Simon Saran SLAMS Might Face & Matt Baier Over Wedding Invite!

Simon might really function as the thirstiest from the franchise’s deeply parched stars, therefore it was just dependent on time before he sounded off on Amber’s comments.

Whether it’s over fifty percent, he surrenders his to take shots at Matt’s joblessness.

Farrah Abraham: A Absurd, Sometimes X-Rated Existence in GIFs

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran: 2016 MTV Movie Awards

Watch Teen Mother online to savor the view of Simon and Farrah pretending that they like one another.


Should you follow him on Twitter, you will know Simon is continually attempting to choose a grapple with Amber and Matt.

We suppose should you think about the quantity of shade tossed, he’s posting GOAT-level figures, but his humor is on componen with roast night in a college frat house.

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran: Life &amp Style Weekly's 'Eye Candy' Halloween Bash

Now, you actually could not request an simpler target than Baier.

Saran has had shots at Baier on several occasions, however they never quite land how they should.

The person is really a middle-aged Teen Mother obsessive and deadbeat father who’s marrying Amber after unsuccessfully cyber-stalking a number of her co-stars.

It had been an unexpected announcement, because the before we had all cast members in the same location was when Amber and Farrah fought against finally season’s Teen Mother: OG reunion show.

“I haven’t visited a circus shortly, it may be fun,” Saran told Radar Online.

Amber Portwood at Reunion

So that as expected, his smack talk was as lame as Farrah’s claims that her porn debut was really a novice sex tape:

Saran’s insults are often uninspired, however this latest is corny even by his standards.

Sorry, Simon.

“All of the sudden everybody is purchasing a house,” he joked when Portwood and Baier were searching at homes this year.

“Each and every Teen Mother [star] is going to be asked,” Amber told People.

Farrah Abraham, Simon Saran MTV Movie Awards Photo

Towards the surprise of numerous Portwood revealed that they intends to invite all her Teen Mother co-stars – including Simon and Farrah Abraham – to look at her say “I actually do.Inch

Nowadays, the primary target of his weak-sauce disses is Might Face and her fiance, Matt Baier.

You bothered to create a statement, however, you could not develop anything much better than evaluating their wedding to some circus?

“Every one from Teen Mother 2 and Teen Mother OG.”

This is a bit more enjoy it, before we are able to co-sign that burn, we want to be aware what number of Simon’s earnings is Teen Mother-related.

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran: 2016 MTV Movie Awards

For somebody who appears to become attempting to make a job from as being a douche, Simon Saran simply isn’t excellent at jokes.

Start Gallery

His latest attempt for insult comedy was inspired by Amber’s recent comments about her approaching wedding.

Simon’s not delivering anybody running towards the burn unit, is exactly what we are saying.

Farrah abraham is so real

“Everyone got their MTV bonuses and also got no jobs! You really require a job and make a move together with your existence with an office Matt!”

Them’s the arbitrary rules we simply composed.

Melania Trump and Jesse Trump: Distant! Sexless! Sad!

Following previous claims that Melania Trump is miserable as First Lady, sources now tell the tabloid this is just partly true.

Recently, she escorted Akie Abe, japan prime minister’s wife, around Palm Beach, but “only because she would attend Marly-a-Lago already,” based on the family source insider, who emphasized:

“They never spend the night time together – ever.”

First Lady and Husband

Insert whatever joke you are able to consider here about how exactly her effective husband may be the greatest online bully that has ever used the web.

Another source doesn’t agree with this particular account, alleging that Melania and Jesse do, actually, sleep in same room … however they keep separate beds. 

Melania and Barron have continued to be in Trump Tower in New You are able to City as the child finishes his latest school year, even though they are eventually expected to maneuver in to the White-colored House.

“Melania wants very little related to Jesse as you possibly can,” adds a household source. “She isn’t thinking about Jesse, the presidency or anything involving him.”

Or very I Really Like Lucy of these. In either case.

Small Trump: Internet Cuts President Lower to Size!

“It’s very ‘royal’ of these!Inch this insider states.

But stop and get yourself this:

“They have separate bedrooms,” an insider states from the Trumps, talking about both Trump Tower and also the White-colored House and adding:

Melania Trump and Donald Together

That is might actually be, considering the origin.

According to that which you are conscious of Melania Trump and Jesse Trump, in line with the interactions you have often seen together, does any one of this seem surprising?

“Melania doesn’t keep hidden from everybody round her how miserable she’s,Inch the report states.

The truth is, playboy writes, Melania Trump is actually miserable.

But performs this mean Melanie will getting into exactly the same bed as her husband? Not always.

Quite simply: This really is supposedly, yes, fake news.

She’s done very couple of public event.

Forget building a real wall between your U . s . States and Mexico.

Melania Trump Cover

“She declined to get it done in Washington.”

Since Jesse Trump’s inauguration in The month of january, Melania has stored a minimal profile.

Start Gallery

When the obligatory photo chance was complete and Trumps (11-year-old boy Barron incorporated) were finished smiling for that press, husband, wife and child boarded Marine One for a vacation to Palm Beach, Florida.

The Very First Lady and also the Commander-in-Chief, who’re 24 years apart in age, happen to be living apart since the second was really elected President in November.

She also Donald’s hands.

Jesse Trump might want to focus on the figurative wall between themself and the wife, if your new Us Weekly report will be believed.

And also the instant these were aboard, “Melania dropped the act,” based on the publication.

“It’s unfortunate that you’re going to feature unnamed ‘sources’ which have provided imaginary accounts,” the repetition simply states in reply.

Melania Trump, obviously, gave an address in the Republican National Convention (which she partially stole from Michelle Obama) and stated her platform as First Lady is always to campaign against online bullying.

Tiny trump big obama

As a result of this scathing story, a repetition for Melania denies nearly ever claim.

Inside a bombshell exclusive, an insider first foretells playboy in regards to a March 17 incident where the First Family was together around the White-colored House lawn.

Nick Viall versus. William Shatner: Unpredicted Feud Alert!

“How can we get #BachelorNation not to election for Nick?” he Tweeted following the premiere.

There are more DWTS controversies he is able to weigh in on rather if he so chooses.

We in some way doubt Viall will win Dwts, or perhaps compare, so Shatner can most likely relax, relax and merely benefit from the show.

“No! He must go in a few days.Inch

Nick Viall on DWTS

And that he apparently uses the web to look at The Bachelor online each week or his tv to look at it during regular hrs.

Together with partner Peta Murgatroyd, Viall earned a surprisingly decent a score of 24 from 40 in the idol judges on Monday evening.

Shatner doesn’t have trouble with her.

Exactly the same can most certainly ‘t be stated about Shatner, however.

Whenever a fan stated that Nick really must win to ensure that he does not return on future seasons – a mention of four Bachelor franchise programs he’s already made an appearance on - Shatner responded:

Was Shatner on Team Rachel Lindsay or Team Raven Gates and it is angry that Viall suggested rather to Vanessa Grimaldi around the Bachelor finale?

William Shatner Pose

He’s now facing a much more powerful foe than anything he faced around the Bachelor: William Shatner.

Shatner also called Viall as “Vile,” requested for his elimination to become Shatner’s “bithday present” and denied he was bullying the truth star by any means.

However that was nothing.

Then he told Us Weekly following the reveal that Grimaldi has been “very supportive” through the journey.

Start Gallery

For amusing reasons that remain unknown, the beloved ex-Star Wars actor makes it his pursuit to get Viall began Dwts.

Exactly what do you consider Shatner’s all-out fight against Nick Viall?

shat tweets

Shatner is clearly comfortable with Viall’s background and status.

He later added: “Whomever your preferred is – simply not Nick- result in the 10 telephone calls on their behalf.Inch

shat tweets2

“Peta, you realize I really like you. Congratulations on being a mother,” he authored at some point. “Cannot cheer yourself on this year. Like to Maks &amp Shia.”

Before the Season 24 premiere airing on Monday night, Shatner Tweeted the next:

It’s unclear.

The man isn’t messing around.

Dwts Season 24: Satisfy the Full Cast!

So he just opted for an unfortunate face emoji in reaction:

viall reply

For Peta?

That which was left for Viall to say relating to this onslaught? Very little.

Because The Bachelor earlier this season, Nick Viall needed to overcome drunk women, surprise bulletins and also the critique that arrived with getting rested with, like, 37 past franchise contestants.

Could it be deserved? Could it be outrageous? Could it be funny? Could it be cruel?

Viall handled rid of it.

Nick viall and peta murgatroyd

“Transpire for #DWTS would be to knock Bachelor Nick out As soon as possible. Who’s beside me?Inch

Select a side within this unpredicted feud after which scroll with the following photos to find out whom you think can come out on the top in the finish of Season 24…

Arnold Schwarzenegger Destroys Jesse Trump: You Have Swamped!

“I’ll get you there, so that you can begin to see the fantastic work that they’re doing of these children. Let’s get it done, huh?”

Inside a 40-second Twitter video, the previous Governor and reality TV host clapped back at Trump for that Commander-in-Chief’s in the past low approval rating, which sits at 37% within the latest Gallop poll.

Which poll was taken prior to the FBI confirmed that Trump was under analysis for treason.

Arnold Schwarzenegger remembers.

“I mean whenever you remove after school programs for kids and meals on wheels for that the indegent, that’s not that which you call ‘making America great again.’ Seriously.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Sits Down

To his credit, Schwarzenegger concludes by not only slamming Trump, but offering him advice and assistance.

“Oh Jesse – the ratings have been in, and also you got swamped,” Schwarzenegger states within the following video. “Wow. Now you’re within the thirties?”

And that he just flipped the script around the President from the U . s . States.

Remember when Jesse Trump slammed Arnold Schwarzenegger for reduced ratings about this season of Celebrity Apprentice?

Donald Trump Likely Lies

“Who is counseling you? Allow me to provide you with top tips: visit a junior high school — the Hart Junior High School, in Washington, six miles from the White-colored House.

The experience star procedes to mention the most recent budget proposal through the Trump administration, that has belong to fire for the number of social programs it really wants to cut.

Watch the entire swing Schwarzenegger takes at Trump below. We can not wait to determine howPOTUS responds!

“But exactly what do you anticipate?” Schwarzenegger asks within the footage, explaining:

Ray J Releases ULTIMATE Kardashian Diss Track: He Stated What?!?

That’s amusing!

But it is obvious he’s never fully become over Kardashian.

“She f-ck me for fame, try looking in her eyes/She was the first ones to sign at risk.Inch

Ray J on Love &amp Hip Hop

On the other hand… what exactly are we saying?!?

Once more talking about the Kim Kardashian sex tape by which he performed a leading role, Ray J holds nothing in this vengeful song, which is stuffed with pointed, X-Rated lyrics.

Some might assert this is not the optimum time for Ray J to be released with your scathing lyrics.

But she’s clearly on his mind much more than is good. Performs this seem sensible, given how frequently she’s in news reports and given that you could argue she’s only in stated news because she spread her legs for Ray J on video?

Apparently very upset with this portrayal, Ray J dropped his latest single on Apple Music on Monday…

We are about six days taken off Kardashian getting been conned at gunpoint in Paris, while Kanye was hospitalized for psychological evaluation just hrs following this track went viral

About last month, word leaked that Ray J and Chris Brown were within the studio, cooperating on the track that will take Kim Kardashian, Kanye yet others to major task.

Ray J attempted to warn us.

Within this excerpt, Ray J is stating his situation that Kardashian understood precisely what she was doing when she allow him to videotape their sexual encounter way in older days.

9 People Made Famous through the Kardashians

Ray J has become a married man.

“Wanna have me during sex when you f-ckin’ your partner,Inch Ray J continues. “Implies that you’ll still a rat as well as your man Donald Duck.Inch

You retain doing you, Ray J. Never change.

The man just released an audio lesson by which he mocked the Kardashians to be all high and mighty and wealthy and proud, all because Kim once gave him a blow job.

Ray J Poses

The amusing artist procedes to rap:

“Consider the family, they walk around proud/All because she’d my dick in her own mouth.”

But we in some way doubt Ray J cares greatly.

He’s claiming the program all along ended up being to release this sex tape towards the public and profit from future fame and royalties.

Also: LOL!

Jonathan cheban and kris jenner

We do not always imply that he’s still deeply in love with his famous ex-girlfriend.

“You can’t fault me and Chris for answering everything which have been done about us [in media during the last couple of several weeks,” the artist stated.

Start Gallery

We believe he was mostly talking about Kanye’s own “Famous” song, the main one whose music video featured a naked Ray J body double.


Within an interview with Billboard, Ray J opened up up concerning the song, which may be entitled “Famous,” and why he felt a necessity to be released by using it.

We don’t have to explain what/who it was a mention of the, will we?

But, for their own mental health, Ray J might be better offered to simply ignore it already.

To wit:

This is actually the same man who also released a track in 2013 entitled “I Hit It First.”

He tied the know with someone named Princess Love this season, as upon Love &amp Rap: Hollywood.

… and it is truly incredible.

Like we stated: WOW.

Hamilton versus. Jesse Trump: The Feud Nobody Saw Coming!

“But we truly hope this show has inspired you to definitely uphold our American values, and work with respect to many of us. Many of us.

Hamilton Cast Delivers Speech to Mike Pence

“@realDonaldTrump conversation isn’t harassment mister,” he authored online. “And That I appreciate @mike_pence to stop to pay attention.Inch

Donald Trump and Mike Pence

“Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed yesterday in the theater through the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing. This will not occur!Inch

“The Theater should always be considered a safe and special place. The cast of Hamilton was very rude yesterday to an excellent man, Mike Pence. Apologize!”

Do you consider it had been deserved? Seem off now!

He’s also stated that marriage equality would result in “societal collapse.”

It’s obvious in which the President-Elected stands with that question.

hamilton speech

You could also laugh over Jesse Trump telling anybody whatsoever to “apologize” over being “rude.”

“We greet you, so we truly appreciate joining us at Hamilton: A United States Musical – we actually do,” Dixon stated on stage.

Take a look at Dixon’s public speech to Pence below:

Tweeted Jesse Trump considering this incident:

“Proud of @HamiltonMusical,” he authored. “Proud of @BrandonVDixon, for leading with love. And proud to help remind you that are welcome in the theater.”

He ongoing:

On Friday night, V . P .-Elect Mike Pence attended a showing of Hamilton, getting booed lustily on his means by towards the theater after which getting a speech from actor Brandon Victor Dixon on his way out from the theater.

“We’re the varied America who’re alarmed and anxious that the new administration won’t safeguard us, our world, our kids, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable legal rights, mister.

Charge star from the show is gay and Pence has positively supported the idea of gay conversion therapy, by which homosexuals are removed and basically tortured until they “convert” to heterosexuality.

It’s unclear the way the theater was united nationssafe in cases like this and something could easily reason that this kind of speech is exactly important special.

In 2013, Pence signed an invoice to jail same-sex couples in Indiana for trying to get a married relationship license.

But we’ll let readers select a side within this Hamilton versus. Trump feud.

Trump tweets hamilton

Therefore the cast from the production required this being an chance to transmit a note to Pence. Fairly? Unfairly?

As well as:

Lin-Manuel Miranda – the show’s Pulitzer-Prize winning creator and former star – also was behind those things of his cast.

“We truly appreciate discussing this show, this excellent American story relayed through an assorted group of folks of various colors, creeds and orientations.”

It had been pretty outstanding and many certainly in precedented.

Typically the most popular musical in Broadway history feuding using the second-most widely used Presidential candidate of 2016.

We’ll give Dixon an opportunity to react to Trump’s above Tweets.

What specific beefs perform the cast of Hamilton have with Pence?

Dwayne Manley: Trashing Vin Diesel Made Fast 8 Popular!

“Would Universal [Pictures] have preferred that did not happen? Sure, we spoken about this. The irony is next so that as they are doing their tracking and all sorts of their analysis, the eye [in ‘Fast 8’] shot over the top to some whole other level.”

If you have two strong personalities on the set, almost always there is likely to be some conflicting opinions. 

Take a look at the entire publish below:

Dwayne Johnson at Ballers Premiere

As being a producer without doubt gave Vin more turn on set, therefore it sure seems like Vin desired to get underneath the former wrestler’s skin. 

13 Explanations Why Dwayne Manley may be the Most sexy Man Alive

Vin was most likely bawling his eyes out if this was says Manley was the greatest compensated actor of 2016. 

Vin diesel

Universal Pictures would without doubt be ecstatic when the feud led to more ticket sales for that movie. The series has already been an enormous hit worldwide, so it might be difficult to think of the feud ever putting the brakes around the franchise. 

Seem off below!

Exactly what do you consider all this?

“Some conduct themselves as fully stand up men and true professionals, while some don’t. Those that don’t are extremely chicken sh*t to complete anything about this anyway. Chocolate asses. Whenever you watch this movie next April also it appears like I’m not acting in a few of these scenes and my bloodstream is legit boiling — you’re right.”

Dwayne Johnson Rips Fast 8 Male Co-Stars

Probably the most interesting part has to be the part by which he ripped Vin to shreds. 

Dwayne Manley isn’t a fan of Vin Diesel.

11 Occasions Dwayne Manley Has Laid the Smackdown on the Chocolate Ass

Vin Diesel, The People's Choice

Start Gallery

“I had been very obvious using what I stated. I have been hanging around a lengthy time,” Manley stated. 

Now, Dwayne has opened up up about his rant to the la Occasions and just what it intended for the hit movie franchise. 

Much was confirmed captured within an explosive rant about his Fast 8 costar. 

Dwayne’s Instagram post certainly got everybody speaking because they attempted to determine whether or not this really was about Vin as well as whether Johnson’s account have been hacked. 

Start Gallery

Dwayne johnson eyebrow

However, we do not enjoy Vin Diesel’s chances if there is ever a battle between him and Dwayne Manley. 

Dwayne’s primary problem with Vin was that Vin would be a producer and apparently made decisions that did not result in the former wrestling champion happy. 

Presidential Election Results 2016: Who’ll Win?!

An offer that spanned the greater a part of 2 yrs all came lower to Tuesday evening, using the 45th occupant from the Oblong Office to become determined.

The 2009 morning in Chappaqua, N.Y., Hillary Clinton grew to become the very first lady to cast a presidential election for herself like a major party candidate.

Inform us within the comments: Who’ll prevail, and who’re you voting for? May be the system rigged? Will she (or he) be a highly effective president?


Jesse, Hillary or… Gary? That has your election is the next President from the U . s . States? View Poll »

We have had several weeks to digest what each candidate has, their strengths and flaws, with what has turned into a political bloodbath.

I will be updating this publish using the figures because they become available. For the time being, and during the dayOrevening, seem off about this historic event!

Now you have to make it happen. Go exercise your social duty. If you are around the west coast and wondering where will i election, there’s still time. 

She’s basically sure to win the Empire State’s 29 Electoral Votes against Jesse J. Trump, who also voted for themself today in Manhattan.

Trump v. Clinton

November 8, 2016. 

Go make it. Then relax watching the outcomes roll in because this insane ride got its final turn toward the conclusion line.

Would be the polls right? We are about to discover.

Will Hillary Clinton eke that one out? Will Jesse Trump accomplish an upset? In no time, we’ll know who definitely are president come The month of january.

While N.Y. Condition isn’t available, lots of other states are, and national polls show a really tight race, having a modest Clinton advantage.

In either case, history is going to be produced in a presidential election unlike any other … and only way, the deluge of absurd ads is going to be at least. 

And also the Champion is?

You have had several weeks to profess your not-really-profound thoughts about Facebook hoping influencing individuals who blocked you days ago.

Pilot Johnson: Yeah, I Constructed With Blac Chyna!

“Among the finest the very best on her,Inch he smiled, yet apparently requested a dna paternity test after he learned that she was pregnant. 

Precisely what they’ll have to battle homophobic-instigated lawsuits. 

Blac, Rob and Pilot Pics

“We are still buddies,” he stated. 

When requested concerning the purported makeout pics, he responded, “Who wouldn’t wish to hug Blac Chyna? She’s beautiful.” 

In further disturbing baby news, it had been reported that Blac and Take advantage of may be televising the birth of the child. 

As though Take advantage of Kardashian needed anymore damn sadness in the existence. 

Blac Chyna Poses

That seems like some good friendship immediately, huh? 

Pilot Johnson has damaged his silence over Blac Chyna’s paternity questions, so that as Radar Online place it, this is actually the interview that “will break Take advantage of Kardashian’s heart.” 

Ever the category-act, Chyna slammed Johnson like there wasn’t any tomorrow. 

Which she’s, you realize, very good at. 

The 2 go even more back than ChyRo, it might appear, huh? 

Rob, Chyna, Pilot Jones

Within the interview, Johnson accepted, “I met Blac Chyna a few years back, in a party which i was hosting.” 

The thing is, everybody wins, really! 

“He never really emerged in conversation or anything, and so i type of discovered like everybody else [that they was dating Take advantage of].” 

“She’ll continually be my pal.Inch 

Though Chyna openly pulled him all over the net, claiming he was gross, and the man was gay, and the man, themself, was an opportunist, Johnson had only praise for Blac Chyna. 

Pilot Jones Shirtless

So not just is Chyna shady, she sounds somewhat opportunist, too – hopping around the Take advantage of bandwagon and striking as the iron was hot. 

Buddies who apparently sleep together after which have public feuds over Kardashian testing. 

She stated, “Ur a grimy ass Punk!!!”

“You cant ever join my roster BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!”

Buddies, hmm. 

After Jones’ allegations went public, Chyna hit the web inside a rage. 

Blac Chyna Flipping Out GIF

About Take advantage of, he stated, “We never really spoken about him.” 

Johnson claimed he assumed that Chyna was at rapport with Take advantage of as he and Chyna would “venture outInch and “have some fun,Inch claiming the two were buddies. 

“She’s been a very excellent friend. We’ve hung out. We’d an enjoyable experience together.”

Johnson ongoing slyly, “A picture’s worth a 1000 words.”  

It had been reported when the cameras were permitted flowing in the delivery room, ChyRo will make “thousands and thousands of dollars.” 

Pilot Johnson: Who’s Blac Chyna’s Alleged Baby Father?
Start Gallery

Presidential Debate, Round Three: Who Won, Clinton or Trump?!

Election below, and inform us within the comments:

Six distinct regions of discussion were on tap, for example entitlements and debt, immigration, the final Court, the economy, and foreign policy.

Clinton vs. Trump 2016

Within the second debate, on October 9, the businessman was made to fight not just Clinton, however a tidal wave of sexual harassment allegations.

Oh, and many considerably using these two questionable figures – the fitness of every candidate for that greatest office within the land, nay, the planet.

Leaked emails, purported WikiLeaks transcripts of previous speeches to banks and myriad other scandals still hamper Clinton.

He began to obtain his ass handed to him during the period of that 90-minute national embarrassment, derailing his surging poll figures.

The very first two debates happen to be contentious, to state the complete least, but tonight guaranteed to become much more so considering recent occasions.

Can Trump throw her off her game, while righting the ship and providing Americans grounds to election for him, not only from the establishment?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Debate

Clinton, searching such as the odds-on favorite at this time, might have been enticed to operate the clock or play prevent defense, as they say.

Can Clinton’s M.O. of intense preparation and composed, decisive performances continue, and her poised to win the White-colored House?

As they performed marginally better and somewhat exceeded expectations by not literally imploding on stage, his campaign remains in turmoil.

Would he do this again scorched-earth tactics he’s resorted to in recent days following the wheels came off? Or play the role of more substantive?

Due to that, she’d not only to fix her very own past conduct, but close the offer as not only the anti-Trump.

A powerful and fair interviewer, Wallace was basically certain to take Clinton and Trump to task – and also to keep charge of the problem.

Hillary vs. Don

The 3rd and, mercifully, last presidential debate from the 2016 election season is incorporated in the books following a 90-minute showdown in Vegas.

Late recently, Republican nominee Jesse Trump was riding a wave of momentum in to the first debate with Democrat Hillary Clinton.

When it comes to Jesse, all bets were off, because they are always.

Jesse Trump or Hillary Clinton? Which 2016 presidential hopeful arrived on the scene on the top within the third, and mercifully, last debate of year? View Poll »

The burning questions heading into this clash:

Trump v. Hill

Typically, the ultimate showdown between your candidates will be the least impactful from the three. Not this cycle, that is not typical.

Who won the controversy? Because when much, and can it matter on November 8? Who ought to be U.S. president – and who will obtain that recognition?

The previous First Lady is way from from the forest, however.

That made both candidates’ strategies difficult to handicap tonight.

And also the Champion is?
Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

With Chris Wallace, the Emmy-winning anchor of Sunday, becoming the only moderator, both candidates were set for a lengthy night.