Why car brands investing in football

Sunday, December 17, at night, Groupama stadium, in Lyon. As the stadium fills up and the fever goes up, before a game with high stakes against Marseille, the president of Olympique lyonnais (OL), Jean-Michel Aulas, welcomes the direction of Hyundai. The Korean manufacturer will announce Wednesday, December 20, the extension of its partnership with the OL until June 2020. Hyundai is on the jersey of the team since 2012. Then, in a shrewd entrepreneur, the president Aulas boasts the “shared values” by the OL and its sponsor.For its part, once the photos made, the director-general of Huyndai France, Lionel French-Keogh, slides : “This partnership offers us the reputation. If you bought the same volume of advertising, it would cost 20 million euros per year… “. It is, therefore, the estimated value of this contract, but this is not what pays the mark. The figure would be 10 million euros, according to the Journal du Dimanche, an amount that Lionel French-Keogh refuses to confirm.Hyundai invites fans to test a car in going to see a matchAnd that’s not all. “Put his name on a shirt, this is the easiest. Then, you need to know “. It is therefore investing 2 million euros per year additional to communicate around this commitment. In addition, for the past two years, Hyundai invited the inhabitants of the region to test a car in going to see a match. Thanks to this, Hyundai sells 15 to 20 % of cars in addition in the region of Lyon and in the rest of France.Read : Paris the sport electric car, on The contrary, the Korean, the French manufacturers have deserted the football. Peugeot has been, during 87 years of age, his name on the jersey of FC Sochaux. But it was the owner of the club. It was sold in 2015 to a chinese group. And the Lion is gone. Football has become very expensive. In addition, the French manufacturers do not need notoriety in France.But football is also being used to strengthen the capital sympathy of which has a brand. By participating in the happy moments lived by the fans, she becomes closer to these potential customers. This is the effect football, that does not necessarily give the motor sport. It is this that is sought by Volkswagen in investing, too, in football in France.Twinning between local dealers and amateur clubs , The group became the main sponsor of the national team in 2013, taking over from Citroen. It has also just announce the continuation of this partnership until 2023. “Football is really the first sport in France, with 2.1 million graduates, 17 000 clubs and over 130 000 people registered in the clubs by supporters “, explains Ghislain Laffite, the marketing director of Volkswagen France. ” It is also the one who made the biggest audiences on television. Through this partnership, we will address to all fans of football, including the fans who play on Sunday “.Read : Tony Estanguet : “The educational challenge of the olympic games 2024 “The brand encourages twinning between local dealers and amateur clubs : 60 benefit. They have loan cars, get the shirts in the colors of Volkswagen. The German manufacturer, like the Korean, is also supporting the women’s football. They are aware of the fact that its practice is in full swing. And all they have in mind the maturity date of 2019, where the world Cup football to be held in France.Contracts are very detailedvehicle brands that can also be combined with an event. Fiat has chosen to be a sponsor of the League Cup. In this respect, the company its name in the stadiums, on the notes, sometimes puts a car at the edge of the field. This creates sometimes difficult situations. When Lyon is playing a Cup match, Hyundai should be clear.On the global front, the sponsor of the world Cup is none other than… Hyundai. Accordingly, in the next World, in Russia, the Blue will move in the bus signed by the Korean. In contrast, Volkswagen will be able to continue to communicate its support to the Blue outside of the framework of the competition.This sharing of tasks is bounded by contracts that are very detailed, making hundreds of pages, and their application is closely monitored by a battery of lawyers. “The organisers of the competition know the value of their event. They make sure to get the best report “, slips a actor of these discussions. Welcome to the era of sport business…———————The “olympic law” between the Assembly,The national Assembly opened the debate Wednesday, December 20, on the law of the olympic games. This text, supported by the ministry of sports, must adapt French law to the contract of ” host city “ signed by the mairie de Paris with the international olympic Committee (IOC), which supports Games up to a third of the budget, or 1.4 billion euros. During the three month period, around competitions, the display of the sponsors of the IOC and of the games of 2024 would, exceptionally, be permitted on monuments or classified sites hosting competitions and in a perimeter of 500 meters around. This clause concerned the associations, but between the obligations accepted by France for the Games.

What we know of the accident because Millas

► What has happened ?Six children died and 14 people were seriously injured in a collision is very violent between a school bus and a regional train on a level crossing in Millas (Pyrenees-Orientales).The accident occurred Thursday, December 14, at 16: 03, on the axis Perpignan-Villefranche de Conflent, at the height of Millas, a town of 4 000 inhabitants. The TER has literally cut the bus in two. The driver of the bus, a woman of 48 years old, was seriously injured.According to the survey, the TER was travelling at 75 km/h (the permitted speed is 100 km/h). According to the analysis of the tachograph, the bus that comes out of a turn moved him to 12 km/h.It took all night to successfully identify the bodies of the six victims and five children among the injured. Testifying to the violence of the accident, the prefect of Pyrenees-Orientales, Philippe Vines, has spoken of a balance sheet ” unfortunate, dramatic “ and a ” true scene of war “.to read : Accident Millas : “It is necessary to give his blood, for the children “► Where are we in the investigation ?The prosecutor of the Republic of Marseille, in charge of the investigation, said on Tuesday the 19th of December, in the late afternoon, that the ” findings of material “ would ” rather in the sense of a barrier (of level crossing) closed “. However, he said that the ” exact cause “ of the accident is not yet clearly determined.To see more clearly, The driver of the school bus collided with a regional train in Millas (Pyrenees-Orientales) has ” again “ been placed in police custody to explain the circumstances of the tragedy. It had already been heard briefly in the aftermath of the accident.His lawyer reported on RTL that his client, during the first hearing, ” was unequivocal : the barriers were lifted. It would not be fun to go with a bus on a railway track with children inside. The barrier was lifted “ there still being hammered out.For his part, the prosecutor of Marseilles, made of the material elements concrete, going to the thesis of a closed barrier. ” It is on the bottom of the bus, to the height almost of the barrier (of level crossing), traces “, he added during a press conference in Perpignan after having met with the families of the victims.To read : The railway level crossings, a crossing always sensitive► What support for the families ?The minister of national education has made, Friday, December 15, in the college of which were from victims. ” Everyone is very shocked, everyone reacts in his own way, and all ways of responding are worthy and must be received “ said the minister, while a cell’s psychological forty people was put in place to Millas.The whole country is behind Millas & St Féliu.
I came to the school and college ensure that our support today & in the long term.
— Jean-Michel Blanquer (@jmblanquer) December 15, 2017, A mass was celebrated Friday, December 15, at the church of Saint-André in Saint-Féliu d Avall. The following Sunday night at 18: 30, the bishop of Perpignan has also held a prayer vigil for victims and their families in this same church, not far from the place of the drama.The funeral of the teen killed in the accident need to be held on Thursday, December 21, in the morning at the multipurpose hall of Saint-Féliu-d Avall, the small commune in the Pyrénées-Orientales where they were from. A fervent chapel will be installed as soon as tomorrow to allow residents to gather in front of the coffins.►What has been the reaction of the government ?The government, by the voice of the minister of transport Elizabeth Terminal, has named Friday, December 15, a co-ordinator interdepartmental to help ” in the term “ the families of the victims of the accident. She added that the representative of the State, which ” will be on site from tomorrow “, will be ” alongside families to support them, inform them, to help them in their efforts “.On the evening of the tragedy, the prime minister, on a trip to Cahors was made to assess the magnitude of the tragedy. ” This evening, it is necessary to think about the families, their anguish, their sadness, and make it so that we can, along with decency, to accompany them to overcome the news that is in front of them, “ he said.Read also : Saint-Féliu-d Avall, the time of the recollection

Against Poland, the EU is preparing for a procedure unprecedented sanctions

In Brussels, it was long compared this procedure a penalty on the button of the” nuclear weapon “, which was supposed to exist primarily as a deterrent. But today, the european commission is preparing to press it, because of its judicial reforms that are controversial in Poland, which can call into question the balance of powers.A pressure that is above all symbolicof The european executive could be activated this Wednesday, December 20, article 7 of the treaty of the EU against Poland, after having repeatedly threatened to do so for a little over a year. Never used, this procedure may in principle lead at the end of several steps on a suspension of the voting rights of a country within the Council of the EU, which is bringing together the 28 member States.The appointment in Poland of a new prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, to soften the government’s image, there will be nothing done. The latter, on the occasion of his first european summit on 14 and 15 December, is a reason. ” It is, of course, their jurisdiction (…) But between the start of such a procedure unjust in our regard and its conclusion, we will discuss certainly several times with our partners “, he commented.To read : In Poland, a prime minister to soften the image of the executiveprocedural LogjamThe new head of the government has reason to be confident. Because this procedure of punishment has little chance of success, if not an impasse. Assuming that section 7 be triggered, the first step is to ” determine the existence of a clear risk “ against the rule of law in Poland, with the agreement of 22 countries.The European Parliament has already set itself the objective of participating in this demonstration by ordering a detailed report. To go even further up to the sanctions, the procedure requires a unanimous vote or agreement of the 27 countries covered with the exception of Poland. No chance that things get to this point : Hungary has already indicated that it would be an obstacle.Patient dismantling of the justiceDuring this time, the ruling party, the PiS, continuing its reform objectives. Last episode in date, the revision of the rules governing the national electoral commission, the supreme body for independent monitoring of the legality of the national elections as local.The Polish Parliament has reduced the powers of the Commission for the benefit of the minister of the interior. The reform has immediately been criticised by the current president of the institution, Wojciech Hermelinski, who sees it as an extension of the prerogatives of the executive to the detriment of the judiciary.Read : Poland, arm-wrestle at the summit on the reform of justice,The Polish government has also launched a deep resume in the hands of the supreme Court and the national Council of the judiciary. From the point of view of the Polish government, it is to clean up a judiciary that is described as a ” caste “ corrupted and re-start the mechanical judicial, considered to be blocked. ” I am firmly convinced that the sovereign States – and Europe must be a Europe of sovereign States have an absolute right to reform their judicial systems “, defended the new Polish Prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki. ” The inefficiency of the justice Polish has become legendary even in Europe. “The card of the financial pressuresTo be more persuasive, the commission intends at the same time to hit Poland in the wallet. The eu executive has already launched an infringement procedure that could lead to financial penalties for the reform of the courts of common law Polish. Worse, Warsaw faces a fiscal cliff, while the discussions are approaching on the european funding in the period 2020-2026.Over the period 2014-2020, Poland has benefited from € 86 billion of structural funds (cohesion fund + european social fund). A help that will be necessarily reduced, while the departure of the United Kingdom, the fact of Brexit, will result in a loss for the european coffers. France and Germany have already expressed their desire to condition the disbursement of the cohesion fund in respect of the rule of law.This map of financial pressures, however, is to handle, too, with caution : it could strengthen the government, and the Polish opinion with him, in a posture of victim, calling to mind the populism.Read : Emmanuel Macron is trying to maintain the link with the Polish government

How to help companies measure their impact on the biodiversity

If the fight against climate change is an issue now known to the general public, the fight for the preservation of biodiversity is far from having the same visibility. The question, however, is not less worrisome.Biodiversity in dangerDuring the 13th conference of the parties to the Convention on biological diversity, which was held in Cancun (Mexico) in December 2016, the table drawn up by the environmental NGOS was hardly reassuring.Global warming, deforestation, industrial activities, right of way urban… at the current rate, more than half of all vertebrates are threatened in terms of extinction, while 70% of plants are in danger. So that, in total, between 15% and 40% of biodiversity could disappear by 2050.READ ALSO : Biodiversity, species extinction also affects the FranceTwenty objectives to stop the erosionin the Face of the emergency, the international community does not remain without doing anything. In 2010, the conference of Aichi (Japan) was allowed to formalize a roadmap of twenty targets for the period 2010-2020 in order to halt this inexorable erosion. But how do we do if we do not know how to properly measure the phenomenon ?It is to this task that are coupled, since 2014, teams from CDC Biodiversity. With a certain success, since the subsidiary of the group Caisse des dépôts publishes this Wednesday, December 20, the results of the work which could lead, tomorrow, to the development of the first indicator of biodiversity.A transparent methodology” we believe We have identified a robust methodology to build a global indicator, reliable and transparent, which will note the companies according to their impact on biodiversity “, says Laurent Piermont, president, CDC Biodiversité.The principle of this ” Global Biodiversity Score (GBS) is relatively simple. ” It is based on a scientific model, validated by the united Nations, which identifies the main anthropogenic pressures acting on the ecosystems and measure their impact in terms of surface artificialisée “, says Aurélien Guingand, economist in charge of the project.Calculate the footprint on biodiversity of businessesin practical terms, the GBS will seek to determine what consumes a company in terms of raw materials, the quantity of pollutants that it emits, or rights-of-way on the ground of its facilities for the result in a number of square miles made useless.ALSO READ : The businesses support the ecological transition, “A way of calculating its footprint on biodiversity that will allow him to adapt his activity to align with the objectives of preservation that it will be fixed “, says Laurent Piermont.The first tests promisingFor the time being, it remains to CDC Biodiversity to collect the mass of data necessary to correctly rotate his model. It was co-built and tested within the club B4B +, which brings together some twenty major French companies – Engie, BNP Paribas, CNP assurances… – committed to a ” biodiversity positive “.” The results are sufficiently promising that we can hope to deliver the method to audit companies in a period of two years, promises Laurent Piermont. A tool that will not save the planet alone, but that could largely contribute to it. “