Bill Cosby to FINALLY Face Criminal Rape Charges?

The truth that the outcomes are now being surrended the the DA means there’s a strong possibility that police found evidence that could cause Cosby being punished.

The LAPD continues to be looking into Goins’ claims since The month of january, and moments ago, TMZ reported the situation was surrended towards the DA, who’ll now decide if you should press charges.

It might be several days before we discover when the situation goes to trial, however it certainly sounds as if Cosby’s team is running scared. 

California includes a 120 month statute of restrictions for rape (other kinds of sexual misconduct carry shorter laws), therefore if it works out that Goins situation fits the phrase rape, Cosby may finally have to stand trial.

The 78-year-old comic was likely ready for this possibility, because he appears to possess been mounting a defense for many several weeks.

However, a lady named Chloe Goins states she was sexually attacked by Cosby throughout a celebration in the Playboy Mansion in 2008, that could spell difficulties for the legendary TV father. 

Shortly after that, his lawyers apparently requested Hugh Hefner for info on Goins.

Earlier today, three more women came toward claim that they are sexually attacked by Bill Cosby, thus getting the entire quantity of accusers to 50.

Soon after Goins went public, Cosby stated he wasn’t even at the Playboy Mansion around the evening under consideration.

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Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Accuser Tally Hits 50 as Three More Alleged Sufferers Come Forward

“I figured it could trigger an chance with Playboy since i understood Mr. Cosby was buddies with Hugh Hefner and so i went,” she creates.

Pamela Abeyta stated she would be a 25-year-old ambitious model when she met Cosby who had been carrying out in the Vegas Hilton in 1979.

“Getting out of bed within my vehicle, my mind hanging lower, alone. I understood I had been drugged since i put up and that i never put up or drank an excessive amount of.Inch

Sure factor.

“Before long, Mr. Cosby began getting fresh,” she stated. “He was touching me and rubbing my leg. The following factor I recall?Inch

These 3 women won’t “function as the last to talk out regarding their accusations against Mr. Cosby,” Gloria Allred, their attorney, guaranteed.

“I have faith that he or she must have put something within my drink in the end were closing in the place. After I got home I recognized my panties were missing.”

Could they be, though?

“Irrrve never found them.”

“After I found I had been laying in Bill Cosby’s mattress not my very own room,” she adds. “I awakened for again after which blacked out.”

Abeyta stated Cosby asked her to remain in a guest room in the suite, bought her $2,500 in clothes and required her to dinner along with a show.

Christie stated she didn’t achieve this, despite his persistent advocating. “With Mr. Cosby I had been among the fortunate ones to flee,Inch she stated.

With three more women alleging that Bill Cosby drugged, sexually attacked or bothered them, the amount of alleged Bill Cosby sufferers reaches 50.

Sharon Van Ert stated that in 1976, she was being employed as a cocktail waitress at Concerts from the Ocean, a golf club around the Redondo Beach pier.

Cosby is scheduled to become deposed October 9 by Allred Judy Huth stated that Cosby molested her when she only agreed to be fifteen years old.

The 3rd alleged victim, Lisa Christie, stated Cosby grew to become a parent figure and mentor when she was an 18-year-old model and actress.

“After I found again I saw two other naked people within the room. Bill was sitting along the side of the mattress and that i blacked out again.”

Through the finish which – you are not gonna believe this – “everything grew to become a blur … I do not remember departing,” she states inside a statement.

Cosby’s attorney, Marty Singer, stated formerly that claims “about alleged decades-old occasions have become progressively absurd.”

When she rebuffed his advances, Cosby allegedly informed her, “You are not going to allow it to be within this business unless of course you are sleeping beside me.Inch

The most recent accusations originate from an old Mrs. America, an old cocktail server in a jazz club along with a lady ambitious to pose for Playboy.

The depositing would be the very first time Cosby has discussed the sexual assault accusations against him since another situation in 2005.

The waitress stated Cosby provided to walk her to her vehicle, then got in her own vehicle together with her and informed her she was too drunk they are driving.

Fifty. Five-zero.

“Now i’m here to aid all the sufferers.”

Bill Cosby Sex Scandal: Timeline of Accusations
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