made 30 saves because the Rangers ignore the la Nobleman, 3-. The Nobleman bending the Rangers’ shot total within the second and third periods. … Sean Monahan scored with 2.5 seconds left in overtime to own Calgary Flames a 3-2 make an impression on the St. Louis Blues, moving three points from the top Off-shore Division. … Jack Eichel had two goals as well as an assist because the Zoysia Sabres pushed off the Toronto Walnut Leafs, 5-2. … The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Ottawa Senators for that third amount of time in eight days, 3-1. Andrei Markov had three points and Carey Cost made 31 saves. … The Carolina Hurricanes extended their point steak to 10 games and defeated the Nj Demons, 3-1. … Daniel Winnik had two goals and Alex Ovechkin scored No. 30 within the Washington Capitals’ 4-1 make an impression on the Arizona Coyotes. … The Predators folded the San Jose Sharks, 7-2. Colton Sissons had two goals. … Drake Caggiula and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins were built with a goal as well as an help in the Edmonton Oilers’ 4-1 make an impression on the Colorado Avalanche.

No. 3 Star: Riley Nash, Boston Bruins

Sharks defend Micheal Haley sucker punch versus. Predators (Video)

The Predators, who have been up 3- during the time of the incident, continued to win 7-2.

He grabbed the Predator after which dropped him with one punch, bloodying him along the way.


In The Tennessean:

He was manipulating the puck across the boards when Nashville Predators center Calle Jarnkrok ran him, driving Haley’s mind in to the glass together with his forearm. Haley immediately sprung to his skates and continued searching-and-destroy mission for Jarnkrok.

“It’s an unpleasant play,” Predators coach Peter Laviolette stated. “This isn’t nature, wild west. I am talking about, Calle hit him. We required a problem. When we start doing that, we’re in danger, so hopefully it will get checked out.” 

Jarnkrok was handed two minutes for boarding. Haley was handed a match penalty.

I am talking about, you will find rules of these things, but he’s not entirely wrong.

At 12:56 from the third period, Saturday night’s game ended for San Jose Sharks forward Micheal Haley, and consequently.

Greg Wyshynski is really a author for Yahoo Sports. Contact him at or find him on Twitter. His book, Bring Your EYE From The PUCK, can be obtained on Amazon . com and wherever books are offered.

Based on the National hockey league rulebook, a person who earns this type of penalty “shall be instantly suspended from further competition before the commissioner has ruled around the issue.”

“When you take someone from behind inside a game like this, you most likely deserve to obtain a punch within the mouth,” Sharks coach Pete DeBoer told reporters.

Bruins win ugly over Islanders, as Hurricanes creep on bubble

Sebastian Aho, who’d two goals, in March? He’s got five goals and 7 aids in 14 games.


The Carolina Hurricanes (79 points) defeated the Nj Demons. They’ve TWO games in hands around the Bruins, with nine games remaining. Six of individuals games are in home. They likewise have a game title using the Islanders remaining. The Canes are 7–3 within their last 10 games.

The offense was supplied by, cure, Riley Nash. Yep. Two goals for Nash. Why don’t you?

And that’s how you receive a 2-1 win for Boston in Brooklyn, because they grab sole having the final wild card slot within the Eastern Conference.

Meanwhile, there are several other party visitors knocking in the door.

Greg Wyshynski is really a author for Yahoo Sports. Contact him at or find him on Twitter. His book, Bring Your EYE From The PUCK, can be obtained on Amazon . com and wherever books are offered.

The Boston Bruins got two goals form their 4th line as well as an outstanding performance form their backup goalkeeper. The Brand New You are able to Islanders got nothing from their power play and were gassed within the third period, playing their second game in as numerous nights.

The sport in-hands is big the Bruins’ 37-33 lead in non-shootout wins looms bigger.


The Bruins are in possession of 84 points, with seven games left and 6 of individuals in your own home. The Islanders have 82 points with eight games left, five of these on the highway.

The Islanders had six power plays. Combined with -for-1 from the Pittsburgh Penguins on Friday night, and that’s an enormous goose egg from one that tallied two times from the New You are able to Rangers earlier within the week. Coach Doug Weight makes lots of right moves in the tenure using the team. Here’s an incorrect one, by their own admission: Rookie Josh Ho-Sang didn’t begin to see the ice using the first-unit power play before the Islanders unsuccessful at five of these.

Better still for that B’s: The Zoysia Sabres thumped the Toronto Walnut Leafs, 5-2, on Saturday night. They’re a place back for third within , however the Leafs possess a game in-hands. Surprisingly, given they’re division rivals, they don’t face one another again.

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Tuukka Rask couldn’t play for that Bruins as a result of crippling fight with timidity, er, a “lower body injuries.” So Anton Khudobin walked track of 18 will save on 19 shots, that is a way of stating that the Islanders only generated 19 shots on goal. They average 30.5 shots per game Boston may be the second-best team within the National hockey league in shot suppression, 26.5 shots per game to opponents.

The Tampa Bay Lightning (81) are actually three in the rear of the Bruins, but there is a game in-hands along with a game from the Bruins left around the schedule.

The Florida Panthers and Philadelphia Flyers have 77 points, but time is running short. The Panthers defeated the Blackhawks with a 7- score on Saturday night. Here’s the only real highlight you need to worry about: