Charlize Theron on Tia Mowry: Exactly what a Biatch!

“Exactly what a bitch!” Theron joked to Andy Cohen when told relating to this story throughout an appearance on Watch What Goes On Live.

“I stated ‘Hi,’ and she or he really folded her eyes and stated, ‘Oh my God.’ I wasn’t over-the-top. I understand how to approach another celebrity.

She elaborated the following:

Charlize Theron is Hot

And did she feel tension between Dwayne Manley and Vin Diesel around the group of The Short and also the Furious?

How about Gabriel Aubry? Is the Atomic Blonde dating Halle Berry’s ex?

Within the world of unpredicted celebrity feuds, we might have happened upon the most unpredicted of all of them:


“I am no eye roller,” the actress stated, adding that they doesn’t have recollection of snubbing Mowry, but she’s “sorry” if Tia got that impression.

Watch the next video to discover!

Charlize Theron on Bravo

We do not know. Nor does Theron!

Tia Mowry versus Charlize Theron.

She then sounded confused and type of apologetic a good incident she states never required place.

Talking with In Contact Weekly lately a good SoulCycle class she attended, Mowry stated she was shocked to become welcomed such rude fashion by Theron, who simply “wasn’t excellent in my experience,Inch the previous sitcom star stated.

“Charlize only agreed to be mean. I am just being honest.”

What could this Oscar-winning beauty possibly have from the random former star of ABC’s Sister, Sister?

“I am great at SoulCycle, really, because once my endorphins start working, I am really almost too friendly,” Theron added. “I am always touching people, like, ‘Heyyy.'”

Paris Jackson SLAMS Kendall & Kylie Jenner: Show Some Respect!

Pointless to state, the program did not exercise.

“We are huge fans of the music and it wasn’t our intention to disrespect these cultural icons by any means. The t-shirts happen to be pulled from retail and all sorts of images happen to be removed. We’ll make use of this being an chance to understand from theses mistakes, and again we’re very sorry.”

The siblings issued the next apology on their own social networking pages yesterday, but maybe it’s a situation of not enough, far too late:

Kendall + Kylie Collection at Nordstrom Private Luncheon at Chateau Marmont

Biggie’s estate has rejected the apology, and nobody else appears to stay in any hurry to simply accept it.

In addition, KJ and KJ superimposed photos of themselves over the pictures within the legendary artists.

For whatever reason, the siblings thought it might be smart to sell t-shirts emblazoned with trademarked pictures of artists like Tupac, The Well known B.I.G., and Ozzy Osbourne.

Paris Jackson is roughly Kylie’s age and 2 years more youthful than Kendall, so hopefully her stern words about the significance of respecting a person’s musical elders will hit home especially hard:

She added:

“These designs weren’t well considered so we deeply apologize to anybody that’s been upset and/or offended, especially towards the groups of the performers,” reads the statement.

Paris Jackson at 2017 Grammys

“Pink Floyd isn’t Chanel. Brought Zeppelin isn’t Michael Kors. &ltetallica isn’t Givenchy. Do not get it twisted. #bandsnotbrands #RESPECTMUSIC

Since you may often hear, Kendall and Kylie Jenner aren’t getting the finest week, and they’ve nobody responsible but themselves.

Shortly after that, the Jenners were destroyed through the Osbournes, as both Sharon and Kelly required to Twitter to verbally tear them brand new ones.

Boom. Hopefully Kendall and Kylie heard the deafening seem of this mic drop.

17 Kendall and Kylie Jenner GIFs

Kendall Jenner Notorious B.I.G. Shirt

Now, relatives of famous musicians who were not directly impacted by Kendall and Kylie’s idiocy are becoming in around the fun:

“Legends such as these who completely altered the world today, not only the background music world, ought to be respected and honored. not switched into this.”

It will be interesting to determine the number of PR crises these women can endure.

It had been like some kind of bizarre experiment in subliminal advertising:

“When we get people to consider us when they are searching at legendary artists,” the siblings appeared to become saying, “they’ll mistakenly believe that we are super gifted, too!”

First, Kendall and Kylie were slammed by Biggie’s mother inside a social networking tirade for that ages.

Kylie and kendall jenner share a moment

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“Like a huge fan of zeppelin, the doorways, Floyd.. I am talking about these bands literally helped shape who I’m today. I can’t condone this ‘fashion,'” Jackson authored on Twitter.

Jesse Trump Slams Mika Brzezinski, Sparks Bizarre Twitter Feud

“Mr. President, your tweet was underneath the office to represent what’s wrong with American politics, not how wonderful America,” tweeted Senator Lindsey Graham.

Trump’s messages to his nearly 33 million supporters are often hostile and confusing, however the president might have capped themself with today’s shocking and apparently unporvoked attack on Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski.

Donald Trump Really is POTUS

“It is a sad day for America once the president spends his time bullying, laying and spewing petty personal attacks rather to do his job,” reads an announcement from .

On her part, Brzezinski responded having a mention of the Trump’s most well-known physiological disadvantage:

This really is not even close to the very first time that Trump’s Twitter account is a supply of debate, but this type of brazen personal attack on the media personality from the sitting president is completely unparalleled.

Speaking through her press secretary, Melania Trump defended her husband by having an argument much like Sanders’, claiming the president is under constant attack and it is just responding in kind:

On a regular basis since he grew to become president, Jesse Trump has began his morning if you take to Twitter.

But while Brzezinski effectively clapped back in the president without needing words, many more have started to her defense with scathing condemnations of Trump’s appalling tweet.

Mika Brzezinski Tweet

Without any context provided, Trump launched a tirade against Brzezinski and her co-host, Joe Scarborough, claiming the personalities unfairly criticize him on air because of personal grievances:

“Then why low I.Q. Crazy Mika, together with Psycho Joe, came… Marly-a-Lago 3 nights consecutively around New Year’s Eve, and was adamant on joining me. She was bleeding badly from the face-lift. I stated no!”

“Because the First Lady has mentioned openly previously, when her husband will get attacked, he’ll punch back 10 occasions harder,” Stephanie Grisham mentioned around the first lady’s account.

Trump has yet to personally react to the uproar over his latest insult.

Start Gallery

Donald Trump and Small Hands

What Brzezinski’s possible cosmetic surgery procedure is due to Morning Joe‘s coverage from the Trump administration is anyone’s guess, however the baffling nature from the tweet has not stopped Trump advocates like Sarah Huckabee Sanders from protecting the president’s actions.

The 50-year-old political commentator published the above mentioned photo sans caption – and clearly, this can be a situation by which no explanation is essential.

Sources who’ve talked to Sanders are convinced that she’s quarrelling the tweet was a part of Trump’s effort “to break the rulesInch and “fight fire with fire,” adding the president “will not be bullied by liberal media.”

Oh say can you stand

12 Jesse Trump Tweets That Outline His Plans as President

“I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch any longer),” Trump tweeted.

Naomi Campbell: Furious at Rihanna for Dating Hassan Jameel

Hassan Jameel is much more than the usual handsome face. The man is ridiculously wealthy!

Not too Campbell really wants to learn about any one of this.

The lengthy-time model dated Jameel last year she was spotted in a Stevie Question concert with him throughout the 2016 Barclaycard British Summer time Time Festival in Hyde Park.

Naomi Campbell Snapshot

The businessman’s family owns Abdul Latif Jameel, a company that – among a number of other ventures – owns the authority to sell Toyota Cars in Saudi Arabia and many other Middle Eastern countries.

Or doing exactly the same man, apparently.

Or kissed her way directly into this feud, we ought to say.

Quite simply: he earns money each time someone during these nations buys a Toyota.

She’s supposedly not every that upset about Rihanna setting it up up with Jameel because she “doubts they’ll last very lengthy like a couple, given their poor dating histories,” Hollywood Existence writes.

Can be, but we do not mind what Naomi Campbell says.

Furthermore, you never know what continued behind closed doorways between Rihanna and Jameel? Much more layers of clothing might have appear.

Rihanna in Cannes

He’s additionally a good person, however, not only a cold-hearted money-maker.

“On the superficial level, Naomi feels she’s hotter and much more effective than Rihanna, so it’s frustrating to determine the photos circulating online.”

, photos went viral of Rihanna making by helping cover their someone named Hassan Jameel while the 2 required a personal deep inside a pool in The country.

“We’re fine.”

Requested by Andy Cohen captured about her alleged beef with Rihanna, Campbell shot back:

“Naomi has been aware of Rihanna dating Jameel for some time and she or he is furious about the subject being together,” a resource informs Hollywood Existence, adding:

This can be a a charity that coordinates programs centered on the “social, cultural, educational and economic growth and development of individuals and communities in the centre East region and beyond,” based on the official website.

Precisely how lucrative is that this business?

As lengthy as Chris Brown is unhappy over this relationship, we are very happy.

Rihanna with Shades

The superstar and Jameel were only spotted swapping spit, however it was an intense session of tonsil hockey.

In baseball terms, Rihanna and her rumored new boyfriend might have only become to first base, however it would be a dramatically hit, line drive single.

Jameel may be the president from the company’s Community Jameel in Saudi Arabia.

Jameel is apparently worth around $1.5 billion.

An insider has told The Sun’s Rays this romance is “the real thing,Inch but Campbell is not purchasing it.

That’s a superficial to be certain. It is also an easy falsehood.

And it is safe to visualize that Rihanna’s relationship together with her former flame is why Campbell stopped following a artist across all social networking platforms.

Rihanna Sits at Grammys

But she also walked herself in to a feud with veteran supermodel Naomi Campbell.

We are able to realise why Campbell is pissed, however.

She eventually stated she doesn’t possess a feud with anybody, “especially with black women, who’re within the same factor and doing exactly the same struggle.”

Rihanna might have bagged herself a millionaire in The country now.

Mel B to Stephen Belafonte: Obtain a Job!

18 Most Stunning Splits in Celebrity History

Initially, there wasn’t any indication about what is went wrong together, but grew to become significantly clearer if this emerged that Mel had filed a restraining order. 

Stephen Belafonte and Melanie Brown in 2016

He even thinks he needs $11,000 monthly for housing costs. We obtain he needs security due to the elevated attention, however the dude is seriously going too much together with his claims. 

It’s all regulated obtaining a little crazy, and we are sure there is no finish around the corner for that warring former couple. Everything began a couple of several weeks when Mel B made the decision the time had come to finish her marriage after ten years. 

That’s most likely enough to give most families each year, so we wish to know whether he’s thinking about feeding everybody in the building using the money. 

Melanie Brown Smooches Stephen Belafonte

They were given married after just five several weeks of dating, and it is pretty unclear precisely how lengthy everything has been sour together, but we are prepared to bet it has been a minimum of a couple of years. 

Seem off below!

Easily the funniest need for all is $750 monthly for his mobile phone plan. We do not know if there’s one which costs that much available. Maybe he’s an apple iphone in the future. 

Exactly what do you consider all this?

Stephen Belafonte, Melanie Brown and Lorraine Gillies

In legal documents, Mel claimed that Stephen had physically mistreated her multiple occasions in their marriage as well as dropped the thought he have been secretly recording their sexual encounters. 

The craziest story of to range from parting of the way would be that the couple’s former nanny, Lorraine Gilles came toward claim she is at a seven-year relationship using the couple. 

She gets like if he is not making enough money, he should most likely customize the job. With diva demands like this, it’s difficult to assume any employer taking Belafonte on. 

Start Gallery

Stephen Belafonte Image

It’s obvious their marriage was built with an unhealthy dose of hate, and that is not really a quite strong foundation to sustain any relationship. 

According to the report, Mel knows Stephen is working full-amount of time in center they co-own, Serafina, so she’ll know whether he’s money. 

Mel has realized this and seems like he’s as being a little too extravagant on her liking. She’s also not keen on his $2000 monthly clothing allowance. She stated that Stephen required all his possessions as he left their property. 

Ian somerhalder and nina dobrev together

 Have you been checking up on the drama that’s going lower between Mel B and Stephen Belafonte?

The most recent twist within the tale develops from a are convinced that Mel B doesn’t wish to grant Stephen alimony. The main reason? He’s requesting around $4,300 for food and groceries monthly. 

Michelle Duggar: Hitting the scales on Derick Dillard-Jeremy Vuolo Feud?

Actually, Derick is really touchy around the matter it appears to be though he went ahead and unfollowed Jeremy, resulting in a veritable avalanche of social passive-aggression.

Michelle concluded by encouraging her boy-in-laws and regulations to pay attention to the similarities within their faith, as opposed to the variations:

We do not understand how Michelle could be punished on her sins if she would defy her husband and express a viewpoint, but we obtain the sensation it might involve that Bet on Thrones nun using the Shame Bell.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar: NOT Divorced!

Vuolo makes his living like a minister nowadays (By doing so he’s not the same as another Duggar husbands, that do not work on all.), also it appears he’s some issues with the flashy make of missionary work that appears to profit the missionaries greater than individuals they have promised for everyone.

Michelle Duggar has not been someone to speak from turn or allow the creepy Stepford Wife perma-grin vanish from her face.

“They don’t wish to try to support themselves, give themselves to review, or give themselves towards the necessary abandoning of comfort needed to complete harm to your flesh.”

Equally interesting would be that the ladies don’t follow one another’s husbands, and Jeremy Vuolo and Derick Dillard don’t follow Jill and Jinger, correspondingly.

“One factor we have to do as Christians would be to pray that bitterness finds room within our hearts. Let’s choose pleasure!” she authored.

Michelle Duggar Jinger Duggar Jeremy Vuolo

Very good handling from the situation from Michelle.

Include that that Jill and Derick pleaded with for the money from fans this past year and were broadly castigated consequently, and you can understand why the entire factor is really a sensitive subject.

Fans observed a week ago that Jinger and Jill Duggar don’t follow each other on social networking.

Clearly, there’s some bad bloodstream between your couples, and a few deep-digging Internet sleuths believe they have unearthed the reason for the conflict.

Maybe Jim Bob should relax and allow her to take control a bit more frequently.

Jill Duggar &amp Derick Dillard: Back in Arkansas!

Watch Relying On online for additional of Michelle’s Mothering Moments.

The problem that has Michelle’s attention now involves an alleged feud between Duggar brothers and sisters.

Duggar Family Marriage Tips: Yes, They Are Real Quotes

“They’re just Lone Ranger types playing around solo asking places of worship for the money to aid them,” Vuolo stated.

Michelle and jim bob duggar

The Dillards happen to be belittled as unqualified for missionary work several occasions previously, frequently from individuals mentioning they unsuccessful to accomplish the required certification work.

Start Gallery

Inside a recent sermon, Vuolo derided such workers as “unqualified, uncalled, unconfirmed, and unsent zealots.”

The entire factor was enough to prompt Michelle to provide her undertake the problem (without naming names, obviously) inside a blog publish titled “The Main of Bitterness.”

The thing is, you realize a conflict has become serious when Michelle feels the necessity to toss in her two cents, especially since we are confident Duggar women aren’t permitted to deal with money.

“Getting bitterness within our spirit steals us of life’s most breathtaking moments. Evaluating ourselves to other people, envy, and jealousy all lead lower to some road of bitterness.”

We think that when his sermon was concluded, Jeremy dropped the mic and strode triumphantly off stage, a la Eminem in the finish of 8 Mile.

Katy Perry: Taylor Quick Attempted to eliminate Me!

You have Tom Cruise obtaining where Brendan Fraser ended (sadly, not in Encino Man 2) The Actor-brad Pitt trotting the same ocean-faring Keith Richards schtick he’s been working since 2003 not to mention, More Motherf–king Minions. 

Requested about her comments to Corden in a current interview with NME, Perry elaborated – but stored it cryptic:

That could seem just like a fairly Zen undertake the problem, but Katy states she’s no ancient Eastern ascetic:

Katy Perry and a Pig

Which reminds me, we are surprised Katy never reminds her fans of individuals rumors that Taylor voted for Trump.

Yeah, she kinda upped the ante using the character murder comment.

“I mean, I’m not Buddha — things irritate me,” she told playboy.

You need to make certain your predominantly under-30 audience stays in your corner, we can not consider a much better way in which mentioning that the rival may be in league using the Orange Menace.

Katy doesn’t have aim of letting this factor go.

Katy Perry in Manchester

Will still be not totally obvious what she meant with that comment (fingers entered for any West Side Story-esque dance-fight), only one factor is abundantly apparent:

“No you have requested me about my side from the story, and you will find three sides of each and every story: one, two, and also the truth.”

Although not the stalest of movie franchises can contend with eyeroll-inducing boredom that is included with another round from the endless feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Quick.

Possibly a little melodramatic, as this is a lady who had been frequently by Hillary Clinton’s side around the campaign trail, and it has therefore seen the effects of true character murder firsthand.

“I wish which i could turn another oral cavity each and every time, but I’m also not really a pushover, you realize? Particularly when someone attempts to assassinate my character with little women [her fans]. That’s so all messed up!”

If you saw her cringe-inducing dabs during her recent SNL performance, you will know Katy continues to be waging a non-stop war against coolness, but she’s taken break from that tireless campaign to fireplace more shots at her lean, blonde rival.

Taylor Swift Belts Out a Hit

21 Celebrity Feuds We Never Saw Coming

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“Well, James Corden makes me and the world feel totally safe,” Perry stated.

The meat started once again when Katy released “Swish, Swish,” a single by which she required some pretty blatant digs at Taylor.

Katy perry vs taylor swift

It ongoing when Katy challenged Taylor to “finish” their feud throughout an appearance on The Late, Late Show with James Corden. 

The are lots of sequels nobody likes you this summer time:

Farrah Abraham to Kailyn Lowry: Stop Getting Knocked Up By Randoms!

Like we stated, these don’t really read like fighting words – unless of course you are Farrah Abraham.

After which Farrah went suitable for the jugular.

Yes, stop getting knocked up by randoms. Amazing.

Farrah Abraham Goes Bollywood

And, okay, granted, yeah: he’s really random.

We hate to accept anything Farrah Abraham states, but she’s not entirely wrong here:

This is exactly what she used towards the event:

But it is also why is Farrah Abraham… Farrah Abraham.

Start Gallery

But we did not have to wait very lengthy to obtain Kailyn Lowry’s undertake her fellow reality star’s red carpet attire.

Making this one soapbox which Farrah can easily stand, as well as on which a number of other Teen Mother cast people can’t say greatly in reaction.

When requested concerning the ensemble, rapid-tempered Teen Mother stated she think it is “sexy,” “amazing” which she wished it might “inspire others to embrace new cultures and also have good encounters.”

Kail Lowry Photo

Nonetheless, this can be a pretty harsh clapback at Lowry, especially considering that they did not even say Abraham’s MTV Awards dress was offensive.

He’s so random, actually, that he’s in some way were able to scarcely come with an Internet presence, even just in this point in time. Best of luck coming up with any real photos of Chris Lopez.

“I didn’t see Farrah, but her outfit was cute,” stated Lowry, clearly being sarcastic and adding:

Will Lowry fire back at Abraham?

For that record, Lowry may be the mother to some seven-years old boy that they had with lengthy-time boyfriend Jo Rivera.

On Sunday night, Farrah Abraham donned a Bollywood-inspired outfit towards the MTV Movie &amp TV Awards, drawing critique from all over the Internet because she appropriated a culture’s religious symbol to make a way statement.

“It’s not really a costume party, but whatever… I’m unsure why it might offend people, [but] she already did the costume factor in the VMA’s this past year. It’s old.”

“Was she even asked?” Abraham angrily responded towards the Dirty when spoke of Lowry’s opinion.

Its her many, many, many, MANY problems as a person, Farrah only has one child, an eight-years old girl named Sophia.

Lowry, K

Still, she managed to get obvious she wasn’t keen on Abraham’s choice here.

12 Most Fiery Feuds in Teen Mother History

Most likely not.

We guess we’ll have to wait and find out in the event that happens.

Lowry, in the end, includes a couple other fires to place out first, thinking about her previous two baby daddies both just known as her out for getting together with a mysterious man during pregnancy. 

Farrah Abraham Fashion Fail

She’s does not understand how to avoid exploiting her daughter whatsoever occasions, but she has apparently learned using a condom.

Will this feud escalate to much more mean-spirited and private levels?

Lowry are the best offered in existence if she stopped getting knocked up.

“Her look of childbearing continues to be done and it is old,” she stated of Lowry, who’s expecting her third child together with her third baby father. “Stop getting knocked up by randoms.”

Now, Lowry has finally emerge and accepted that her impending boy or daughter is made possible via unprotected sex with a few dude named Chris Lopez.

Contacted for comment through the Dirty, Lowry did not exactly supply probably the most scathing critique of-time.

Porn goodness sake

Well… this escalated rapidly.

She’s even the mother to some three-years old boy that they explains to ex-husband Javi Marroquin. We are confident getting a young child with a person’s husband may be the complete opposite of getting it having a random.

Piers Morgan Attacks Kim Kardashian’s Cellulite, Remains Worst Human

The wi-fi is not great within the depths of Jesse Trump’s lower intestines.

Yesterday, Piers and Kim’s rear careers collided in unpredicted fashion, so we were advised that although Kim has a huge ass, Piers just is one.

Then he switched his focus on Marie Claire, the sunday paper that dared to inspire Kim along with other women to are proud of their physiques, cellulite and all sorts of:

Piers Pic

14 Memorable Piers Morgan Tonight Interviews

“Nobody ‘celebrates’ cellulite, man or woman,Inch Morgan tweeted.

Sigh. This case is like negligence your face that’s designed to delineate where the face ends as well as your neck begins:

Piers will most likely comment more about this problem sooner or later today, but he might take some time.

Piers Morgan, Up Close

“Why would anybody be excited by cellulite?” he ongoing.

Morgan thinks about themself like a political commentator but when his nose is not hidden 2 ” deep in Jesse Trump’s anus (Hey, more butt stuff!), he finds here we are at other important work, for example informing the planet exactly what a pasty, Weeble-formed 52-year-old thinks about famous women’s physiques.

Similarly, Piers frequently talks from his ass, and it has cemented his place among the ugliest polyps around the diseased colon that’s Trump’s America.

You may expect Piers to re-emerge soon after the president’s next visit to Mickey D’s.

Kim Kardashian and Piers Morgan might not have the symptoms of a great deal in keeping, but interestingly, each of their wildly successful media careers are associated their posteriors.

Kim Kardashian in Gold Dress

The 2009 week, candid photos of Kim inside a bikini made the models online, due mainly that the 36-year-old mother of two made an appearance to possess a little bit of cellulite.

The general public body-shaming that ensued motivated Piers to emerge, Gollum-like, from his subterranean lair, and participate in the enjoyment, even though Morgan themself is biologically indistinguishable from the naked mole rat.

“So @marieclaire wants me to ‘stop talking’ about women’s physiques … you make millions from speaking about women’s physiques – so pipe lower, you ridiculous wastrels,” Piers quipped.

Kim’s butt is easily the most famous in the world, obviously, and her figure helps to create her probably the most famous women in the world.

Kim Kardashian: Look at Me!

Piers is just missing the purpose.

“Celebrate may be the wrong word. Why would we celebrate it? We endure it, tolerate it, although not accept it.”  

Whenever a female co-host of Morgan’s encouraged women to celebrate their cellulite, Piers nearly spat out his mouthful of grubs and millipedes, countering:

Start Gallery

Piers morgan gun control rant

The garbage talk ongoing on Twitter, where Piers Morgan – who, you need to explain, appears like what can happen if Steve Bannon really let themself go – ongoing to insist that cellulite is in some way grosser than Piers Morgan:

The issue is not that other media figures and outlets discuss women’s physiques, it’s they generally don’t so in a way that does not think of a creepy uncle looking at his niece’s “trouble spotsInch by the pool.

Kandi Burruss Blasts Porsha Johnson: You Accused Me To Be a F***ing Rapist!

We believe it’s fair to state there’s likely to be a great deal to discuss during The Actual Housewives of Atlanta’s three-part reunion. 

Elsewhere within the reunion, Bob Whitfield is defined on blast by Andy, also it sure appears like Sheree will open regarding their strained relationship. 

Kandi Burruss Explodes at Porsha Williams

Porsha then claims that Kandi must take up with Phaedra because she was offered having a cease and desist letter concerning the whole fiasco. 

Yes, the drama isn’t a long way away from all of these ladies, but something informs us there’s likely to be more twists within the tale once the episode airs. 

Hit your comments ought to!

In the reunion, which begins April 16, Kandi is adamant to demonstrate that Porsha isn’t as innocent as sherrrd like viewers to think. 

Among the bigger feuds of year has focused on Kandi and Porsha coming to blows over what Kandi and her husband allegedly did to Porsha. 

Porsha Williams is Upset

Yes, Kim Zolciak takes a rest from naked selfies to result in some difficulties for Kenya Moore, so we couldn’t become more excited. 

Are you currently as excited once we are? 

Surprisingly, there’s still yet another episode prior to getting towards the reunion. When you are most likely knowledgeable right now, Kim Zolciak stages a comeback in Sunday’s finale. 

Should you watch The Actual Housewives of Atlanta online, you’ll know that Porsha lately claimed Kandi and Todd attempted to drug and rape her. 

Zolciak is Back

Will she say almost anything to Porsha concerning the claims she made about Kandi and Todd? We only hope. 

14 Shadiest Real Housewives Hook-Ups of-Time

“You accuse me to be a f***ing rapist!” Kandi screams. “The lies, the lies!”

This transmits Kandi right into a fit of hysterics, claiming she ended using the lies. Both women then made their way from the stage as Andy Cohen attempted anxiously to help keep the cameras in it. 

Yes, we’re not even kidding. Even in the end these years, the series still seems to emerge because the most shocking within the franchise. 

Slade smiley real housewives of orange county

With Season 9 not over, Bravo has already been promoting what will certainly be considered a shade-tossing extravaganza constantly. 

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