Romanian fugitive businessman Sebastian Ghita caught in Serbia

Romanian businessman Sebastian Ghita, who faces several criminal queries both at home and that has been on the move since late 2016, was retained in Belgrade throughout the night of April 13-14, the Romanian police has announced. has reported last month that Ghita was spotted in Serbia, however the report have been denied by Romanian government officials, such as the pm, at that time.

Ghita, an important businessman with major IT companies built on contracts wih the condition, also owns media outlets together with a TV funnel. He’s well known for his links using the intelligence community and top politicians. He offered being an MP for that Social Democrats between 2012-2016, but unsuccessful to win another term in elections this past year, as he ran for any far-right party.

Ghita has been announced to stay in police child custody in Belgrade, after he was retained as he presented fake Slovenian IDs. Extradition procedures are anticipated to continue for in regards to a month.

He fled in suspicious conditions late this past year, as government bodies were ready to act against him carrying out a wave of criminal charges against him, mostly associated with corruption.

He used his TV funnel to help offer the governing PSD and also to seed distrust within the anti-corruption department (DNA) prosecutors by personally recording tapes by which he earned a number of allegations from the DNA and also the Romanian intelligence services. The tapes were broadcast by his TV funnel, Romania TV.

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