Residential treatment facility for Obsessive-compulsive disorder patients to spread out in Elk Grove Village – Chicago Tribune

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Books on the bookshelf is going to be jumbled without regard to title, color or size.

Only at that rehab facility, pictures around the walls is going to be crooked, purposely.

Though numerous residential treatment facilities already accept Obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, Amita leaders say their center is going to be somewhat unique since it will focus particularly on adult patients with Obsessive-compulsive disorder, using a kind of therapy referred to as exposure and response prevention. The middle will also treat patients along with other anxiety and addiction issues. Amita leaders repeat the facility will fill a niche in care choices within their current system along with the condition in general.

It’s a part of local hospital system Amita Health’s intend to treat patients with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder in the system’s new residential treatment facility. The 48-bed Elk Grove Village facility — within the renovated home formerly utilized by the Alexian Siblings — will available to patients Monday.

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