Might Face & Catelynn Lowell: Partying Despite Addiction Issues

Teen Mother: Just How Much Perform The Stars Make?!

Nowadays it’s adopted much more of a soapy docu-drama feel, however the ladies still reside in far-flung regions of the nation, generally not even close to any metropolitan cultural centers.

A couple of occasions annually, however, the whole cast of teenybopper Mother: OG descends upon New You are able to or LA to record supplemental material or attend a celebration backed by MTV.

“Happy 420 everybody,” Lowell tweeted at some point.

It’s certainly one of a couple of fuzzy photos from that night, but more telling compared to images they published on social networking would be the words:

For Portwoord, she’s addressed fans’ concerns about her consuming previously by explaining that she’s sober from prescription discomfort pills, and it has no difficulties with booze.

Guess she’s not very worried about that “mental addiction” nowadays.


“Remember NO smoking and driving! Remember park and spark!”

Three-fourths from the cast (Farrah remains around the outs using the other ladies) hit the city for a kind of mobile after-party after things rapped up, and predictably, things had a wild crazy.

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A week ago, all from the series’ leads travelled to La for any premiere party celebrating the debut of teenybopper Mother: OG

The above mentioned image from Tyler Baltierra’s Snapchat is a touch difficult to write out, however it seems to exhibit Amber’s fiance, Matt Baier, brandishing a container of booze at the back of a limousine.

Lowell lately accepted on Lowell that she’s frequented dispensaries in states where weed is legal (like California).

The show was created as a way of chronicling the varying experiences of various teenage expectant moms in various regions of america.

So it is a bit surprising the ladies were made the decision to chronicle their booze- and weed-fueled night around town for his or her social networking supporters.

Should you watch Teen Mother online, you are most likely aware that Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell have both battled with emotional and drug abuse issues within the not-so-distant past.

We guess whether it works for Amber and Catelynn, then who’re we to evaluate?

Portwood visited prison, selecting incarceration over rehab after a number of brushes using the law.

Here’s wishing each of the women stay safe.

Lowell checked into rehab for several emotional issues, and made the decision that they is affected with a “mental addiction” to marijuana.

Teen Mother and Teen Mother 2 are unique among reality shows, for the reason that the central cast people rarely spend whenever together.

Clearly, there is nothing wrong having a couple of twenty-somethings hitting the city and ingesting some substances occasionally, but fans really are a bit concerned because of the troubled pasts of two girls that got went raging that night.

Jenelle Evans: Is David Eason REALLY Her Baby’s Father?!

13 Shocking Jenelle Evans Details Even We Did not Know!

Another added:

Remarkably, the teenager Mother 2 star fittingly dubbed the Carolina Hurricane appears to possess settled lower a little for the reason that time, also it appears to be though she’s finally found the contentment that eluded her together with her first couple of baby daddies.

Yes, it appears lots of fans think that Ensley’s father is the one and only Kieffer Delp, whom lengthy-time Teen Mother 2 fans will remember among the most loser-y of Jenelle’s many loser boyfriends.

“That’s absurd,” Evans told The Dirty, adding that you have a perfectly good reason why Ensley seems to become of the more dark complexion:

However that Jenelle is denying it, we are unsure things to think.

There have been different opinions around the matter, only one name stored approaching greater than every other:

Jenelle spoke out concerning the Kieffer speculation inside a recent interview, and never surprisingly, she claims it’s all regulated BS:

“The filter made her look dark,” she told the website.

Ya know, we began served by setup the Kieffer clients are most likely nonsense.

Evans and Delp broke up way in 2012, but there has been rumors about the subject linking around the sly within the years since.

The most recent soap opera-worthy development requires the question of little Ensley’s paternity.

“She’s not David’s anybody can easily see she’s mixed,” authored another.

Watch Teen Mother 2 online to help remind yourself of precisely how loose Jenelle’s relationship with the simple truth is.

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We will not believe something that arrives of her mouth.

Jenelle is engaged to David Eason nowadays, there is however an increasing contingent of TM2 obsessives who believe Eason is not Ensley’s father, as he’s been brought to think.

Obviously, this really is still Jenelle Evans we are speaking about, meaning almost always there is some earth-shattering drama lurking closer than you think.

Jenelle published the above mentioned photo to her Instagram page a week ago, and also the comments section erupted with speculation regarding who the actual baby father may be.

“She appears like Jace and Kieffer,” one fan commented.

“Everyday she looks a lot more like Kieffer. Told him he should request a DNA test.”

It has been almost three several weeks since Jenelle Evans welcomed her third child, a woman named Enlsey Jolie.

Tori Spelling: Mansion-Hunting While Broke?!

She visited share details which will eradicate any sympathy you might have felt on her:

Obviously, Tori is 43 years of age, and getting been reckless with money her whole existence, she knows just how to proceed in cases like this:

This is exactly why she’s pulling up her boots, tightening her belt and … trying to find a new mansion.

We’re able to continue on with that schtick, but we believe you understand.

Yes, inside a recent interview, Tori revealed that despite her financial hardships, she’s jonesin’ for any new crib:

And just how is she intending to support her “house fetish”?

In addition, McDermott has been accused of back supporting your children by his first wife.

This news comes just days after Spelling welcomed her fifth child.

When Tori’s buddies discuss the need for driving hybrids, she’s like, “Well, I’m able to only manage to fill my vehicle’s gas tank midway. Does that count?”

She states the actor owes her thousands.

“I increased in just two houses, and one of these until I had been 16, therefore it would be a lovely feeling, understanding that I’d a childhood home. [Our place now] comes with an amazing energy,” Spelling stated.

Why with a brand new reality show, obviously!

Also, she is constantly on the dig a much deeper hole for herself, because in the finish during the day, she knows her wealthy family is only going to allow her to fall to date. 

Ah, yes. The struggle is real.

“I’ve a house fetish – I really like the entire experience with locating the perfect place. We’re a large family and we’re around the search for any big ‘forever’ home,Inch Tori told Hello Giggles.

The 2009 week we found that Tori’s bank accounts have been drained through the IRS, because of Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, falling many years behind on their own taxes.

American Express claims the pair owes them greater than a hundred grand.

“I’ve two very distinct sides that pull on one another daily. A part of me just wants to become a stay-at-home mother and yet another part really wants to operate a business empire. It’s a genuine struggle. But my ideal is always to work at home.Inch

So her current place is okay, but she would like more. Gotcha.

When Tori reflects fondly on 90210, she’s not taking into consideration the show, however the time when she can afford to reside in that zipcode.

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Tori Spelling is broke.

“My fans are missing seeing the children every day,Inch Tori says, by means of explaining why she totes must be back on television, like, yesterday.

Nothing like “can not afford to help keep a yoga instructor on retainer in her own guesthouse broke,” but “holds you up at Whole-foods together with her manila envelope filled with coupons” broke.

“An outdoor they are able to run in with a lot of space, where they may be safe.”

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott: Through Good Occasions and Bad

We poke fun at Tori only because she gets a security internet most people could only imagine by means of her mother, so she’ll not be destitute, and her kids won’t ever starve.

However in Tori’s situation, that expression refers back to the find it difficult to say something non-idiotic.

Might Face Charged with Mistreating Matt Baier: Begin to see the Photos

To begin with, there’s are doubts concerning the authenticity from the photos.

Meanwhile, watch Teen Mother online to help remind yourself of methods profoundly messed-up Amber and Matt’s relationship is really.

Many fans have speculated that Matt faked the pics in to gain sympathy in one of his side chicks.

However, it does not appear that everything is as similar as initially thought, also it now appears that Matt might not be entirely blameless.

Since the planet found that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are engaged, Teen Mother: OG obsessives happen to be encouraging Amber to chop bait and run in the relationship before time runs out.

Naturally, fans initially reacted towards the pics with disdain for Amber.

Pointless to state, something profoundly fishy is happening here.

He began by claiming these were many years old and from the previous relationship.

Johnson also tweeted a note to Amber encouraging her to check on Baier’s phone.

Online sleuths rapidly debunked claiming everything about the the photo without anyone’s knowledge is equivalent to one which Amber published online just this past year.

On the other hand, the storyline all around the sketchy conditions all around the pics might leave frustrated TMOG viewers with the fact that Amber and Matt are generally way too all messed up to stay in rapport.


It isn’t obvious who Baier is corresponding within the messages below, but he does appear to become talking about the photos that surfaced today:

Fans see Baier like a deadbeat father as well as an opportunist, who examines Amber and sees only meals ticket along with a coattail to ride.

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Might Face Photos: Through Good Occasions &amp Bad

Regardless of the situation, it appears as if Baier is presently in the middle of a mad scramble to bury the pics.

Several fans also have noticed that the glasses Matt is putting on within the first image are the same ones he wears nowadays, and not the smaller sized frames he sported in early stages in the relationship wit Amber.

It isn’t definitive proof that he’s laying (Maybe Matt introduced the Lana Turner poster with him from the prior relationship?), however it certainly does not help Matt’s situation.

The pics were initially tweeted by Smarty Johnson, a gossip blogger and podcast host with past digging deep to unearth the reality regarding sketchy reality stars.

We’ll help you stay updated about this developing story as increasing numbers of information opens up.

This is a theory that appears to become based on Jones’ recent tweets about them:

However, new photos that seem to show physical damage backed up by Baier during a battle might turn the tide of public opinion against Amber.

“Only a regular Tuesday, taking pills and beating one another. Quit for @mattbEPT @amberlportwood #ShesAFighter @mtv #TeenMomOG,” she captioned among the photos.

Jessa Duggar: Slammed For Parenting Fail on Instagram!

Refer to it as outburst-management in age Trump. 

Yes, as you can tell, Henry and lil Spurge aren’t putting on any footwear or socks, as well as in 2017, that apparently justifies a comments-section freak-out.

Look, we all know there are plenty of people that have very justifiable beefs using the Duggars.

That’s Jessa together with her husband, Ben Seewald, and her sons, Spurgeon and Henry Wilberforce.

However when you concentrate on the little mistakes rather from the main issue, you draw attention away from from what’s really important.

Fortunately, Jessa’s latest sartorial scandal is way less nauseating:

They ought to be playing ice hockey in hell, folks, because we are siding with Jessa about this one.

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(Tickets for that event offered for around $50.)

Jessa Duggar Baby Photos: Welcome #BabySeewald!

Actually, we can not imagine how anybody does not have beef using the Duggars.

It is a lesser concern, clearly, however it still suggests some deeply troubling hypocrisy lurking in the intersection from the Duggars’ business practices as well as their faith.

“The ground isn’t clean. Make use of your mind Jessa. The boys have to put on footwear when outdoors.”

Amazingly, Jessa really required time to reply, writing:

The problem offered like a cringe-inducing indication from the fact the Duggars happen to be charged with blaming the sufferers of sexual assault for dressing too provocatively.

Women under 9 and men of every age group were barred from attending, along with a website about Jessa’s appearance disappeared soon after the retreat started to get nationwide media attention.

However the past couple of days happen to be rough on Jessa, and today she finds herself around the receiving finish of some harsh critique.

“He’s still an infant, therefore we carry him around more often than not when we’re on an outing.”

But fans were freaked out by not only the information from the speech.

It appears the problem is due to the kids ft.

“We try. Spurgeon required his footwear off within the vehicle, therefore we didn’t bother to place it well on,” mom of two authored.

Clearly, it’s greater than a little weird and gross the subject of her address seems like something from the finishing school curriculum, circa a couple of years before women got the election.

Sometimes you need to allow the little annoyances go to save your time for that items that really matters.

The entire factor was shrouded inside a strange secrecy:

“Why will they not have access to footwear on?” certainly one of Jessa’s supporters authored.

Bizarrely, the majority of it is due to clothing.

Some objected that Jessa appeared to become using her fame to profit from her more youthful fans inside a somewhat shameless fashion.

At one time when Jessa Duggar was one of the most scandal-free Duggars, as well as critics from the family agreed that they appeared to become one of the least problematic of Jim Bob and Michelle’s many, many children.

They are going to attend Easter time Sunday church services, and besides the kids’ names (Just kidding, Jessa!) it’s difficult to assume what may be wrong with this particular photo.

Everything began a week ago, whenever we first found that Jessa could be giving a lecture on dressing modestly in a women’s retreat in Middletown, Ohio.

Gwen Stefani: Really Pregnant With Blake Shelton’s Baby?!

At 47, we suppose you will find that Gwen would feel a feeling of emergency with regards to getting more kids.

Rumors about Gwen conceiving a child with Blake’s baby happen to be circulating virtually from the moment both of these began linking, so possibly it’s no wonder that the rumor mill read way an excessive amount of into Gwen’s decision to stop The Voice.

“He results in like a carefree, sometimes immature guy, but deep lower he’s a household man who would like to be encircled by children. 

Fair is fair.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani: 11 Sweetest PDA Moments

Numerous anonymous “insiders” have popped up previously week insisting the real reason behind Gwen’s departure in the show is her need to begin fertility treatments. 

“He sometimes will get his fix by spending time with Gwen’s kids after which it sometimes makes him think he wants their own,Inch the insider adds.

At that time, the rumor was that Gwen wanted nothing related to the reveal that introduced her to Blake for that simple reason why she caught wind of reports that The Teen Sensation was coming back towards the Voice, and she or he wasn’t interested in discussing the spotlight.

“They know that Gwen gets available online for in age and want on her safe when the miracle of kid birth happens.”

The origin added:

Just don’t ask the dude to stop consuming for nine several weeks.

And perhaps she gets when she assumes less professional responsibilities to do so, Blake should need to be in your own home more, too.

“The father bug has bit Blake in some places,” a resource lately told Hollywood Existence.

Now, however, you will find reports that Gwen is clearing her time-table for any completely different reason.

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A week ago, we reported on rumors that Blake Shelton might be quitting The Voice in the behest of Gwen Stefani.

Sources near to the show claimed that Gwen had composed her mind to permanently cut ties using the singing competition, and she’d very persistently suggesting that her boyfriend join her in moving forward.

“He always wanted youngsters with Miranda [Lambert], but her potential to deal with it had been one of the reasons they wound up splitting.”

Another insider states that one of the reasons Blake divorced Miranda Lambert was that they did not share his desire to have a large family.

“Having children is a imagine his for any lengthy time.”

“Blake could be within the moon if he and Gwen finish up getting an infant together,” the tipster told HL.

Meghan Linsey Updates Fans on Nasty Spider Bite

They are all pretty incredible, to tell the truth.

Now, should you excuse us, we have to go use the internet for some kind of sleeping mask that people can put on to prevent this same, awful fate.

“I’m still coping with the wound on my small face, however i finally found the best meds to manage the nerve discomfort.

The 31-year-old country star ongoing to help keep supporters apprised of her status following this initial publish, even in some way managing to smile in her own next photo.


During the period of the final 9 days, I’ve experienced probably the most insane signs and symptoms. From excruciating nerve discomfort within my face, fits, full rash, extreme swelling… etc. It’s really been rough.

“I understand I am not from the forest about this yet, however i am so incredibly grateful in my health and i’ll never become complacent again.”

As you can tell, the previous The Voice favorite is really doing better.

Two several weeks after being bitten with a venomous spider, former The Voice standout Meghan Linsey has updated fans about her condition.

“She does not think I’ll need surgery, that is a huge relief! I’m so grateful for all your hopes, well wishes and positive energy. Thanks from the foot of me.Inch

The next photos are graphic anyway.

Linsey states she experienced numerous hyperbaric chamber treatments which the black, dead tissue disappeared after in regards to a month.

I understand I am not from the forest about this yet, however i am so incredibly grateful in my health and i’ll never become complacent again. Your ideas and hopes tend to be appreciated.

I automobile up to and including stinging sensation on my small face. I looked as well as in my right hands would be a dead spider. In some way as i was sleeping, a spider had bit i and me had wiped out it.

This message was written combined with the following montage.

She’s shared numerous pictures on Instagram of the bite mark and it is fallout, including using these images a couple of captions making it obvious precisely how fortunate this singer will be alive.

Pretty insane, huh?

“I am unable to believe the outpouring of affection and support I’ve received coming from all you,” the artist captioned this snapshot, adding:

But she continues to have a lengthy approach to take:

Linsey continued to describe what went down on Feb 12:

“These pics are difficult to talk about, however i think it is important that i can most probably with everyone,” Linsey published a week ago on her behalf social networking account, detailed how she was bitten with a brown recluse spider, probably the most poisonous spiders in the united states.

“I am finally feeling somewhat normal again. It’s been 11 days since i have was bit with a brown recluse spider. I saw the Toxicologist at Vanderbilt yesterday and she or he stated she thinks my wound will heal all right by itself.

Thank heavens Linsey will probably be okay!

“Thanks everybody for the love and support you’ve proven me over these difficult several weeks,” Megan authored to fans on Friday, combined with the picture below.

This generally is on top of my nightmare list. The stinging was awful and that i understood it needed to be poisonous. I place the spider inside a bag and headed to urgent care.

Kailyn Lowry: Threesome With Becky Hayter Caught on Tape?

Therefore it appears that Becky shot the recording on her behalf phone feelings steamed over one night, there was some concern the offended party would publish the tape online.

Based on the original Crazy Nights and days blind item that began all of the rumors, Lowry and 2 very close buddies filmed the house movie on the smartphone.

All this has brought the teenager Mother 2 fans who place the most thought into this type of factor to summarize the tape features Kailyn getting lower together with her longtime friend Becky Hayter.

Kailyn and Becky are rumored to possess connected previously, and according to their social networking interactions, it’s reliable advice they are not only casual acquaintances who from time to time get physical.

You need to observe that the tape has yet to create a look and feel online, meaning its existence remains greatly doubtful.

Apparently, the footage features Lowry, a guy, along with a female friend getting lower with a three-way action.

“So far she’s not attempted to market it because she thinks the teenager Mother still prefers her within the Mom’s newest boyfriend,” CDAN claims.

We might never have any confirmation on any one of this, try not to worry – we’ll still over-analyze this possibly non-existent footage like it is the freakin’ Zapruder Film.

Kailyn, her then-boyfriend, along with a female friend all made the decision to obtain a little freaky one evening plus they filmed it, because celebrities never learn.

Like, “puts Farrah Abraham’s porn to shame” racy.

Because Kailyn and also the female friend are a lot more than just buddies, there is some confusion regarding the nature of the relationship within the wake of Kailyn’s breakup, and possibly throughout an argument, there is some reference to going public using the tape.

This is a confusing sentence (at that time, Lowry was not recognized as the tape’s star, and it was thus being known as “the Mother”), however it here’s our theory on exactly what it means:

Kailyn Lowry: Timeline of the Turbulent Teen Mother Existence

Shortly after that, Kailyn and also the boyfriend separate.

The other female active in the the threesome apparently threatened to produce the tape openly but made the decision to not to have an interesting reason:

(We all know that Kailyn is presently single after getting damaged track of her newest baby father, which means this most likely happened previously couple several weeks.)

That stated, in line with the descriptions we have heard, whether it’s available, it’s pretty racy.

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Earlier today, we reported around the prevalent rumors in regards to a possible Kailyn Lowry sex tape.

Christina El Moussa: DUMPED By Nate Thompson?!

For just one factor, Christina has appeared very wanting to dive directly into a brand new relationship.

Another source is providing another form of occasions to Radar Online, claiming that Thompson suddenly dumped El Moussa to get together again wit his previous girlfriend, Sydney Kaplan.

Christina El Moussa Photos: Switch or Flop Hotness!

However, it does not appear that things labored out between Christina and her rebound dude.

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Yeah, it’s a weird existence Christina has created out for herself.

It is just been three several weeks since Tarek El Moussa declared divorce from Christina El Moussa, but neither party has wasted enough time in re-building their lives publish-marriage.

Seems like she must awesome it around the dating, concentrate on her kids and … the home-flipping show she hosts together with her ex-husband.

However that remains unconfirmed.

If that is truly the situation, it’s gotta sting just a little for Christina, who has not had the finest luck within the romance department these past couple of several weeks.

What we should know for several, however, is the fact that Christina was associated with Nate Thompson from the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks as lately as recently.

It has been broadly rumored that Christina started dating Gary Anderson before she and Tarek were even divorced which her husband understandably wasn’t thrilled about this.

“Bad timing on their ends never really allow it to evolve into something serious. They continue to be buddies and you will find no damaging feelings together whatsoever.Inch

You will find conflicting reports in regards to what exactly went lower between El Moussa and Thompson, but accounts concur the pair is formally dunzo:

Regrettably for that El Moussas, there is a powerful degree of tabloid curiosity about the dissolution of the marriage, meaning fans are very well conscious that things weren’t going easily.

Tarek and Christina will work back together again, plus they appear to become wishing they are able to convince fans that little has altered within their relationship besides the small detail that they are no more married.

“Nothing dramatic happened — it had been super casual from the beginning, plus they weren’t the official couple to start with,Inch a resource informs Entertainment Tonight.

The insider adds that Kaplan looks nearly the same as Christina – but is almost ten years more youthful.

Caitlyn Jenner to Kris: You Understood I Had Been Trans From The First Day!

We are still nearly two days from the discharge of Caitlyn Jenner’s memoir, but in the rate situations are going, there will not be many bombshells left for that special day.

Now, Caitlyn is flipping the script and insisting it’s Kris who’s been misleading the general public:

First some background:

“Eventually Kris and that i do achieve an awareness — take Caitlyn on the highway — but she isn’t to experience within our home or hometown,” she writes. “End of debate.”

Yesterday, we learned that she believes Robert Kardashian understood O.J. Simpson was responsible for double murder, but fought against to make certain uncle beat the costs anyway.

Caitlyn Jenner Photos: Such A Long Time, Bruce! Exactly what a Year!

“On Checking Up On the Kardashians she shed copious tears in visiting grips by using it. Given what she saw, the entire reaction appeared just a little puzzling then and appears puzzling now.”

You may think it might be difficult to top individuals revelations, and well … you’d be right.

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But that is not gonna stop Cait and her publishers from gunning for your number 1 bestseller title by spilling more tea all over the net.

Actually, she insists there is no way Kris did not know, as Caitlyn’s transition into Bruce started prior to she even met Kris:

“I informed her there was a lady inside me my existence,” she writes, adding that they was downright baffled when Kris claimed to possess been stored at nighttime:

Considering that there’s already major tension between Caitlyn and also the Kardashian sisters (especially Khloe) we are guessing this memoir will not do much to fix fences.

Go figure.

Caitlyn states that whenever many years of disagreements, Kris conceded, as long as Caitlyn decided to act as Bruce around their buddies:

“I informed her I used to be in hormone therapy for roughly yesteryear 4 . 5 years before stopping six several weeks earlier,” Caitlyn states, noting that they had started to develop “female curves” when she began dating Kris.

In the last year, the primary supply of conflict between Caitlyn and Kris Jenner continues to be Kris’ insistence that Caitlyn lied about her transition when she first arrived on the scene, by telling the press that Kris have been informed of her decision, while in reality the Kard clan momager discovered exactly the same way as all of those other world.

Caitlyn states she does not have to recall a particular conversation to be able to prove that Kris understood the score from the first day.

“It was apparent the aftereffect of the endocrine system had cause something — two somethings to become exact. In my experience these were the introduction of breasts, size 36B.”

Today’s bridge-burner may not rival alleging a defunct man helped engineer the trial from the century to get back at Cait for marrying his ex but it is still very good.

The 2009 week, we found that Caitlyn has gone through gender reassignment surgery, moving she formerly mentioned she did not intend to make.

People have a tendency to get touchy as it pertains to accusing their moms to be transphobic liars and telling everyone around you that their dead dads protected a killer.

So that as an added bonus, it’s just as prone to piss from the Kardashians.