Kim Kardashian: I Can PROVE I Wasn’t Doing Cocaine!

(Anyone else getting flashbacks of that one weirdo in middle school who would try to snort pixie sticks? What a waste of sugar)

But this whole thing is super funny.

“Okay, guys, I just got back to my hotel room, and look at this table: Same position — it is still there!”

Kim Kardashian's Snap that Fueled Coke Rumors

But you know what?

And the rumors spread.

That’s who she is.

But of all six of her brood, only Rob Kardashian can be honestly said to be bad at social media.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Just yesterday, Kim Kardashian denied that she does coke via Twitter, all because of what some social media sleuths spotted on her Snapchat. She said, at the time, that it was just candy.

We worry when people have too many explanations for why they’re innocent, you know?

She even named the candy store — Dylan’s Candy Shop.

Kim Kardashian Sells Beauty

But it was later, in her Snapchat videos, that she walks people through 

(After seeing this, we realize that if they ever reboot Matlock, Kim would be an amazingly inspired casting choice for the titular character)

Oh, they all have some minor social blunders from time to time.

The next part zooms in on Kim’s proposed explanation.

After some gentle parenting, Kim holds up evidence that she really did go to Dylan’s Candy Shop.

She is, of course, referring to the pair of white streaks that look an awful lot like a suspicious white powder.

But, first, a quick refresher:

Technically, yes, she’s maybe dabbled at smoking weed in the past.

As you may recall, we didn’t find this scenario super likely.

Kim Kardashian Stuns in White

And it sounds like Kim did, too.

First of all, Kris Jenner didn’t raise her children to clumsily expose hard drug use to the world.

Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat to promote her products, because of course she did.

Because there’s been a lot of news between yesterday and today.

(She probably needs to order some tastier drinks, but whatever)

But she’s now a married mother of two.

For the record, even though she changed her story, we totally believe her.

After spotting what looked like two lines of a suspicious white powder reflected in the mirror behind Kim, some followers began to wonder if Kim had slipped up and shown a couple of lines of unsnorted cocaine on the countertop behind her.

Note that past tense — she now has a new explanation.

Kim Kardashian Talking

Well now Kim’s changed her story a bit, and she’s posted a series of Snapchat videos that build up to a dramatic reveal of what Kim now says looked like cocaine. We hope that you enjoy the video below as much as we did. You’re welcome.

Kim caught wind of the rumor, and yesterday she tweeted out her denial, and claimed that what appeared to be white powder was candy.

When we saw this, we absolutely cracked up. (Ugh, cocaine pun not intended)

And then there’s Kim’s general disposition.

And she also claims to not even like the taste of alcohol.

“So, we did go to Dylan’s Candy Shop. I did think that it was our pixie sticks.”

We hope that you get a laugh out if it, because we sure did.

You usually want to find just one believable explanation and stick with it.

Kim Kardashian: I’m Able To PROVE I Wasn’t Doing Cocaine!

To begin with, Kris Jenner didn’t raise her children to clumsily expose hard drug abuse around the world.

Technically, yes, she’s maybe dabbled at smoking weed in yesteryear.

Oh, every one has some minor social blunders every so often.

Kim Kardashian's Snap that Fueled Coke Rumors

After which there’s Kim’s general disposition.

Kim Kardashian required to Snapchat to advertise her products, due to course she did.

We worry when individuals have a lot of explanations why they are innocent, you realize?

After recognizing what appeared as if two lines of the suspicious white-colored powder reflected within the mirror behind Kim, some supporters started to question if Kim had tucked up and proven a few lines of unsnorted cocaine around the countertop behind her.

But, first, a fast refresher:

And also the rumors spread.

Observe that past tense — she presently has a brand new explanation.

You typically wish to find only one believable explanation and stick to it.

Kim Kardashian Sells Beauty

(Other people getting flashbacks of this one weirdo in junior high school who’d attempt to snort pixie sticks? What a total waste of sugar)

That’s who she’s.

She’s, obviously, talking about the happy couple of white-colored streaks that appear to be a great deal just like a suspicious white-colored powder.

The following part zooms in on Kim’s suggested explanation.

“So, we did visit Dylan’s Chocolate Shop. I did think it had become our pixie sticks.”

And she or he also states not really such as the taste of alcohol.

(She most likely must order some tastier drinks, but whatever)

But she’s now a married mother of two.

Whenever we saw this, we absolutely cracked up. (Ugh, cocaine pun not intended)

Kim Kardashian Stuns in White

We don’t wish to spoil the surprise.

Since you may recall, we did not find this super likely.

She even named the chocolate store — Dylan’s Chocolate Shop.

But guess what happens?

Also it seems like Kim did, too.

“Okay, guys, I simply returned to my accommodation, and check out this table: Same position — it’s still there!”

Now Kim’s altered her story a little, and she’s published a number of Snapchat videos that eventually get to an impressive reveal of the items Kim now states appeared as if cocaine. Hopefully that you simply benefit from the video below around we did. You are welcome.

After a little gentle parenting, Kim stands up evidence that they really did visit Dylan’s Chocolate Shop.

However it was later, in her own Snapchat videos, that they walks people through 

Kim Kardashian Talking

Due to there being been lots of news between yesterday now.

For that record, despite the fact that she altered her story, we totally believe her.

But of six of her brood, only Rob Kardashian can be honestly stated to be bad at social networking.

Hopefully that you will get fun out whether it, because we sure did.

(Having seen this, we understand when they ever reboot Matlock, Kim could be an incredibly inspired casting option for the titular character)

Kim caught wind from the rumor, and yesterday she tweeted out her denial, and claimed that what made an appearance to become white-colored powder was chocolate.

However this whole factor is super funny.

Just yesterday, Kim Kardashian denied that they does coke via Twitter, all due to what some social networking sleuths spotted on her behalf Snapchat. She stated, at that time, it had become just chocolate.

13 Men Whose Lives Were Destroyed Through the Kardashians

Don’t think us? Just find out number of nine, whose lives weren’t exactly the same following the Kardashian and Jenner women carried out with them.

Still, one cannot escape the Kardashian konnection.

Yes, all of them arrived about this list for various reasons, with no, we are not blaming Khloe &amp Kompany for individuals OD’ing in Vegas brothels.

Clarkson was the beginning point guard for that Opposing team as he began dating Kendall. However he’s a fringe rotation player and La just drafted Lonzo Ball his or her playmaker for the future.

Now in rehab not less than the sixth time, Scott Disick is a party animal for a long time and should not avoid his share from the blame for their own choices in existence. Who cheats around the mother of the children and chooses alcohol over a person’s kids? Still, his difficulties with the spotlight unquestionably brought to most of the demons he’s battled with, and finally caused him to snap.

Scroll through their list of males whose existences happen to be forever alerted given that they arrived to connection with this family, and become amazed.

1. Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom

Was Lamar Odom’s volitile manner triggered partly by his uneasiness with fame? And just how his existence ongoing to experience in the tabloids as well as on the E! show Checking up on the Kardashians, despite he and Khloe separate? We might don’t know without a doubt, but because he battles for his existence and the prognosis looks more and more harsh, the Kardashians’ role within this sad saga will certainly be hotly debated and heavily scrutinized.

2. Reggie Plant

Reggie Bush

The important back were built with a vibrant future in front of him within the National football league. He then dated Kim. Following the two split up, his career went downhill amongst a flurry of injuries and disappointments.

3. Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson

Brody Jenner’s existence is fairly damn amazing, and he’ll let you know just as much, but simultaneously, he’s been anti-Kardashian lengthy prior to being awesome. Brody keeps a close relationship with father Caitlyn, in addition to his biological half siblings Kendall and Kylie. But he’s openly feuded with Kim, freely dislikes former stepmom Kris, but for the passion for Pete, he’s needed to LIVE wonderful these folks!

4. Scott Disick

Scott Disick

Man alive. The Kardashians sure perform a number on dudes.

5. Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries

Remember Kim Kardashian’s second husband Kris Humphries? The main one she was married to for 72 whole days? Yeah, his National basketball association career flamed out nearly as rapidly his or her marriage. Getting tried the conversation for many improved player in pro basketball, he soon grew to become involved within the most absurd celebrity breakups ever … then faded into obscurity where he belongs.

6. Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner

Kanye can most likely handle it. The remainder of them?

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye Were built with a Sunday Feast … With 2 Chainz!

But actually, 2 Chainz’s entire family and Kimye themselves were upstaged by North West’s expression of exhasperated monotony.

And essentially any form of that sounds scrumptious.

But really he’s not just a father themself — he is able to be shockingly well-spoken.

Kimye and 2 Chainz

Though really, should you can just learn 2 Chainz through his music, you may think that he’s a strange option to provide a household gathering.

However ,, you do not really need alcohol to fuel goofy dancing.

Start Gallery

Kanye and a pair of Chainz have collaborated artistically before, therefore it is not surprising that they’d invite one another to things.

The meals looked all sorts of savory, the outside gathering of buddies and family was reasonably huge.

But jerk chicken may also include any (or all!) from the following: Jamaican Allspice, scotch bonnet peppers, scallions, and fresh thyme.

Particularly when you are a granny.

The meals incorporated grain and beans, jerk chicken, mac and cheese, pork, and ox tail.

Kim Kardashian may be perhaps too old to become qualified as a Millennial …

Kris Jenner Dancing Outdoors

(Certainly lots of us were over the past weekend)

9 Occasions North West Flipped Her Sh**

Oh, and Kimye as well as their children posed with 2 Chainz and the family for any photo op. Like ya do.

… But she certainly required a minute to suggest her phone in a plate filled with genuinely tasty-searching food.

It’s not hard to take a look at her, as taken by Kim’s Snapchat, and think that the Momager was lit just like a firework.

Though, if we are being honest, North wasn’t the only relatable person we had from that Sunday feast.

Kris Jenner was dancing simply by her self and getting a lot of fun.

Kimye Gathering

Remember when 2 Chainz argued for marijuana legalization and crushed Nancy Elegance along the way? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

(She was created in 1980, which most would say makes her area of the last batch of Gen X)

But hopefully that they enjoyed eating those meals around we enjoyed searching in internet marketing.

In situation you had been wondering, jerk chicken is not, like, rude chickens — it is a Jamaican type of chicken.

Go wild, Kris.

If nothing else, it’s chicken grilled on pimento wood and/or spicy chicken flavored with pimentos.

Also, it’s difficult to visit wrong with macaroni and cheese.

Lots of foods should touch and exchange flavors, but mac and cheese is essentially sacred and does not have to be tainted by vegetables, you realize?

(There were vegetables but literally so what)

However this all looks so great.

Kim Kardashian's &quotHome Cooked&quot Food

I am admittedly just a little delay because a few of these foods are touching.

Sunday night, in that very lengthy 4th of This summer weekend, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West through what we should are only able to call a feast.

Apparently this is a universal childhood experience that transcends social limitations like wealth and sophistication.

Honestly, have you ever been a young child posing for any picture on the hot trip to a household gathering, you receive it.

I totally get why North West, unfazed through the celebrity status of everybody there just like she’s by her parents, could be bored posing for your photo.

In the end, 2 Chainz may be the guy who got accused of calling some random lady a thot. Plus he was once referred to as “Tity Boi.”

North west melts down at alexander wang fashion show

For the reason that moment, i was all North, right?

(Does not it cause you to hungry?!)

Wanna Seem Like Kim Kardashian? Just Adopt These Measures!

It has been true for any very lengthy time, but recent surveys allege that Kim made millions in a few minutes of her new beauty line striking the market.

Kim began her Instagram live makeup tutorial the only method she could: by not putting on an oz of makeup on her behalf face.

Taking supporters with the step-by-step process, Kim needed mere minutes to accomplish her look, beginning having a bare, natural face and concluding with… well, discover for yourself below.

On her famous pout, Kim decided on a light lip color, telling fans she was targeting a summer time fresh look.

Kim Kardashian Beauty offers a number of shades, but Kim opted for Medium with this tutorial.

1. No Makeup Here!

No Makeup Here!

Are you purchasing the product?

2. … And She’s Off!

... And She's Off!

Kim used the contour collection from her Kim Kardashian Beauty line to provide supporters one step-by-step demonstration.

3. The Next Phase

The Next Step

Kim stored her hair in braids and rocked a fairly casual look as she applied each the blush.

4. To the Lips

On to the Lips

Kim Kardashian is an extremely wealthy lady.

5. A Medium Shade

A Medium Shade

Within this photo in the video lesson, Kim utilizes a brush to include powder to her face.

6. Brushing Up

Brushing Up

And she’s set on raking it also more, because the mother of two shared an Instagram video in June of 2017 which was designed to prove how easy it is by using her contour package.

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16 Stars Nobody, REALLY Hate the Kardashians

The writer and fashion guru states there’s not “one individual who works within the fashion industry who provides a flying f-ck about Kanye.Inch She also states Kim isn’t doing anything “fresh” within the world of fashion.

“There’s a lot concentrate on celebrity nowadays we’re within the Kardashian era and it’s slightly frightening,” stated the Oscar nominee.

Naomi Watts used Armani Privé with Bulgari jewels towards the 88th Annual Oscars at Hollywood &amp Highland Focus on Feb 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California.

Many big names have spoken out from the famous family in recent occasions, including The President, but Naomi Watts summarized our feelings perfectly inside a May 2015 interview with Australian InStyle.

Rather, we are referring right now to some culture which has accepted Kim Kardashian and her family to this kind of extent they make untold thousands of dollars each year.

We are residing in very frightening occasions, people.

1. Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts

States Reese Witherspoon in the 2011 MTV Movie Awards: “After I emerged within this business, should you designed a sex tape, you had been embarrassed and also you hid it beneath your bed and when you required naked images of your self on your mobile phone, you hid the face.Inch Hmmm… Who could she happen to be referencing?

2. Obama

Barack Obama

Jon Hamm once known as Kim Kardashian a “f-cking idiot.” But exactly how does he Sense about her?

3. Cher


Would you agree? Scroll lower for a glance at Watts along with other celebrities who will not be delivering the Kardashians a Christmas card in the near future…

4. Kelly Cutrone

Kelly Cutrone

Obama has apparently banned all the Kardashian reality shows in the White-colored House and stated inside a speech that Kim and Kanye are types of the way a celebrity-obsessed culture isn’t good for the children.

5. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Because of the threat of nuclear war, terrorism and Jesse Trump as President? Yes, but that is not necessarily relevant within this situation.

6. Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm

Cher has Tweeted the Kardashians are “bitches” who ought to be “drop kicked lower the freeway.” She made an item of saying she isn’t kidding.

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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries: 24 Details Regarding Their 72-Day Marriage

… after which he and Kim get wed only 3 months later. Insiders say Kardashian desired to exchange vows as quickly as possible to ensure that she’d look youthful and thin during the time of her wedding.

It’s correct!

Throughout their wedding wedding rehearsal, Kris supposedly told Kim he could not wait to “scream” at her as he got the possibility, that Kim responded: “Do it now, I’ll fucking slice you.”

The night prior to the wedding, Kris Jenner requested her daughter: “Would you like out? You are not yourself.”

And we are not really talking about how Kim has stated she understood it had been over from the beginning.

1. Kris Humphies Suggested…

Kris Humphies Proposed...

You just will not believe a few of the tidbits we have uncovered below…

2. Prior to Hitched…

Prior to Getting Hitched...

But are you aware you can even find more bizarre, shocking and usually bat $hit crazy details available about Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries?

3. Doubts Abounded

Doubts Abounded

Throughout the ceremony, Khloe was heard whispering to a different guest: “I provide six fucking several weeks.” (Editor’s note: HA!)

4. An Overestimate

An Overestimate

As formerly documented, there is many weird details about Kim Kardashian available.

5. Wait… REALLY?!?

Wait... REALLY?!?

… Kim and Kris spent a complete (yes, a complete!) of 1 weeks time together, when it comes to physical closeness.

6. An Ominous Sign

An Ominous Sign

Husband to be Kanye Was allegedly purchased his first-ever mobile phone so he could send Kim images of former basketball stars who’d aged terribly, declaring that at that time: “Here’s your future.”

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Kim Kardashian Talks Kanye, Kylie, Taylor and a whole lot!

Was she relieved when Kylie Jenner left Tyga?

Will Kris Jenner talk to Caitlyn Jenner again?

“She totally understood in the finish during the day, and she or he felt really awful for this. She just really wants to move ahead from this.Inch

Where does Kim get up on the Kendall Pepsi commercial?

Start Gallery

“I simply thought, ‘Holy s–t. I am 3 decades old. I better have this together. I better get wed.A

The earth’s most polarizing reality star would be a guest on Bravo’s Watch What Goes On Survive Sunday night, answering these questions and lots of, many, many more while sitting across from Andy Cohen.

“I don’t believe that is searching great for me, but I’m not quitting.Inch

Why the heck did she marry Kris Humphries?!?

“We’ve different opinions, and i believe, you realize, Kanye’s opinions, I don’t wish to speak on which his opinions are, but they’re evolving and also you know, I encourage everybody to visit and consult with a leader when they seem like they can produce a change.”

“Zero. No, one. No, I’d say 2 %. And individuals are Kendall and Kylie. That’s their percentage. All fair, I believe.Inch

Kim Kardashian: 24 Shocking Details About Her 72-Day Marriage

Will she really use Kris or Khloe like a surrogate?!?

What’s the percentage Kim will give of Kris ever speaking to Caitlyn again?

Kim Kardashian on Bravo

No. Just… no. Kim shook her mind when requested this.

Stay Tuned In!

She did not really say, but she did note the next so far as her sister’s undertake the scandal:

“I believe lots of women do undergo that, where they panic thinking they are getting old and also have to decipher it. All of their buddies are getting kids. It had been much more of that situation.”

Kim stated that they supported Hillary Clinton within the election, West only agreed to be attempting to assist the country by any means he could.

“Personally i think like [there is lots of drama, also it does not mean he’s a poor person whatsoever. And just what was great was it had become very easy, that split. There is not any drama together with her since.”

At this time, this type of wild storyline could be the only factor that saves Checking up on the Kardashians from cancelation.

Has she talked to Taylor Quick since exposing the singer like a liar last summer time?

Will she possess a third child?

Kim Kardashian on Watch What Happens

You type of begin to see the whole factor about this pick up in our show… of me pleading Khloe propose, however i don’t want to do this to her… My mother offered, Kourtney offered.”

Like Kim riding Ray J’s penis within the famous Kim Kardashian sex tape, relax and obtain comfortable, readers.

(She also denied that Kendall Jenner was ever a part of Swift’s Squad and stated nothing about everything is awkward.)

Kourtney and Kim Take New You are able to since it required place throughout the collapse of her marriage to Humphries.

What did she consider Kanye ending up in Trump this past year?

Kim Kardashian Talks Kanye, Kylie and much more!

Kim kardashian and kris humphries pic

Has Kim Kardashian talked to Taylor Quick since last summer time?

Because Kim covered Lots of topics within this interview…

How does Kim Kardashian experience Jesse Trump?

What’s been her least favorite Checking up on the Kardashians spinoff?

Will certainly one of Kim’s family people really have a third child on her and Kanye?!?

33 Celebrity Wedding Gowns You Want We Used

They are incredible.

Cuoco, who’s now separated from Ryan Sweeting, used a pink strapless Vera Wang gown for his or her December 2013 nuptials.

Seamstresses in the Royal School of Needlework were needed to clean their hands every half an hour so they won’t dirty the pristine lace. Middleton and McQueen creative director Sarah Burton labored together around the wedding dress, that was stored a secret before the royal wedding.

1. Ciara’s Cavalli Couture Gown

Ciara's Cavalli Couture Gown

Veterans administration-based bridal salon Ava Laurénne Bride customized the strapless Allure Romance gown Duggar used to appear more “modest, yet elegant.” The look featured Swarovski very details along with a chapel-length train.

2. Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen Gown

Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen Gown

From the simple dress without any designer… to some couture dream, The Hollywood Gossip has selected probably the most stunning, unique and breath-taking wedding dresses worn by the most popular celebrities.

3. Kim Kardashian’s Vera Wang Gown

Kim Kardashian's Vera Wang Gown

Kardashian’s strapless Vera Wang gown was complemented by $ten million of Lorraine Schwartz jewellery.

4. Jill Duggar’s Wedding Gown

Jill Duggar's Wedding Dress

Click on them now.

5. Catherine Giudici’s Monique Lhuillier Wedding Gown

Catherine Giudici's Monique Lhuillier Wedding Dress

Catherine Giudici married her ‘Bachelor,’ Sean Lowe inside a strapless lace Monique Lhuiller. The The month of january 2014 nuptials required place in the Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara, CA.

6. Kaley Cuoco’s Pink Confection

Kaley Cuoco's Pink Confection

Ciara exchanged vows with Russell Wilson while searching such as this. Exactly what do you consider her gown?

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Checking Up On the Kardashians: What’s Driving Viewers Away?

That which was said to be low-budget throw-away reality series in regards to a sex tape star and her group of ambitious D-listers soon turned the Kard clan into probably the most famous families in the world.

It’s one of the numerous issues that arises whenever a reality show’s stars will also be its executive producers.

Since they are actual celebrities, the Kardashians want the main one factor that effective reality stars can’t ever have: their privacy.

KUWTK Poster

Or possibly after many years of alienating everyone, the Kardashians are really enroute out.

Checking up on the Kardashians: 13 Secrets in the Set

But typically, it has been lots of unrealistic from individuals who have finished audiences and television executives validating Kim and company’s raging narcissism.

Possibly the more youthful generation it’s still in a position to capture a crowd the way in which Kim and company accustomed to.

At this time, the household certainly does not require the earnings from KUWTK any more, but getting canceled would produce a major dent within their brand.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Poster Pic

Major occasions are downplayed, in order to permit the family to keep strict charge of their reputations.

Ten years later, however, Kardashian fatigue seems to possess occur hugely.

Additionally that many of these tales happen to be extensively documented through the tabloid media before they are ever portrayed on Maintaining, because the family gets to be more famous, they appear less inclined to give fans a genuine glimpse to their lives.

The Kardashians’ ratings have been receiving the decline since 2014, which season has marked their show’s most precipitous drop up to now. 

Kim Kardashian Gets Emotional

Sources say Kris would consider cancelation to become a colossal embarrassment, and also the momager apparently feels the timing could not be worse, as we are just days from Kylie Jenner’s spinoff, Existence of Kylie.

Ironically, it was said to be rebuilding year for that lengthy-running series, because the Kardashians’ real-existence drama made tabloid headlines within the days prior to the season premiere.

Nowadays, however, the figures offer the theory, and the potential of KUWTK getting canned has become very real.

On the top of this, the Kards just assume you have been following them on social networking and checking up on their social networking exploits.

And which may be the issue.

Kris and Kendall Selfie

Start Gallery

Rumors about KUWTK getting canceled after been circulating virtually because the show’s beginning.

If this debuted in 2007, Checking Up On the Kardashians quickly grew to become something of the surprise sensation.

Watch Checking Up On the Kardashians online to get up to date for which could be the show’s final season.

Whether or not this was Kim being conned at gunpoint, or Kanye considering a mental hospital for any days-lengthy psychological evaluation, a steady flow of private crises sparked a brand new wave of great interest in the Kardashians around the beginning of this season.

This is not kris jenners house

There is no room for that casual viewer any longer, as plot points like Khloe’s relationship with Tristan Thompson shoot up from nowhere with zero explanation.

In the past from the show, the siblings did not cash happening when it comes to real drama, so that they made mountain tops from molehills, portraying petty squabbles as potentially relationship-ending feuds.