Kim Kardashian Defends Pregnancy Test Snapchat: Exactly What Do I Care?

It would have been so awkward if it absolutely was positive. 

“So that’s why I made the decision to use it Snapchat, and I’m not pregnant!”

During laying during sex with Kanye, Kim introduced it had become 4 a.m. and she or he could not sleep because of jet lag (the pair were working in london).

Fans asked why on the planet she’d make this type of private moment so public, so she required to Snapchat once more to describe.

“Some everyone was asking me why I’d Snapchat her pregnancy test around the plane, and that i just think it is, like, funny because I’ve been so private before and just what will i mind basically was pregnant again?”

not preggers

Kim Kardashian: Her 24 Most Hideous Fashion Moments

Have you heard that? Kim Kardashian called herself “private.”

“I need to get up at 8:30 each morning,Inch she stated. “Consider I can’t sleep, let’s discuss.”

She was on the plane, she’d skipped her period, and she or he Needed to have a test for pregnancy immediately.

Really, it had been awkward anyway.

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“I am legit within the plane bathroom going for a pregnancy test because I am getting some a scare,” she told supporters.

Kim kardashian rock and republic spring collection party 2006

Honestly, both of these would be the perfect couple.

And Snapchat the whole experience.


She began to pee around the stick (that part we did not see, thankfully) and subsequently introduced the outcomes.

The 2009 week, Kim Kardashian teased all of us having a pregnancy scare, which she distributed to the planet via Snapchat.

“I didn’t get my period this month and so i only agreed to be really confused and that i couldn’t are in position to be, like, on the whole plane flight for 10 hrs being unsure of,Inch she describes.

The main one person in the world we all know a significant amount of about without positively searching for the data.

Fine. We’ll just… ignore that. She continues:

Then Kanye discrete an enormous snore, which Kim also recorded.

The person should be sleeping just like a baby after she got everything stuff off his chest throughout his perfectly unhinged rant on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Kim Kardashian: How She REALLY Feels About Blac Chyna!

But Take advantage of wasn’t getting this, apparently.

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Kim procedes to explain here that Rob informed her he would go brush his teeth and passed the telephone towards the questionable passion for his existence.

Kim on KUWTK

Remember once they required a photograph of the butts together?

Talking with siblings Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian within the clip, Kim states the next:

Which was a lengthy time ago, obviously, but Kim constitutes a mention of the this former friendship within the following scene out of this Sunday’s new episode of Checking up on the Kardashians.

“Therefore i go, ‘OK gotta go bye.’ And That I stuck,Inch Kim states.

Still, Take advantage of is in his family’s existence, even when his family members aren’t major fans of exactly why.

“I known as Take advantage of and that he stated that Chyna wants to speak to me and, you realize, I simply told him that I’ll speak with her when I am ready.”

Take advantage of and Chyna are actually engaged and expecting together, even though the latter development hadn’t yet happened if this installment was shot.

15 Explanations Why The Children Are The Most Useful A part of KUWTK

Browse the sneak look below to determine Kim discuss Kylie and Tyga’s relationship (that is now over) … and discover what Kim had to say of ever creating with Blac Chyna.


North west tries to grab kims face

Individuals who watch Checking up on the Kardashians online in a few days might find Kardashian acknowledge that Chyna had her heart damaged when Tyga began up to now Kylie Jenner.

But exactly how could Kim not have access to taken her sister’s side at that time?

Remember when Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna were buddies?

“And thus he put me on speaker after which he was like, ‘Oh Kim, Chyna’s within the room, I simply wanted to let you know which means you did not think I had been alone.'”

Can there be expect a rekindled friendship?!?

Kardashians Party with Cosmo: Who Outfitted Best?

Kim Kardashian for Cosmo

First Family Photo

Kylie Goes Rogue

Kris Jenner helps Cosmo celebrate half a century like a magazine by appearing here with Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian.

“I did not obtain the ‘wear all black’ email,” Jenner joked on Instagram.

Sister unite! Kourtney and Kim Kardashian both went black for that 50th anniversary Cosmo party in La.

1. Kylie Goes Rogue

Kylie Goes Rogue

Take a look at photos in the red-colored carpet event below and choose: Who outfitted best?

2. First Family Photo

First Family Photo

But Kylie was the only real person in the audience to not dress yourself in black, pointed in the opposite direction around the color spectrum.

3. Kris Jenner, Kourtney and Kim

Kris Jenner, Kourtney and Kim

The 18-years old reality star became a member of half-siblings Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian (together with mother Kris Jenner) in a party to assist Cosmopolitan celebrate its 50th anniversary on Monday evening.

4. Kim Kardashian for Cosmo

Kim Kardashian for Cosmo

Kris Jenner, Kourtney and Kim

5. Kris, Kim, Kourtney

Kris, Kim, Kourtney

(Playboy controversially put these folks on its milestone cover and labeled them America’s First Family.)

6. Siblings in Black

Sisters in Black

Kris Jenner is smiling within this family photo, but Kourtney and Kim didn’t obtain the memo. They’ve their game faces on.

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Kardashian-Jenner Plastic Surgical procedures Outlined in your mind-Coming Instagram Videos

[not able to retrieve full-text content]

It’s really no secret the Kardashian-Jenner girls have experienced some work done.

Because it is, they are some living Barbie dolls dolls – setting impractical anticipation for any generation of impressionable women, who can become insecure youthful women.

Next is Khloe. The gossips that she’s had $3 million price of work done might be (slightly) exaggerated, there is however no denying the girl’s bone structure has transformed substantially through the years:

First there’s Kylie, who, for that longest time, wouldn’t even admit for you to get lip injections: 

Kylie Jenner Cosmetic Surgery Video

Now, quite the hero Instagram user named Saint Hoax is showing the planet simply how much the Kard clan has transformed through the years with a number of brilliant videos highlighting the different nips and tucks which have produced faces we all know today.

We are not here to shame anybody, and when all of the folks who’ve had work done left Hollywood, there’d be nobody left around, but because heroines to countless youthful women, you want Kylie, Khloe, Kim, etc. could be a little more open about the quantity of work they have tried.

Khloe Kardashian Cosmetic Surgery Video

Kim and kompany’s passion for cosmetic surgery is really well-known that doctors have reported the “Kardashian effect” that’s brought to impractical anticipation and frequent demands for harmful “improvements.”

Kim Kardashian Cosmetic Surgery Video

Kylie characteristics her transformation to adolescence. We are saying Mama Kris signed off on a number of methods.

And, obviously, we’ve Kim. The Lewis &amplifier Clark of facial renovation who blazed a trail on her siblings and lit the road to reality show fame and heavily re-touched magazine photospreads:

View Slideshow: Celebs Who’ve Accepted to Cosmetic Surgery

Guess the Kardashian Physiques: Whose Curves Are Kickin'?!


Khloe Kardashian might not know who her biological father is, but she sure puts the ASS in Kardashian! Or she’d, if there have been a b-s-s in “Kardashian.” You get the drift. Booty. That be some serious booty.

1. This Booty Goes to …

This Booty Belongs to ...

The Kardashians love their waist training. But who’s doing the work here?!

2. Khloe!


She will shill for whatever waist training product or regimen she likes, but in some way, we doubt that is what lots of her Internet fans are curious about here.

3. This Waist Trainer is …

This Waist Trainer is ...

This Booty Belongs to ...

4. Kylie!


Racy under garments photos are conversant territory for the entire family. However in this situation, the attractive youthful lady appearing is …

5. This Lingerie-Clad Beauty is …

This Lingerie-Clad Beauty is ...

The Kardashians, and Jenners, certainly know a few things about flaunting their alluring abs, lips, breasts, butts and much more online.

6. Kendall!


Unsurprising, to be the model that she’s.

Wait! There’s more Guess the Kardashian Physiques: Whose Curves Are Kickin’?!! Simply click “Next” below:


Kim Kardashian, Matt Damon Explore Uranus in Amusing Martian Parody

Since you may often hear, Matt Damon’s The Martian crushed it in the box office now, becoming among the greatest October releases in Hollywood history.

Kim’ cameo within this Ellen sketch is brief, however it involves butt stuff, so clearly it’s funny. Note what sort of very pregnant Kim tries and does not hide her growing baby bump having a lab coat.

Yes, Kim plays a researcher. That may really be more amusing than all of the Uranus jokes within the world.

Therefore we expected some parodies to start appearing immediately. We did not, however, expect these to involve Kim Kardashian’s famous butt.

Kim Kardashian, Matt Damon, Ellen DeGeneres
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The Kardashians versus. The Obamas: Who’s America’s First Family?

Based on Cosmopolitan, the Kardashians are “America’s First Family.” Would you agree? Or will the family dwelling within the Whitened House take this recognition? View Poll »

As you Twitter user place it:

And also the Champion is?
The Kardashians

The Obamas

Therefore we figured we’d leave this debate as much as our visitors.

And merely since the Kim Kardashian sex tape arrived… after which E! acquired their reality show… and so the siblings began to waist train and obtain lip additives and place their clothes off online…

Think about the benefits and drawbacks of every group of relatives after which Election above: Who’s America’s true First Family?

So that as another chimed in:

Based on the 50th anniversary edition of Cosmopolitan, the Kardashians are America’s First Family.

Why? Since the Leader from the U . s . States and the family members virtually own the moniker First Family. It’s kind of the way in which the united states has labored since its beginning.

No cell service

… None of this should trump the truth that Obama, Michelle Obama, Sasha Obama and Malia Obama reside in The Whitened House.

“Last I checked, the Obama’s are America’s First Family, not really a girl that made her family famous from the sex tape. Shame for you @Cosmopolitan!”

“@Cosmopolitan gross. And Never America’s first family. Simply because we can not escape from them, does not mean they’re our “first family.”

17 First World Problems That the Kardashians Suffer
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Kim Kardashian on Pregnancy: IT SUCKS!

But Kardashian managed to get obvious today, via her official website:

We’d share the particular video here of Kardashian saying these words… but, unlike huge numbers of people all over the world, we are not going to pay $2.99 for use of Kim’s site.

Kim Kardashian Looks Fake

“Maybe it’s the swelling, the backaches or simply the entire mind[expletive] of methods the body grows and absolutely nothing fits. I simply always seem like I’m not within my own skin.”

Kims kupcakes

“I’m gonna ensure that it stays real: For me personally, pregnancy may be the worst experience with my existence!,” Kardashian states inside a new video publish, adding:

“Are you aware you essentially need to put on a diaper for 2 several weeks later on?! LOL! Nobody explained that! #SoSexy.”

“Really, it’s all SO worthwhile if you have your precious baby ultimately! So for those my worrying, it’s 100 % worthwhile and much more!Inch

And, for anybody who seen the Kim Kardashian sex tape, the truth star also managed to get very obvious in older days: she loves what you have to to to be able to become a parent. 

11 Moments Kim Kardashian Wishes You’d Forget
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“People just don’t let you know all the gross stuff that happen throughout pregnancy or after,” Kardashian adds.

Kim Kardashian has managed to get very obvious over in regards to a two-year window now: She loves parenthood.

“LOL! I don’t enjoy one moment from it and that i don’t understand individuals who appreciate it.

She hates the nine several weeks approximately among procreating and really meeting her completely new family member.

Maintaining using the Kardashians Season 10 Episode 16 Recap: Vanity Not-Fair!

Kim, at some point was impressed with Caitlyn’s breasts.

Kris Jenner Crying

Maintaining using the Kardashians Season 10 Episode 16 told the storyline of Caitlyn’s transition in the Kardashians’ perspective, and it wasn’t pretty.

Well, Kim known as her having a completely different take:

Don’t search for an apology using a third-party, either, she stated Kris, Kourtney and Khloe may come discuss it personally if they are so worried. Burn.

Later, Kim visited Caitlyn’s house to confront her concerning the piece that upset her family, saying “it seemed like [Kris] had beat the s–t from you.”

While Kim known as a few of the VF article, “probably the most unfair factor on the planet to state,Inch Caitlyn felt everyone was essentially “taking things the wrong manner.Inch

“I honestly wish I’d never met this guy.”

“I really like Lamar and worry about him a great deal,Inch Khloé stated.

As the family squabbled over how close she ought to be from her ex at this time, we discover his nearest friend Jamie Singouthai died.

Following the former National basketball association star and Khloe’s ex-husband known as her up at the time of the Caitlyn problem, Kim faced Khloe for “teasing” with Odom.

Next, it appears as though we’ll see Kourtney crying over Scott Disick and Khloe facing Cait, as observed in this Maintaining using the Kardashians trailer.

“Bruce came over yesterday he would do this article. We’d an excellent existence, an excellent marriage … He is able to go f–k themself. F–k you, Bruce.”

Kim kardashian krying

“It can make me feel great to listen to his voice.”

Yet Maintaining using the Kardashians Season 10 Episode 16 continued to understand more about this problem, as well as in less glowing terms compared to aforementioned TV.

Caitlyn Jenner Photos: Such A Long Time, Bruce!
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Khloe then traveled to Vegas for any club appearance with pals, and pretend-concerned about encountering Lamar, who resides in Las Vegas now.


Kris only agreed to be as pissed off as her daughter, too:

“All Caitlyn can discuss is the fact that my mother roughed up her and it was awful and all sorts of these really rude things, when there is no need to party my mother.”

Kris remembered to Kourtney that Caitlyn guaranteed to “set the record straight” after saying several things in her own Diane Sawyer interview that upset her.

Caitlyn jenner vanity fair picture

It gets better the drama on tap whenever you watch Keeping Track of the Kardashians online, either. Traditional Lamar Odom also performed a job Sunday.

Captured, E! broadcast a 2-part special, titled “About Bruce,” that centered on Caitlyn’s kids responding for their stepfather causeing this to be existence change.

Jamie, the very best guy in their ’09 wedding, died suddenly Lamar’s close friend Bobby Heyward died too within the summer time.

Khloe was livid for most of the same reasons as Kim and Kris, as well as vowed to not attend the ESPYs due to “how she disrespects mother.”

Which was about this for that praise, though, particularly when it found the Vanity Fair article that offered because the former Bruce Jenner’s being released party.

Following the sad news, Kim relented, backing off her hard line stance and stating that she’d be encouraging of her sister regardless of what.

E! also broadcast a whole eight-episode series, I’m Cait.

21 Worst Kim Kardashian Photos ever!
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Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 10 Episode 16 Recap: Vanity UN-Fair!

Earlier this year, E! aired a two-part special, entitled “About Bruce,” that focused on Caitlyn’s kids reacting to their stepfather making this life change.

Kris Jenner Crying

“Bruce came over the day before he was going to do that article. We had a great life, a great marriage … He can go f–k himself. F–k you, Bruce.”

Kim kardashian krying

While the family squabbled over how close she should be from her ex at this point, we learn that his closest friend Jamie Singouthai died.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 10 Episode 16 told the story of Caitlyn’s transition from the Kardashians’ perspective, and it was not pretty.

E! also aired an entire eight-episode series, I Am Cait.

“I love Lamar and care about him a lot,” Khloé said.

While Kim called some of the VF article, “the most unfair thing in the world to say,” Caitlyn felt people were basically “taking things the wrong way.”

Khloe then traveled to Las Vegas for a club appearance with pals, and fake-worried about running into Lamar, who lives in Sin City now.

Next, it looks like we’ll see Kourtney crying over Scott Disick and Khloe confronting Cait, as seen in this Keeping Up with the Kardashians trailer.

Well, Kim called her with a very different take:

Kris was just as pissed off as her daughter, too:

[The family did, however, attend the event.]

Kim, at one point was impressed with Caitlyn’s boobs.

Jamie, the best man at their ’09 wedding, passed away unexpectedly; Lamar’s good friend Bobby Heyward died as well over the summer.

Caitlyn Jenner Photos: So Long, Bruce!
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Don’t look for an apology via a third-party, either, she said; Kris, Kourtney and Khloe can come talk about it in person if they’re so worried. Burn.

Yet Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 10 Episode 16 continued to explore this issue, and in less glowing terms than the aforementioned TV.

After the sad news, Kim relented, backing off her hard line stance and saying that she would be supportive of her sister no matter what.

Khloe was livid for many of the same reasons as Kim and Kris, and even vowed not to attend the ESPYs because of “how she disrespects mom.”


Kris recalled to Kourtney that Caitlyn promised to “set the record straight” after saying some things in her Diane Sawyer interview that upset her.

“I honestly wish I had never met this man.”

That was about it for the praise, though, especially when it came to the Vanity Fair article that served as the former Bruce Jenner’s coming out party.

Caitlyn jenner vanity fair picture

After the former NBA star and Khloe’s ex-husband called her up in the midst of this Caitlyn issue, Kim confronted Khloe for “flirting” with Odom.

Later, Kim went to Caitlyn’s house to confront her about the piece that upset her family, saying “it sounded like [Kris] had beat the s–t out of you.”

“As a big sister, I’m just really protective and for her just to be flirting with him on the phone makes me like, sick to my stomach,” Kim told E! cameras.

That’s not all the drama on tap when you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, either. Good old Lamar Odom also played a role Sunday.

21 Worst Kim Kardashian Photos of All Time!
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