Smuggler busted transport of cocaine in the fake ass


This drug dealer was really disappointed.

A 32-year-old Brazilian man was arrested at the Airport of Lisbon in Portugal, after he was caught carrying a kilo of cocaine in a fake behind, the International Business Times.

Policia Judiciaria

The butthead was on a trip in the city of Belém do Pará, in the north of Brazil, before it has hit bottom, according to the press.

A second man, aged 40 years, also has been arrested on suspicion of being the recipient of the drug haul, the estimation of the resale value of which has not been released.

An image released by the authorities, showed how the drug was stored in the fake buttocks sewn into a pair of blue swim shorts.

The cheeky suspect and his alleged cohort were examined by the National anti-Narcotics Trafficking, Unit, and face charges of drug trafficking.

News of the bust follows another creative smuggling attempts discovered by the Spanish and the Portuguese police who found 745 pounds of cocaine hidden inside fake pineapple in a port of Lisbon.

The drug was concealed in wax yellow in real pineapple skin. The Police also discovered about $ 490,000 in cash along with the drugs.

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