Kylie Jenner’s Lips: Larger Than Ever in Latest Snapchat Video?

And according to her latest Instagram video, we believe Kylie could had her pout trout rejuvenated:

Yes, just in case you were not aware, Kylie loves selfie videos. Fortunately, it seems that she’s not driving in that one, so rather than demeaning her unsafe road habits, we are able to explain that her lips look freakin’ huge!

To date Kylie only has accepted to getting her lips done, that is pretty non-invasive so far as cosmetic methods go, but depending on how much her face has transformed through the years, we believe she’s still hiding the reality from her fans:

Area of the fascination turned from the truth that they appeared abnormally huge, however the reality star/Instagram full stated it had become all an optical illusion that they accomplished through her mastery of makeup techniques for example contouring.

Clearly, all of the Kardashian-Jenner gals have experienced some work done (using the possible exception of Kendall), but nobody has changed quite around Kylie.

Kylie Jenner’s Lips Look HUGE!

Remember when the world was taking a chance about Kylie Jenner’s lips?

The “temporary” part clearly implies that Kylie needs to choose repeated remedies if she would like to keep her signature look.

Predictably, that switched to be BS, and finally, Kylie accepted to getting “temporary lip additives.”

(You will find, we have seen individuals Khloe Kardashian pre and post pictures. We still say Kylie may be the cosmetic surgery full.)

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Maintaining using the Kardashians Rankings: They are Krashing!

The transgender star, now referred to as Caitlyn Jenner obviously, no more seems on his family’s reality show. And check out what’s subsequently became of the program’s rankings.

What could this suggest for future years of E!’s flagship reality show?

There’s been talk that Kris Jenner really wants to marry boyfriend Corey Gamble around the Season 11 finale.

After which imagine how she will profit from the long run divorce episodes?!?

Might Bruce Jenner happen to be the unsung hero of Keeping track of the Kardashians?

An insider has told Radar Online that Kris informed her kids “that getting [the marriage being an episode from the show is definitely an very lucrative idea.”

Yeah. Maintaining using the Kardashians isn’t disappearing.

According Nielson, the return of Maintaining using the Kardashians recently only introduced in 1.9 million audiences, an extreme fall off in the 2.5 million the series had averaged throughout its previous run.

Searching ahead, individuals who watch Maintaining using the Kardashians online might find Kylie Jenner and Tyga go public using their relationship, a story likely to create a major rankings boost.

The pair is not together for very lengthy, however this is Kris Jenner we are speaking about. For how long do real feelings trump the possibility to earn more money?

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Kylie Jenner Addresses Butt-Padding Gossips, Calls First Boyfriend to Entertain Application Subcribers

Recently, Kylie Jenner released a brand new application and website on her most hardcore fans.

Then she published the pic on Instagram, so again, you don’t need to purchase the application.

Not probably the most compelling drama, but a minimum of you application customers are becoming something, right? 

In the beginning, dude was adamant that Kylie had the incorrect guy (lolz!), however he accepted he was indeed her first boo.

Yes, just in case you in some way felt that Kylie does not have a good enough online presence already, now you can pay actual money to understand the priceless response to such questions as “So how exactly does Kylie make her breasts look bigger?

First Kylie addressed individuals persistent butt-padding gossips using the photo above.

Maybe Tyga will get pissed that Kylie is asking up her exes and she’ll publish a video of the fight around the application. Then we may consider signing up.

What exactly does she do in order to make her fans seem like they are getting their money’s worth? Why she discusses her butt and her first boyfriend, obviously!

Apparently, the shot was adopted each day when some believed that Kylie’s ass looked under Kardashian-esque, so she was all, “Psssht…I’d a lot back you can view it in the front.”

However, application customers were treated for an awkward video segment by which Kylie known as in the dude who gave her first hug in 4th grade.

(It is a push-up bra. We simply saved you $2.99/month.)

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