TJ Dillashaw open to fight with Urijah Faber after ugly exit from Team Alpha Male

And that goes double for Urijah Faber, who, despite having one of the most storied careers in lighter-weight MMA history, has yet to attain UFC gold.

He says Ludwig ‘built me into a champ’ and he has complete faith in his coaching.


Almost a week after announcing he would be leaving Team Alpha Male, UFC bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw stands by his decision.

That’s a good thing for Dillashaw, because apparently, he won’t be training in Sacramento ever again, as he revealed that he is “not allowed” to show his face at Team Alpha Male.

Ludwig was eventually forced out at Team Alpha Male over money disputes between Faber and himself. The feud went public over the last 12 months ‘making it tough’ on Dillashaw.

Despite being at the top of their division, both Faber and Dillashaw have repeatedly said they would never fight each other when asked.

Now, it seems as if both fighters have changed their tune, with Faber saying recently that he would be more than willing to mix it up with his former protégé – an admission that apparently took Dillashaw by surprise.

And before this, we believed them.

“Oh, absolutely,” said Dillashaw when asked by MMA Hour host Ariel Helwani if he was still happy with his decision, “I mean, obviously it has been tough – a lot tougher than I had imagined – I thought it was going to go over a little bit easier, but you really find out who people are when you have to make these type of decisions.”TJ Dillashaw celebrates after his second win over Renan Barao. (AP)

Faber discovered Dillashaw six years ago, but he says he’s a champion because of Ludwig. He says if you go back and look at his kickboxing in the span that Ludwig was his coach, the differences are undeniable. The ‘bickering’ between Faber and Ludwig forced him to choose between his two friends.

“I felt [Urijah] took it a little bit harder than I thought he was going to take it,” he said. “I thought he was going to understand my position and understand where I’m at. I kind of feel like he almost put me in this position.”

So, with the Faber-Ludwig beef in full swing, Dillashaw was forced to make a career decision: He would leave the only fight team he has ever known to focus on his own training camp in Colorado with Team Elevation and Duane Ludwig.

“The California Kid” brought a fresh-out-of-college Dillashaw over to his team six years ago as a young prospect. Two years ago, Faber made former UFC fighter Duane Ludwig the head striking coach at Team Alpha Male. Ludwig’s signing yielded amazing results, and Dillashaw became Team Alpha Male’s first UFC champion soon after.

Urijah Faber said he'd be willing to fight former teammate TJ Dillashaw. (Getty)But that doesn’t mean he would say no to the fight.

“You know, I didn’t think I would be until Urijah started saying the stuff he did,” Dillashaw said. “He’s the one saying he’s more than willing to fight me. I felt we were a lot closer friends than that. I put my heart and soul into this team and I thought we were a lot closer than that. I mean, he’s obviously looking for a big fight in his career, and I think I’m [it]. I don’t want to have to do it, but you know, if I’ll be the last statement on his career, if that’s the way it’s got to be. But that’s not really the way I want to do it.”

Now that Dillashaw is officially out at Team Alpha Male, his championship narrative takes an interesting turn.

Dillashaw acknowledges that there is still plenty of history with his friends over at Team Alpha Male. He doesn’t necessarily want to fight Faber, but he understands that he is the champ. And when you are the champ, everyone wants what you have.

He admits that leaving the place he has called home for the last six years has been ‘super tough,’ but he knows the move to Colorado is the right career choice.

“I don’t want to have to fight Urijah. It’s not something I want to do. I think of it from his corner. I’m the champion, I have the belt.”

The ‘people’ he is referring to of course is Team Alpha Male head coach Urijah Faber.

“There’s definitely a relationship with the guys,” he said of his friends and former teammates at TAM. “Even with Urijah.”

He says that if the fight were offered today, he would take it. When asked if he is confident he could beat Faber, he said, “Absolutely.”

Ronda Rousey's more youthful sister stars as Rousey in top-notch UFC 193 promo

The commercial – named “Revolution” – is extremely congratulations, however, you most likely are pondering where they found a youthful lady to portray Rousey throughout her 2008 Olympic run that bears this kind of uncanny resemblance towards the most dominant female athlete in sports.

The commercial parallels the particular increases of Rousey and Holm in combat sports with Rousey’s entry in judo while Holm is proven walking right into a boxing gym in her own teenage life. Eventually, their pathways through their particular crafts converge where we’re today as Holm prepares to manage Rousey at UFC 193.

“Amazing UFC 193 promo,” Rousey authored on her behalf Facebook account. “My little sister even plays the more youthful me inside it!!”

Well, that’s because that youthful lady so is actually Julia P Mars, the 17-year-old more youthful sister of Ronda Rousey. P Mars is viewed about half way with the commercial, that also features Rousey’s mother, AnnMaria P Mars, when Rousey is competing within the 2008 Olympics and finally results in a tv showing a UFC event. There’s without doubt concerning the bloodline when Julia boosts the bronze medal and also the trademark smirk that Rousey frequently shows is extended across her face. Should you didn’t know much better, you’d certainly think it had become Rousey.

The UFC has truly walked up using the marketing videos for his or her title fights. Their latest commercial for that UFC 193 showdown between Ronda Rousey and Carol Holm is an additional illustration of the UFC’s capability to hype up a battle, despite the fact that most don’t see this specific bout to be really competitive whatsoever.


P Mars is presently in her own senior year in senior high school at Villanova Basic School in Ojai, California, where she plays soccer. She did try judo not so long ago but has had a liking to kicking a ball instead of an opponent’s face.

Why TJ Dillashaw needed to leave Team Alpha Male

Colorado can also be where Duane Ludwig calls home.Urijah Faber said he's turned down offers to fight T.J. Dillashaw in the past. (MMAWeekly)

Another problem to check out this is actually the individuality of coaching and also the existence of the fighter.

However, should you take a look at combat sports in the greatest fiscal level (boxing), ‘teams’ don’t really exist.

So, in the finish during the day, Dillashaw departing Team Alpha Male is simply a logical evolution inside a champion’s career.

Although Dillashaw’s new camping is within Colorado, Ludwig won’t be his full-time coach. Rather, the champion will train with Team Elevation in Colorado and can receive regular training from Ludwig because he sees fit.

And because of the legitimate bitterness between Faber and Ludwig, the narrative for any mentor/student competition is unquestionably there.

Point being: If Mayweather wants yourself on they, he pays you to definitely take part in they. That isn’t the situation in MMA.

Dillashaw’s departure isn’t always an indication that change is here because we’re still greatly stuck inside a forgotten era.

The champion would feet the balance for every training camping, concentrating on a person game plan customized particularly to his, or her needs. The fighter would most probably make enough money to cover all of the high-level training partners he/she needed.TJ Dillashaw (Getty)

Now, all bets are off.

After Duane Ludwig left his position as mind trainer at Urijah Faber’s Team Alpha Male, many wondered how lengthy it might take Ludwig’s star pupil, TJ Dillashaw, to follow along with suit.

However the only reason teams like Alpha Male exist is due to the possible lack of profit the game of MMA.


Then Duane Ludwig stated within an interview that nobody at Team Alpha Male ‘actually really wants to be champion’ outdoors of Dillashaw.

And let’s be truthful, it truly isn’t much a ‘team,’ could it be. It’s Floyd Mayweather, his trainers, his training partners and a lot of sycophants.

Then Faber stated Ludwig is really a racist who’s shady about money.

Duane Ludwig (Getty)Just before Dillashaw’s departure, talk of the Faber-Dillashaw game appeared silly — almost disrespectful to even suggest.

Sure, you’ve Floyd Mayweather and “The Money Team,” however that team only is available due to one guy. Without Mayweather there’s nothing, and there’s most definitely no ‘Money Team.’

It’s certainly foreshadowing though.

“When it comes to my approaching fight camping, I’ll be doing my learning Colorado.” Dillashaw told MMAFighting. “The final six years at Team Alpha Male happen to be not avoidable and my siblings there’ll forever be family in my experience. I thank every single one of these in order to me on the way and being part of this journey we have shared. This isn’t the finish to be an element of the Team Alpha Male family, however a new chapter within my career.”

For just one, Faber and Dillashaw fight within the same division(s), as have taken part regularly at bantamweight and featherweight. Faber is the best storied lighter-weight fighter within the good reputation for the game and Dillashaw may be the unquestioned ‘new breed’ of champion.

Carrying out a report from Brazilian outlet Combate, Dillashaw leaves Team Alpha Male and will also be holding all his future fight camps at Team Elevation in Colorado, Colorado.

Which raises today, with TJ Dillashaw formally departing in the only fight team he’s seen.

Then Ludwig stated Faber was punchy all the hits he’s come to the mind.

Ludwig stated he’d still train Dillashaw at his home exercise space in Colorado, and the door would continually be available to Team Alpha Male martial artists. Despite the departure, Ludwig could be available at Team Alpha Male occasionally dealing with Dillashaw along with other martial artists, despite not ‘head coach’ any more.

It’s most likely excellent getting an area filled with pals to coach with, but when you’re attempting to spend all of your time being a world champion, you may not would like your training periods divided between other martial artists?

After dispatching of Barao, it had been introduced that Ludwig would no more function as the full-time coach at Team Alpha Male.

In the centre from the disagreement was money.

In the end, when Ludwig was introduced directly into Team Alpha Male, he was the ‘head coach,’ training all of the martial artists around the roster – including Faber, Dillashaw, and challengers like Frederick Benavidez and Chad Mendes.

Sure, it’s nice getting a good number of training partners to bounce your abilities off every week. Getting great training partners is really a large reason Dillashaw is how he’s (Team Alpha Male houses the best lighter in weight martial artists within the sport).

If MMA martial artists had Mayweather money (or, 10 % of the items Mayweather makes), you wouldn’t see fight teams like we all do in MMA. Rather, you’d see fight camps dedicated to the person needs of the specific champion.

After Dillashaw’s first conquer Barao (he beat Barao for again in This summer), gossips appeared the relationship between Ludwig and Faber had started to sour.

Apparently that response is: In regards to a year.

Teams like Alpha Male can’t always offer that kind of focused training.

Fight teams possess a purpose, without a doubt.

Despite the possible lack of official title ‘head coach,’ make no mistake about this: This move has everything related to Duane Ludwig.

Dillashaw started his career with Faber at Team Alpha Male fresh from college at Fullerton Condition. Within the next six years, Faber groomed Dillashaw right into a contender. However it was Ludwig who had been credited because the missing component that permitted Dillashaw to blossom because the virtuosic striker we have seen today.

Then, inside a year, Ludwig assisted Dillashaw win the UFC bantamweight championship, as he stunned the pound-for-pound king from the division, Renan Barao.

Dillashaw and Ludwig share a unique bond as trainer and student. Before Ludwig showed up at Team Alpha Male in 2013, they had yet to make a UFC champion.

Ronda Rousey to co-anchor SportsCenter on March. 7

– – – – – – –

Ronda Rousey is about setting trends and breaking records.

ESPN introduced inside a pr release the UFC bantamweight champion is going to be hosting Wednesday’s 6 p.m. ET edition of SportsCenter alongside Lindsay Czarniak.

Rousey even released a finest-selling autobiography in 2015, “My Fight, Your Fight.” It’s presently being modified right into a feature film with Rousey set to experience charge.

Labeled the “World’s Most Dominant Athlete” by Sports Highlighted, “Rowdy” has already established an unreal 2015.

If she does, you are able to rely on plenty more looks on popular Television shows.

Ryan McKinnell is really a contributor for that Yahoo Sports Cagewriter blog. Possess a tip? Email him or follow him on Twitter!

“I’m excited to co-host SportsCenter with Lindsay on Wednesday,” Rousey stated within the release. “I have always appreciated the support ESPN has proven me and I am honored is the first female celebrity co-host!”

Rousey can also be scheduled for a number of ESPN programming during the day on Wednesday.

At UFC 191, Rousey snagged her first million-buy PPV – an initial for ladies, along with a rarity for males – when she bumped out Bethe Correia within the first round.

Now, the 28-year-old celebrity is adding another ‘first’ to her résumé: SportsCenter anchor.

On November. 15, Rousey looks to create history once more, when she meets challenger Carol Holm at UFC 192 in Melbourne, Australia. The big event has been held in the 75,000-chair Etihad Stadium, and also the UFC is wishing “Rowdy” can break the UFC’s all-time attendance record.

It will likely be the very first time a lady athlete has co-located the flagship program.

Fighting against Correia wasn’t the champ’s first career KO, however it was her first, clean, one-punch knockout. Also it came at the time of the flourishing Hollywood career (Entourage, Fast 7).Ronda Rousey faces Holly Holm in Australia on Nov. 15. (Getty)

Former UFC title-holder Jon Johnson briefly breaks social networking silence


Is the return of Jon Johnson be here? He appears to become hinting he wants in, but it’s difficult to say. Hey, a minimum of he demonstrated a desire for the goings-on of his division.


The highly competitive showdown that saw Daniel Cormier retain his light heavyweight title against Alexander Gustafsson on Saturday evening at UFC 192 had many MMA fans gushing within the entertaining bout on social networking, including one that had an interest in the end result.

Jon “Bones” Johnson, who had been involved inside a heated competition with Cormier coupled with his most difficult test within the Octagon against Gustafsson, have been quietly located on the social networking sidelines after he was removed from the title – which Cormier now holds – and subsequently suspended after a little personal problems along with a run-along with what the law states.

He’s back…. @JonnyBones published this on Instagram and erased it However, you know @MMAHistoryToday got your back

Ryan Bader ruins Rashad Evans’ comeback grapple with dominant decision win

“I’m happy,” Bader stated publish-fight. “There’s always room to develop, however i decided which i would are available in here and be the greatest, and also you saw that tonight.”

When asked about his apparent step up from the ft, Bader accepted he did lots of scouting before he squared off from the former champion.

Fighting against Jackson would be a rousing success, reaching a million buys. With this, it skyrocketed Evans into choose company among the only martial artists to ever achieve that coveted benchmark.

The storyline from the fight wasn’t a lot Evans’ apparent ring rust, around it had been a showcase for Bader’s ongoing improvement in the stand-up attack.

The previous light heavyweight champion made his lengthy looked forward to came back towards the Octagon on Saturday against No. 4-rated Ryan Bader.

3 years later, in 2013, Evans would defeat Chael Sonnen at UFC 167. That combat Sonnen will be the last fans would see of “Suga” for the following 2 yrs, as residual knee and leg problems delayed his career.

On May 29, 2010, UFC fighter Rashad Evans met Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 114 in Vegas.

If he keeps fighting like he did against Evans on Saturday evening, Bader won’t be short on golden possibilities.

Bader, an old All-American at Arizona Condition, won “The Best Fighter 8” in 2008, due mainly to his stellar wrestling background. And also over that point, he’s enhanced progressively on the fight-by-fight basis.

Within the summer time, Bader stormed a publish-fight press conference at UFC 187 and challenged champion Daniel Cormier to some fight. Bader was subsequently ignored in support of Alexander Gustafsson.

It had been Bader’s fifth win consecutively and also the most impressive performance of his seven-year UFC career.

By the beginning of the 3rd round, Bader had battered Evans with your frequency that his right eye was inflamed shut. Whenever Evans attempted to muster any offense, or pin Bader from the cage to fireplace off his signature overhand right hook, Bader responded superbly, staying away from any major damage.

Regrettably for that 36-year-old veteran, time from the cage was an excessive amount of to beat, as Bader gained a unanimous decision victory over Evans (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

– – – – – – –

On Saturday, however, Bader appeared as if a totally different fighter, because he stored Evans away having a rangy jab and sneaky counter punching. Despite Evans’ off evening, Bader still needed to cope with a pressuring and crafty striker at UFC 192, and that he worked with him in relative ease.

Jackson and Evans were built with a heated, visceral competition. And fans responded accordingly by looking into making Evans probably the most popular stars within the UFC after his unanimous decision victory over “Rampage” with that summer time evening 5 years ago.Ryan Bader (MMAWeekly)

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“Yeah, scouting him and all sorts of that — he keeps his hands out, circles left, right, or whatever. And So I feigned my takedowns and set my hands together. That’s the things that work for me personally.”

Dominick Cruz states Cormier has tall task to beat at UFC 192

Cormier is preferable to a couple-1 favorite to defeat Gustafsson and retain his title, but former bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, now a Fox Sports MMA analyst, stated Gustafsson’s achieve is really a serious advantage.

“The reality never changes which is body mechanics we are speaking about,” Cruz stated. “Should you consider the body mechanics for Electricity, they never lie. He needs to have an underhook, he needs to obtain a clinch and that he needs to put Alex around the cage at least one time in every round.”

“I am not attempting to toot my very own horn whatsoever,” Cruz told Yahoo Sports, “but when you appear inside my fights, I have faced lots of short wrestlers. I’d the type of height and achieve advantage Alexander Gustafsson will within this fight. With this being stated, I have had the ability to the number and also the rhythm of products to really make it a difficult fight for wrestlers. I have faith that Alex could make individuals same changes I have made previously.

When then-champion Jon Johnson defended the sunshine heavyweight championship against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 in Toronto in 2013, a lot of the marketing focused on Gustafsson’s height advantage.

On Saturday at UFC 192 in the Toyota Center in Houston, reigning light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier can make the very first defense from the belt he won in May as he meets Gustafsson. And this time around, the five-11 Cormier can give away six inches tall and 7 inches in achieve towards the Swedish challenger.

However it required all things in Jones’ energy to win a choice that evening inside a fight which was a lot more difficult than expected. Which came despite the fact that Johnson only threw in the towel 1 inch tall and loved a 5-inch edge in achieve.

Cruz stated Gustafsson’s jab and work is a problem for Cormier, and he’ll need to find away out to obtain within the jab to be able to exploit Gustafsson’s weak points.

Former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield always stated, “Styles make fights,” which is exactly the same in MMA.

The 6-4 Johnson had run roughshod through the best competition within the good reputation for the division, and couple of were seriously giving the 6-5 Gustafsson a chance. And thus once the UFC performed in the improvement in height, fans and media alike scoffed.

Cormier, who before his combat Johnson stated he needed to utilize a large amount of mind movement and wing punches because he was on his means by, thinks he’ll have the ability to get it done.

“Electricity includes a championship mindset, however the dimensions are a substantial problem within this fight,” Cruz stated. “Size matters. It truly does. Also it produces lots of problems Electricity will have to have the ability to solve to complete what he must do.”

“In writing, individuals wrestlers were always better wrestlers than me. However I determined a method to beat them and outwrestle them and outstrike them. I realize the fundaments of striking range, offsetting my angles so that they posess zero shot, setting my angles and so i have offense and they are entering my offense rather than creating their very own.Inch

Oddsmakers are favoring Cormier with a significant margin, but Cruz advised caution for individuals who think Cormier will romp to victory.

“The peak and range is really a factor,” Cormier told Yahoo Sports. “Clearly, it is a factor. Individuals large men like this, they think different: How they balance. The way in which their physiques feel when you are clinching. How they feel when you are on the floor. They think different.”

Cruz stated Cormier can perform it, however that it will not be simple.

Ex-UFC champion Dominick Cruz. (Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)Cruz stated his fights show just how much range really make a difference inside a bout.