Adam Lind Boasts About Hard Drug Abuse on Social Networking

Adam Lind: 9 Occasions He Demonstrated He’s The Earth’s Worst Baby Father

“Bon fire my place I acquired little girl so gunna be nice chill night close buddies and cold beer.”

Acquired by Radar Online, the posts appear to escalate when it comes to absurdity, starting with a comparatively innocent photo of the bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

Adam Lind's Car Selfie

Each time another baby daddies and boyfriends from the Teen Mother franchise begin to think they are the worst people in the world, they most likely just cue up a Lind-heavy episode of TM2 and breathe a sigh of relief.

After that, things escalated rapidly:

Yesteryear week has witnessed off-the-charts amounts of awfulness from Lind, even by their own incredibly high standards.

Shortly after that, Lind was charged with using steroids and murdering young puppies, because he’s truly arrived at cartoonish amounts of supervillainy.

Ah, Adam Lind.

Adam Lind Shows Off His Tattoos

First we found that Lind was lately at the top of meth while taking care of his youngest daughter.

“We is going to be for too drunk a few days ago for those that noise,” he commented on Facebook.

Watch Teen Mother 2 online to help remind yourself of precisely how lengthy Lind’s good reputation for terrible behavior is.

He added:

To paint a precise picture from the World’s Worst Father, she’s compiled a lot of Lind’s most absurd social networking posts, many of which relate to his passion of heavy consuming and difficult drugs.

Yes, Lind freely announced intends to get drunk while taking care of his daughter on social networking.

Adam Lind Steroids Photo

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And when you thought he’d hold on there, you do not know Adam:

“My vision gets weak from old age… and that i got the shakes from withdrawals all hard drugs I do… so sorry.”

Halbur also provided a legal court having a meme that Lind published concerning the joys of utilizing cocaine.

“Late nights and consuming at a shop,Inch Lind captioned the look.

Unsurprisingly, Lind is near losing child custody of each of his kids because of his rampant douchebaggery, and the second baby mama, Taylor Halbur, is essentially going nuclear in her own effort to make certain the judge sees things her way.

Adam lind tattoos

Yeah, we are no legal experts, but we believe we know how dude’s next child custody hearing is gonna engage in.

“Well by the quantity of dope I actually do I’ll be up for several days,” Lind authored within an apparent answer a mystery comment.

Chelsea Houska: Tossing Shade at Adam Lind on Instagram?!

Whatever ends up happening, Houska is beyond the purpose of pretending she’s any respect or lingering affection for Lind.

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Adam Lind Muscles

It’s really a harmful factor to consult a meth user’s child as the own.

Watch Teen Mother 2 online to help remind yourself of precisely how big a D-bag Lind truly is.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer: 19 Occasions They Gave Us #RelationshipGoals

Despite some stiff competition, Lind reigns supreme because the worst baby father within the Teen Mother franchise.

Earlier today, we reported that Adam Lind lately tested potitive for methamphetamines, an improvement that may cost him future child custody and visitation rights legal rights.

Cole DeBoer Father's Day Photo

“I hope Aubree finds a guy like you…and I really hope our boy happens to be Exactly like you.”

Houska married Cole DeBoer back in October, despite the fact that he isn’t Aubree’s biological father, the whole family makes it quite obvious they consider Cole to become Aubree’s “real” father.

Cole published a Father’s Day photo of their own, along with a caption that we are guessing Lind wasn’t thrilled with.

But clearly DeBoer is unconcerned.

The timing from the publish is shady enough, but it is Chelsea’s caption that actually drives the content home:

Combined with the above photo of his homemade presents, DeBoer authored:

Cole DeBoer Father's Day Gifts

Now, the truth that he’s been caught using could offer both moms the opportunity to remove Lind using their lives entirely, or at best ensure their daughters’ safety by securing supervised visitations.

Within the photo above, Cole posed with Aubree and the boy, Watson Cole De Boer.

He’s been a thorn within the side of both Houska and Taylor Halbur since they provided their particular decisions to obtain romantically associated with him regardless of the douche vibes he emits whatsoever occasions.

Basically we doubt that either of his baby mamas are extremely pleased by the concept that the youngster have been getting together with a tough drug user, Chelsea Houska may be inclined to determine a silver lining at nighttime cloud of Lind’s drug abuse.

Chelsea and Cole both reinforced that message with separate Instagram posts on Father’s Day.

When they showed off their patriotic side

“I’m a spoiled father. How much of an amazing Father’s Day surprise using these superbly crafted gifts from my outstanding wife @chelseahouska and my beautiful kiddos #Aubree/Watson I’m very fortunate and incredibly happy.”

And today she’s come to broadcasting her distaste on her baby father on social networking.

Adam Lind: Calling Off Engagement Due to Chelsea Houska?!

But regardless of the mountain of evidence, earlier today, Lind was adamant that we have first got it incorrectly (then he most likely muttered something under his breath about many of us being friggin’ idiots):

Lind and Stasia got involved in This summer, also it looked as if Adam was taking another step from Houska and toward living their own miserable, douche-tacular existence.

Balance-maligned TM2 star apparently altered his Facebook status to “single” the 2009 week, and sources have confirmed towards the site that Lind kicked Huber towards the curb:

Adam Lind Steroids Photo

As fans from the show are too aware, Chelsea’s road has not been an even one, as she’s frequently been forced to handle the idiocy of her short-tempered, frequently-negligent baby father, Adam Lind.

Even when they’d, we assume he would’ve just punched a wall or something like that.

Oh wait, that is the situation.

For some time, it looked as if Chelsea might finally escape from underneath the dark cloud that’s Lind.

Chelsea Houska Cole DeBoer Wedding Pic

Seems like a fairly cut-and-dried breakup to all of us.

In the end, she’s still exposed to his many forms of abuse, and she or he must receive fed up with trying to explain to her daughter why father was absent for another milestone in her own existence, right?

Watch Teen Mother 2 online to help remind yourself simply how much of the dickbag this person is really.

Clearly, his neglect for his daughter and inclination to skip important occasions like kids birthday parties is amazingly sad, but the truth that he’s around less and shortly may not be on the program whatsoever can simply be a great factor viewers – and even perhaps for Chelsea.

Adam Lind Stasia Huber Pic

Anyway, one friend from the couple’s states he believes Lind’s declare that he and Huber have returned together, however that does not he thinks it’ll last:

“They have damaged up and become together again multiple occasions previously,” states the origin.

“Adam just can’t stay faithful to anybody,” one insider informs Radar.

Earlier this year, Chelsea Houska married Cole De Boer after 2 yrs of dating.

Stasia Huber and Adam Lind

Sure, there is a kid together, and they’re going to continually be bound with that, but they are not associated with one another as carefully because they was once.

The marriage offered like a much-deserved happy ending for among the Teen Mother franchise’s most beloved castmembers.

“It’s not anyone’s f–king business.”

Nobody has requested Lind concerning the rumors he and Huber split up carrying out a fight motivated by attention of Chelsea’s wedding.

Adam Lind and Stasia Huber Pic

Regrettably, Radar On the internet is now reporting that Lind is finished his engagement to Huber just several weeks prior to the couple was scheduled just to walk lower the aisle.

To be fair, it isn’t such as the guy is compensated much more money he could ever earn otherwise in return for living his existence on camera.

Obviously, the very best hope Chelsea had for living a nearly a Lind-free existence demonstrated up within the summer time by means of Stasia Huber.

“I didn’t publish anything on social networking,” he told Radar inside a statement issued today.

Adam lind tattoos
Adam Lind: 9 Occasions He Demonstrated He’s The Earth’s Worst Baby Father
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Yes, Lind was his usual, classy self as a result of questions regarding his relationship.

Lind appears to become playing a smaller sized role than ever before in the daughter’s existence nowadays, as he’s even spoken about quitting Teen Mother 2.

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