Khloe Kardashian Undergoes $3 MILLION in Cosmetic Surgery included in Extreme Transformation?!

It’s difficult to reconcile the thought of Khloe feeling compelled to alter her body and face a lot using the image we’ve of Khloe as the confident, brassy sister, however, you can never underestimate pressure to be within the limelight 24/7.

Star magazine is not always probably the most trustworthy tabloid (enter joke about “reliable tabloid” becoming an oxymoron), however their latest cover constitutes a pretty compelling situation for that claim Khloe Kardashian has already established a lot of labor done.

That’s lots of cash to invest on changing a person’s appearance, but Khloe has complained previously concerning the difficulties to be considered “the ugly Kardashian,” and she or he certainly has got the money, so…more energy to her?

Hey, whether it makes her feel good, we are happy on her. But hopefully Khloe knows when you should refer to it as quits if this involves sinking the knife.

We all know in the frequency of Khloe’s gym selfies that they calculates a great deal (or at best puts lots of effort into causing us to be think that they calculates a great deal), so a minimum of a few of the transformation is natural, but it is hard to check out individuals pre and post photos above and believe that she has not had a minimum of some help from a surgeon.

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Jennifer Lawrence REALLY Hates Jesse Trump!

Now, Jennifer Lawrence is making her feelings obvious, and in contrast to Brady, she’s not mincing words.

Jen is unquestionably saying what’s on lots of individuals minds, so we applaud her on her bravery. Sadly, everyone knows how Trump goodies his female opponents.

“I truly think that reality television has arrived at the best place where now even such things as this could just be to keep things interesting,” Lawrence stated. “It’s either that or it’s Hillary’s brilliant idea.

As Jesse Trump’s schoolyard bully having a red-colored panda-pelt toupee schtick starts to put on thin, his support is waning, and former celebrities in particular are wanting to distance themselves in the Donald’s formerly huuuuuuge campaign.

“And I’m thinking, ‘You are absolutely right. That’s who I would like representing my country, somebody politically incorrect. Which will you need to be perfect.’”

“If Jesse Trump becomes leader, that’ll be the finish around the globe,Inch Lawrence candidly told an audience of reporters.

“I was watching him around the campaign trail and something guy stated, ‘I love Jesse Trump because he’s saying everything I’m thinking and that i just can’t express it due to laptop computer factor.’

Also unlike Brady, J-Law never was a Trump supporter, a well known fact she made very obvious throughout a current press conference to advertise The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. 

Yesterday, Tom Brady spoke on Trump, making clear that he was totally just kidding, everyone, as he introduced his support for that candidate. (It had been the type of scrambling Brady rarely needs to do around the area.)

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Selena Gomez Won't Ever Use Tinder

“I wouldn’t trust people, and Taylor has a means of draining lower everything and merely reducing to being human. I really like that.”

“A lot of women I idolize and admire support each other, and Taylor has this type of beautiful method of getting people together. Which was great for me, since the more I began working, the greater uncomfortable I had been.

Selena Gomez covers the most recent problem of Flare, telling playboy that she’s single, though there’s somewhere you may never find her interacting:

Bieber themself really spoken about Selena lately too, saying the celebs were too for each other at too youthful of the age for this to sort out.

In conclusion, Gomez was requested about her friendship with Taylor Quick, gushing over her Best friend the following:

She did not title her fellow pop star particularly this time around around, but she did say from the latter years:

“It would scare me. I am going on dates. It’s not too difficult – I’m a pleasant youthful lady [laughs] – but that’s not my focus. I’m really stoked about being with myself at this time.”

“I would not continue Tinder!” Selena informs the publication, explaining:

“I’ve felt a lot previously 2 yrs, from being super for each other after which coping with items to growing older and all sorts of these beautiful encounters which were complicated and exciting.”

On Tinder.

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Jenelle Evans FLIPS OUT, Storms Off Set During Teen Mom 2 Reunion!

Jenelle stormed off set not once, but twice last night.

As always, if you missed any of the ridiculously high drama, you can watch Teen Mom online at TV Fanatic.

Tell us what you really think, Jenelle!

When Captain Obvious Dr. Drew pointed out that Jenelle and Nathan were in an abusive relationship, Jenelle replied, “We’re working things out.”

“He completely cut me off and all I was trying to do was get him back for so long,” a tearful Jenelle told the audience and Dr. Drew.

Given her many arrests and her long history of being awful, it’s tough to feel bad for Jenelle, but she won our sympathy when talking about the panic attacks she suffered after Nathan started dating someone new.

Barbara still has custody of Jenelle’s first son, Jace, and when the began to argue about his upbringing (as they do every time they get together), Jenelle absolutely lost it:

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“Oh really, Mom? And look at you, you work in Walmart deli,” Jenelle screamed. “I’m going to be a medical assistant saving people’s lives while you serve f–king food.” 

Anyway, Jenelle continued to go off on her mom as she stormed off set for a second time:

“And nothing I did was working so I just gave up, and, finally, when I gave up, he came back to me and he wanted to be back with me.”

Then Nathan joined her on stage and the claws came out.

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We know they’ve said that before, but recently, Jenelle assaulted Nathan’s new girlfriend, which is how breakups are cemented in Jenelle’s world.

These days, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are broken up for good.

“She doesn’t deserve anyone — anyone’s love, anyone’s affection. When I was pregnant, she called me a f—king whore. I’m done. You’re not forcing me to film.”

However, back in July when last night’s Teen Mom 2 Season 6 reunion special was filmed, Jenelle and Nathan were still trying to make things work, and we had a front row seat for the stinking garbage fire that was the final days of their relationship.

Her first exit came when Nathan accused her of “playing the victim.”

Considering this wasn’t long after Nathan was arrested for domestic violence, we’d say she has a right to do so, and Jenelle was fully justified in taking her leave of the proceedings.

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Tori Spelling to endure Public Lie Detector Test: Can We Discover If Her Marriage Drama Was Fake?!

We do not understand what any one of Tori’s solutions is going to be, but we all do realize that questions includes:

For any lady who’s current career centers entirely around TMI reality shows, there is lots we do not know about Tori Spelling:

The hour-lengthy special, that will air soon after The Unauthorized Beverly Hillsides, 90210 Story will pressure the actress-switched-professional-basketcase to answer numerous questions regarding her tabloid-fodder existence and career.

It’s unlikely that Tori will answer many of these questions about Sunday evening, but she’ll undergo wrong detector test for life special confusingly entitled Tori Spelling: Celebrity Lie Detector.

  • Do you consider you had been situation on 90210 because Aaron Spelling is the father?
  • Could it be true you have had over ten plastic surgical procedures?
  • Have you lose your virginity to your 90210 cast mates?

Obviously our two burning questions are: 1. Could they be really gonna avoid the chance to discover if Tori photoshopped her husband’s affair, and a pair of. Will they really expect other celebs to help keep this series running?

Chet Haze: I am Not Missing! I am in Rehab!

“A few several weeks ago I had been selling coke, doing coke until I could not even snort up my nose any longer since it am clogged,” Haze informs his IG fans.

Haze even apologized for his utilisation of the N-word that annoyed a lot of his fans within the summer time.

And hey, since he’s from the nose chocolate, maybe he’ll be a folk singer or choose another profession that really is sensible for that boy from the guy who performed Woodsy in Toy Story. We are able to dream, right?

Following reviews the 25-year-old’s circle of relatives did not know his location, Chet resurfaced in late August to prove he was alive and well, but nonetheless provided no details about his sudden disappearance.

Chet Haze Reveals About Cocaine Addiction
Chet Haze Talks Rehab

We have been recognized to poke a chuckle at Mr. Chester Hanks every so often (In the end, the man’s ghetto accent is thicker than Forrest Gump’s southern one.), but we provide him props for seeking treatment, so we truly wish him best wishes.

Now, because of a number of remarkably candid Instagram videos the emcee published last evening, we all know that Haze was at rehab for cocaine addiction for that second time each year:

“I even smoked crack. It has been a lengthy journey finding who I’m because all of the demands that I have worked within my existence — you realize, to be the boy of my father and everything.”

Recently, we reported that Tom Hanks boy, ambitious rapper Chet Haze, choose to go missing.

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Kendall Jenner: Take A Look At My BALMAIN BOOTY!

And a minimum of Kendall’s butt wasn’t inside a harness this time around, either, that has really been the situation previously.

However the primary focus of Kendall’s latest message is clearly on her behalf rear finish, this is not on the one who designed the gown that (barely) covers it.

The truth star wandered around France inside a lace-up halter top with mesh sections. You can clearly see her under garments from both back and also the front.

“BALMAIN BOOTY,” Jenner authored like a caption for this snapshot.

A minimum of she was putting on under garments, we guess.


The 19-years old model typically shares runway pictures or pictures of herself in actual designer clothing on Instagram… which, we suppose, technically, she’s doing because well.

Kendall Jenner is doing her best to maintain siblings Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian in the next photo.

It is all about small victories at this time with this particular family.

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Jessica Simpson: Boob Job Gossips Warm Up After Latest Instagram Photos

“She looks absurd at this time — breasts on the stick!” states Pescatore, who had better be a perfect physical specimen if he’s making the rounds speaking that type of garbage.

Now, however, individuals who’ve analyzed photos Jessica’s latest looks and selfies from her Instagram page state that the 34-year-old’s consuming problem may not be her only secret.

While she’s always been pleasantly top heavy, doctors state that with quantity of weight Simpson has acquired and lost through the years, it’s unlikely that her breasts would remain quite as perky without some kind of surgical assistance.

“Jessica has clearly were built with a significant breast enhancement,” states cosmetic surgeon Dr. John Glatt, who – it ought to be noted – hasn’t treated Jessica themself. “She has likely also were built with a breast lift.”

Gossips that Jessica Simpson was drunk throughout her recent appearance around the Home Shopping Network happen to be everywhere within the last couple days.

Frankly, you can understand why, as she totally appeared to become wasted on live TV.

Interesting stuff, but frankly, we are within the “whatever she’s doing, it’s working camping.” Have surgery all that you should, Jess. Keep discussing individuals bikini photos on Instagram.

Yes, doctors who’ve spoken with Radar Online state that it’s their professional opinion that Jessica has become a boob job.

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Caitlyn Jenner: Removed of Charges in Vehicular Wrongful death Situation!

That’s true, but hopefully, Caitlyn still learned something all this and can start instructing her kids to not take selfie videos while driving.

As lately as recently, it had been reported that Jenner could face incarceration, as the la County Sheriff’s Department had came to the conclusion in the analysis that Jenner’s criminal negligence might have performed a job in Howe’s dying.

In Feb, Caitlyn Jenner was involved with a vehicle accident that stated the existence of 69-year-old Kim Howe, a neighbor of Jenner’s.

“An accident, however devastating and heartbreaking whenever a existence sheds, isn’t always an offender matter,” reads an announcement from Jenner’s attorney, Blair Berk.

The situation ended up being passed along to DA, who had been to find out if Caitlyn would face charges.

Fortunately for Jenner, TMZ has become confirming the DA has made the decision Jenner isn’t the reason for Howe’s dying, and won’t have to stand trial.

Though Jenner’s postponed response was undeniably the reason for the accident, zoning out while driving isn’t illegal, and witnesses the 65-year-old wasn’t texting or searching at her phone during the time of the accident.

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