Scientists Say Plants Use Seem To Locate Water And Eventually Survive – HuffPost

Transformative biologist Monica Gagliano and her colleagues labored with pea seedlings, that they placed into containers that appeared as if an upside-lower “Y.”

Plants use moisture gradients to direct their roots with the soil when a water source is detected, but exactly how they first identify the origin is unknown. We discovered that roots could choose a water source by sensing the vibrations generated by water moving inside pipes, even even without the substrate moisture.

Plants might even reflect animal sounds to talk with them. So states College of Greifswald biologist Michael Schoner in Germany. Within the August 2016 edition of ScienceDirect, a peer-reviewed assortment of articles from over 3,000 journals, Schoner authored:

Gagliano’s investigations are reported within the May 2017 issue of Oecologia, an worldwide peer-reviewed British-language journal. Within the paper, titled “Tuned in: plant roots use seem to discover water,” Gagliano writes:

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