The Cubs&#39 quest around the world Series will get &#39Legend of Zelda&#39 treatment

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This really is most likely his best product, yet. And they’ve all been good. The prior vids include Card Search, Punch-By helping cover their Mr. Met, Super Cubbie Bros. and Donkey Kong Cubbie.

Using the World Series finally in Chicago, there’s an abundance of interesting things the locals do to celebrate. Which includes Johnny Fitz Live, the Cubs fan who has turned into a Big League Stew favorite yesteryear two seasons, for putting Cubs spins on 8-bit game titles.

This brand new one, though, is stuffed with great references both old and new — like slaying the Billy Goat and Anthony Rizzo using Matt Szczur’s bat to get out of his NLCS slump.

Somebody jump on that. He deserves it.

Johnny Fitz writes in the YouTube description: “Go Cubs, so that as always, should you enjoyed the recording, don’t hesitate to make use of your considerable power and influence to obtain me tickets towards the game.”

And today, using the World Series embracing Wrigley Field for Game 3 on Friday, he’s provided us with his magnum opus. Behold his “Legend of Zelda”-inspired World Series adventure:

O&#39Hare fire keeps Joe Maddon&#39s mother from reaching World Series

“Beanie” Maddon still resides in Hazleton, Pa., where Joe was elevated.

“But that’s tough for Beanie at this time, chilling out in Philly airport terminal.”

American Airlines flight 383 ignited on Friday mid-day. Seven passengers and something flight attendant were come to a healthcare facility for look at minor injuries caused once the Boeing 767 was evacuated.

CHICAGO — Friday afternoon’s plane fire at O’Hare briefly shut lower among the world’s busiest airports, grounding a large number of flights and causing planes in mid-air to become diverted.

— Blair Hughes (@MrBlairHughes) October 28, 2016

One of the passengers impacted by the shutdown? Albina “Beanie” Maddon. Mom of Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon was stuck within the Philadelphia airport terminal as she attempted to go to the Windy City for Game three of the World Series.

Planes started landing again around 5 p.m. giving lucky fans with tickets about two hrs to navigate the Kennedy Expressway on the way to Wrigley Field for first pitch.

We’re glad everybody is alright, but imagine waiting 71 years for that Cubs revisit the planet Series, spending $10K on tickets after which getting the world’s worst luck whenever your plane will get stranded due to a one-in-a-million runway fire? It’s almost enough to help you have confidence in curses.

Bill Murray sings like Daffy Duck during seventh inning stretch

Yes, that is correct.

CHICAGO — A great deal was expected of Bill Murray’s rendition of “Take Me To the Ballgame” during Friday’s Game three of the World Series.

Murray got things off and away to a begin by saying “it’s the foot of the seventh, it’s the final opportunity to order beer … But we didn’t come here to consume beer, we found win this ballgame.”

Bill Murray as Daffy Duck singing the Stretch.

In the hands? A beer obviously.


— Cubs Talk (@CSNCubs) October 29, 2016

To no one’s surprise, the comedy legend and Chicago native delivered inside a completely expected way. Using the Cubs trailing 1- heading into the foot of the seventh inning, Murray cut a few of the crowd’s tension by singing the seventh inning stretch like Daffy Duck.

Curt Schilling and the remainder of Twitter couldn’t handle Trevor Bauer’s bloody pinky

— Major league baseball Memes (@MLBMeme) October 18, 2016

(pic: @CorkGaines)

— Yahoo Sports (@YahooSports) October 18, 2016

— Michele Steele (@ESPNMichele) October 18, 2016

— Parker Hageman (@ParkerHageman) October 17, 2016

Warning: A few of these tweets aren’t for that squeamish.

Fans tuning into Game three of the ALCS got far more compared to what they expected when cameras zoomed in on Trevor Bauer’s awful-searching pinky. Curt Schilling, who’s no stranger to bleeding the postseason, was among individuals who chimed in on Twitter.

This new Cubs 8-bit gaming mash-up is on like Donkey Kong

There is the “Duck Hunt”-inspired “Card Hunt” this past year adopted by “Punch-Out!” where Cubbie Mac KO’d Mr. Met. This year’s NLDS introduced in regards to a “Super Mario Bros.”-inspired Cubs video.

The Ernie Banks reference was perfectly done too (discover the shocking truth, we don’t want to spoil it). Could it be bad to root for that Cubs so we are able to see more Johnny Fitz videos?

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Let’s focus on the NLCS, which starts Saturday against the la Dodgers, it’s on like “Donkey Kong.” Behold the most recent Johnny Fitz Live creation:

Should you don’t know Johnny Fitz Live, the man who makes 8-bit gaming tributes towards the Chicago Cubs, you oughta. He’s switched every Cubs playoff series yesteryear 2 yrs into a classic-school gaming conquest.

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You gotta admit, this can be a genius method to mash up Wrigley Field and “Donkey Kong:”

Bill Murray wears excellent Cubs shirt to Game one of the NLDS

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Bill at Wrigley tonight. Lol

In this instance, Gozer the Destructor has had the type of Bay Area Giants pitcher Johnny Cueto. Through six innings, Cueto has stymied the Cubs, keeping them from the board in a scoreless game.

Bill Murray is renowned for a couple of things: Comedy and the passion for the Chicago Cubs. Then when the Cubs were set to experience Game one of the National League Division Series at Wrigley Field, there wasn’t any doubt Murray could be there supporting his team.

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With Game one of the NLDS getting frighteningly tense, we’ll decide if the Cubs turn to emergency measures … like, say, the baseball same as crossing the streams, to be able to take out a victory.

— James Carroll (@643equals2) October 8, 2016

Just turning up for that game wouldn’t be sufficient for Murray, though. He earned certain to dress appropriately, putting on an incredible shirt to commemorate the occasion.

Yes, that’s Bill Murray putting on a t-shirt having a cartoon goat onto it that reads “I ain’t scared of no goat.” Pretty appropriate shirt for that former Ghostbuster, no?

– – – – – – –

Francisco Liriano come to hospital after being hit by line-drive

The ball came off Gomez’s bat at 102 miles per hour, associated with along side it of Liriano’s mind, and caromed into right-center field. Nowhere Jays haven’t yet issue an additional update on Liriano’s condition.

The Toronto Blue Jays are heading home having a 2- series lead within the Texas Rangers within the ALDS and therefore are wishing pitcher Francisco Liriano will be considered healthy enough to participate them after he was hit within the mind with a line-drive by Carlos Gomez within the eighth inning from the Blue Jays’ 5-3 win Friday mid-day.

Liriano could gather themself and walk from the field with no help, but an ambulance was outdoors nowhere Jays’ clubhouse following the game along with a conscious Liriano was loaded in it on the stretcher together with his neck mobilized, based on’s Shi Davidi.

It’s always frightening seeing pitchers have a direct hit like Liriano did. Angels right-hander Matt Shoemaker endured a little skull fracture because of a 105 miles per hour line drive to the mind in September and it is thinking about putting on a hat with a lot more protection moving forward. So far, however, no protective ballcap prototypes have caught on. Liriano appeared OK as he left the area, but it’s better safe than sorry in situations such as this one.

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Past the apparent concerns about Liriano’s health with an individual level, there’s a group-anxiety about the Jays bullpen when the left-hander needs to sit out and recover. Closer Roberto Osuna, who left the AL wild-card game having a shoulder injuries, arrived to exchange Liriano within the eighth and recorded a 5-out save. Toronto’s weakness is the relief pitching and potentially losing another key arm stretches them much more thin than ever before.

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This Cubs form of &#39Super Mario Bros.&#39 is 8-bit brilliance

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Like when Cubbie Mac and Joe Maddon bumped out Mr. Met in “Punch-Out” or when “Duck Hunt” was flipped into “Card Hunt” for that series from the St. Louis Cardinals.

Last season, among the best areas of the Chicago Cubs postseason run was YouTuber Johnny Fitz Live. For every series, he earned 8-bit video-game inspired videos that demonstrated the Cubs triumphing over their NL opponents.

I am talking about, consider the detail. The Goombas have Giants caps and also the Chicago skyline is incorporated in the background.

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Fantastic, right? It’s certain to please any Cubs fan or anybody who increased up mashing the A and B buttons on their own NES.

Great news! Johnny Fitz Live has returned for that 2016 postseason which time, he’s got the Cubs stomping the Bay Area Giants in “Super Mario Bros.” fashion. His version is known as “Super Cubbie Bros.” and it’s filled with homages to Wrigley and also the franchise’s history. Here you go:

Who&#39s winning the planet Series? Yahoo Sports predicts the 2016 Major league baseball postseason

With all of eight playoff teams now selected, it’s conjecture here we are at the Yahoo Sports Major league baseball crew. Which season, variety is the specific game. The Chicago Cubs possess a slight edge on the planet Series predictions, however the sheer a few different teams and players within the conjecture grid shows the effectiveness of this number of playoff teams.

In situation you don’t recognize all of the player pictures around the grid:

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– – – – – –

  • MVP: Addison Russell, Adrian Beltre, Trea Turner, David Ortiz, Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, and Rizzo
  • Disappointing players: Cole Hamels, Bryce Harper, Mike Arrieta, Arrieta, Adrian Gonzalez, Harper, and Harper.
  • Star Who Delivers: David Ortiz, Rizzo, Jose Bautista, Madison Bumgarner, Ortiz, Ortiz, and Ortiz.
  • Best pitcher: Aroldis Chapman, Yu Darvish, Max Scherzer, David Cost, Chapman, Hamels, Jon Lester

Our panel of predictors includes Yahoo Sports baseball columnists Tim Brown and Shaun Passan, in addition to Big League Stew bloggers Chris Cwik, Israel Fehr, Mike Oz, Liz Roscher and Mark Townsend. This season it doesn’t seem like there’s a obvious consensus on much, with the exception that the Boston Red Sox will get rid of the Cleveland Indians, and also the Cubs will defeat the even-year magic from the Bay Area Giants.

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But it’s the playoffs, so many things can happen. Anybody could finish up searching just like a fool when it’s all stated and done, but that’s area of the fun. Participate in and share your predictions within the comments.

Marlins honor Jose Fernandez with emotional pregame tribute

One day after Jose Fernandez’s tragic death, the Miami Marlins took the field against the New York Mets hoping to pay tribute to one of baseball’s brightest talents and biggest personalities.

The club’s relievers, who would usually begin the game in the bullpen, waited until the top of the first inning to head out there in order to be with their teammates.

During pregame ceremonies, the entire Marlins team, clad in their No. 16 jerseys, met at the mound and knelt down around it.

– – – – – – –

Bigger than baseball.#JDF16

With that, the team took the first for the first inning of the contest. Many players, including Stanton, were weeping as they played catch prior to the start of the top of the first, and throughout the inning.

— Ryan Fagan (@ryanfagan) September 26, 2016

That emotion carried over to Miami’s first at-bat of the game, as Dee Gordon hit a solo home run to right field, and broke down in tears as he crossed home plate.

— Miami Marlins (@Marlins) September 26, 2016

When it came time for the starting lineup announcements, the Marlins’ position players surrounded the mound.

— Miami Marlins (@Marlins) September 26, 2016

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With Fernandez’s death still fresh on the minds of every single Marlins player, it proved to be an emotional event.

The team then gathered together as outfielder Giancarlo Stanton spoke to his teammates while fighting back tears.