Kourtney Kardashian: Blaming Kim For Slumping TV Ratings?

Around E! values its relationship using the first group of reality television, it’s difficult to assume them renewing a set with your a quickly shrinking audience.

In all probability, Kim will continue being famous after KUWTK involves a detailed.

Sure, fans are curious about Kourtney’s alleged affair with Attacking Young Boys, but we doubt the Biebs would accept canoodle with Kourt on camera.

Last week’s episode worked using the October incident by which Kim Kardashian was conned at gunpoint in Paris, and future installments promise to deal with the trauma that adopted and also the resulting force on Kim’s marriage.

But regardless of the high stakes and tension, the show’s ratings are less than they have have you been.

Seems like Kim better bring the drama within the days in the future.

But while her siblings also have ample other revenue streams and large social networking followings, they may discover that their relevance diminishes quickly once their no more the heavens of 1 of TV’s most legendary reality shows.

“Kourtney has little else happening, so she is easily the most upset about the potential of being cancelled,” states the insider.

The very first two episodes have taken in approximately a million viewers and scored a paltry .70 within the crucial 18-49 demographic.

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Her sister’s career may rely on it.

Rumors about Checking Up On the Kardashians being canceled happen to be circulating because the duration of the show’s debut, however the figures back individuals claims up.

The factor is, this is not too-big-for-her-britches diva behavior.

Insiders say Kourtney Kardashian is “livid with Kim because everyone is counting on her to ensure that they’re on air.”

Naturally, there’s some serious finger-pointing happening inside the Kard clan, with Kris Jenner (who’s apparently eager to save the show) blaming her kids because of not dedicating themselves towards the show’s survival.

Because the sole sister with no spinoff, modeling career, or famous boyfriend, Kourtney may have probably the most to get rid of.

“They usually have trusted Kim and today Kim appears to become completely approximately it because she appears to consider that they continues being super famous whether KUWTK is on air,Inch a resource near to the family informs Radar Online.

Should you watch Checking Up On the Kardashians online, you will know the show’s thirteenth season certainly has not been missing in drama.

But a minumum of one family member believes Kris is casting too wide a internet, and maintains that there are only one sister who’s not pulling her weight.

Kourtney Kardashian Provides For Us Vacation, Bikini Body Envy in Bahamas

Ray J Releases ULTIMATE Kardashian Diss Track: He Stated What?!?

That’s amusing!

But it is obvious he’s never fully become over Kardashian.

“She f-ck me for fame, try looking in her eyes/She was the first ones to sign at risk.Inch

On the other hand… what exactly are we saying?!?

Once more talking about the Kim Kardashian sex tape by which he performed a leading role, Ray J holds nothing in this vengeful song, which is stuffed with pointed, X-Rated lyrics.

Some might assert this is not the optimum time for Ray J to be released with your scathing lyrics.

But she’s clearly on his mind much more than is good. Performs this seem sensible, given how frequently she’s in news reports and given that you could argue she’s only in stated news because she spread her legs for Ray J on video?

Apparently very upset with this portrayal, Ray J dropped his latest single on Apple Music on Monday…

We are about six days taken off Kardashian getting been conned at gunpoint in Paris, while Kanye was hospitalized for psychological evaluation just hrs following this track went viral

About last month, word leaked that Ray J and Chris Brown were within the studio, cooperating on the track that will take Kim Kardashian, Kanye yet others to major task.

Ray J attempted to warn us.

Within this excerpt, Ray J is stating his situation that Kardashian understood precisely what she was doing when she allow him to videotape their sexual encounter way in older days.

9 People Made Famous through the Kardashians

Ray J has become a married man.

“Wanna have me during sex when you f-ckin’ your partner,Inch Ray J continues. “Implies that you’ll still a rat as well as your man Donald Duck.Inch

You retain doing you, Ray J. Never change.

The man just released an audio lesson by which he mocked the Kardashians to be all high and mighty and wealthy and proud, all because Kim once gave him a blow job.

The amusing artist procedes to rap:

“Consider the family, they walk around proud/All because she’d my dick in her own mouth.”

But we in some way doubt Ray J cares greatly.

He’s claiming the program all along ended up being to release this sex tape towards the public and profit from future fame and royalties.

Also: LOL!

We do not always imply that he’s still deeply in love with his famous ex-girlfriend.

“You can’t fault me and Chris for answering everything which have been done about us [in media during the last couple of several weeks,” the artist stated.

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We believe he was mostly talking about Kanye’s own “Famous” song, the main one whose music video featured a naked Ray J body double.


Within an interview with Billboard, Ray J opened up up concerning the song, which may be entitled “Famous,” and why he felt a necessity to be released by using it.

We don’t have to explain what/who it was a mention of the, will we?

But, for their own mental health, Ray J might be better offered to simply ignore it already.

To wit:

This is actually the same man who also released a track in 2013 entitled “I Hit It First.”

He tied the know with someone named Princess Love this season, as upon Love &amp Rap: Hollywood.

… and it is truly incredible.

Like we stated: WOW.

Chrissy Teigen to Kim Kardashian: I Will Be Your Surrogate, Girl!

Hey, it’s Chrissy Teigen — it isn’t like there might be every other possible outcome.

But when Kim were built with a good friend who had been prepared to carry her baby on her, a buddy who she reliable to create good, healthy selections for her baby — a buddy like Chrissy — well, this whole crazy factor might work.

Combine individuals two precious details, and extremely there’s just not a way Chrissy transporting Kim’s baby would not be the most wonderful factor that’s ever became of all of us.

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“However I had two very hard pregnancies and extremely difficult deliveries, so conceiving a child again, it is something that does concern me,” she added.

See, Chrissy is tight using the Kardashians, particularly with Kim Kardashian.

OK, and today consider how beautiful Kim’s babies are.

Within this adorable new interview, Chrissy reveals “I’d be her surrogate inside a second.”

“I have arrived at the final outcome that Among the finest to understand more about surrogacy.”

Exactly what a jewel, right?

Chrissy sounds sincere relating to this, and when she’s, then Kim really usually takes her on her offer.

And thus obviously she’s acquainted with the problem with Kim’s the reproductive system. You realize, the factor where, if attempts to have a third child, she’ll “bleed to dying.”

17 Sizzling Chrissy Teigen Photos

And that is where Chrissy Teigen is available in.

And honestly, with as cute as North and Saint are, we’d passion for her to possess another baby, too.

As Kim stated on Checking up on the Kardashians, the thought of getting an infant through surrogacy concerns her because she wouldn’t have control of the way the surrogate would take care of herself during pregnancy.

And merely think how adorable Chrissy was when she was pregnant together with her own daughter, Luna.

Hang on tight, because situations are going to get adorable in here.

“I truly enjoyed her pregnancy process,” she continues. “I loved it. Yes. Inside a heartbeat.”

“I have been thinking I would like to maybe have another baby,” she stated.

Kim Kardashian Talks Baby #3

Around the latest episode of Checking up on the Kardashians, Kim described her predicament.

“Whatever she does is gonna exercise to find the best, and it is destined to be beautiful in either case.Inch

A lady might get a Kimye embryo put inside her uterus after which add too much in a variety of ways — it truly should be frightening to think about.

Kim Kardashian Costume: REVEALED!

For now, we’ll still wish her the very best.

It’s correct: In ’09, Kim outfitted as Jasmine and happily published photos from the costume on her supporters to determine.

We are thinking she could make some type of social networking return since Take advantage of has welcomed daughter Take advantage of Kardashian in to the world.

Kourtney went like a super hero, together with Scott Disick and her kids:

However that does not mean she did not still enjoy her family the occasion, as a set of new photos prove.

This has been created apparent through the years via numerous publicized Kim Kardashian Halloween outfits.

The greater we have considered it, the less we believe she’s even that terrible. To wit:

“They had a magic carpet, lamp and Saint needed to be Aladdin,” Take advantage of ongoing, discussing that “Kourt put a Halloween dinner for that fam.”

“North is crazy into Princess Jasmine at this time,Inch Take advantage of also authored, together with sayingthat Kim, “being the great mother she’s,” used her aforementioned Jasmine costume from 2009 to complement her child.

“She’s going for a driver and taking advantage of various different cars to mess up people tracking her.”

Other Kardashian kids happily went for Halloween and demonstrated business costumes this season, however.

Will she create a comment about Dream Kardashian or share an image together with her niece? It can’t surprise us.

Hopefully, by now the coming year, Kim is feeling more happy and much more normal and when again bakes an enjoyable, problem from her Costume.

They illustrate Kim as classic Disney princess Jasmine, while boy Saint West is outfitted as Aladdin.

Kylie Jenner made a decision to be Christina Aguilera, circa 2002:

This season, however, October 31 fell only a couple of days following the reality star got conned of costly jewellery at gunpoint in Paris, meaning she really wasn’t within the mood to demonstrate her fun outfit on social networking.

“A group of security experts experiences her day-to-day existence to evaluate potential threats and vulnerabilities,” a household source told Us Weekly of her existence nowadays.

Kim Kardashian loves Halloween.

Here is a precious take a look at each of Kim’s kids outfitted up for Halloween:

Kardashian has truly not stated a thing because the frightening incident in Paris.

Khloe dressed because the X-Men character Storm:

“Now you realize Kim loves Halloween,” authored Take advantage of like a caption, adding:

Still on the hiatus from Twitter and Instagram, Kardashian had her brother, Take advantage of, shared a few Halloween pictures on her on her behalf official website.

“She could not dissatisfy North once [North] saw she’d a Princess Jasmine costume from in older days.”

Kim Kardashian: 19 Explanations Why She Is not That Terrible
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Kim Kardashian Reacts to Kendall Jenner Health Scare: That’s Terrifying!

“Personally i think so bad that she has been dealing with this.”

What we are saying is Kim’s not the main one to go to if you are searching for genuine sympathy.

“It is the scariest factor in the whole world,Inch Kendall informs her siblings.

“I have never heard about sleep paralysis, and i believe it may sound just like a crazy experience,” Kim informs your camera.

However in fairness, this is not your typical insomnia that we are speaking about.

Within our minds, they lie lower on 80 bajillion thread-count sheets every night for 11 hrs of uninterrupted beauty shut-eye, awakening only if an implant shifts or when Kanye starts yelling at his breakfast burrito because of not being dope enough.

Watch Checking Up On the Kardashians online for additional Oscar-worthy performances the K-Squad.

Kim Kardashian to Kendall Jenner: Sucks to become You!

“You are losing it. All for you to do is have the ability to move, so you are lounging there, and you are attempting to move.”

Regrettably for Kendall, her sister Kim exists inside a constant condition of botox treatment-induced sleep paralysis, and therefore she once visited sleep in a plastic surgeon’s office and automobile up not able to create facial expressions.

It’s not hard to take all of the talk of Kendall’s lack of because the height of both First World Problems and due to the annoying inclination of reality shows to milk drama from the most inane day-to-day problems.

Pretty self-explanatory stuff, but her siblings make Kendall describe it for them within the clip below, both because they need to fill an hour or so-lengthy episode, and since they are not quite the sharpest bulbs:

She procedes to paint a fairly terrifying picture of the nightmarish condition:

The women of the Kardashian-Jenner clan don’t strike us because the type to possess much challenge with sleep.

Yeah, there is a reason Kim never required up acting.

“Like, you awaken but nothing can move.”

But apparently, for Kendall Jenner, sleep doesn’t come easy, and it is beginning to affect her work as somebody who has her picture taken as a living,

It appears Kendall is affected with sleep paralysis, that is a terrifying-sounding symptom in which sufferers awaken not able to maneuver.

But bless her heart, she tries:

“Essentially, the mind awakens, but bodies are still asleep,” Kendall explains.

Kendall Jenner: Her 35 Hottest Photos ever
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Kim Kardashian Fires Bodyguard, Won’t Always Love Him

That could be true.

“He’ll be dealing with Fergie on her approaching shows when her album drops.”

The truth star won’t always love her bodyguard.

As continues to be the situation because this robbery required place, neither Kim nor Kanye commented around the situation.

Mere days prior to the robbery, Kardashian really recognized Pascal in public places after he required lower some idiot who attempted to feel her butt within the roads of France, as documented below:

In either case, he’s now from employment.

“There will always be of products that change now when it comes to security, particularly with the kids [3-year-old North and 11-month-old Saint].”

“Kim and Kanye are reassessing their security detail now. Kanye is losing it – this really put him for any loop,” a resource states.

“He’s moving forward,Inch this individual informs ET, adding:

But we doubt it has happened to. No time soon a minimum of.

Kim Kardashian Robbery: Has DNA Evidence Been Found?

Only a couple of days ago, many people likely might have read that sentence and wondered:

“Pascal, plus a couple other security people of the team, were lately release by Kim and Kanye,” an insider informs ET. “It is a pretty tough situation overall plus they love Pascal, however they could not take anymore chances.”

Duvier, who was simply dealing with Kim since 2013 with Kanye since 2012, was contained in Paris during the time of this frightening incident.

But he’s now a G who’s employed by another person.

A current report, however, claims that Kris Jenner is eager to keep earning money off her daughter and it has really offered Kim a bit of switch to revert to her old ways.

They’re taking what went down very seriously, remaining off social networking and doing anything they can to make sure it never happens again.

Who’s Pascal Duvier?!?

A resource near to Duvier confirms this news, meanwhile.

Kim Kardashian: 19 Explanations Why She Is not That Terrible
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Kardashian seems to stay in no hurry revisit the spotlight.

However, he was with Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner if this all went lower simply because they remained as out partying, while Kardashian had switched set for the night time.

Kim Kardashian has shown, once more, that she’s nothing beats Whitney Houston.

Apart from West using the stage for that periodic concert, both halves of the famous couple have continued to be almost entirely silent in the last month.

(Duvier and Fergie have labored together for several years, even just before his time using the Kardashians.)

“My security @PascalDuvier is really a G,” she tweeted following this incident.

Vitalii Sediuk Attacks Kim Kardashian!

It remains unclear whether Duvier as protecting Kourtney and Kendall at that time because Kim told him to do this or while he made that call themself.

Actually, a resource has confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that Kardashian and Kanye have fired Pascal Duvier.

However the couple’s bodyguard has turned into a nearly household name after Kardashian was attacked and conned at gunpoint in early stages the morning of October 3 in Paris.

Kim Kardashian: I Haven’t Got Almost anything to Do But Sue People At This Time!

And just how could that be a great factor? 

She may not enjoy it – or make believe you dislike it you are aware how shady this household is, and just how lengthy, in contrast, Farrah Abraham denied that her video have been produced and created – however the factor is, Kim’s never really attempted to alter her image. 

Kim and her team simply need to let sleeping dogs lie. 

Kim Kardashian is purportedly suing Vivid Entertainment, based on Showbiz Spy, for disbursing an online reality sex experience having a likeness from the Checking Up On the Kardashians star, and boy, oh boy, is that searching a present horse within the mouth. 

The statement ongoing, “She comes out of her famous home video with Ray J to have a great time along with you.Inch 

The report revealed, “At the moment we’re searching into legal choices for this blatant misuse of Kim’s name.”

Within the doggy-style position, a factor that they are accustomed. 

She never shied from the Ray J sex tape, and you may bet your ass that Kim thanks the world each day for which caused her big burglary show business. 

The factor is, the sex tape is exactly what really put Kim – and her Kardashian/Jenner family clan – into the spotlight. 


Concerning the VR experience, Vivid stated, “This virtual experience provides you with the first opportunity to see what it might be prefer to make your very own home video using the reality celebutante, Miss Kim Kardashian.”

Stop gripping your fortune so difficult in fear it’s destined to be removed of your stuff, and begin gripping on something a bit more tangible – like reality.  

Vivid made her famous, and just what she might do is putting her on a single level as Farrah Abraham, another porno queen. 

Oh girl. 

There is a marketplace for everything, and Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was among the greatest-selling sex tapes within the good reputation for all sex tapes.

Your own advice? 

Girl, just obtain a grip. 

If you lay lower with dogs, you receive fleas peed on. 

Kim should certainly cut the holier-than-thou crap and keep her existence.  

9 Surprising Sex Tape Stars: It’s Not Only Kim!
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Kourtney Kardashian Blames Herself for Kim Kardashian Robbery?!

She was bound and gagged and tossed in to the bathtub after pleading on her existence.

In conclusion Kim’s ordeal here real quick, she was alone inside a hotel in Paris when five men broke into her room and stole a lot of costly jewellery from her.

There is however some pretty solid evidence that signifies receiving attention in the media is therapeutic for Kim, so let us keep on keepin’ on anyway.

Man, is not it here we are at good quality Kardashian news yet?

5 guys that conned Kim Kardashian.

At this time, it’s searching like we are likely to be hearing sad updates concerning the Kim Kardashian robbery throughout our whole lives.

Thankfully, Kourtney may be the one Kardashian with a decent mind on her behalf shoulders, and she’s convinced Kim to “workout a little,Inch since she’s “believing that exercise is the greatest therapy for Kim.”

Apparently, Kourtney has “never witnessed Kim such as this. She’s a shadow of her former, confident self.”

It is sad, obviously, but is hearing detail after detail about what happened and just how Kim reacted and just how she’s feeling now really helping anything?

No, you realize who’s accountable for five guys robbing Kim Kardashian?

And today, according to a different report, Kourtney is battling with guilty feelings inside a great big way.

“It’s incredible how it has altered her — she’s beginning to gradually calm lower, but nonetheless breaks lower every occasionally. Kourt can’t bear doing sister such as this.Inch

So, you realize, get ready.

Maybe it’s, it can be not.

“Kourtney is as simple as Kim’s side the majority of the time.”

Small miracles, you realize.

But sadly, there is a reason Kourtney continues to be making an effort with Kim, and that is because she apparently “feels responsible” for which happened in Paris.

Kourtney’s said to possess “practically moved in” with Kim to assist her get over her traumatizing experience.

“If she had not gone to party that night,” the origin states, “Kim’s bodyguard could have been within the apartment protecting her, so she gets the necessity to make some misconception to Kim.”

If it absolutely was Khloe who’d taken an idea to consider proper care of Kim, poor Kim’s face most likely might have melted off right now — in the end, if being active is Kourtney’s concept of therapy, then goodness only recognizes that cosmetic surgery hell is fantastic for Khloe nowadays.

“Kourt’s been rearranging Kim’s schedule,” a resource claims, “searching after Saint and North, as well as cooking on her and remaining overnight if Kanye was to become away on tour.”

It isn’t Kourtney’s fault it happened, and she or he should not be beating herself up regarding this.

And she or he was alone because Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner took her bodyguard together once they went to some nightclub.

Kim Kardashian: 19 Explanations Why She Is not That Terrible
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Kim Kardashian: How’s She Celebrating Her 36th Birthday?

“She stated she doesn’t want any presents and doesn’t want any jewellery from anybody!”

Along with a nice gesture might mean a bit more now of computer would, since it seems like Kim may not be doing much to celebrate her big day this season.

And here you go …

That’s fair, right? If several crooks held you at gunpoint particularly to consider your jewellery, you most likely would not be inside a hurry to amass more.

Today is really a unique day, stand out that it ought to be an worldwide holiday, really: it’s Kim Kardashian’s birthday!

Khloe Kardashian continued Ellen and ran her mouth about Kim, and she or he made it happen barely per week following the robbery happened.

She’s allegedly not really lower for departing the home.

We do hope you could send cards, gifts, and/or fruit baskets on time, and, otherwise, that you are which makes it important.

How could she often be upset about this?

Ain’t the truth?

It appears apparent that Kim wouldn’t appreciate her family telling the planet intimate information regarding how traumatized she’s, but it appears as though publicity might trump empathy for many people.

“It’s her birthday for God’s sake!”

“Kim’s managed to get obvious to everybody, including Kanye, that she would like this season will be round her kids and her husband,” the origin continues.

But while all this makes sense, even though nobody in her own right mind could blame Kim for attempting to relax this season, long would not be a Kardashian story if there wasn’t a minimum of some drama.

Sure, appears just like a perfect opportunity disregard Kim’s wishes and are available into her house without her understanding or permission.

“And everybody is speaking at this time.Inch

Khloe Kardashian Talks Kim Robbery

But nonetheless, our friendly source claims that today “Kris, Kourtney, and Khloe is going to be groing through to Kim’s house for any cake party whether she would like it or otherwise.Inch

Surprise, surprise.

In the end, Kim’s done a great deal for all of us through the years — the number of occasions have you ever were built with a laugh at her expense through the years, the number of occasions have you ever ogled a nude selfie? It is the least you could do this.

Like a source puts it, “Kim continues to be reluctant to depart her house because she gets like she can’t trust anybody yet.”

According to a different report from Radar, Kim’s informed her whole family that she’s simply not lower for any party this season, avoid what went down earlier this year in Paris.

Even Kim’s own mother, Kris Jenner, made some sappy Instagram publish about counting your benefits, which was before she continued the record to provide her very own statement.

“Kim can also be just really upset together with her entire family at this time because she doesn’t want anybody speaking about her condition and just how she’s coping.”

Kourtney went on Australia’s Today Show to state that Kim is “not doing great.”

Kim Kardashian: 19 Explanations Why She Is not That Terrible
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Kim Kardashian: Website Apologizes For Claiming Reality Star Faked Robbery

(Stated proof never was furnished, obviously.)

Besides, the storyline is sufficient dramatic enough by itself, especially following new reports the robbery was an internal job.

So typically, Kim and her family appeared to simply shrug from the more and more absurd reports.

If you are acquainted with the web site Media TakeOut, you may realize that it does not possess the finest status with regards to newspaper integrity or, ya know – the reality.

“We were certainly one of individuals news agencies who asked what might have truly occurred.

(One plum gossip item claimed the thievery was orchestrated by Kanye so he could profit from the insurance coverage money from Kim’s jewellery to be able to cover his financial obligations. Yeezy is a lot of things. Broke ain’t one of these,)

“10 days ago several masked, armed men broke into Kim Kardashian’s Paris accommodation, bound and gagged her and stole millions price of jewellery, together with a $4.5 million gemstone ring provided to her by husband Kanye.

Understandably traumatized through the experience, Kim stored off social networking for any week (an eternity in Kardashian years), and her family pleaded for privacy and empathy.

Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian was conned at gunpoint by men outfitted as police officials who intentionally joined her Paris accommodation.

But it is absurd to consider that they would risk everything she’s labored for any publicity stunt.

The headline only agreed to be a more sophisticated make an effort to score some hits off of what’s really only a lengthy apology addressed to Kim and her family.

“But now after talking with sources, including some attached to the Kardashians, and becoming further information on the succession of occasions — we’re now confident and certainly think that Kim Kardashian was conned as was reported towards the Paris police. Anybody who’s still questioning it, is wrong.”

Obviously, asking Twitter and also the tabloids to have an ounce of empathy is much like requesting gold panned from the river on Mars or perhaps a photo of Jesse Trump not searching like he’s battling with indigestion.

It is a victory for that Kardashians, so that as an added bonus, it may be the only real factually accurate piece that’s ever made an appearance on MTO!

The favourite people on the planet generally do not have to break what the law states to attain just a little media attention, so let us just drop the entire “Kim faked getting conned” narrative.

Look, we obtain it, Kim bakes an easy target and it’s not easy to become supportive to a person who’s designed a career from flashing her wealth when stated career choice returns and bites her ample backside.

We are sure only at that moment someone at Media TakeOut is focusing on a publish titled, “KRIS JENNER SNATCHED UP KIM’S JEWELS AND PISTOL-WHIPPED HER ASS!”

“MTO EXCLUSIVE REPORT: There’s An UPDATE Around The Kim Kardashian ROBBERY — And You’re Gonna Wish To Look At This!!!”

It reads, partly:

This type of rumor isn’t uncommon in the event like Kim’s (high-risk heist directly from a screenplay, mega-famous victim) also it was especially simple to suppose there is some foul play for the Kard clan considering that faking drama is the bread and butter.

Reports that Kim faked the entire thing were everywhere within times of the robbery.

The website printed multiple articles claiming it had proof that Kim’s robbery was fraudulent.

Kim sued MTO, and never coincidentally, earlier today, the editors printed a brand new piece concerning the thievery and among their signature CRAZY-ASS ALL-CAPS ALARMIST HEADLINES:

Kim Kardashian Will get Conned, Internet Goes Crazy
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Just kidding, MTO!

But there is one site that required things a little too far by claiming to possess evidence the thievery was a kind of false flag attack orchestrated through the Kardashians to be able to drum up publicity and score some fast cash.