Evangelista &#39Cyborg&#39 Santos suffers fractured skull in violent loss to Michael Page

Page required to his Instagram to require his downed opponent a complete recovery.

Michael Page is rapidly becoming Bellator’s quickest rising star and also the 29-year-old put into his growing legacy with probably the most violent knockouts ever against Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos at Bellator 158 over the past weekend.

“I am grateful to possess had the chance to possess fought against this type of person and examined myself,” Page stated. “I wish him best wishes along with a fast recovery from his operation.”

Having a “Cyborg” now in the faux Pokemon stable, Page ended his publish-fight celebration having a “Yatta!” pose in the finish.

A Try Fund Me page devoted to raising funds for Santos’ surgery have been shared by many people within the MMA community, including Santos’ ex-wife Cris “Cyborg” Justino and UFC commentator Joe Rogan. Over $20,000 was elevated in 24 hrs to cover the surgery and Santos is heading to the U.S. for that procedure.

Evangelista &#39Cyborg&#39 Santos fractured his skull at Bellator 158. (Credit: Instagram)

However the celebration would have a back seat towards the damage that Page’s knee caused around the skull of Santos. The 38-year-old were built with a very visible dent in the brow as a result of the knee and can need surgery to correct the fractured skull.

The unbeaten welterweight obtained a truly devastating knockout of Santos having a flying knee within the second round of the bout. To place a cap around the scintillating knockout, Page celebrated by channeling the Pokemon Go craze which has taken the planet by storm. With Santos still sprawled on the canvas, Page visited his corner, grabbed a Pokemon hat after which folded a Pokeball at his downed opponent so that they can “capture” his prey.

For Page, he remains unbeaten by having an 11- record (7- in Bellator) with each and every victory except one coming by means of submission or knockout. Based on Sportsbook Review, Page is a significant favorite in the last five fights and really should certainly visit a step-up competing soon thinking about his tendency for finishing fights and the rising recognition.

Top Ten knockouts since UFC 100

10. Thiago Santos KO1 Steve Bosse, UFC Fight Night 70 – This fight led to just 29 seconds and it was as definitive of the finish as you’ll ever see.

1. Edson Barboza KO3 Terry Etim, UFC 142 – Barboza is among the sport’s finest and many harmful kickers, but he usually confines his attack towards the legs and the entire body.

Werdum was continuing to move forward, pushing Miocic backward. Miocic was backpedaling, attempting to produce the proper distance, as he put a brief right. The punch connected around the jaw and set Werdum out cold.

Listed here are my top ten:

2. Yair Rodriguez KO2 Andre Fili, UFC 197 – Rodriguez is among the most creative and innovative martial artists within the sport and that he demonstrated it against Fili.

9. Thomas Almeida KO2 Kaira Pickett, UFC 189 – Pickett attempted a flying knee on Almeida, who first viewed it coming and danced taken care of. Seconds later, Almeida attempted their own and also the fight soon ended.

4. Dong Hyun Kim KO3 John Hathaway, The Best Fighter: China Finale – The seem of Kim’s elbow catching Hathaway around the face was just like a baseball bat catching up to and including 98 miles per hour fastball.

Whatever, when Williams required one step to his left and dropped his hands, Beal jumped in to the air and caught Williams around the face having a knee.

Barboza was in control of the battle and Etim was attempting to make something happen. As Etim assaulted, Barboza spun striking Etim hard, planting him, using the wheel kick knockout that’s my choice because the best KO within the UFC since UFC 100 in ’09.


She got the conclusion on Etim having a spinning wheel kick towards the jaw which was awe-inspiring to look at.

Bisping would be a huge underdog, but he unloaded an amazing combination apparently from nowhere to decrease Rockhold and claim the title.

Bosse was continuing to move forward, and planning to throw a punch. Santos braced on his right leg and caught Bosse having a perfectly placed kick towards the mind, knocking the Canadian cold. The shin arrived directly on the jaw and Bosse never understood what hit him.

6. Michael Bisping KO1 Luke Rockhold, UFC 199 – There have been many just as devastating finishes because this, though Bisping’s KO of Rockhold was mighty devastating. That one, though, goes out there due to its significance.Michael Bisping (L) throws a punch at Luke Rockhold during their UFC 199 fight. (Getty)

Kim spun so when he faced Hathaway, he unloaded probably the most effective and perfectly placed elbows ever. Hathaway never first viewed it coming and that he was out cold.

8. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua KO1 James Te Huna, UFC Fight Night 33 – Rua has lengthy been among the sport’s greatest stars, but there is pressure on him entering this battle to prove he wasn’t finished, as he’d lost two consecutively and three of 4.

Almeida behaved as though he would throw the right knee and switched left. It designed a seem which was audible to individuals at cageside also it put Pickett out flat on his back.

Seeing an incredible knockout in a UFC fight may be the easy part. Hard part is picking together.

The effective Te Huna moved on and it was stalking. Because he ready to throw a punch, Rua fired a lightning-quick left hook that arrived around the face 63 seconds in to the fight and set Te Huna out. Rua fired a vicious from the very best prior to the referee might get directly into stop it.

7. Paul Felder KO2 Danny Castillo, UFC 182 – Felder were built with a great first round and it was picking Castillo apart.

Williams was relocating to his left across the cage as Beal gauged the space. He’d been getting success together with his hands and possibly Williams was watching for individuals.

As Fili was getting away, Rodriguez hopped and appeared as though he were going to throw the right mind kick. He modified in air and set Fili completely by helping cover their a left that arrived having a sickening thud.

I pared their email list lower to 25 prior to making the ultimate 10. Unquestionably, you’re not likely to accept my picks. That’s fine, because there’s a disagreement to make for a lot of more apart from those I selected.

He just walked away, knowing his work was over.

It had been as shocking of the finish just like any about this list.

But you need to discuss power, timing and speed? Watch Miocic’s finish of Werdum.

Bisping have been round the UFC for over a decade rather than sniffed a title shot. Many considered him as nothing more than a gatekeeper, and that he got this shot in the middleweight title only if Chris Weidman drawn by helping cover their injuries.

3. Chris Beal KO2 Patrick Williams, UFC 172 – Beal treated individuals clients who showed up early to look at this fight, the card’s opener, to some great flying knee knockout.

5. Stipe Miocic KO1 Fabricio Werdum, UFC 198 – Again, the value of this fight, by which Miocic won the heavyweight title, vaults it over others and puts it within my Top Ten.

There have been literally dozens upon a large number of bouts that may be selected for that ten best knockouts since UFC 100.

Within the second, he altered up a little to great affect. He caught Castillo having a perfectly timed spinning back fist that sent Castillo out in a rush.

Rafael dos Anjos: ‘Of course I’m able to beat’ Georges St-Pierre


And don’t think for just one second that dos Anjos is going to be starstruck by standing over the cage from probably the most dominant champions within the good reputation for the UFC. It’s a battle that dos Anjos would like to have while he doesn’t have doubt he is able to beat him.

“I’m a hostile fighter but I’m not stupid,” he stated. “I possess a strategy and that’s why I’m a champion. I don’t understand what he strategies by that but it’s not really fun for him on fight night. Basically possess the chance to complete like Used to do with Cerrone, I’ll finish him.”

The champion is prepared for that type of war that Alvarez has a tendency to bring with him right into a fight. But while Alvarez has recommended in the past interviews he may use dos Anjos’ aggressiveness against him, the Nobleman Martial artist scoffs in the notion.Rafael dos Anjos will defend his title on July 7 against Eddie Alvarez. (Getty)

“I don’t pick my fights but whomever needs a shot inside my title I’ll beat them,” dos Anjos stated. “I don’t care if it’s Conor McGregor or Nate Diaz or whomever. My job would be to defend this title.”

And when it isn’t St-Pierre, dos Anjos could not care less who they throw at him next. Maybe it’s a rescheduling with Conor McGregor – who dos Anjos was designed to fight in March before getting to drag out because of an injuries – or it may be Nate Diaz. It doesn’t matter to RDA the only goal is the fact that he’s protecting his title and ongoing to exhibit that he’s the very best on the planet.

Dos Anjos’ route to creating themself because the best pound for pound fighter on the planet continues as he faces Eddie Alvarez at UFC Fight Night 90 throughout a fight weekend in Vegas which will have a staggering five title fights. And be assured, dos Anjos doesn’t have wish to be the first one to give his title to a different fighter.

“I think every fight differs according to who’s fighting,” dos Anjos stated. “I understand how durable he’s and also the wars he has been around. But I’m within my safe place and can’t wait to protect my title.”

You will find big fights coming should dos Anjos work through Alvarez. There’s a potential rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov, who’s the final man to conquer dos Anjos over 2 yrs ago. Dos Anjos thinks the unbeaten Russian certainly needs a shot in the title and it is certainly thinking about getting revenge. But there is additionally a are convinced that Georges St-Pierre may want to consider fighting at lightweight. If that’s true, dos Anjos would likely like to face the person he views his idol.

Rafael dos Anjos switched a large part in the career that saw him move from middling lightweight contender to among the best pound-for-pound martial artists in the world. Before 2012, the Brazilian had an eye on 15-6 coupled with yet to conquer a top-notch fighter at lightweight. Consider his last loss to Gleison Tibau, RDA has put together an eye on 10-1 while declaring the UFC lightweight title and knocking off former champions for example Jesse Cerrone, Benson Henderson and Anthony Pettis. The advance within the cage is jarring. He’s a relentless pressure fighter that has torn through his competitors.

Should you listen to it through the figures, dos Anjos must have a benefit over Alvarez before they can set feet within the Octagon. Alvarez lost his UFC debut to Jesse Cerrone, who had been flattened within minutes by dos Anjos in December. But RDA doesn’t believe that it’ll have effect on what goes on within the cage backward and forward martial artists who won’t move back.

“I don’t do fight camps any longer because My home is camp,” dos Anjos told Yahoo Sports when requested how he went from fringe contender to dominant pressure. “I breathe fighting techinques every single day of my existence. Every evening which i put my mind around the pillow, I fall asleep knowing will be able to do more. I’m going after perfection. I’m trying is the best ever.”

“I’ve always stated GSP is among my idols and I’ve always researched to him,” he stated. “I such as the way he fights and that i like who he’s outdoors from the Octagon too. But when I’ve the opportunity to fight certainly one of my idols, obviously I’m likely to go.”

“Of course I’m able to beat him,” he stated having a laugh. “I am positive about my game and may beat anybody.”

Why ‘Rampage’ Jackson switched lower a job in ‘X-Men Roots: Wolverine’

“I was said to be old at 35, but my body system isn’t saying that I’m old,” Jackson stated. “And just what would I actually do basically upon the market? My trainers are upon the market and old as grime however they want these were fighting again. I’m believing that I don’t wish to be old like them and mad since i upon the market too soon.”

After getting a leading role in 2010’s “The A-Team” remake as B.A. Baracus, Rampage might have thrust themself into Hollywood’s arms and attempted to balance work both in. However, the 38-year-old describes that martial artists who attempt to juggle two two careers will probably end up failing at one of these.

Like a fighter who attempted just to walk the tightrope, although briefly, possibly he is able to comprehend the challenges that Rousey has ought to than most. Some have recommended that they has lost the need to battle since she’s were built with a taste of Hollywood yet others blamed her wish to be a film star because the reason she was bumped out by Carol Holm last November. Jackson might not entirely accept that assessment while he knows what it’s like to dabble elsewhere, only to recalibrate and get back concentrate on what got him here to begin with: fighting.

“There’s no method for you to do both simultaneously,” Jackson told Yahoo Sports. “You can’t train for any fight and shoot a film. Your focus needs to perform that fight.”

Rampage states that today he feels fantastic and it is fully dedicated to fighting because nothing matches the adrenaline hurry of competing within the cage.

Jackson lately says he switched lower a job in 2009’s “X-Men Roots: Wolverine” while he needed to pay attention to a battle and didn’t wish to finish up losing because his attention was elsewhere.

Jackson states that he’s still thinking about doing movies but he certainly won’t let it affect his training. He’s fully involved in his approaching grapple with Ishii, a 2008 Judo gold medalist for Japan, and despite claims earlier in the career that he’d retire by age 35, there doesn’t seem to be an finish around the corner for that 16-year veteran.

Before Ronda Rousey had crossover success within the mobile phone industry’s of mixed fighting techinques and Hollywood, there is Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. The previous UFC light heavyweight champion, who’ll go back to fighting following a one-year layoff as he faces Satoshi Ishii at Bellator 157 on June 24, has witnessed his great amount of success being an actor in addition to a Martial artist.


“ ‘The Wolverine’ offer was an excellent but fighting is my regular job,” Jackson stated before explaining how attempting to divide his focus between acting and training cost him inside a big fight. “It just came in a bad time. It’s the storyline of my existence. ‘The A-Team’ came in a bad time too and that i required the time off work rather than planning for Rashad Evans and that i compensated the cost for this.”

“Acting isn’t real but fighting is real,” Jackson stated. “I love acting however when you knock somebody you receive this high that you simply can’t get elsewhere. I’ve attempted to breed that adrenaline hurry after i drive my vehicle or I actually do something to try and scare myself, however, you can’t have it elsewhere besides kicking somebody’s ass within the cage.”

The date for CM Punk’s UFC debut has finally been set

There has been questions when (or maybe) former WWE celebrity Phil “CM Punk” Brooks would ever make his UFC debut after signing using the MMA promotion 18 several weeks ago. But CM Punk finally says he’ll go into the cage at UFC 203 on Sept. 10 in Cleveland.

Ultimately, Punk stated that this was a chance he couldn’t avoid and, successful or unsuccessful, he’ll don’t have any regrets.

This can finally finish the speculation regarding if the former sports performer could make the transition to mixed fighting techinques. Unlike Brock Lesnar, who effectively required towards the sport and grew to become a heavyweight champion, Punk doesn’t have amateur wrestling credentials or freakish size and athleticism. He’s been a piece happening since joining Duke Roufus’ Roufusport MMA Academy in Milwaukee and gossips regarding Punk’s progression happen to be littering the net.

“I think there’s lots of suspect individuals using their opinions that they will throw a tomato can at me,” Punk stated. “But I believe we’re almost [physically] identical. The knowledge advantage would go to him he’s fought against within the Octagon and that i haven’t.”

Injuries have slowed down lower his training since logging into websites December 2014. A shoulder injuries put him in stock last October and merely if this made an appearance that Punk would debut at UFC 199 or 200, a back injuries and subsequent surgery derailed individuals plans. However the planet will see if the popular pro wrestling talent is prepared for that vibrant lights from the UFC.

“The instant I acquired removed, I acquired around the horn and nailed everything lower,” stated CM Punk around the UFC Unfiltered podcast. “I’m happy to possess a date, there’s an easy in the finish from the tunnel.”

CM Punk will make his UFC debut against Mickey Gall on Sept. 10. His opponent is going to be Mickey Gall, who gained the battle by scoring a 45-second submission victory over Mike Jackson in Feb.

The 37-year-old is going to be facing Gall, who’s 2- in professional MMA fights, and it has been adamant in many interviews that he’ll finish CM Punk early. Each of his finishes came within the first round via submission.

“I didn’t wish to awaken at some point [thinking to myself that] If only I’d did this. I take a look at all things in my existence like a chance to learn which is exactly the same.”

Time The Rock considered competing in MMA

Manley described he had lengthy been keen on mixed fighting techinques and remembered watching the very first UFC tournament while playing nfl and college football. Together with his acting career in limbo, Manley considered a way which has since been taken by former pro wrestlers switched MMA martial artists Brock Lesnar and CM Punk.

“There was a period when my movies weren’t doing that well and that i had difficulty finding my groove and working out exactly what the audiences desired to see from me,” Manley told Matt Serra and Jim Norton. “So I had been making these movies – to utilize a baseball example – I had been striking singles and doubles. At that time I had been like exactly what the [expletive] must i do?”

“Within my mind, I felt enjoy it what food was in least a 2-year process that i can even enter the [cage], not to mention the UFC,” Manley stated. “I wasn’t quite too sure how to proceed or what type of individuals to put around me at that time, therefore the idea type of fizzled out and that i ongoing to remain on the way of movie making.”

After a little consideration, however, Manley made the decision to stay with acting and finally found his groove among the greatest stars on screen today.

“I accomplished everything I needed to attain in WWE, my movie career is staggering a bit, exactly what do I actually do?Inch Manley stated. “I had been relatively still youthful, I believe I had been 34. I figured, well i guess maybe UFC. Maybe I ought to do something of that nature.Inch

Since that time, Manley has already established prominent roles in blockbuster films like the “Fast & Furious” series, “San Andreas,” “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” and lately appeared alongside Kevin Hart within the comedy “Central Intelligence,” that capped this area office towards the tune of $35 million. Suffice to state, he earned the best decision. But he’s still an admirer and wishing that his filming schedule will let up so he is able to attend UFC 200.

The Rock briefly considered getting involved in mixed martial arts. (AP Images for WWE)Before he grew to become a extremely effective actor, the previous WWE celebrity was enticed to test his hands at mixed fighting techinques. The Rock revealed his one-time need to transition from pro wrestling to MMA within an interview around the UFC Unfiltered podcast.

The mere considered Dwayne “The Rock” Manley fighting within the UFC may seem far-fetched, however it might have been nearer to reality than you’d initially think.

“Anybody, incidentally, who’s effective in a single area after which commits to MMA, I simply seem like it is the toughest [expletive] sport on the planet,Inch Manley stated. “I usually take my hat off and away to individuals guys.”

In early 2000s, The Rock was at the summit of success like a WWE celebrity. He was the champion and simply probably the most identifiable face in sports entertainment – alongside “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. His crossover success opened up doorways for him to get an actress and Manley made the decision to go away in the WWE full-amount of time in 2004 to pursue the brand new profession. However the success he wished for in Hollywood had eluded and, eventually, frustrated him.

MMA legend Randy Couture: UFC comes with an ‘image problem’

“I do not understand. Basically bought the organization and desired to change that or go one stage further, I am thinking you’ll need a change of face, you’ll need a change of image,” Couture stated.

The game is perhaps accepted ever using the emergence of stars for example Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor. Which has fueled speculation that the organization would eventually sell if this what food was in its peak. However, the thought of Dana White-colored retaining his position as UFC president doesn’t always sit well using the 52-year-old.

“I have heard a powerful rumor that it’s offered,” Couture stated. “… Lorenzo’s [Fertitta] out. Dana [White-colored] continues to be in. Four-billion-dollar cost tag, somewhere thereabouts. I been told by fairly reliable sources that that’s happening.”Randy Couture has famously butted heads with UFC president Dana White over the years. (Getty)

“This is a crazy number,” Couture stated. “We used to do the very first season of ‘The Ufc’s Ultimate Figher.A These were [$40 million] lower and spent another 11 to obtain that demonstrate on air. I was very concerned they would sell the organization or even the sport, under that brand, would die without a doubt.”

“They need somebody to exhibit them the ropes. But they are individuals truly the ropes you need to be proven? A number of individuals ropes are pretty sour i believe.Inch

“If the UFC includes a problem at this time like a brand, this is an image problem,” Couture stated. “How they act and just how they treat the martial artists and things that they are doing using their martial artists which are within their stable and large amount of that trickles lower from [Dana White-colored] – his attitude. His attitude as he does interviews. His attitude as he handles the press. His attitude as he handles his martial artists.”

It’s worth observing that Couture and White-colored haven’t always seen eye to eye on matters and that may be playing a job within the upon the market fighter’s opinion. But Couture ultimately feels that White-colored needs a mindset adjustment if the organization will climb greater under new possession.

Using the gossips and conflicting tales circulating concerning the possible purchase from the UFC, everybody associated with mixed fighting techinques is hitting the scales on the way forward for the greatest organization in most of MMA.

Former UFC heavyweight and lightweight heavyweight champion Randy Couture offered his undertake the problem throughout an appearance on ESPN100.

So Couture’s opinions around the promotion count hearing, even when his exposure to the business is a bit turbulent, as you would expect. As well as he was shocked in the massive selling cost that’s been talked about.

Couture carried out the job interview in front of you FloCombat story saying Zuffa had recognized a $4.2 billion bid for that UFC. Couture’s take bears many commonalities, however the UFC is emphatically denying that the organization continues to be offered.

Couture stands among the most prominent figures to compete within the UFC he began his career there back at UFC 13 in 1997 and fought against his final fight for that organization this year at UFC 129. He’s had the experience throughout the ancient and assisted pull it into eco-friendly pastures like a beloved fighter as well as would be a coach for that first season of “The Best Fighter.”


UFC informs employees that relate of $4.2 billion purchase is fake

There has been gossips for many several weeks concerning the potential purchase, but none of them have had the ability to be confirmed. When the UFC is, indeed, offered for $4.2 billion, it might be the biggest sports purchase ever. Last This summer, named the actual Madrid team because the world’s best sports franchise at $3.26 billion. White-colored and partners Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta bought the UFC for $two million in 2001 from Semaphore Entertainment Group.

“FloCombat.com’s report showing the UFC continues to be offered is fake,Inch Sholler stated within the statement. “We have conveyed that to the staff people tonight with an internal memo.”

Jeremy Botter of FloCombat reported Monday that based on multiple un named sources, an organization brought by WME/IMG would buy the UFC for $4.2 billion. Based on Botter’s report, nearly all money for that deal will come from Chinese companies Dalian Wanda Group and TenCent Holdings. Additionally, Botter reported the Kraft Group, possessed by Gambling owner Robert Kraft, can also be area of the deal to purchase the UFC.

Sholler wouldn’t respond to questions and UFC president Dana White-colored rejected comment. reported on May 9 the UFC was at the advanced stages of foretells sell the organization. White-colored refused that to Yahoo Sports tomorrow.




Ari Emanuel, the brother of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, may be the co-chair of WME and it is close with UFC top management, including White-colored and also the Fertitta siblings. WME also signifies former women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

A UFC spokesperson on Monday shot lower a FloCombat are convinced that indicated possession had recognized a deal of $4.2 billion to market the organization.

Our story around the UFC’s acceptance of the $4.2 billion bid for company purchase is up-to-date with increased information: https://t.co/tZhxZtaYUQ


Stephen Thompson earns title shot, but new welterweight contender emerges

Stephen Thompson has now won seven fights in a row in the UFC. (AP)

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson staked his claim because the No. 1 contender to Robbie Lawler’s UFC welterweight title having a tactical dissection of Rory MacDonald on the way to a unanimous decision at UFC Fight Night 89 in the TD Place Arena in Ottawa, Canada.

After that it had been a game title of range as Thompson expertly utilized his speed and assaulted the torso of MacDonald with kicks and countered whenever his Canadian opponent billed in.

Jesse Cerrone’s campaign at 170 pounds ongoing having a impressive third-round TKO of Patrick Cote with what was certainly one of Cerrone’s best all-around performances up to now. In each one of the three models, Cerrone would deposit Cote towards the canvas before finally finishing the task within the third. “Cowboy” mixed up together with his top-notch grappling and outdueled Cote once the fight was introduced towards the ft. Cote, who once campaigned at light heavyweight as well as challenged Anderson Silva for that middleweight title, wasn’t any match for Cerrone regardless of the assumed size advantage. A crushing left hook sent Cote lower within the third and Cerrone wasted virtually no time pouncing on his wounded opponent and earning the stoppage.

He’s certainly worthy of a title shot as his current roll of seven straight wins includes victories over MacDonald, Mike Ellenberger, Patrick Cote, Robert Whitaker along with a scintillating knockout of former champion Johny Hendricks in Feb. His latest victory over MacDonald is impressive thinking about the Canadian was one fight taken off a outstanding war with champion Robbie Lawler last This summer and searched for to maneuver back in to the title picture.

Together with his second victory consecutively at welterweight, Cerrone has cemented themself as a menace to the division following a strong campaign like a lightweight.

However this night most certainly belonged to Wonderboy.

Within the opening stanza, MacDonald figured to tug the battle towards the pad and attempted a set of moving leglocks to trap “Wonderboy” off-guard. However, Thompson had little problem tugging from his opponent’s tricky submission attempts. Following the unsuccessful submissions, MacDonald attempted to takedown Thompson the traditional way and located the 33-year-old had an extremely formidable takedown defense that often stuffed MacDonald’s advances.

“I was expecting to be released and so that it is a bit more of the war,” Thompson stated. “I did not think Rory would be ready for the angles and also the speed. When I met him in the centre, simply by his stance, I recognized this will probably be a chess match.”

It had been a methodically paced fight that came sporadic boos in the crowd in Canada. However, Thompson handled to land 124 total strikes through the contest – double that MacDonald arrived (61). In the centre models, “Wonderboy” would fire up the aggression and bust MacDonald’s face-up with heavy punches. Through the final round, with MacDonald anxiously looking for an offensive strategy that will work, Thompson expertly evaded and countered MacDonald’s advances whilst departing his face a bloody mess.


“Title belt! Robbie Lawler!” Thompson stated after, clearly showing he has his eyes focused on the welterweight title. “I want the champion of Robbie Lawler and Tyron Woodley in New You are able to!”

The victory puts him lined up for that champion of Robbie Lawler’s title defense against Tyron Woodley at UFC 201 this summer.

Within the finish, Thompson won with lots of 50-45, 50-45 and 48-47 inside a fight which was much closer compared to scorecards may suggest.

With Thompson firmly planting themself because the No. 1 contender, there is also another future welterweight title contender who ongoing to thrill since bumping up fat loss class.

The No. 2-rated Thompson utilized his world-class boxing and takedown defense to nullify any grappling advantages that the No. 1-rated MacDonald was assumed to possess entering the battle. However it was an very technical fight as Thompson carefully placed his punches and kicks while MacDonald, who’s a counterstriker, attempted his better to locate an opening.

Fedor Emelianenko wins in questionable fashion in Russia

Fedor Emelianenko

The battle suddenly went the space also it was broadly assumed it might be a draw, with Maldonado earning a ten-8 first round and Emelianenko evening things with a set of 10-9 models. However, the idol judges gave Emelianenko a big part decision, much towards the shock and chagrin of individuals watching.

Nonetheless, Emelianenko made it the very first-round blitzkrieg and searched for to take advantage of a drained Maldonado, who’d certainly smacked themself in the outlet stanza.

The 39-year-old opened up the battle by having an overwhelming onslaught of punches so that they can remove Maldonado before he understood what went down. But Maldanado continued to be composed and caught an overanxious Russian charging along with a thunderous right hands and adopted having a left hook, which put Emelianenko lower. The Brazilian rapidly dove along with heavy shots searching for that finish, and often might have gained the stoppage,

It had been a bizarre, one-on the sides display of action that demonstrated the tremendous heart of Emelianenko but additionally some partiality in the Russian official.

It had been not.

The legendary Russian fighter barely made it a savage first-round assault by Fabio Maldonado to win a questionable decision within the primary event of EFN 50 in St. Petersburg, Russia. It broadcast survive UFC Fight Pass.

Emelianenko, who’s broadly considered because the finest heavyweight of-some time and once went unbeaten for ten years, made an appearance to become near signing a UFC contract after negotiating most abundant in prominent MMA organization for quite some time. Everything he’d to complete was work through Maldonado, a sturdy fighter although not one that was considered a menace to a fighter the quality of Emelianenko.

Fedor would have a better second frame where he measured and arrived effective punches and trademark knees which were similar to his glory days. However this was clearly different fighter who possessed victories within the most harmful heavyweights within the good reputation for the game.

The long awaited return of Fedor Emelianenko was expected to become a glorified sparring session – one which might have fight fans salivating for that finest Martial artist who may never have fought against within the UFC to finally come in the Octagon.

For the following several minutes Maldonado clubbed “The Final Emperor” having a bevy of power shots which had the previous king of Pride FC champion on his ft. You could reason that the battle might have been stopped anytime throughout the furious pounding that Maldonado shipped, but to his credit, Emelianenko continued to be upright and declined to stop.

Whether his performance will earn him a UFC contract is not yet been seen but it’s definitely not the dominant performance that lots of experts anticipated in the great Sambo fighter from Russia. He’s now won his fifth straight fight after being stopped in three fights consecutively. Maldonado has lost his last three fights.

Exactly the same cycle happened within the third round but Maldonado would from time to time crack Fedor having a hard counter shot. In a single particular sequence, Fedor appeared to achieve the Brazilian hurt however a counterpunch from Maldonado briefly stunned the Russian and stopped his attack.