Selena Gomez Drops Audio! Listen Now!!!!!!!!

“Bad Liar” marks the very first audio Gomez has released since she dropped “It Ain’t Me,” a cooperation with Kygo, in Feb. 

However this will not stop individuals from constantly wondering if Bieber is really the main thing on her mind. As well as her material.

As you are about to discover, this pulsating track seems to make use of Gomez’ punk side, clearly borrowing its pounding bass line in the Speaking Heads’ legendary 1977 hit “Psycho Killer.

bad at lying

Isn’t it time to explore “Bad Liar?”

Check out sultry Selena and have a pay attention to “Bad Liar” now!

I had been walking lower the road a few days ago/Attempting to draw attention away from myself/I Then visit your face/Ooh, you have another person.

With this new single, the 24-year-old teamed up again with Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels, who authored the majority of the songs off her 2015 album, “Revival.”

Are you currently an admirer?

By looking into making everybody question once more whether she’s singing about Attacking Young Boys!

Gomez, obviously, continues to be dating The Weeknd for many several weeks.

Selena Gomez for Bad Liar

The countdown has ended.

Think about these lyrics from “Bad Liar” and form your personal conclusions…

I observe how your attention builds/It’s like searching inside a mirror/Your touch just like a happy pill/But all we all do is fear/My feelings burningOrSpeculate I am a poor liar.

Selena Gomez Video Screen Cap

Audio from Selena Gomez is finally here!

Following a few days price of cryptic teases that included Instagram photos like the one immediately below, the beloved artist has dropped both a brand new single and it is affiliated audio video.

In news reports nowadays on her role like a producer around the questionable drama 13 Explanations Why, Gomez finds a method to draw attention away from critics from slamming that suicide-themed Netflix series:

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