Researchers consider Zika virus for brain cancer treatment – Fox News

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Researchers within the U.K. are going to test if the Zika virus can fight difficult-to-treat brain cancer by attacking its cells, potentially opening new pathways to deal with the aggressive disease. Researchers will concentrate on glioblastoma, the most typical type of brain cancer and it has a 5-year rate of survival of five percent, reported.

Researchers uses tumor cells in rodents to check herpes, and hope that it’ll slow tumor growth.

“We’re going for a different approach, and wish to begin using these new insights to find out if herpes could be unleashed against among the hardest-to-treat cancers,” Harry Bulstrode, a lead investigator at Cambridge College, stated, inside a statement to .

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The Zika virus causes severe birth defects within an unborn fetus when contracted while pregnant by attacking developing stem cells within the brain. However, the condition doesn’t have exactly the same devastating impact on full-grown brains, suggesting when scientists can harness the virus’ capability to attack the cells of cancer, which act like developing brain stem cells, healthy brain tissue goes unharmed.

Active outbreaks from the bug-borne illness were reported in a minimum of 51 countries and territories, with women that are pregnant advised to prevent visit so-known as virus “hotbeds.” Additionally to birth defects, Zika continues to be connected with nerve disorders including brain and spinal-cord infections. Lengthy-term health effects remain unclear. 


“If we are able to learn training from Zika’s capability to mix the bloodstream-brain barrier and target brain stem cells selectively, we’re able to be holding the important thing to future treatments,” Bulstrode told .

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