Nicki Minaj: I am STILL Pissed at The Teen Sensation!

“If you wish to enjoy the west and our lifestyle, bond around, dance around, enjoy us, twerk around, rap around, then you need to should also understand what affects us, what’s disturbing us, what we should feel is unfair to all of us. You shouldn’t not need to know that.”

Nicki Minaj Jams The Teen Sensation Throughout Acceptance Speech

While you most likely remember, Nicki Minaj called The Teen Sensation on live television after winning the award for the best Stylish-Hop Video in the VMAs.

But when there’s anybody available who’s still within the latter camping, we believe Nicki’s recent towards the New You are able to Occasions allow it to be obvious the bad bloodstream between both of these artists is extremely real:

In the beginning, there is some discussion whether Miley and Nicki’s feud was real or staged. 

“You’re in videos with black males, and you’re offering black women in your stages, however, you don’t need to know how black women experience something that’s essential?Inch Minaj stated.

Nicki minaj rapping

She continued to accuse Miley to be racially insensitive, specifically in her public regarding Nicki’s insufficient VMA nominations:

Miley – who’s fresh from hosting the growing season premiere of SNL – has yet to reply to Nicki’s latest remarks.

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50 Cent Feuds With Cast of Empire, Appears Like an idiot

Watch Empire online at TV Fanatic to help remind yourself why the show is stomping Energy within the rankings.

Before creating empire

50 Cent at Southpaw Premiere
Empire Cast Photo

50 claims he did not browse the original message in the whole before he re-published, and he claims he erased it once someone known as his focus on the homophobic content. 

Naturally, 50 needed to prove the authors wrong, by…showing some serious thirst on Instagram.

Well, one of the reasons is the fact that his similar-designed Starz series Energy isn’t any match for Empire within the rankings game.

We can not help but believe that 50 would not be bankrupt if he spent additional time taking care of his finances and fewer time searching for beef.

Also it most likely does not help the show required a go at him in the second season premiere, when Cookie known to 50 as “thirsty ass” to take shots in the Lyon clan on Instagram.

Yes, it appears 50 isn’t a fan from the hit Fox series Empire and that he made his feelings obvious on Instagram in a bizarre, homophobic rant:

He will not make any apology for his Empire, however.

Why is 50 hatin’ around the show so hard?

Underneath the re-gram (that has since been erased) 50 authored, “EMPIRES TV Rankings Required An Enormous HIT. Ok I’ll stop now. COOKIE CALL ME BABY. I’ll tell everyone to look at the show for you personally. LOL”

“There are 3 million less audiences who updated into last night’s Empire episode!!!! have you see it?” the publish stated. “We couldn’t go ahead and take extra gay stuff or celebrity stuff last evening!!!!”

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