Why car brands investing in football

Sunday, December 17, at night, Groupama stadium, in Lyon. As the stadium fills up and the fever goes up, before a game with high stakes against Marseille, the president of Olympique lyonnais (OL), Jean-Michel Aulas, welcomes the direction of Hyundai. The Korean manufacturer will announce Wednesday, December 20, the extension of its partnership with the OL until June 2020. Hyundai is on the jersey of the team since 2012. Then, in a shrewd entrepreneur, the president Aulas boasts the “shared values” by the OL and its sponsor.For its part, once the photos made, the director-general of Huyndai France, Lionel French-Keogh, slides : “This partnership offers us the reputation. If you bought the same volume of advertising, it would cost 20 million euros per year… “. It is, therefore, the estimated value of this contract, but this is not what pays the mark. The figure would be 10 million euros, according to the Journal du Dimanche, an amount that Lionel French-Keogh refuses to confirm.Hyundai invites fans to test a car in going to see a matchAnd that’s not all. “Put his name on a shirt, this is the easiest. Then, you need to know “. It is therefore investing 2 million euros per year additional to communicate around this commitment. In addition, for the past two years, Hyundai invited the inhabitants of the region to test a car in going to see a match. Thanks to this, Hyundai sells 15 to 20 % of cars in addition in the region of Lyon and in the rest of France.Read : Paris the sport electric car, on The contrary, the Korean, the French manufacturers have deserted the football. Peugeot has been, during 87 years of age, his name on the jersey of FC Sochaux. But it was the owner of the club. It was sold in 2015 to a chinese group. And the Lion is gone. Football has become very expensive. In addition, the French manufacturers do not need notoriety in France.But football is also being used to strengthen the capital sympathy of which has a brand. By participating in the happy moments lived by the fans, she becomes closer to these potential customers. This is the effect football, that does not necessarily give the motor sport. It is this that is sought by Volkswagen in investing, too, in football in France.Twinning between local dealers and amateur clubs , The group became the main sponsor of the national team in 2013, taking over from Citroen. It has also just announce the continuation of this partnership until 2023. “Football is really the first sport in France, with 2.1 million graduates, 17 000 clubs and over 130 000 people registered in the clubs by supporters “, explains Ghislain Laffite, the marketing director of Volkswagen France. ” It is also the one who made the biggest audiences on television. Through this partnership, we will address to all fans of football, including the fans who play on Sunday “.Read : Tony Estanguet : “The educational challenge of the olympic games 2024 “The brand encourages twinning between local dealers and amateur clubs : 60 benefit. They have loan cars, get the shirts in the colors of Volkswagen. The German manufacturer, like the Korean, is also supporting the women’s football. They are aware of the fact that its practice is in full swing. And all they have in mind the maturity date of 2019, where the world Cup football to be held in France.Contracts are very detailedvehicle brands that can also be combined with an event. Fiat has chosen to be a sponsor of the League Cup. In this respect, the company its name in the stadiums, on the notes, sometimes puts a car at the edge of the field. This creates sometimes difficult situations. When Lyon is playing a Cup match, Hyundai should be clear.On the global front, the sponsor of the world Cup is none other than… Hyundai. Accordingly, in the next World, in Russia, the Blue will move in the bus signed by the Korean. In contrast, Volkswagen will be able to continue to communicate its support to the Blue outside of the framework of the competition.This sharing of tasks is bounded by contracts that are very detailed, making hundreds of pages, and their application is closely monitored by a battery of lawyers. “The organisers of the competition know the value of their event. They make sure to get the best report “, slips a actor of these discussions. Welcome to the era of sport business…———————The “olympic law” between the Assembly,The national Assembly opened the debate Wednesday, December 20, on the law of the olympic games. This text, supported by the ministry of sports, must adapt French law to the contract of ” host city “ signed by the mairie de Paris with the international olympic Committee (IOC), which supports Games up to a third of the budget, or 1.4 billion euros. During the three month period, around competitions, the display of the sponsors of the IOC and of the games of 2024 would, exceptionally, be permitted on monuments or classified sites hosting competitions and in a perimeter of 500 meters around. This clause concerned the associations, but between the obligations accepted by France for the Games.

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Uber moves its self-driving cars to Arizona after California revokes registration –

La Occasions

Uber moves its self-driving cars to Arizona after California revokes registration
La Occasions
Uber moved a number of self-driving vehicles to Arizona on Friday after California was adamant it adhere to local rules — moving that highlights the regulatory discrepancies governing this latest technology between states. The California Department of
Uber moves self-driving vehicle test to Arizona following California regulatory defeatThe Denver Publish

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Cars 3 Trailer: Is Lightning McQueen Dead?!?

A harsh, dark twist very unpredicted for that franchise.

Cars 3 is due a theater in your area … having a twist.

Cars 3 Photo

Possibly with Disney’s start looking at Cars 3 – a follow up to Cars (2006) and Cars 2 (2011) – there has been hints this may soon change.

“Out of this moment, everything can change.Inch

The initial film featured brash Lightning stuck within the village of Radiator Springs where he learned humbling training in existence and love.

Owen Wilson will reprise his leading voice role as McQueen within the three-quel, while Ray the Cable Guy is aboard as Mater again.

A clip portrays the primary character from the series, cocky but affable race vehicle Lightning McQueen, spinning out in the center of a race.

Might Lightning McQueen be considered a goner?!?

The very first follow up centered more about dim-witted but adorable Mater the Tow Truck being wrongly identified as an worldwide super spy. Clearly.

A sluggish-motion shot of McQueen busting right into a cloud of remains, follows, and merely before he hits ground, an ominous new tagline seems:

Whereas some Pixar films are recognized for emotionally complex and moving storylines, in addition to their animation, Cars is not included in this.

What it’s not, though, is … particularly deep.

Browse the Cars 3 teaser and come along in wondering: 

Certainly one of Disney and Pixar’s most commercially effective franchises, Cars is really as merchandise-friendly and lightweight-hearted because they come.