Scotty Ayre: Leah Messer’s Secret Boyfriend Revealed?!

He adds, “It had been a train wreck dating her” … however he does not really get into much detail.

However, the reason behind that could be that he’s holding out hope that they may eventually reconcile.

Some happen to be high-profile, for example Messer’s two unsuccessful marriages.

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An ambitious model named Scotty Ayres has revealed to Radar Online he and Leah dated for many days throughout the summer time of 2016.

Now, we are learning that Dues wasn’t Messer’s only secret boyfriend, which she stored one relationship so completely around the lower-low that the most gossip-starved TM2 obsessives was clueless that she was seeing anybody.

Should you watch Teen Mother 2 online, you will know Leah Messer has tried several tumultuous relationships during her time on the program.

Leah Messer’s Messed-Up Love Existence: The Best Timeline!

While some happen to be significantly more low-key, for example Leah’s relationship with T.R. Dues.

Leah in an Interview

“She’s not really a druggie whatsoever! She’s a great-hearted girl.”

“We were a ‘thing’ but she didn’t understand what she wanted therefore we just fell out,” Ayres informs Radar. “

“She didn’t take nothing that they wasn’t prescribed,” he claims.

“I wish she’d produce another chance, but I must allow her to arrived at me,” he stated. “I can’t chase her.”

Ayres concluded by providing some douchey suggestion to a person he might or might not have connected with several months ago:

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Deep, man. Deep

Actually, despite considerable evidence on the contrary, Ayres denies that Messer was hooked on prescription medications at one point.

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Watch Teen Mother 2 online to marvel at Leah’s tremendous talent for attracting D-bags.

Gotta love a man who’ll speaking towards the press about your relationship and behave like he’s providing you with your home simultaneously.

“She needs to pay attention to herself first before she requires a man,” he stated.

Leah and corey split

Obviously, simply because she wasn’t using throughout the short time that they dated Ayres, that does not mean Messer never battled with addiction.

But despite his claim their relationship would be a “trainwreck,” Ayres is not negative to say of Messer’s behavior.

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