Kim Kardashian Gushes Over Caitlyn Jenner’s Breasts

“Her breasts were really like Kourtney’s like when she first got hers done. Like, it helped me desire a boob job. Like, the very best breasts.”

Wow. Interesting. As well as impressive.

Maintaining Using the Kardashians Klip: Kim Gushes Over Caitlyn’s Breasts

“I entered the closet and she or he visited change and she or he was like, ‘You can remain in,’ and required off top coupled with no bra,” Kim describes to her sister of the items lately happened.

Jessica simpson boobs pic

Kim Kardashian continues to be adamant for a long time that they hasn’t gone through any cosmetic surgery.

Because she just saw Caitlyn Jenner topless!


Yup, replies Kim, “just like a C” cup.

A stunned Khloe then asks to back the conversation up a little, asking to verify that her stepfather presently has “full implants.”

(Side note: Wait… Kourtney Kardashian were built with a boob job?!? Was this public understanding?)

But individuals who watch Maintaining using the Kardashians online in a few days will testify to Kim acknowledging that they kind of wants one now.

This sneak look opens with Kim telling Khloe Kardashian that they just originated from watching Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair shoot, the pictorial that formally introduced Caitlyn as… well… Caitlyn.

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