Dina Manzo, Boyfriend Brutally Beaten home based Invasion

“Dina and David are clearly shaken up in the traumatic and violent home invasion and robbery,” their lawyer, Andrew B. Brettler, informs People Magazine.

It continues:

Cantin endured “significant” injuries to his face, together with a damaged nose, based on the prosecutor’s office.

17 Stars Nobody Love the actual Housewives

We’re feeling exactly the same.

Police make sure Manzo and David Cantin were met by a set of masked thieves once they joined their residence within the town of Holmdel.

“Celebrating my Audriana’s first breaking of the bread,” Manzo authored like a caption towards the photo above.

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“They’re grateful to police force and yet another emergency responders and appreciate everyone’s concern and well wishes.”

These were in town in order to go to a First Breaking of the bread party for fellow The Actual Housewives of Nj personality Teresa Giudice’s daughter, Audriana earlier your evening.

“Following the victims were bound, the 2 assailants stole personal property in the victims, including cash and jewellery, and fled the scene.”

The previous Bravo star and Cantin began dating this past year.

The 2 were come to a nearby hospital following a incident.

Manzo, meanwhile, was treated for facial injuries both were treated and released after several hrs under doctor’s supervision and care.

Cops stated the invaders “rushed towards” the pair every time they opened up the leading door for their three-bed room home on Bayan Boulevard.

Following a ugly beatdown, the thieves tangled up Manzo and Cantin prior to making served by personal possessions, for example cash and jewellery, based on a release in the prosecutor’s office.

Inside a statement released to Entertainment Tonight through her attorney, James Leonard, Giudice expressed shock and sadness over what transpired. 

Following the victims were able to free themselves, they known as the Holmdel Township Police Department, which began to produce some pot analysis in to the attack and robbery using the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.

Based on multiple outlets, the horrifying incident required place around 11 p.m.

Cantin was struck several occasions having a baseball bat by among the men, while Manzo was frequently punched through the other, government bodies say.

The robbers had already damaged in during the time of Manzo and Cantin’s arrival.

Dina Manzo, an old series regular around the Real Housewives of Nj, and her uniform boyfriend were strongly beaten throughout a home invasion in their Nj townhouse on Saturday night. 

Neither Manzo nor Cantin taken care of immediately requires discuss this story.

Police appear at first sight still searching for suspects.

“Both assailants had their faces covered throughout the attack and robbery,” reads the official police statement.

“Nobody should ever need to go through the things they did,” Brettler adds.

“I’m very shaken by what is happening and incredibly concerned in my friend, who I really like just like a sister,” she stated. “I hope that whomever did this really is caught and punished.”

20 Really Ugly Beauty Pageant Scandals

Katie Rees was topped Miss Nevada in 2007… simply to then lose her crown after sexually-explicit images from the prior year went viral. She seemed to be billed with meth possession in 2015.

Carrie Prejean was the very first runner-up for Miss USA in ’09. She made major headlines for being released against gay marriage in her own Q&ampA segment, eventually losing her Miss California crown because of breach of contract.

We are speaking about the kinds of scandals which have left multiple winners stripped of the crowns.

After Jesse Trump made questionable comments about Mexican immigrants, NBC declined to air the Trump-owned Miss USA pageant in 2015.

1. Miss US… NAY!

Scroll lower and click on around to find out more…

2. Katie Rees

Jamie France won Miss Teen Or-World in ’09. Not a problem there. But she ended up being arrested on drug charges in 2014.

3. Emily Kachote

Lebanese Miss World 2015 contestant Saly Greige and Miss Israel Doron Matalon stirred up major debate despite keeping their clothes on: the special gems dared to become photographed together despite Lebanon and Israel happen to be at war since 2006.

4. Saly Greige and Doron Matalon

Miss Zimbabwe 2015 also was made to vacate her crown after naked photos hit the web.

5. Carrie Prejean

And, no, we are not talking about this to be the twenty-first century and ladies still being paraded over the stage in bikinis and ball gowns.

6. Jamie France

From proprietors who hate Mexican immigrants to winners who might or might not perform a large amount of drugs, numerous beauty pageants through the years have attracted attention for the wrong reasons.

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Aaron Hernandez: Suicide Note to Fiancee Revealed

One was addressed to his 4-year-old daughter, and you will find conflicting reports concerning the recipients from the third letter.

Conspiracy theorists were quick to notice that Hernandez had lately been found innocent of double murder charges inside a second, related trial.

That could appear just like a meaningless technicality, however for Hernandez’s family members, the excellence might be worth millions.

Though Hernandez was serving a existence sentence without the potential of parole for that murder of Odin Lloyd, his suicide elevated questions.

It appears Hernandez was of the opinion that as lengthy because he were built with a pending appeal within the courts, he’d be ruled not liable upon his dying.

“It was the Supreme’s, the Almighty’s plan, not mine! I really like you! Let (redacted) understand how much I really like her! Take care of (redacted) and (redacted) for me personally.Inch

We split up into two in the future alter the world! Your characteristics is a real angel and the phrase God’s love!”

“Tell my story fully but never think anything besides just how much I really like you.”

Shay, You will always be my soul-mate and I really want you to like existence and know I’m always along with you. I said that which was coming not directly!”

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However it appears Hernandez might have anxiously waited out his second trial to guarantee he was found innocent for any surprising, alternate reason:

But as with every matters relating to the legislation and enormous sums of money, the problem is complex on every possible level.

The 27-year-old former National football league star required their own existence, hanging themself in the prison cell at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Massachusetts.

Just one week before his dying, this development offered the athlete and the family expect his pending benefit of the Lloyd conviction.

The strange existence and dying of Aaron Hernandez will not be fading in the headlines in the near future.

Since Hernandez has died an “innocent” man, there is a possibility the team will should pay that quantity over to the beneficiaries of his will.

“I really like you a lot and know you’re an angel – literally!

Based on investigators, within the days before Hernandez was discovered dead, he was heard telling a buddy that “if an inmate comes with an open appeal on his situation and dies imprisonment, he’s found innocent of his charge and will also be considered not liable.”

The content reads:

(Some repeat the missive was addressed to Hernandez’s gay prison lover, while his lawyers claim the note was written for them.)

Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide The Web Reacts

By seeing the 2nd situation through (presuming he was discovered not liable), he could offer his family by exploiting an arcane legal loophole.

The note – specially the part about Jenkins getting “wealthy” - seems to reduce new light on Hernandez’s possible motives in taking their own existence.

The suicide note concluded:

The Gambling ended Hernandez’s contract because of his conviction, moving which permitted these to withhold the $six million he was owed during the time of his arrest.

Quite simply, the Patriots organization will probably fight any decision that forces these to issue a repayment to Hernandez’s estate.

Recently, the planet was shocked to understand that former Gambling tight finish and charged killer Aaron Hernandez was discovered dead.

“They’re my boys (you’re wealthy). I understood I loved you = Savage Garden”

Hernandez’s motive for killing themself is not established, and a few even raise the potential of foul play because of unusual timing.

It’ll be quite a while before every detail of the situation are taken care of, but presently one factor is for certain:

Moments ago, TMZ and many other outlets printed the items in a suicide note Hernandez addressed to his fiancee, Shaynna Jenkins:

Investigators say they found as many as three notes in Hernandez’s cell.

Nick Gaines Charged with Fraud, Near-Assault by Former Partners

And can he have the ability to renovate a brand new serious problem in the personal existence within the same impressive fashion?

The Magnolia firm employs “over 93 property agents” and are operating in virtually every major city in Texas, the suit alleges.

Because Gaines never pointed out to his then-partners that Fixer Upper is at the whole shebang, they’re basically accusing of fraud of insider buying and selling, in this way.

They’re saying that Gaines pressured them to do this by threatening to begin their own competing property business when they declined.

“We are certain that these claims is going to be discovered to be meritless, which is disappointing to determine people try to benefit from hard work and success of Nick and Joanna Gaines,” Mayfield also informs People.

Lewis and Clark founded Magnolia Real Estate with Gaines in 2007.

The debate really centered on the pastor in their church, that has gone on record with a few anti-homosexual viewpoints, for example claiming that gay people could be switched straight via conversion therapy.

HGTV Scandals That Rocked the tv World

“The light shines within the darkness, and also the darkness hasn’t overcome it,” reads the content, which will come from John 1:5.

Type of. Kind of.

“We respect the privacy in our show hosts and won’t discuss matters related to their own personal lives or companies.”

The suit also mentions a threatening text that Gaines supposedly delivered to Lewis by which he threatened to physically assault Clark. Yikes.

He states this suit doesn’t have merit.

For any network that airs shows about home rehabilitation and style, HGTV sure finds itself in the center of a number of scandals through the years.

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The show makes frequent reference to Magnolia Property on every episode.

Right after news from the suit went public, he Tweeted a bible verse, which we must assume is synonymous with his overall undertake the scandal.

In December, Nick and Joanna were also in the center of the debate involving gay marriage.

Gaines’ attorney, Jordan Mayfield, meanwhile, is waiting his client.

Now, though, following four seasons of Fixer Upper?

Click round the photo gallery above to determine what we should mean.

This is a pretty nice undertake existence, right say?

“U know.. even while all hell ‘appears’ to become breaking loose. All I must do is take a look at my 4 precious babies sleeping, or hug Jo hello and a minimum of at that time, inside my house, all is appropriate using the world.”

This can be a reason for contention for apparent reasons, but neither Nick nor Joanna have ever stated anything such as this themselves.

Nick Gaines can deal with up nearly any dilapidated house, making it the house of his clients’ dreams.

Inside a statement to individuals Magazine, representatives for HGTV simply repeat the following:

“Be alert stand firm within the belief be courageous be strong. Try Everything For Each Other,Inch he authored at that time, adding:

Consequently, the organization has witnessed a massive uptick in revenue and cost since Lewis and Clark offered their shares for any paltry $2,500 each.

As a result of being grouped along with the pastor and also the negative headlines that arrived by using it, Nick Tweeted some general statements about respect and love.

Sources make sure the HGTV star has been sued by his former Magnolia Property partners in excess of $a million.

For Nick?

Based on legal documents filed now by John L. Lewis and Richard L. Clark Waco, Texas, the ex-associates of Gaines allege he pressed these to sell their shares in the organization just 2 days before HGTV selected up Fixer Upper like a series.

Together with Gaines, the papers cite Magnolia Real estate, Scripps Systems Interactive (the organization that owns HGTV) and Noon Productions, which produces Fixer Upper.

Initially, the company mostly operated from Waco having a single realtor, based on the suit.

Particularly the the past few years.

Aaron Hernandez: At the top of Drugs sometimes of Suicide?

Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide The Web Reacts

While certain key questions regarding Hernandez’s suicide happen to be clarified through the ensuing investigation, a lot more have come to light.

At some point, his attorneys planned to argue in the court that past violent occurrences have been motivated by Hernandez’s marijuana use. 

Based on the report, medical investigators found proof of the drug referred to as K2 in Hernandez’s system throughout a kidney fluid screen.

Prison government bodies say the medication is notoriously hard to intercept, as a result a percentage is required to get high that it may be sent undetected with the mail.

He had been serving a existence sentence without the potential of parole during the time of the decision, but there is hope among Hernandez’s attorneys the acquittal would improve his likelihood of being found not liable on appeal.

It is also been speculated that Hernandez might have experienced highly improbable reactions to THC along with other drugs because of the existence of CTE or any other brain injuries incurred around the arena.

Sources say Hernandez was devastated when his request to talk about a cell with Kennedy was denied, as well as in his already-fragile emotional condition, this news was greater than he might take.

A lot of the speculation about Hernandez’s final days has focused on his alleged prison romance with Kyle Kennedy, another inmate at Souza-Baranowski.

The majority of individuals questions concern Hernandez’s mindset within the moments before he made the decision to hold themself hang themself having a bed sheet.

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Now, a brand new element in the 27-year-old’s tragic decision might have emerged because of a Newsweek are convinced that claims Hernandez was at the top of synthetic marijuana during the time of his dying.

Officials suspect that the liquid form of K2 was smuggled in to the prison by an affiliate of Hernandez’s.

It might appear unlikely that marijuana would cause anyone to place their own existence, but oftentimes, synthetic substitutes are marijuana in name only.

An analysis continues to be launched into the way the contraband finished up in the cell.

It has been 1 week since former Gambling tight finish and charged killer Aaron Hernandez was discovered dead in the cell at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Lancaster, Massachusetts.

Strangely enough, the suicide happened just days after Hernandez was found innocent on double murder charges.

Officials may never discovered the way the drug wound up in Hernandez’s possession or if it performed a job in the decision to commit suicide, but the truth that he was drunk is simply one more strange detail within an more and more macabre situation.

Aaron Hernandez: Gay Prison Lover Identified?

We might never discover for several what motivated Hernandez to murder Lloyd after which take their own existence.

Government bodies confirmed that Hernandez scrawled a Bible passage on his brow in red ink and used exactly the same ink to produce the look of wounds on his hands and ft in apparent mention of crucifixion of Christ.

It has been broadly reported the inmate was Hernandez’s gay lover. 

Information regarding the convict were slow to emerge, however nowadays, Radar On the internet is identifying him as Kyle Kennedy, a 22-year-old Massachusetts man serving a sentence on armed robbery charges.

Kennedy has been around prison since The month of january of 2015, as he was arrested after robbing a service station cashier having a knife.

A week ago, the planet was shocked to understand that former Gambling tight finish and charged killer Aaron Hernandez was discovered dead in the prison cell after getting apparently taken their own existence.

The Bible in the cell lay available to the chapter and verse written on his brow, and tucked within the pages were three separate suicide notes:

The thought that Hernandez might have been bisexual sheds new light around the information on his murder conviction.

Insiders include that just before his dying, Hernandez transferred possession of the $50,000 watch to Kennedy as a present when ever he’s released from prison.

Through the trial, a Hernandez affiliate named Ernest Wallace claimed that Hernandez’s victim, Odin Lloyd, frequently taunted the athlete with gay slurs and threatened to out him.

Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide The Web Reacts

One was addressed to Hernandez’s former fiancee, another to his 4-year-old daughter, along with a third to some fellow inmate.

All we all know now is this fact unimaginably tragic situation in some way is constantly on the get sadder each day.

Kennedy has apparently been in suicide watch since the night time when Hernandez’s body was discovered.

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As information on the 27-year-old’s final moments emerged, it grew to become obvious the tragic incident might forever be encircled in mystery.

Wallace states he believes it had been Hernandez’s anxiety about being uncovered as bisexual that motivated him to consider Lloyd’s existence.

The items in the letters remain unknown, but individuals acquainted with the problem say there’s little question that Hernandez and Kennedy were involved with an intimate relationship.

Aaron Hernandez Found With Bible Passage Written on Brow in Bloodstream

The odd timing from the suicide has brought to theories that Hernandez was murdered, an idea espoused by a number of individuals his group of friends.

An old semi-pro football player themself, Odin Lloyd would be a friend who’d formerly dated the sister of Aaron’s fiancee.

WBZ Boston reported moments ago that Hernandez was discovered dead in the cell with “John 3:16” scrawled on his brow.

The character of the receding is unclear, but Lloyd was shot several occasions with a weapon observed in Hernandez’s possession.

He’d no more be considered a free man.

Before the beginning of the 2013 season, getting just signed an enormous contract extension, Hernandez was arrested by police on suspicion of Lloyd’s murder.

He was discovered guilty of murdering Odin Lloyd in 2015, however the suicide came around the heels of Hernandez being found innocent of an alleged double murder.

Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide The Web Reacts

This Year and 2012, he and Take advantage of Gronkowski made history because the only set of tight ends to trap five touchdowns each at the spine-to-back seasons.

“For God so loved everyone around you that he gave his only Boy, that whomever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal existence.”

The Bristol, Conn., native is survived by fiancee Shayanna Jenkins as well as their four-year-old daughter, Avielle Janelle Jenkins-Hernandez.

Hernandez, who pleaded not liable, had an appeal pending during the time of his passing, so technically died a harmless man within the eyes from the law.

The main one-time Gambling tight finish was 27.

John 3:16 is definitely an apparent mention of oft-quoted Bible verse. The verse, possibly the favourite within the Bible, reads:

Just before his arrest, Hernandez was one among the very best tight leads to the National football league, along with a huge area of the Patriots’ offensive success.

While Hernandez was still being serving a existence sentence for murder, the current not liable verdict considerably improved the probabilities that the pending appeals trial for that Lloyd situation works in his favor.

It might be quite a while before anything resembling a definitive answer takes shape, on the other hand, new and disturbing information regarding the situation still emerge.

In bloodstream.

As is available likely heard right now, former National football league star and charged killer Aaron Hernandez was discovered dead in the prison cell today.

In another harsh detail, Fox 25 in Boston is reporting that government bodies who discovered Hernandez’s body found considerable amounts of bloodstream smeared around the walls of his cell.

WBZ is also reporting that government bodies are investigating the chance that Hernandez was at the top of synthetic marijuana during the time of his suicide.

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Jana Kramer Reacts to Parent-Shaming, Animal-Loving Haters on Instagram

Sadly, yes, there is much more that people desired to criticize.

But nonetheless.

She explain why the following:

As a result of the singer venturing to communicate with a dolphin, fans known as upon her to look at the 2013 documentary Blackfish, which focuses on the effects of keeping orcas in captivity.

Thinking about her first husband attempted to kill her and her second husband cheated on her behalf, Jana Kramer can most likely shrug off a couple of social networking critics much better than many people.

But here’s the reality…I’d an amazing trip to @discoverycove with no I’ve not seen the films yalls referenced what Used To Do SEE was how amazing they treated these dolphins and that i learned a lot about each one of these, met the trainers, and that i requested very specific questions regarding the way they appeared to be taken proper care of.

“I had been hot. Other things u wish to criticize?!” the 33-years old authored to an admirer who made a decision to reference Kramer’s outfit inside a negative context for whatever reason.

One Instagram follower contended that dolphins “should be wild within the ocean and go swimming for miles each day,Inch while another fan described the way they were “stolen using their moms as babies” and “forced” some thing inside a docile manner.

One Instagram user felt a necessity to warn Kramer the animal “might cause leprosy,” which sent a couple of of her other supporters right into a panic. 

She added:

Okay guess what happens….I am writing this picture again. I received lots of critique by writing this which ultimately helped me go lower because no I’d rather not upset any one of you.

Like a compensated Gemstone Resorts ambassador, it’s essentially area of the star’s job to go to a resort similar to this and gloat about this online.

(It’s worth taking note here from the following: By 2015, 95 % of people are safe from the condition, however, there are around 150 to 200 new cases annually within the U . s . States.)

While SeaWorld initially known as Blackfish “inaccurate and misleading,” it later announced intends to finish killer-whale shows at its North Park amusement park in November 2015.

Kramer also received fire for that second photo featured above.

Will I feel sad that they must be within the wild, sure, but they’re being loved there and they’re getting given and to be honest I am not likely to NOT publish something because I am in the zoo or wherever I am going. I do not preach politics or attempt to shove my beliefs on any one of you.

Or do you consider Kramer deserved the internet wrath she faced because of this trip which photos?

I’ll be back at @discoverycove…I’ll also take Jolie to Zoos, I’ll offer her food that isn’t orangic at occasions, I’ll feed her meat, dairy, and i’ll possess a couple of portions of wine to myself in the finish from the night.

Can’t a lady visit a resort together with her child in peace?

On the side note, seeing Jolie smile when she touched the dolphin undoubtedly made my day. Peace and love.

Within the same picture, Kramer and little Jolie are checking a close armadillo around the beach.

Say no to, huh?

“Because of @diamondresorts for the treatment of us for this experience!”

Kramer published the photo… then deleted it… after which published it again.

I am simply trying is the best mother I’m able to be and all sorts of I needed ended up being to take my daughter to some place where we’re able to have some fun and she or he often see this beautiful well taken proper care of creature close up and private by a few amazing and super kind trainers.

Within the first, Kramer is located on the sand at Discovery Cove in Orlando with 13-month old daughter daughter Jolie Rae.

The singer/actress delivered her daughter this past year, and sounded pretty stoked about motherhood inside a talk to People Magazine.

“Presenting Jolie to the new little friend @discoverycove,” Kramer captioned the photo, that was clicked in an establishment managed by SeaWorld Parks &amp Entertainment. 

The nation music singer and former Dwts contestant has our sympathy after she shared what she thought were a few very innocent photos on Instagram over the past weekend.

“I’ve never felt more beautiful than I actually do now because I’m Jolie’s mother,” she stated some time back. “She may be the passion for my existence.”

This is when the shots began to become fired in her own direction, however.

FIRST, Kramer was condemned for removing her wetsuit and exposing her bikini. How dare she, right?!?

Or no individuals have trouble with the way i live my daily then I am sorry. I am simply doing the very best I’m able to. I won’t be able to impress everybody individuals. I know my true fans is going to be there and in one mother to a different everyone knows we’re doing the very best we are able to.

13 Paternity Scandals That ROCKED Hollywood

Remember Mariah Yeater? In 2010, she accused the youthful singer of sleeping together with her backstage following a concert and placing a child in her own womb. The suit was eventually dropped and we have heard little about this since.

Mere days before Chyna was because of give birth, questions began to abound over whether someone named Pilot Johnson impregnanted the truth star, instead of Take advantage of Kardashian. Chyna has strongly denied this rumor.

Yes, THAT O.J. Simpson. For many years, tabloids have pressed the rumor that O.J. is really Khloe Kardashian’s father, not Robert Kardashian. Simpon themself hasn’t shot lower the chatter, although Khloe has frequently mocked it.

Joseline Hernandez shared an Instagram photo in nov 2016. It portrayed her baby bump. She then claimed that Stevie J knocked her up, although others say Youthful Dro may be the father of her impending child. It is a pretty confusing mess. Click the headline above for additional.

1. Pilot Johnson versus. Blac Chyna

Click around below to become advised of a few of these scandals, most of which are ongoing and every one of which blew us far, far, a long way away…

2. Michael Girgenti versus. Kourtney Kardashian

Michael Girgenti, men model who posed for any shoot in older days with Kourtney Kardashian, claimed at the begining of 2015 that he’s the actual father of little Mason. He required a dna paternity test… also it demonstrated that Scott Disick is Mason’s father. Oops!

3. O.J. Simpson versus. Kris Jenner

Jude Law had an informal fling with model Samantha Burke after which requested a dna paternity test when she grew to become pregnant. Because it turns, the baby was his! Whoops!

How about your child dada?!?

Save the drama for the baby mama?

6. Jude Law versus. Samantha Burke

Through the years, numerous celebrities have discovered themselves in scalding warm water over whether they accidentally fathered a young child from wedlock.

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Taylor Quick: Take a look at My Lovely Baby Bump!

A minimum of Adele could return out of this. 

This’d blow her Girl Squad Goals all to hell.  

“That will put her a couple of several weeks along.” 

“The timing fits for any late-summer time reunion with him, that could have motivated her to dump Tom [Hiddleston].”

An insider told the mag, “Taylor Swift’s circle is buzzing with word the good-girl singer – who’s presently single – is pregnant.”

“But [getting pregnant will make things accumulate,Inch the mole ongoing.

Who’s your father? 

We have got our eye for you, girl!

Taylor was considered to be ” super emotional recently,” which she has been “remaining in during the night,Inch and “staying away from alcohol.”

When it comes to bump, the origin claims the “putting on weightInch (HA) is “totally from character for Taylor.”

When it comes to father, “her buddies aren’t even sure who the daddy could be, though their money’s on Calvin Harris,” the origin revealed.

Taylor Quick is apparently pregnant, based on OK! Magazine, even though we’d normally take crazy news such as this having a touch of suspicion, a brandname-new pic from the star is especially damning. 

When not an infant, maybe she’s on the point of give birth to a different Grammy. 

After which we’d have another Adele on the hands (not too Taylor has, obviously, even a small fraction of Adele’s talent): blockbusting music sales + baby = time, time, time off work.  

Well, that would likely explain the sudden relationship implosion with Tom Hiddleston, would it not? 

That sure appears like a bump of some kind, right? 

Will it be exactly the same for Taylor? 

“Word is she’s eating two times the quantity she normally does, and she or he hasn’t been to a health club as much.”

In the end, Taylor’s first album dropped about ten years ago, so you’re ready to mix things up and make a move really drastic. 

Furthermore, who’s Taylor Swift’s baby father?  

And jeeze, would you even let’s suppose Taylor were pregnant? 

It appears as though can be … and will also likely tell everything, now, will not it? 

There is nothing wrong with as being a single mother, obviously, however this would tarnish Taylor’s good-girl status – in addition to her status to be “pure and innocent” beyond any repair. 

13 Celebrity Pregnancies Nobody Saw Coming
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